Sunday, November 04, 2007

Faded Memories

Ruby: What is going on here? The last thing I know, I was communicating with the King concerning that rascal Xuan. Why was I sent here? Oh wait...I hear something...or someone....!

Ruby: Mr. Grim. Why are you here? Why are you taking this hapless man?

Grim: Miss Ruby. While I respect your Mission to get inside of Xuan Robbin's head, I do feel it is within the range of my job to tell you, this is none of your business.

Ruby: It seems I am the only one around here with any kind of memory at all. I do remember coming to this place with him. But why? I was suddenly yanked out of Xuan and Joy's house....the next thing I know I am here with Cowboy man. And who is butt-crack woman??? She isn't very nice to me at all. After Cowboy man died, my care was left to Ms. Butt Crack.

Berry Nosey: Hey kid. I can't help it if ya was suddenly dumped in my yard. I don't even have a bed for a kid. As for Mr. Cowboy, I don't like havin' Grim come any more than you do. It is a cramp on my style to have a tombstone in my yard. What the H*LL is my butt crack showing for? Where is my cute "Just Lynn" shirt?

Ruby: Oh so you remember too! *feels giddy, and not so alone*

Berry: Yeah kid. I sure do. Hey look. *jabs Ruby in the ribs* Here comes somebody.

Martin Strickland : Ahhhh..... I don't feel so good. I am not my normal self.

Berry: Heh. But you don't seem to have any problem ogling the mail lady! HAHAHA! Martin wonders on down the street without a clue.

Lori Strickland: La la la is everybody today?

Ruby: How can you be so (lots of alien cussing) cheerful?

Lori: I don't know what you mean. I am always cheerful.

Alexis Trimble: I think I am gonna steal this newspaper. Yeah, that's right. Take it. It is MINE.

Berry: Hey. *jeering* You have somethin' big and ugly hangin' off yer ears!!!!

Alexis: Huh?

Berry: What is that? An antenna to signal a UFO? *Berry and Ruby respond with gales of laughter*

You guys are mean! *Alexis stalks off, forgetting the newspaper*

Ruby: Hey there's Xuan! Yoo hoo! Xuan! Hey!

Xuan: What.

Jenn: Oh my. Am I dreaming? Hi Xuan. How are you, my brother?

Xuan: Hey Jenn. You are looking fine today.

Jenn: Thank you Xuan. I do feel a little under the weather. I don't feel like my normal self. Perhaps it is the fact I am carrying a child.

Xuan: I am sure. I am looking forward to getting another little neice or nephew.

Jenn: I am so glad, Xuan. You are a wonderful uncle to me an Regis' children.

Ruby: *GAG!!!* Xuan, what is the matter with you? How come you are being so nice to Jenn?

Xuan: Who are you kid? Shaddup!

Ruby: Heh. That is more like it! *Grins*

Berry: *Whispers to Ruby:*
She has the big things hangin' from the ears too.

Ruby: Eh, I noticed that.

Exterminator man: Dad blamed bugs. You people are filthy! Filthy I tell you!

Berry: What??? Cockroaches in Prosperity Falls???

Ruby: Highly unusual, indeed!


Joy: Hi! I am so glad to be here! I mean, I have this man who loooooves me so much! Right, honey?

Xuan: You are delicious, woman! *smack!*

Thank you for this beautiful house, Xuan.

Xuan: You deserve it Joy. After all, you are such a great mother to our children, and work so hard for all of us. (Editor - Xuan and Joy's house crashed upon entry, built a new one). I just love living in an All American brick rancher with a loving wife and lots of kids playing in the yard. It is the Amercian Dream! I am the luckiest man alive!

GAAHHH!!! It is time fo the baby to come!

Xuan: Oh my stars! Put the hot water on to boil!

Joy: Oh, what a pretty baby boy.

Xuan: Oh you cute widdle boy! I will name you Xenio!~ Yeah!

Joy: Oh....I seem to remember....a girl...named....Qrystal??? Where is my sweet girl? This boy is bad and fussy!

Xuan: Settle down there, Xenio. Don't give your mom a hard time.

Joy: He is in a bad mood, that's all.

Xuan: Ah well, he is just like his daddy, that's all. Get's moody every now and then. He will be fine.

Joy: Our children are growing fast, Xuan. They all had their birthdays!

Oh here I am, just a happy Knowledge Sim. I love to study and keep my nose in books, and I wanna be a Space Pirate. However, I do remember at one time wanting to be popular.....hummm... I will have to study that.

Raya: YooHoo! I am so beautiful. Wanna have lots of boyfriends and become a Professional Party Guest. But there is something lurking in the back of my one time I wanted to be like Malvina wanted to.....have lots of friends....and I wanted to be a General in the Army. Gah. Oh well. I would rather have lots of boys!

Xuan: That's my girl. Lots of romance in your life! You will be very happy!

Quartell: Hey dudes. I am the one that wants to be Popular around here, especially with the dogs and cats. I want 20 Best Pet Friends. Uhhh....but I feel like in another life I wanted to have a family and reach old age with a wife. Like reach a Golden Anniversary or something. Huh. Something.

Xenio: These people are weird. All goin' around thinking about what they used to want and stuff. I don't know any different. Life is grand.

Joselyn Strickland: Hi fishies....yes...I came over to see Xuan. I think he is soooo hot. I have a two bolt attraction to him and I would sure like to get into his.....

Xuan: Madam! I will remind you that I have a loving wife named Joy and several children who depend upon me to provide a level of living to which they are accustom! Good day!

Joselyn: Hum...I do remember my husband named Martin.....

Ruby: I have managed to infiltrate the Robbins house where Joy and Xuan live. Nothing is as it was before. Instead of a sullen and griping Xuan, I see a loving and respectable Xuan. The door to his mind seems to be shut. Where is the King? I will continue to sleep out here...errr...under the house...yeah...keep an eye on things....

King: Xuan, remember...remember...... *furiously tapping keyboard...reprogramming...*


Lynn: Oh my! Kevin, what has happened to our house! It is all so ugly and bare. And where is the second story we built on? I thought?

Kevin: What are you talking about Lynn? I am just now buildin' this thing. I will put a second story on as needed. Right now we don't need it. The only children we have are Pinkie and Polar. I can only make so much income, you know.

Kevin: I became a Captain Hero to pull in more simoleons.

Lynn: But...but....when did that happen? The last I heard you were selling dogs to make money! Here I see you giving them away to Bubbs Strickland and Jeannie Strickland!

Kevin sighs with patience. Hon, I don't need to sell dogs to put food on the table. Since I defeated the Prosperity Falls Criminal Mastermind and offed the Giant Robot, that $50,000 reward from the Mayor is getting us through.

Lynn: Well okaaay......


ASimWen: Hi Mr. Knowledge. I see Apollo sitting on your bed.

Mr. Knowledge: Yep. Got him from Kevin Baer. I am gonna mate him with my dog Pepper.

ASimWen: How does Joy feel about that? Bein' that you and her just got married and had your boy Lonnie and all.

Mr. Knowledge: What the heck are you talking about? I am a confirmed bachelor! GAH! I am hot stuff for the chicks. I cannot tie myself down to one Sim!!!

ASimWen: Errr.... okay. Mr. Knowledge, I am also noticing here you seem to have found your tongue.

Mr. Knowledge: I didn't know I lost it.

ASimWen: Ahhhh......okay. Hey so you have Pepper and Apollo. Did you get them to mate successfully?

Mr. Knowledge: Yep. First I became friends with Apollo by teaching him to roll over.

Then I made sure Pepper and Apollo sent lots of time together.....yeah....

They became great friends in only one day. Then I told Pepper to Try for Puppy with Apollo.

They had doggie woo-hoo whilst I had a little woo-hoo with Joy. Yeah, I still see her every now and then.

ASimWen: Was the doggie woo-hoo successful?

Mr. Knowledge: Yep. They had three pups. Two girls and a boy...I named them Simatra, Morrisha, and Marcus.

Morrisha is the brown one. Yep. Me, the doggie breeder.

ASimWen: So Mr. Knowledge, what else have you been up to?

Mr. Knowledge: I hear there is secret islands to go to. I have been digging for maps.

ASimWen: So did you find one? A map, I mean?

Mr. Knowledge: Naw. I only found this:

ASimWen: A treasure chest? That is mighty fine!

Mr. Knowledge: Yeah, looks good sittin' in my living room. Can't do nothin' with it but look at it.

ASimWen: So Mr. Knowledge, what do you have in store for us next week?

Mr. Knowledge: Maybe we will get to visit a secret island.

ASimWen: Lookin' forward to it, Mr. Knowledge. See you then.

Ruby: Hum. I see on the TV the vampires are still about.....

George McCarthy: Yep, nothin' is different for me. I am still a vamp. Maybe I will find me a trampy girl...I mean...a vampy girl....

Fini: Ruby! You there? Can you hear me?

Ruby: Yes Fini! I hear you! What say you?

Fini: I dunno is all very strange here at the Jenn and Regis McClelland house....


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Josh said...

This is cool! Sorry you had to play all the lots over again! :(

ASimWen said...

To Josh: Eh, at first I felt like all was lost; but then a plan started to formulate in my mind. heh It really isn't so bad at all. In fact, it is actually fun playing of middle/fast speed. hehehe - ASimWen

Kerry said...

But they're back! Hurrah! That was a hysterical photo of Joy with Xenio! "This boy is bad and fussy!" LOL. And I love the idea of Ruby hanging out under the house, trying to get into Xuan's head. Welcome back, Prosperity Falls!

Anonymous said...

Yes!! Its back. That cowboy looked quite familiar.

Glad to see that your are catching up. Poor Bubbs, no love for him.


ruby said...

I have to hang out under a house? with bugs n such? ew! *giggles*
OMG everyone is so confused .. what happened to Xuan and omg he's not my dad any more? *cries*
Great job bringing it all back together Wen, awesome!!

ASimWen said...

Dont' worry Steven..that Cowboy isn't anyone you know.


Bubbs said...

ACCKKKK! Where is my Just Lynn shirt? Now I am BUTT-CRACK WOMAN! **nice butt I have there** :)

What is up with friendly Xuan??

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Aw man... I had fun riding Jenn's back. And now she's all nice and stuff. Sorry Ruby about the hanging out under the house; I feel for you in my bed...
It's like the Twilight Zone at Xuan and Joy's. Which makes me quite interested in getting to Quavi's place. And of course, mine. *grin*

Rachel said...

I love your spin on the tragedy. I'm so glad they are back. Xuan seem more like the Prosperity Point version of himself. He's actually nice. Can't wait to see what will happen next.

Melissa said...

I love how you "recapped" how things used to be and the links to the pics of how they used to look. I can't wait to see how your story unfolds.

Sally said...

Well I have a lot to catch up on but I'm so glad you got your prosperity 'hood back. Am off to catch up on some more episodes I missed...

Erin said...

Quartell looks like Dr. Cockroach on Monsters VS. Aliens.