Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Stricklands, Week 15 / Goodbye Kirstee And Chevy

Goodbye Kirstee And Chevy

Lot: Strickland - Chevy, Kirstee, Woody, Diane (Elle), Joselyn, Martin, Sacha, and Decota

Last Visit: The Heir

Hello. ASimWen here. On this entry for the Strickland Homestead, I am breaking from the usual narration of the entry by one the wonderful characters from Prosperity Falls. I am going to narrate this entry myself.

Ah. All for sentimental reasons, I suppose. You know how you can read an extremely good book, one you don't want to put down, then you get to the end? The characters are done and happy, and you feel good about it. But yet, you feel sad. You won't read about those characters again that you have fallen in love with. You won't continue to know what is going on in their lives. It is over.

All good things must come to an end. In this entry, I will take a look at the short pixelated lives of my good friends, Chevy and Kirstee Strickland. I feel strange calling them my friends. Hard to believe I was really their owner and boss. They took on a personna I would have never believed I would see in this game....

Prosperity Falls has taken on a life of it's own. When I play each lot, it is point click, point click. The same. When it was time to play the Stricklands, I felt like I came home in Prosperity Falls. I loved it. When it came time to write thier entry for this blog, I could hear them in my head, bossing me around, telling me what to say and what happened. Chevy and Kirstee were a fearsome couple. Strong parents and full of family values. And so in love. Even though they only had two bolts of chemistry, they acted like they had ten.

Some of the pictures for this entry have never appeared in the blog before, most of them have. I hope you will enjoy this entry, as much as I have enjoyed Chevy and Kirstee. Pictures of them as kids are few; as I didn't decide to start blogging until I was 4 weeks into the challenge.

Ah. This is when Chevy and Kirstee first met as teens. Heh. If I were to use a picture like that now in the blog, I would retouch to get the lines out. I remember thinking when this happened, "Oh, I should match these two up." It was convenient. Kirstee happened to come walking by the Strickland House as a teen. I sent Chevy out to greet her, and they were easy from the beginning. I had no forethought that they were both Family Sims. Little did I know what was coming.

This is Kirstee spending time with her dad Marquez. Marquez was poor; his wife had left him and their four young daughters. He constantly struggled to make ends meet. Kirstee was a stronger Sim for it. She helped Marquez juggle younger sisters Pachionetta and Morgan-Rose. Set her up for mothering for life.

It wasn't long before Chevy and Kirstee started University.

College Man Chevy Strickland home in Prosperity Falls visiting his younger uncle Marc-Henry, no doubt doling out wise adivce.

This is such a funny picture. Here Chevy is helping Kirstee get into Greek House. The good old Secret Society handshake.

Kirstee was there for Chevy when his sister Shauntasia passed away from electrocution by a failed attempt on a stereo repair.

Ahhh...all the more that made made Chevy and Kirstee form a bond. That was back in teh day in University before the citizens of Prosperity Falls roomed with their prospective mates. Chevy roome in the Greek house with Tosha Go and Jayrus Capehart. Kirstee roomed with her younger sister, Wild Child Morgan-Rose. Chevy and Kirstee never even slept together in University. That only added to their endearment.

Ah, Kirstee taking the lead here. She had invited Chevy over to her rental on campus. He agreed to marry her. Then graduation came.

Kirstee and her sister Morgan-Rose

Chevy with the other Greek House mates, Jayrus and Tosha.

I had always almost thought that Chevy was too good looking for bespeckled freckle faced Kirstee. But as it is in the Sim World, looks don't matter. I wish it was that way in the Real World. We could all take a lesson, could we not?

Ahhh..yeah this picture is off center. Chevy and Kirstee's wedding photo. Yup, you knew that was comin' right after graduation. My blogging days was still in it's infancy and sometimes I just didn't know what the heck I was doin'. heh

It wasn't long before the babies started comin' for Chevy and Kirstee. I don't know which baby this is. But raisin' babes kept Chevy and Kirstee in their element. They altogether had 10 natural children, and went on to adopt 3 more with aspirations of opening and adoption center. They eventually backed out of that idea, as they really didn't have the money to run one, with only a retiree's income of abotu $900 a day together.

Kirstee did see her LTW early on in their marriage.

She immediately retired. Chevy worked on and off, as money was needed. But he really did prefer to stay home with the children. His LTW was, after all, to marry off 6 kids. That occured in his elder years during the wedding of his daughter Lillith to Manuel Capehart. Although it was a huge thing when it happened, it was of little fanfare in the blog. Note the Aspiration points above his head. It shows being happy marrying off a relative, but it also fulfilled his LTW.

Chevy was now perm plat, after all that baby raisin'.

Chevy aged before Kirstee did, after all, she had a coupla more babies to make. She went on elixir. Eventually, I plied Chevy with it too before he reached is LTW so he wouldn't age so quickly. I wanted them to be as close to the same age as possible.

It wasn't long before Kirstee aged too after giving birth to the last natural child, Martin, who was to become the Heir to the Strickland home.

Chevy and Kirstee aged continued to act like newlyweds, whilst caring for their adopted childen. They had to have something to do, after all, waiting for Martin to graduate University. Raisin' babies is what they did best.

And for a Family Sim, Chevy had a strange obsession with the telescope. He was abducted in his elder years. As you can see, he already had on the chicken hat when he was abducted. However, according to the storyline, he gained a chicken in residence on top of his head planted there by the Aliens. Just another thing that made the Chevy and Kirstee so colorful.

This is a picture that never appeared in the blog. Chevy and Tosha Go were friends in University. As you can see here, they have the 'makin' out' symbol over their heads, and fell in love. That was that wench, Tosha, steppin' in to make trouble. Chevy had come strolling by to see Tosha and Jayrus in their new house. Tosha walked up to him on her own and laid a great big kiss on him. They both immediatly fell in love. Chevy had a two bolt attraction to Tosha as well because she was a Family Sim like himself. But, that never made it to the storyline. He had constant wants to see Tosha, kiss Tosha, but he managed to forget about her after a while when he realized ASimWen wasn't gonna let him see her.

Now we come to the realization that Prosperity Falls has been around for almost 2 years. Yeah. Chevy and Kirstee's children are elders, like them. And they will start dying. I could not let Chevy and Kirstee's children die around them. It was time to say good bye. With a heavy heart. The next few pictures are of their passing at home. Kirstee died on Wednesday, and Chevy lived a few more days until Sunday.

As always, making out like newlyweds. Heh. Chevy and Kirstee never did get a huge kitchen table. They raised 10 kids using this little bitty table and three chairs.

As you can see, right at the time of passing, both Chevy and Kirstee graciously accepted their drink with the little umbrella in it from Grim, and went along to the next phase of their pixelated 'lives.' I am most sad for myself.

Ah well. Now I will give a short synopsis of everything else that occured on the lot this week.

Early on in the week, Martin reached his LTW, and is now perm plat. That makes this lot almost too easy to play now. Both parents are perm plat.

Martin and Joselyn had son number two, named him Decota.

Kirstee did not live to see him, but Grandpa Chevy was there to help with his last birthday. Little Decota aged to toddler in Chevy's arms. He has the Capehart blue eyes, and the Strickland skintone.

Joselyn helped son number one, Sacha, learn to study. Yes, he had a birthday too, to child.

Kirstee and Chevy's adopted son Woody left for University.

Their adotped daughter Diane (the game still calls her Elle becuase I haven't SimPe'd her name) grew to teen and got her first kiss from Keywon Bostic, even though he will eventually marry Sheri Trimble. Diane is a Romance Sim with a want to woo-hoo 20 Sims. That is perfectly OK, since there is no significant other lined up for her.

She left for University too, with Grandma Kirstee looking on. I must say in the two nights Kirstee managed to haunt between her death day of Wednesday and Monday morning, she only scared one sim, and that was several times. She repeatedly scared Diane. Diane had sucked most of Kirstee's skills with the Sim Vac and the two never made amends before Kistee passed. Woody got most of Chevy's as well, but the two were at 100% again by the time he had his Grim party.


And Kirstee.....

Good bye to my favorite Sims ever.

Chevy And Kirstee Strickland. Parents to 13, and Grandparents to 37, and Great-Grandparents to 8

Two Sims who barely had $100,00 in the bank after a life that had been stretched out over 4 generations with elixir before the Heir came home because they preferred to stay home with the family rather than have careers.

Accomplishments this round: TOC and LTW Martin - Science Career. Chevy and Kirstee - passed on in Platinum. One new Sim born, - Decota.

The Bostics, Week 15/Skillin' All The Way To Uni

Title: Skillin' All The Way To Uni

Lot: Bostic - Yasika, Dovie, André, Raliegh, KeyKel, and Keywon

Last Visit: The Scaring Night

This entry begins Round 15 in Prosperity Falls.

Hey, Zeon here. I figured I would just keep on giving the reports, even though I am in University right now. It seems Mom has lost all her bonkers. Well, here it is with the Anotothians. *sigh* When we age to elder sometimes we can hang on and continue in the Mission, and it was feared that we could also go completely nuts. Well, mom went nuts, so there is no need for her to try to say anything.

I have found out about my cousin Xuan and them bein' able to talk to each other through brain waves. Well, that ability hasn't come around to me. At least I don't think it has. I have'nt been invited to any of the meetings Uncle Zaed has been having or anything, so I don't know if I can talk like that or not. I gotta wonder how involved I should be in the Mission. Anyway, I am making our entry anyhow. WhatEVER.

I guess the biggest news at the Bostic Homestead this entry is alla the birthdays we had.

Part of the news is I am pleased to announce KeyKel has come out of the funk he was in last report. My gawd, the kid was a ghost magnet when Aunt Pachionetta and them decided to tour the house. He finally brought home an A report card. Dad was all over that giving him lots of praise. KeyKel is still sorta behind, but he is a fighter. He had it hard during skilling time, KeyWon seemed to come on that easily. Not Kel. It was hard.

Mom and dad both had birthdays. Yeah. Now they are old folk. But bein' a senior citizen didn't slow down dad none in his flirtin' ways. Hahaha you should see him, he still advances on mom like he is hot stuff.

Yep, there he is doin' that little swagger he has when he is gettin' ready to lay a big schmacker on her.

All this was enough for mom to decide to get a makeover. hair and makeup. That seemed to be the most selfish thing she has ever done for herself. Mom was always around giving us kids covert lessons on the Mission...but I think maybe she didn't tell us as much as she could have. Now she doesn't tell us anything at all. She talks to the hamster.

Yep, believe it. She will hold Red Eye real close to her face...whisper something real secret like to him, then hold him up to her ear so he can answer her. Maybe she can talk to animals? I don't know. Maybe some kind of Ability we don't know about yet. But mom won't tell. She doesn't know either.

Raliegh kept busy gettin' ready for University. Yeah, buildin' the muscles gettin' ready for the chicks. Well, he is slated to marry Heather Strickland. But it doesn't hurt to get good lookin' for all the girls. heh.

It was skilling, skilling, skilling, a day and night, when the guys weren't at school. Mom, Dad, and Aunt Dovie all helped. Well, mom did perfect skilling to a science. She can skill us on several items at one time. Yeah. The skilling was so successful, the twins KeyKel and KeyWon were able to leave with Raliegh for University, after their birthday.

KeyKel Bostic (AKA Danny Bonaduce Look-Alike)
Aspiration: Popularity
LTW - To Become Mayor

KeyWon Bostic
Aspiration: Fortune
LTW - To See 6 Pets Reach The Top Of Their Career

KeyWon's future bride was at the birthday party, Sheri Trimble. It was an instant good match! They have strong chemistry, there won't be any problem with reproduction there. They have two bolts. Heh. Oh man. I'm gonna just chuck the whole Mission thang until I am contacted. Hm. Ok, so this means, Sheri and KeyWon will likely have lots of kids. Won didn't waste any time getting his first kiss.

They have known each other since they were kids in elementary school.

In the meantime, mom and dad are takin' things easy. Yeah. Take it easy now, because it won't be long before I graduate University and bring my bride home. I think I am going to move us to a different house. I really have never liked the house I grew up in.

On Sunday night, all three of my brothers left for University.

Well, I guess that is it for this report. See ya next a new house. I will be gettin' married!

Accomplishments this round: TOC - André, Ecological Guru, and Yasika, Visionary