Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Capeharts, Week 16 / The Wishing Well

TITLE: The Wishing Well

LOT: The Capehart Homestead: Jesse, Gertrude, Jon-Luc, Lovelle, Molly, and Honey

Last Visit: Remodeling The Outside: Gertrude lamaented the fact that her parents, Chevy and Kirstee Strickland were dead; and that she and Jessie did not have the same love or affection that her parents did. A new snowleopard lair was built, and cheesecake twins Molly and Lovelle were born.

Jessie here. Snowleopards are born and they die just like any other living being. It was hard when dad died. It was even harder when mom died. She was with us for a long time after dad was buried, was around to spend time with the kids as they grew up. She lived alot longer than dad did.

But her time came, just like it did for all the generations of snowloepards that have lived here. She is buried up on the mountain with dad, Giovanni, Calista, Pajeria and Tonaka. My time will come too, I expect. We sure miss her. But as sure as there is death, there is creation as well.

Not long after mom passed.....

Our boy Jon-Luc had a birthday. Seems like the kids are growing up so fast. Gertrude was at work that night and missed the party. Ah well.

Jon-Luc Capehart
Aspiration: Family
LTW: To Reach Golden Anniversary

I decided, since winter had finally ended to see if I could get in the garden club. I had worked hard on the garden I started last year, the tomatos and the citrus tree, and added many flowers and had done other landscaping work to our land. I called the garden club to come take a look.

Yes, our home garden was good enough to win this wishing well that really did add to the looks of our land. It is great for getting a nice cold cup of clear water to drink, and it has other magical things it does too!

Jon-Luc: Lemme tell dad! I used the heck outta that thing! It is great!

Jesse: Ok, son, you go ahead. *smile*

Jon-Luc: Well, being a Family Sim, I was really lonely for a girl, you know? I wanted love. So I wished for it from the wishing well.

The well delivered this really nice looking girl in a kimono. Gee, I can't even remember her name now. But she really turned me on...I couldn't believe it when...

She just walked right over to me and laid one on me! Yeah! My first kiss. It really made me happy, I can tell you that. We had a three bolt attraction. But....fate wasn't with us, I mean, to stay together or anything. I started thinkin' about getting to University, so I started studying. Alot. Part of that was studyin' logic....ya know...the star constellations.

Well, I remember stories about how grandpa Tryce was abducted by Aliens, and that somehow my aunt Joy was born sometime after that. I was really thinking that would happen to me, ya kids and all. But it didn't. I have heard rumors about these Aliens visiting the Falls and everything. The last one I heard about was Martin Strickland getting a ride with the Aliens, and now me. But from what I know, nobody is getting the green kids. Anyway, I got some extra scholarship money for Extraterrestrial knowledge, or something like that. I left for University the slieog lidoiut.......


Zaed: My leige! It appears the towns people of Prosperity Falls are talking about the Anotothian visits!

Xuan: Pfft. They don't know nothing.

King: Yes, the are noticing, and are not afraid to talk openly about it. We can only hope it isn't taken seriously by the media.

*Xuan thinks about Berry Nosey, and the offer she made him.*

Zaed: What is that Xuan?

Xuan: Uhhh..nothin'. Nothin' at all.

King: You must remember Xuan. You are an integral part of this mission....if you have information that could influence our plans, you must divulge them. Now.

Xuan: Really! I don't know anything! *sweating*

Ruby: Xuan....

Xuan: Shaddup Ruby!

King: It seems that with all the wonderful gifts that have been bestowed upon you Xuan you are developing something on your own. The ability to close your mind to those who are trying to seek you out. I cannot hear you Xuan.

*Xuan says nothing and thinks this over. He did not realize the King could not see inside his mind. This might come in handy.*

Zaed: My king: It does seem though, that the last couple of abductions were not fruitful in planting a seed.

King: *Sigh* That is true, Zaed. Martin Strickland did not carry one of our people, and this boy Jon-Luc Capehart did not either. I will check into this matter. I am afraid it might be Alien X interefering.

Zaed: Yes....


I left for University after a while, and I met the hottest chick almost right away. See, the dorm where I got a room had one of these wishing wells. I wanted love, again. Since the first girl I got from the well didn't come to Uni with me. Well I went right to that well, and wished for my dream woman. We are a three bolt couple!

Her name is Carmen Patch. *dreamy sigh* She is my the goddess of my dreams. But, I will tell you more about her when I have more news to share from Uni. TTYL. Time for me go to go class. It's all yours, dad.

Jesse: Alright son. Thanks for telling us about Carmen. I had no idea. But son...beware...she spreads chemicals for a living. Remember, that is why we left our homelands...toxic waste..

Jon-Luc: Yeah, yeah, I remember see ya, dad.

Gertrude tending the garden

Jesse: Well, life is good. We have a fruitful garden, and Gertrude and I are getting along alright. Despite the fact we do not have any attraction bolts, we did manage to birth another kitten for the snowleopards. Meet Honey.

That child has the brightest Capeahart blue eyes I have ever seen. She is wonderful. She did not take it well though when Jon-Luc was abducted.

That is something I can't get over. My boy getting a ride with the Aliens, just like my dad did. Hum. I wonder if it skips has not happened to me.

Molly Capehart
Aspiration: Knowledge
LTW: To Become A Media Magnate

Lovelle Capehart
Aspiration: Romance
LTW: To Become A Professional Party Guest

After Jon-Luc's abduction, the twins had a birthday. Molly, who looks the most like a snowleopard, wishes knowledge. Maybe she can talk Jon-Luc out of Carmen Patch. I am afraid if Jon falls in love with her and brings her back here to our pristine mountain, all chaos would break loose with her chemicals.

Lovelle wishes for romance in her life, and wishes to party the night away. Looks like out of the four children I have, so far Molly looks the most promising to lead a decent quiet life. We will see how Honey turnes out.

Finally my eldest child left for University, and it did make me feel old. I remember when I left for school, I was nervous and excited at the same time. After Jon-Luc left for University, Lovelle decided she wanted to find love in the wishing well, like Jon did. She did not have the same luck.

Lovelle tried on two occasions to get a fine date from the well, and this awful woman came up out of it instead and fought with my daughter. It was something I couldn't stop. Well, my girl is full of spunk and didn't let that get her down. She professed she was going to try again!

That is all for now. Hope Carmen Patch stays away!


Josh said...

AH! Carmen Patch?! h no, that wishing well really is dangerous! I hope Jon-Luc comes to his senses!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the Capeharts! Oh, Michelle died. She lived a fruitful life.

Jon-Luc best come out of his senses, Carmen Patch is a big NO!

Great job, and I like the new lay-out.


Infinity-Nevermore said...

Michelle too? I guess she's been around a long time, so it's okay. From what I remember about your plan, this development makes perfect sense. But can they please stay away from the mountain? All the girls are pretty. I'm trying to decide whether or not I feel sorry for Lovelle. I'll make a decision when I stop laughing.

Kerry said...

Oh, dear, Carmen Patch? Yikes! Why couldn't he keep the first girl? She would have been much better.

I like Molly best--she's so pretty!

ruby said...

bwahaha crumpplebottom!! *sighs* Xuan needs to stop yelling at me.. excuse me i gotta pout now.
great udpate as usuay when

Rachel said...

Ahhh Carmen Patch!!! Really!?!?

Melissa said...

3 bolts are hard to argue with. Why didn't the 3 bolt teen go to Uni with Jon-Luc? She would have been much better than Carmen Patch ... yikes!

ASimWen said...

Actually, I had picked someone else out in the neighborhood for him....that I why I didn't send the Wishing Well teen. I didn't expect a three bolter to come out of the Well. But never fear, I think I see a swell storyline developing here. :)