Saturday, December 08, 2007

What Happened, Part Two

In What Happened Part One, the King of Anatoth held a face to face meeting in Zaed's new command center. The problem was that a time traveling portal had been opened in the flux capacitor when Timo was brought back from the dead. Telepathy was now unreliable, thus, the Big Meeting. It was revealed by Zaed and the King that Alien X had slipped through the portal, intent on spoiling all the cheesecake in Prosperity Falls, making the advancement of the Anotothian population on earth slow to a snail's pace. Maybe even stop it altogether. Xuan regained his memory after much ado, and had quite an interesting conversation with the investigative reporter in the Falls, Berry Nosey. Berry offered to to help Xuan with the cheesecake problem that Alien X had threatened, if only he would help her with something. What is that something? We pick up the story in the sauna at Mission Control, shortly after the meeting adjourned. Zaed and the King continue problem crunching.

Zaed: My King. I wonder what will happen next as a result of the wrinkle in time caused by Alien X.

King: It is hard to say , Zaed. Homes have been rebuilt, all life has been reborn from the human and Anotothian fetuses, right down to the common mutts. The same words and books studied again, the very blades of grass grew once again, in the same soil. Zaed. You are my right hand on earth. I will say this to you. This is about the worse thing that could happen in the Mission. I am depending upon you to lead our people though this.

Zaed: My time has come just as Timo's did. It is in my memory of dying once. Yet I live again because of the portal that has opened. I have no memory of coming out of my grave and living again. I awoke from a dream, and I was living as if I had never died. I cannot lead the Mission, my liege, it is time for me to go again.

King: One of the advantages of being King and also the one who holds the key to the flux capacitor, is I can give any living being more time before death, be that being human or Anotothian. Yes Zaed, I am giving you more time. If you were on Anototh, you would have many hundreds of years ahead of you in your life before you perished. Yet the earth's atmosphere causes an Anotothian to age swiftly, to a premature passing. With the flux capacitor, I can greatly slow that process, and keep you mental faculties in check.

Zaed: What of you, my king? Why have you not aged?

King: Oh me? Well. As you know my essence appears through Ruby and Infinity Nevermore when I am dealing with you son Xuan and your daughter Jenn. It is only my essence you see here now....what you see is a made up human from from Wilbur's brilliant mind. I really am sitting in the lab on Anototh right at this moment whilst I converse with you.

Zaed: How can that be? You move and talk as if you were here!

King: Well, yes you hear my words. But the way you see me is not how I appear on Anototh. Wilbur has fixed up this nifty gadget so it can spontaneously make my essence appear and move as any earthling would. I have to blend in, you know. *Ahem* Zaed. It appears that your daughter in law Samarah is with child once again.

Zaed: Yes, Xuan states she carries one fetus.

King: Well, I suppose that is better than none. Has she eaten the cheesecake?

Zaed: No, she has not. She cares not for the taste of it.

King: Ah well. Do not force her, Zaed. She may become suspicious.

Zaed: Yes, my liege.

King: Well Zaed, it is time for our meeting to adjourn. I will leave you to make your regular weekly report.

Zaed dips his head in agreement, and reverence. The King fades away, and leaves empty space where the oh so real looking Anotothain sat only moments before. Zaed wearily stands up, the day is over in the Robbins household. A new time has begin at Mission Control. and a new era in Prosperity Falls.


Much has occurred since the Big Meeting. Things have changed so much since my younger days it seems as if none of it is real.

Just as in the same time before, my human wife Synclare passed away, to the place where human souls go. She is the eldest daughter, and eldest child of Chevy and Kirstee Strickland. We Anotothians could take a lesson from my in laws. That is one family that knows how to procreate. However, the thing that was different this time, is that I did not pass as well. I am still here, running the Mission. How do they do it? Without the worries of a Mission, the Stricklands seem to have exploded in population here. They have supplied the Robbinses with a steady supply of spouses. It is a wonder how it has worked out.

The boy Brax, my grandson, misses is grandmother Synclare terribly. He has shown the human emotion of sadness, and wishes to talk about her. I find myself spending extra time with him to ease this human pain he is feeling. His father Jati engages in lessons regarding the Mission with him. Ah, I suppose it is the human side of me coming out. Thank you Meadow Thayer. I find it quite enjoyable to play with my grandson.

It was soon time for my granddaughter Skyliana to have a birthday. Her mother Samarah did not attend the party, as she was exhausted from carrying her third child. She slept peacefully whilst the rest of us welcomed Skyliana to childhood.

Skyliana looks much like her father Jati. She is a wonderful addition to the Mission, and I am sure, she will bring many into the Mission. She is slated to marry Jason McClelland. They will make fine children.

Samarah and Jati finally had their third child, a female they named Haeli.

Ah, she too, looks much like her father Jati. She may have Samaraha's nose. But the important thing, is that she carries the DNA of Anatoth.

It was shortly after Haeli's birthday, that Samaraha revealed to us she is pregnant with her fourth child. Yes! Another one on the way for us, for our Mission. Jati is acting more like a proud human father than an Anotothian on a Mission.

Brax Robbins
Aspiration: Popularity
LTW: To Become A Captain Hero

Brax had his grow up to teen-ager hood. Whilst he does carry our DNA, he has the want to do what his mother did, and that is to become a Captain Hero. Ah, being that I am a Criminal Mastermind, I will have to arrange things so I do not cross paths with him, just as I do with Samarah, and my son in law Kevin Baer. I addressed this with Jati, and he decided to change his human job. He is now an Education Minister. He will see to it that the Mission is taught as special courses to Anotothians in private school.

Sandy Bruty and Melissa Fancey

As is customary for all teens in Prosperity Falls, Brax took the family vehicle out for a spin to buy a cell phone and some clothes. He went to Four Winds Shopping where he enjoyed his first cup of coffee. He overheard a conversation betwixt the townspeople of Prosperity Falls.

Brax reported they were discussing a rash of recent Alien Abductions here in the Falls. The Anotothians have been rather bold lately in their visits. Brax advised the towns people had nothing good to say. He wanted to stand up and join the discussion, to set the uninformed ladies on the straight path, but he restrained himself. I am proud of my grandson!

Whilst he was on this outing, Brax met up with Kevin Baer, my son in law, his uncle. Kevin is married to my daughter Lynn. Brax and Kevin had a conversation about the Captain Hero profession. Kevin had nothing but good to say about it, and mentioned the more Captain Heros there are in Prosperity Falls, the less chance there is of a Criminal Mastermind outbreak. Well, I have to profess, that whilst members of my family are Captain Heros, I will be laying low. I do find I don't want to jeopardize the lives of my family with criminal type activities. I am not only leader of the Anotothian Mission on earth, I am also the head of all Criminal Masterminds here. How that came about, I do not know. Until next time.

Odd Pic Out:

Criminal Masterminds Zaed and Jati Robbins attending to everyday domestic matters.

Accomplishments this round: Jati TOC - Education Minister. 1 new Sim: Haeli.


Bubbs said...

That can't be good that the townies are talking about alien abductions, can it? Brax sure is a nice looking Robbins. There will be many girls looking at him! :)
Samaraha surely is popping out those babies, huh?

Josh said...

Those human females better watch themselves! LOL, anyway, the King is really cool, I love this new storyline Wen. Although, why didn't you have Samarah eat the cheesecake? Twins finally started to annoy you? Skyliana is pretty, she does have a weird nose though.

Anonymous said...

Woah, the townsfolk are talking again. This could end badly.

I got some new hair, and it looks good.

Its good that your caught up again, and the Capeharts are next!


Infinity-Nevermore said...

I'd like to start out by saying I love your new layout Wen. Very pretty and inspiring and such. I'd forgotten that Jati was a Criminal Mastermind. I'm glad he changed his career. It's more fitting of him, in my opinion. Synclare died again, I teared up again. Although she was quiet once she married Zaed, she was still a feisty one (beating up Joy, lol). Those Robbins wives never seem to know what they're getting into. With Zaed's ego, I'm surprised that he doesn't know how he became the Big Boss. It's that superior Anatothian intelligence, of course!

Kerry said...

I enjoyed the meeting in the sauna. Zaed sure has a lot on his plate! Is he taking elixer in order to stick around and keep things in order?

I am interested in the cheesecake plotline--this could really change things for the Anatothians.

I loved the domestic masterminds in that last photo. Goes to show, even criminal masterminds, even anatothian criminal masterminds need to eat and feed the babies! No getting around it! :)

ruby said...

Poor Zaed he seems tired ... *sighs* great update loads of fun makes me wanna just hug Zaed!

Rachel said...

Another great update as always! Hum, the townsfolk are talking about aliens, ut-oh! Wow Zaed didn't pass on right away this time. I guess he still has work to do.