Friday, March 30, 2007

Growing A Flower Garden

TITLE: Growing A Flower Garden

Lot: Capehart.2 Visionary Villa - Lillith, Manuel, Tanu, Valentine, Violet, Capable the Servo, and Narcissus

Last Visit: Hello Generation Five!

Weelll...howdy ya'llses. Ah'm Valentine Capehart, an' this chere's mah wonderful family in Prosperity Falls. Much has happened since Ah last spoke with you. Oh honey, here's some mint julep. Please have some, won't you? Delicately takes a sip herself. Now. So much has happened! Yes indeedy! Let me git you caught up on it all.

*Dramatically swiping back of her hand across her forehead, she whispers:* You jest won't belive it. Ah didn't. Why, it has been snowing here, in the South! But first, the leaves fell from the trees, in a real dramatic way, Ah maght add. Our gardener, that nice man named Leo would sweat his brow ever day cleanin' the lawn of the things.

Then it snowed! Well, Ah never. But that didn't really stop anything from happen'in 'round here. The first tre-mendous thing that happened was mah Tanu became a solid platinum Sim. Yes he did.

Thet is the most wonderful thing that can happen to a Sim. Well, it won't happen for me until my third born graduates from college. Oh speakin' of babes. I found Tanu and I were blessed with a little bun in the oven. Oh mah!

Ah love bein' in the family way, but Ah don't love the mornin' sickness that comes with it. It is so hard on a body, but once that little human bein' begins to grow and you can feel him or her movin' around in there, why honey, it is worth every trip to the ladie's room.

Me and Tanu's first born, Violet had a birthday as well, and mah goodness does that child love to dance. She says it is jest all the fun in the worl' to wiggle and jump to the music ever day after school.

Sometimes me and Tanu cain't hep ourselves, we join raght in with her. OH see that? Do you notice Ah am in a business suit? Ah rolled a big ol' want tuh teach school. So Ah did thet whilst Ah waited for my second little 'un to be born. Ah still have the flower shop. but Ah don't fahnd the pleasure in it Ah used to. Ah am thinkin' Ah might bequeath it to mah sister Veronica since she wants to own 5 top rated businesses.

Tanu has taken to playing with th' big black wolves that come 'round to the house. Ah don' see what he sees in them. But then again, Ah trust Tanu. He says every critter deserves to be paid some attention to, especially if they are homeless, lahk the wolves. Ah reckon thet is why he brought us two fish tanks fer the house too. The more the merrier, Ah say, even iffen they are tropical fish.

Capable has taken to fishin' the big lake behind the house, an' makin' some yummy meals fer us. He says Ah should eat lots of fish 'cause it is good brain food fer the baby.

Momma and daddy are as lovin' as ever. Momma still clings to her nocturnal ways, but it don't seem to bother daddy none. He is up all tahms of the night anyway dealin' with his age, and other family matters.

Those family matters bein' our little boy, Narcissus. Mah heavens, Ah was so glad to give Tanu a son. Looky there, he has the beautiful Capehart blue eyes he got from Tanu's sahd of the family. Ah have decided that Ah am namin' mah kids after flowers, an' Tanu doesn't seem to mahnd.

He started bondin' with his boy early on. It jest warms mah heart to see those two together! But honey, lemme tell you. He grew up awfully fast. Before Ah knew it, it was tahm fer his birthday, and Tanu was raght there with it fer him.

Boy was we all surprised when we saw the color of his hair! Snowy white, jest like a Narcissus! Ah hadn't named him at all, until he grew up. (Editor: He grew up in this white hair from Genesims. I decided to keep it. :) His Sim DNA states he is a blonde.)

Veronica and Vonfirmath came home from Uni to help us celebrate Narcissus's birthday. Daddy sure was glad to see 'em again, it had been a while since they had been home. They took a few minutes to sit in the hot tub, but mah goodness, they got awfully hot.

In fact, Veronica's skin burned a little bit, and she and Vonfirmath left the party early.

Well, Marsha came out to visit us. Manuel paid her no mahnd. She would just wonder around the house and spook the bed she used to sleep in. She didn't bother any of us, thank goodness.

Ah really do have to say something strange was going on, at any rate. The neighbor on the other sahd of Prosperity Falls from us, Xuan Robbins coninually walked bah our home at add tahms of the day and naght. Ah surely don't know what he is up to, but it did make me a maght nervous.

Well darlin', Ah did reach the top of my teachin' career, an' thet was thet. Me and Tanu found out we are expectin' again. More morning sickness for me. But thet is all raght. Our boy Narcissus is all growed up to child now, it will be nahce to have a baby in the house again.

Alien Chatter:

Xuan: Heeeey! There's something different going on here!

Jati: Xuan! You cannot!

Xuan: There is an empty womb here! The Vampire!

Jati: Xaun, she is our relation! The Vampiress Lillith Strickland-Capehart is our mother's sister!

Xuan: Jati, I do not know how I will be able to sire children if I cannot find available women! They have already filled their houses up with children, or they are related to me! What am I gonna do?

Jati: I am sure you will think of something Xuan. You HAVE TO.


How Did This Happen?

Manuel gazes longingly at his daughter's wedding pictures.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS this round: Tanu - LTW and TOC - Mad Scientist TOC - Valentine - Education 1 new Sim - Narcissus

Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Obits

Title: The Obits

Lot: Capehart.3 - Niles, Doris, Justice, Karin, Samantha the Servo, Lincoln, Lori, Betsy Ross and Clara Barton Strickland.

Last Visit: Karin's Take On Things

The Prosperity Falls Gazette, March 24, 2007

Niles Strickland, age 72.

Niles Strickland died peacefully in his home after a rousing game of chess with his grandson, Lincoln, who is named after a United States president.

He leaves behind his grieving wife, Mayor of Prosperity Falls, Doris Strickland.

"Naturally, I will miss Niles," says the mayor. "But I will not let that deter my duties to the good people of Prosperity Falls. It will be business as usual at City Hall."

Niles Strickland attended Prosperity Falls Non-Denominational Church, and was an inventor and an artist. In his lifetime, he contributed big simoleons to his wife's political campaigns that he earned through smoozing with Important People in Prosperity Falls, he built and activited 2 Servos, and fathered 4 children. He was grandfather to four children. Niles always supported the Mayor in all her endeavors and kept everything repaired around the house using his superior mechanical abilities.

It wasn't long ago that Niles lost his father, Chevy Strickland, and his mother Kirstee Strickland. Niles was a Family Sim like his parents, but never felt the need to have 13 children like they did. "Four is plenty for me," he was heard to delcare one time. He is survived by two sons Justice (who lives at home with is wife Karin), and Bubbs, (AKA Mr. Knowledge), then daughters Heather and Sarah who are currently attending Sim State University.

Niles was very exited when it was realized his daughter in law Karin was expecting a new baby. "It is much more fun being a grandparent than a parent," Niles quipped one day. "You can love the little tykes and spoil them all day long, then hand them back over to momma and daddy when they are getting fussy and the day is done."

Niles was always around when it came to celebrating brithdays. He was always more than happy to assist his grandchildren in blowing out the candles. Of course, he was always more than happy to assist in the cake eating too! Niles had to go on an exercise program because of all the birthday cakes.

Buff Elderly Niles Strickland

Niles was extremely proud of his grandchildren. "Children are like diamonds. They sparkle and are so shiny...but some of 'em never get out of the rough stages."

It was found that Niles's grandson Lincoln is NOT like the man he his named after. Lincoln has been known to 'kick a person' when they are down, and is a cheater at chess.

Playing chess with Regis McClelland

Distracing Regis whilst he takes another move

Lincoln snickers about his cleaverness

Lori The Good Little Helper

Niles was alway very proud of his family. "Everyone is an individual, and we all have to learn to get along. Whether somebody likes to play music all the time, paint pictures, or fiddle in the workshop. We are all different have something to contribute to life." he said.

When Niles' daughter in law gave birth to the new baby, it turned out to be (cheesecake) twins. (Editor - Karin ate cheesecake at the home of Kolton Strickland in round 14.) Twin girls named Clara Barton after the famous founder of the Red Cross, and Betsy Ross, the historical figure who stitched the first American flag. "I think my son Justice is going to name his children after famous historical figures," said Niles. "I guess it runs in the family. My father named all us kids after characters in the TV Show Fraiser."

Niles did live to see the first birthday of the new twin girls. "This isn't the first generation in this house that has seen twins," he said. "My mother in law Nichole had (natural) twin girls, Madalyn and Mackenzie right here. Now there have been three sets born."

Clara Barton Strickland

Clara Barton Strickland looks much like the Capehart side, without the skintones, and Betsy Ross Strickland looks much like her grandpa, Niles.

Betsy Ross Strickland

Niles was a strong famly man, a wonderful and entertaining husband, and a darn good Strickland. He will be missed.

In other Mayoral news, there was an attempted robbery at the home of the Mayor. Alexis Trimble walked onto the lot looking very sneaky, and was zapped by on of Niles Strickland's inventions, the Sentry Bot.

I don't know what the heck the little girl was doing at the home of the Mayor;" says the Mayor's son and Captain Hero Justice Strickland. "But what ever it was, the Sentry Bot did it's job and protected the Mayor. This is the first time in Prospeirty Falls history one of those machines has attacked a young child. Sadly, there will be an investigation."

No one at the Mayoral mansion was injured.

Alien Chatter:

Xuan: I don't see nothing here!

Jati: Come now Xuan. There is a womb here you could use. She is even an Anotothian!

Xuan: Jati! Her home is so crowded already, her womb is not open for business!

Jati: Alright. You are off the hook this time. I'll be keeping an eye on you, and keep up the reports to the King.

Xaun: Yeah, yeah yeah.

Jati: Keep looking!


ACCOMPLISHMENTS THIS ROUND: TOC and LTW: Karin: Chief of Staff, perm plat. 2 New Sims: Clara Barton and Betsy Ross

Why Do I Need A Playmate?

Title: Why Do I Need a Playmate?

Lot: Capehart.1 - Tosca, Kelsey, Jodi-Ann, Marty, Jason, and Dog

Last Visit: It All Went To The Dogs

Hey, I am just a kid, but I can tell ya about my grandma, her name is Tosca. See, she is havin' trouble. *Jodi-Ann whispers something in Marty's ear* Huh? Ok. *sigh* My name is MARTY. I am 10 years old. Mom says it is my job to tell ya today about my grandma, Tosca McClelland. She is sad. See, my grandpa Johnson was eaten by a cowplant...somewhere....
and so grandma is sad. But she did some things to try and make herself happy. Like, getting a dog. Andy.

Yeah, that is Andy, an old stray dog that kept comin' around. Grandma would give him food and stuff and pet him alot. Finally dad built a dog house and put it in the corner of the yard, and grandma put out a dog bowl full of food. Andy just decided to move in. That is alright. He is an okay dog.

Grandma would go to the cemetary and visit grandpa. That is when she felt the saddest. One day she came back from the cemetary and told us that she had made arrangements to move grandpa's grave to our house and put him in the family graveyard out back.

The first day grandpa was home with us he came out to visit. So it is sorta like he never left. Grandma says he is much happier here at home with us rather than in the cemetary in the city where he didn't know anyone.

Oh lemme tell ya about dad. He is happier nowadays too. He said he got promoted to the top of his job. Man, do I have the coolest dad! He looks like a super-villian!!!

He stayed with that job for a while, then he got a job in adventure. Man! I can't wait to grow up so I can do cool stuff like dad.

Jodi-Ann gives Marty 'the look'. Uhhh. Okay. Mom and dad were gettin' along real good these days, I mean real good. Dad would pinch mom on the butt and stuff and she thought that was the greatest thing.

That was when mom started talkin' about 'Giving Marty someone to play with'. I guess that is when Mom got Jason.

Well, I had a birthday too, I really don't remember much about when I was a little kid and stuff. I guess after I grew up some mom started talkin' about a brother or sister for me. I guess dad was all for it.

I didn't feel lonely or anything, like I needed someone to play with. Andy was around to play with, and grandma too. So I really think Jason is here because mom wanted him.

Dad was real good about helping me learn stuff, said I would need to know all kinds of things about life. I did see my great grandpa Jayrus one night, the same way I saw grandpa Johnson. Dad says they come around to keep an eye on us and keep us safe. I feel better about that.

Another thing I don't understand, why we needed Jason. I have Birdie too that I play with. He is a really kewl bird. Talks to me and stuff. Why did I need a little brother?

Finally the day came when Jason was born. Grandma got jealous because she wanted to hold him right way, but mom said she was busy 'bonding' with him. Mom told grandma she would have to wait her turn to hold the new baby.

Me, I just went to school like usual. So what. There is a new baby in the house. He did nothing but cry and pee his pants. So where is this great "Playmate for Marty" mom keeps talkin' about? Huh? Jodi-Ann giggles.

Well, he is growing up some. He had a birthday. Dad helped him blow out the candles.

Mom said he was real cute, that he takes after the Strickland side of the family as far as looks go. She said he looks like grandpa Barry-James. Accept she doesn't know where he got his curly hair. I say he is a FREAK. Yeah. A freak of nature.

Well, maybe he will be alright to go out in the yard and play catch with and stuff. He has to grow up some before I will do that with him.

Maybe we can get Andy to stand up the the neighborhood cats. He just stands around and lets them eat his food. And stuff. Dumb dog.

Well, I guess that is all. I'm done. Jodi-Ann smiles and kisses Marty on the cheek. "Good job, Marty."

ACCOMPLISHMENTS THIS ROUND: TOC and LTW for Kelsey: Criminal Mastermind. New job: Hostage Negotiator in the Adventure field. TOC for Jodi-Ann - Mad Scientist. New want: Education. 1 New Sim: Jason