Friday, November 23, 2007

What Happened, Part One

To Recap: It was realized by Ruby and Infinity Nevermore in Faded Memories that something had happened in Prosperity Falls. Homes had taken on a different appearance, the outward appearance of the citizens of the Falls had changed..and worse of all, entire memories had been erased. Children were not remembered who had been born, weddings were not remembered that had taken place. Personalities were different. It was as if these events had not really taken place at all; for the children were not there, and the wedding photos were no where to be found.

It was further suspected by Ruby and Fini in Is Time Really Repeating Itself that time was playing over again....only missing important details along the way, or getting everything entirely wrong. Why did they remember events that had occurred when no one else did? Why did they have to relive their first appearance in Prosperity Falls? Hadn't they done that already? But here they were doing it again. In a blink of an eye, Fini and Ruby were thrown back in time.

In Alien X, Ruby and the King of Anatoth make a telepathic connection, along with Zaed Robbins. The King revealed there was a breach in the flux capacitor, the instrument that measures time on Anatoth and enables time travel. The King later had a message from Alien X, who threatened to make all cheesecake in Prosperity Falls spoil as soon as it came out of the oven. Quavi and Zaed took that as a direct threat, as the population growth in Prosperity Falls for the Anotothians sometimes depends on it!

Jati: Ah, here we are moving into a new home.... gah! Look at me...and Samarah...father, this is it, isn't it, what you were telling me.

Zaed: It is so, Jati.

Jati: Samarah and I are going down town.....we have to do something about this.....

Zaed shakes his head at the young couple, and smiles slightly. Do it my son, we are having a meeting today with the others in the Mission.

Jati after being thrown back in time

Samarah needs lots of help! GAH!

Zaed, The King, Jati, and Berry Nosey

Zaed: It is a dire situation, Jati. This breach has affected the whole of Prosperity Falls, perhaps the whole earth. The extent of the damage is not yet known.

Jati: I can see that it is a matter of grave importance, Father. The more I talk with you, the more I am remembering. Father, I remember Timo coming back from the dead...and I remember you....dying....

Zaed: So you see, my son...time is repeating itself. Here I am in the flesh, I am not dead. And Timo is not alive. His grave along with that of Meadow Thayer-Robbins still resides across the street in the dilapidated home we used to live in before the wind blew it to pieces.

Jati: But father, I must ask. Why are we in a different headquarters now, before time repeated itself?

Zaed: It is one of the changes, my son...that has occurred....our home is not the same, the same as other citizens of the Falls have unknowingly experienced. Our change was more than others. But from what I can discern, our new building is larger than the building we used to have. That is all the better, more room to raise more Anotothians!

Jati: It is so father!

Xuan, Quavi, and Zaine Robbins

Zaed: The others are coming now. It is time to go inside and start the meeting. Mom has made some Baked Alaska and Santa cookies for us!

Jati: Alright! *slurp*

The Big Meeting commences, with the King of Anatoth at the head of the table.

King: Hey everybody, thanks for coming such short notice. Let me start this meeting by saying...well..Zaed knows who I person. Quavi knows me by telepathy. ERmmm...Just call me King.

*SIGH* Why am I here? I could be at home woo-hooing Joy. Oh yum...this Baked Alaska is delicious! I am gonna have to get the recipe from Synclare~!

You are here Xuan because you are a member of the Mission. You have just relived the last seven days of your life due to a breach of the flux capacitor.

Xuan: Ahhh...okay...errr... King? Did you say? Sure. I have just relived the last seven days of my life.

Ruby: He is disrespecting the King!

Fini: But Ruby, he doesn't know. Really!

Ruby: But Fini, that is sooooo like be rude and disrespectful!

Fini: Ruby, this is a good sign, then!

Zaed: My son. I know this is hard to understand. But unbelievably, yes you and Zaine have just relived the last 7 days of your are part of a Mission on earth...

Zaine: I knew it! I just knew it! That I had just repeated a bunch of classes at University! *Zaine begins to shake excitedly* I am going to marry the lovely Florentilla, the green goddess of my dreams! She is from Anatoth! OH! I am sitting here at the same table with the King? The King of Anatoth??? *feels faint*

Quavi: Yes my son. YES! We are here on this planet to reproduce and spread our DNA to save our race on Anatoth spread our DNA! Yeah, that's right!

Xuan: Eeehhhh...okay. You guys are freakin' me out. I think I will just eat my baked alaska and be on my way. Thanks for inviting me over.

King: Xuan's brain is damaged more than I thought! This is gonna be tough.

Zaed: It is so that Timo and Kamika fled Anatoth at the behest of the King to come to this planet to spread DNA of Anatothians amongst the earth peoples.

King: Yes. That's true. *sigh*

Jati: But sirs, with all due respect. Zaed has done a thorough job of teaching me about the Mission...but there is one thing that I have always thought should be answered.....

*All eyes look upon Jati*

What were Timo and Kamika fleeing from on Anatoth? Why was I born here instead of on my home planet? I have been denied presence on Anatoth!

Jati continues: I have no doubts that what we do here is imperative to our survival as a race...but why? What was so bad on Anatoth that my forefathers left that planet and traveled many light years to Prosperity Falls on earth to procreate? Hm?

Zaine: Yes sirs....what of that??? Will I ever see Anatoth....what am I doing this for? Really? I am marrying the lovely Florentilla, having many babies with her...but what is that so different than what earthlings do?

These guys are really crazy.....I can't believe I am related to them.....maybe I can just sneak out of here real quiet like....ummm..where will I hide this baked alaska?

Zaed: Listen to me Xuan. All of you. The King has important news to pass along....about why time was rolled back...that is...why the last 7 days repeated.....what Timo and Kamika were running from. Go ahead, my king.

King: Eh...Wilbur has recently been in contact with me regarding this time issue thing....the flux capacitor...ehhhh.... Ok. I will just put it out there. How many of you remember Timo coming back from the dead?

Xuan: Okay, that's it...I am outta here!!!! *Xuan 's anxiety raises by 10 degrees.....pain throbbs in his head. He plops back down to his chair....putting his head in his hands.* Ahhh....pain.....

Ruby: You see that Fini? Another headache?

Who said that? I don't see no little girls in here! *Xuan's eyes dart about the room...his eyes are glittering with confusion.

Ruby: Yes! Yesss!!! *Pumps fist in victory*

It appears Xuan's telepathy is returning! *Ahem* As I was saying. All this started when I commanded Zaed to bring Timo back from the dead. Oh I had a plan that Timo would rule the Mission in tandem with Jati...sorry I knew Zaed would be passing soon. It was to be, that Timo would merely be a replacement for Zaed. Perchance he might create again as he did with Meadow Thayer to spread a more pure DNA.

This was something that, alas, was not researched on Anatoth as it should have been. I was so sure that as the King, my idea was a good one. I pushed the idea right through Wilbur, and she consented, with much trepidation. She held hesitation because she had not tested the whole theory of bringing back the dead. It does work on Anatoth with the use of the flux capacitor...but had never been tested on earth with Anotothians using the Reaper phone.

At any rate. When Timo came back, that in effect opened a portal in the flux capacitor. Yeah...a vacuum. One which a foreign body could come through. We did not know about it until it was too late....time had already rolled back...Wilbur caught it at the seven day mark, and hit the panic button stopping all time travel activity on Anatoth..when she did that.....gah....I don't want to say what happened to those who were time traveling at the time...they were suspended....time stood still for a millisecond. During that here on earth relived 7 days.....

Well. Needless to say, the flux capacitor had to rectify the Timo error. That is what it is the time keeper on Anatoth...and enables time traveling. Sooo....the only way to do that was to refresh the whole thing. Yeah. Roll back time....time stands Anatoth and earth could be in sinc once again. Yeah.....

Zaine: So okay...that explains why time rolled back...but why did Timo and Kamika leave Anatoth, and what does that have to do with the price of tea in China????

King: *sighs* Okay, here it is. Timo and Kamika left Anatoth because of Alien X. Ahhh...who is Alien X? Well, we don't really know. Alien X is a being that stalked me, stalked Wilbur, and the rest of the royal family and all our scientists. Threatened to steal way the flux capacitor for use on it's own planet. If that were to happen, our planet would implode, and there would be nothing left. Not even a small meteor. Gone. Like it never existed.

When the portal opened in the coveted flux capacitor...I believe Alien X traveled through it. It has spoken to me, and to Zaed, and Quavi.

Zaed: It is so. Alien X has traveled to earth somehow, and has threatened to make cheesecake inedible. That would severely curtail our Mission to spread our DNA on earth.... *Zaed takes a sip, and looks off into the distance, thoughtful. Silence fell over the room as the information as absorbed by all present.*

So....if we were eventually rendered unable to procreate on earth...and our planet imploded...we

Quavi: That is right. Anotothians would be extinct.

Xuan: Extinct...shaminct. Hahaha at least it would be you guys and not me since I don't have any Anotothian DNA! HAHAHA! Hey wait. Where did that come from???? Waaait. Let's see here now. Samarah is carrying one fetus!!!!!

By jove, I think he's got it!!!!!

Xuan: I remember Joy had a girl named Qrystal...nah...time rolled Qrystal's place Joy had a boy named boy.....hehehe! *Xuan is giddy with this revelation* Wait. Where is SHE?

Ruby: I am here Xuan. Listening as always.

Xuan: *Lots of Alien cussing* I knew it was too good to be true. I liked it better when I didn't know anything!

Ruby: I am coming out from under the house now, and take back my bed.

Xuan: What-ever. *rolls eyes*

I am glad things are getting back to normal. My Leige...what about others in the Mission that have no memory of the last 7 days?

King: It is unknown at this time if they will regain memory at all. Like your daughter Jenn. Her home was hit hard. But as long as she continues to have babies, I fear that is the most we will be able to get out of her for now. As long as Infinity Nevermore is there to report, all will be well I think.

Quavi: Also. What about the cheesecake????

King: Wilbur and I are working on that. Can't tell you a thing right now. Ah well. When I have more information, we will get together again. Telepathy if we can use it. If not, we will meet again face to face. Hey, I am goin' to go to the sauna. Who will join me?

The meeting adjourns...but Xuan lingers at the table to finish his baked alaska.

Berry Nosey: Hey Xuan. Care to give an interview?

Xuan: I have nothing to say to you, nosey reporter.

Berry: But you did before....ya know.....all this time business happened. You showed up at my house to welcome me to the neighborhood.

Xuan: Yeah, well.....couldn't help it. That really wasn't me. That was...uh......hum....the other me. The time traveling me. I got it all back now have been stalking me and my family for years....trying to get inside of it all.....I have seen you hangin' around.

Berry: Yeah well....I have my own sources for information, mister. I just able to help you with that cheesecake issue...ya know...make you look good.

Xuan glares into his baked alaska...his eyes slide to the right.....fixes a hard stare at Berry.
Just what are you suggesting?

Berry: You think on that. Ya scratch my back...I'll scratch yours...ya haven't been the most respected Robbins. I can make you look like the golden boy. Yeah.

Xuan: What do you want in return?

Berry: I'll let you know. See ya around. With that, Berry Nosey leaves Xuan to his dessert.

I hate this whole thing. Sometimes I wish I had never been born to an Anotothian father and a human mother..... Why me???

Because! That's why! You leave Berry Nosey alone! I swear Xuan...if you listen to her it could jeopardize the whole Mission!

Xuan: SHADDUP RUBY. I will find a way to knock you back to Anatoth!



Josh said...

Interesting! Did Timo's revival really cause so much damage? I see you have most of your CC back!

Bubbs said...

Jati is a cutie after the throw back!! Oh no...there she is when the king shows up. What is her fascinate with him??

Yeah the king is here!! He looks a little nervous. So Xuan is still rude? Yeah, not all has changed! Oh no, he is hearing voices! Hehehe!

Zaine & Jati really don't care about the seven day thing, do they? They are interested in why they are really here and the family history. Very interesting history. :)

Poor Xuan - his memory is returning and he isn't happy about it. HAHA - coming out from under the house.

Why is Berry there? What is her plan? You scratch my back?? She is up to something! I know she is...

Kerry said...

Aha--now we know why--but who? Who is Alien X? Oh, Xuan's back to normal--I wonder what that will do to his relationship with Joy?

Hee hee--Ruby's coming out from under the house! She gets a bed! Now she won't have to be so jealous of Fini!

Hmmm, what does Berry Nosey know about cheesecake? I am suspicious....

Melissa said...

Fantastic update as always. Yep, it's Wen ... leaving more questions than she answered. LOL. That's why we're all so hooked!

Anonymous said...

That was great Wen!

Oh, Berry is planning something for Xuan, maybe she is Alien X!

The King has earrings? Sorry, just thought that was kinda weird.

Amazing, can't wait for the other part.


ruby said...

Sweet I get to sleep IN the house and not UNDER the house now!! Wait, dude!!! Xuan yelled at me *whines and grumbles something incoherntly*
Great update, lots of answers more quesitons.. well done Wen!!

Mandie said...

Yay! Glad you're back and goin' strong!

Rachel said...

With all those extra "Yeah"s thrown into the story it's hard to believe that is the real explaination. Hum....

Yay Xuan has his gift back!!!!!