Sunday, November 11, 2007

Is Time Really Repeating Itself?

Ruby: Something is in the air alright. It is one can seem to remember anything at all, except me, Infinity Nevermore, and Berry Nosey. This makes my job here even more impossible...that is to keep an eye on Xuan Robbins. Haven't heard from the King at all. Where is he? And why can't I get inside Xuan's head? Fini, what say you?

Infinity: No luck here either Ruby. Jenn and Regis McClelland seem to be a happily married couple, complete with 2.5 kids and normal enough jobs. Jenn doesn't seem to be exuding any of our thoughts or completing the Anotothian Mission here on earth. It's all so scarey.

Ruby: I agree. Very strange and adnormal. Oh comes Alexis Trimble.... again. She still has huge antennea hanging from her ears. Hahahaha!

Alexis: Well, here I am at the house of Aazia and Malcom Landgraab, stealing their newspaper. Yup, I think I will just stuff it right here down into my boobie bank...yeah....then I will take it home...yeah...add it to my collection....

Infinity: She seems to have turned to a life of crime, stealing newspapers.

Ruby: Yes, it seems so. I wonder what her mother will say????

Aazia: Here I am having the birthday for my sweet baby boy, Thurston. Many of our friends and family came to celebrate the occasion. My cousin Xuan, my friend Jeannie Strickland, and of course Dad.

Quavi: You make fine sons, my daughter. Thurston will be a fine addition to the Mission!!

Aazia: Err...Mission??? Ahh...ok dad. What ever you say. *giggle*

Quavi: Of course the Mission! Spreading Anotothian DNA on earth! Continuing our race!

Malcom: Old man, how about you and me retiring to the study for a little brandy?

Ruby: Fini! You hear that! Quavi seems to be unaffected by what-ever-it-is that is happening! He remembers!

Fini: But it seems that others think he is crazy! That they are the ones that is normal.....

Xuan: *cough*

Ruby: Hello? Hello? Is anyone home?

Fini: Ruby! What do you hear?

Ruby: It was Xuan. But he is gone now. *sigh*

Zaed: Oh my what a wonderful birthday party that was for my grand-nephew Thurston.

King: Zaed!

Zaed: What? Who goes there?

King: What is that mongrel behind you?

Zaed: I do not know. He seems to like me. He has been following me around all evening.

King: It is I, your King. Watch the dogs, Zaed. Ok?

Zaed: My king. I must ask. All does not seem normal. There are those now who have had a complete change in personality, and do not remember. Our Mission seems to be in jeopardy.

King: It seems so, Zaed. Wilbur and I are investigating. In the mean time, carry on as if nothing is amiss.

Zaed: My son Xuan does not remember his vital roll in this mission. My brother Quavi seems to remember to some degree, but his comments and knowledge of it is being blamed on the earthling old age disease by my daughter and others who were formerly active in our goals. I have not had telepathy with anyone but you, my liege.

King: Ahhh...yeah.....workin' on that Zaed. It seems there has been a 'short' of some kind here on Anatoth. Can't get to the bottom of it.....

Aazia: I have given birth to my second son....Richie. Oh what a cute little boy...blonde....just like his daddy. Ah two boys to carry on the Landgraab legacy. That is enough children. Malcom has two sons now to carry on in the Landgraab businesses.

Malcom: Not only do we have the businesses to carry on...but I am also doing well toward my goal of becoming a Criminal Mastermind...

Malcom: Funny but at one time, it seems I was havin' a hard time with it....gad....I can't imagine not succeeding!

Aazia: Yes, you are doing wonderfully darling. And I have promoted to General in the army...I am now a perma plat Sim!

Ruby Strickland: La la la I am walkin' my gramma's cat Princess here in Bluewater.

Ruby: Fini! This one seems to be unaffected by 'it', what ever 'it' is. She has the same appearence she had before, and the cat is the same.

Infinity: I see what you mean, Ruby! How strange!

Malcom: Our sons are highly successful to0, Aazia. Our boy Thurston is bringing home A's from school. I would expect nothing less.

Aazia: Yes darling. I am so proud of our children. Despite the fact Richie seems to like to wear pink pajamas with little teddys printed on them, he brings home A's as well.

Xenio: Hey dad, why are we leaving cousin Thurston's house?

Xuan: It's late, son. You can come over to play another day. OUCH!!!! Xuan's head rings with sudden pain.

Dad, what's the matter?

Xuan: Heh. Headache. Nothin' to worry about. Let's go home eat some of mom's peanut butter cookies!

Aazia: Even the best laid plans. I guess pregnancy is the result of unprotected woo-hoo. Me and Malcom have another baby on the way. Wow, three kids. (Editor: The outcome of any woo-hoo in Proseprity Falls is now decided by Risky.) We only wanted two boys!

Aazia: It is time Malcom!~ Bring around the car!

Malcom: Aazia, I don't think there is time to go to the hospital. Besides, the nanny is not here to stay with Richie and Thurston. You will have to give birth here.

Aazia: Malcom! Do not ever do this to me again! My body can only take so much!

Aazia: Ah, a beautiful baby headed like me! I think I will name her.... BUFFY! Awww...looky...she has my topaz eyes....


Markey: Gah. Here I am waiting for my lovely fiancee Kyanne. Eh. Something isn't right...suddenly....ah well. I am a guy. Who cares about hair? I seem to have lost my beautiful white stripe. The older I get, the blacker my hair seems to be getting, instead of getting whiter! Can't beat that with a stick!

Eh, lots of things seem to be amiss. I had a garden growing here, now there are some ugly potted plants. Some scoundrel must have stolen my garden in the night and left these.

I could have sworn I had gotten these rooms wallpapered and carpeted in preparation for Kyanne to come home. Was it a dream? Oh well. I can get 'er done before Kyanne arrives.


Markey: I Markey, take thee Kyanne.....

Kyanne: I take thee Markey...WAIT! I thought we had a big wedding????? I remember a beautiful wedding

Markey: Ummmm....uhhh......ahhh I DO! ANYHOW!

Kyanne: I do too! I DO!

Kyanne: I was so sure I had a big wedding party. Oh well, I will make up for it by throwing this party for Xuan and Joy's kids.....Raya, Malvina, and Quartell. I have introduced them to my Greek House sisters, Felicia, Melissa, and Lia Strickland. That will give them a head start on making friends in University and getting into the Greek House!

I have reached my goal of becoming Chief of Staff at the Prosperity Falls hospital, I am now a perm-plat Sim. Maybe someday Markey and I will begin a family. Hum. I sure like the name Bryce...for a little boy...uh...I seem to remember..... *shakes head* Nah. If I had had a baby, I would surely remember it!


Infinity Nevermore: I can't seem to connect with the Office to make a report. Gah. I guess I will put it all here in Jenn's Book. Ehm. She is actually treating me like her child.....

It seems that the Big Change vastly affected the McClelland house. No longer was it the home that Jenn and Regis created together..... it was some ugly building with horrible stained glass windows. Much rebulding took place.....

It will now support the McClellands in the fashion to which they are accustom. It appears that Jenn realized she was pregnant early on...before the home was rebuilt.

When that occured, Regis rebuilt the family home to make room for the new child that as on the way.

Jenn got a makeover.....she doesn't look at all like she used too.....She only exclaimed how she needed to do something with her hair...her style was 'so old!' However none of this seemed odd to her. Regis found her to be as becoming as ever!

The second child was finally making an appearance, with the eldest, Yazibell looking on.

As before, they had a female, which, the same as before, they named Ketrina. However, she looks much different than the last time..... Ketrina seems to take more after her father and mother in appearance than the Robbins family.

It was after the birth of Ketrina I decided to quitely come on the scene. It all seems so surreal....

Ruby: At least you are sleeping in a bed! I am under the house. Xuan and Joy have no clue I am spying on them.

Fini: I learned from your mistake. HAHAHA!

Ruby: I do not understand, Fini. We have done all this before. Why doesn't Xuan remember me? How could I witness the birth of thier last child again, and how could you witness the birth of Ketrina again? And how is Ketrina really a different person than before?

Fini: I don't know Ruby. The king is silent on the issue.

King: If only I could figure this out......

Fini: Jenn hugged me as if I were her long lost child. I could not get inside her mind. She did not question my appearance in the house. She just accepted me and showed me were to sleep.

*Ruby's eyes flash in jealousy*

The same thing happened as before...Richie Landgraab came over to visit with Yazibell. How could things be the same, but not? It is if time is trying to repeat itself...but making mistakes along the way.....some details are the same...but the Big Picture is not.

The day came when Ketrina grew up. I remember doing this before!!! My mind is baffled by the whole thing! Yet no one around here acts like anything is amiss!

Ketrina grew up like she should have...but looks NOTHING like my memory! *bangs teddy on the floor*. Oh sorry. Lost myself there for a minute. This whole thing is frustrating. One thing did happen during this repeat of time that did not before:

Jenn has found herself pregnant with a third child. GAH! Only time will tell.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that was amazing.

Glad that you are coming back.

Amazing Job! Im in again!


Bubbs said...

Poor Ruby & Infinity...they just don't know why stuff has changed.

Alexis puts stuff in her boogie bank?? HAHA!

Quavi remembers! Does Malcom think Quavi has already been hitting the brandy??


Richie is a cutie! He will be a heartbreaker, if he can get out of those pink pjs!

Xuan wants some of mom's peanut butter cookies?? HAHA - hopefully the headache is him remembering....

A girl? Buffy? Hmmm....

Markey remembers also! HAHA - look at the potted plants! Oh no - where is the wedding? Where is the purple hair Kyanne had? She also remembers.

Why do some remeber things while others don't?

OMG - look at Jenn's REALLY changed. Jenn's new hair is nice. :) Ketrina changed! Hehe...

Ruby sleeps UNDER the house??? Is Ruby a little upset that Fini was accepted better than she was??

Jenn is pregnant AGAIN???

ASimWen said...

To Lynn: You don't remember Wilbur? Wilbur is the King's wife. She is head of the tech department on Anatoth. Ummm... lemme see here... *checking backwards in blog*

Ah here it is. :)

During a conversation between Xuan and the King:

"Xuan: What about the Visits? The earth men getting pregnant with Aliens??? Errr... Anotothians?

King: Them? Ahhh...well....those Anotothians aren't pure....Heck, they don't even look Anotothian. The look like Martians. Heh. BIG JOKE ON THE EARTHLINGS. We had to make them look like something the Earthlings would recognize. Ya know....But they do carry DNA. Yep. We also had to program their bodies to not explode on first exposure to the Earth's atmosphere. Wilbur is in charge of that.

Xuan nods his head knowingly. Wilbur?

King: Yes. Wilbur. Your Queen. My Anotothian wife. She is head scientist on Anatoth. Ehm...there is a couple of more things I want to talk over with you. Ahhh...."

And so on. LOL

Kerry said...

Ha! Ruby is still under the house--but Fini gets a bed? LOL. What I wonder, is whether Xuan will continue to be nice once he remembers--or if his former personality will return along with his memory. Ah, the similarities, and the differences!

Josh said...

I like the new storyline, it is cool. You seem to have bad luck with Risky WooHoo though. Or maybe good luck? :D

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Whoohoo! I'm back! And I look as great as ever! Poor Sim me. I know, it's very frustrating. At least Yazibell isn't hitting on me this time, lol. I feel for you Ruby, every time I go to sleep. She should just go back to the house; maybe they'll remember her. Maybe.
Quavi and Zaed remember! Yay! I'm with Lynn; I wonder if Xuan eventually remembers, will his old personality return? I just thought of something. If Quavi remembers, he should remember the "contract." It seems that Xuan and Joy do not. Oooh, I see fireworks!

Galena said...

Wow huge changes. It's sad Fini gets a room and Ruby doesn't.

But at least the King is working to figure out what is wrong, and there is some glimpses of what used to be.

ruby said...

*pouts* I'm STILL under the house?! *giggles* oh how funny! gosh i hope it isnt snowing soon, I might freeze!
Good I'm glad Xuan got a headache, maybe he'll start hearing me and start remembering and bring back inside hmph! Great update and wow how different yet same things are

Melissa said...

Wonderful as always! Can't wait to find out what happened.

Rachel said...

Great update again! Hum Quavi remembers, why would he be unaffected when so many are?

ASimWen said...

To Rachel: Well, because Quavi's lot is unaffected by the real life crash that happened to the game. I will not have to replay that lot. Heh.

Sally said...

Teehee - am happy to see Quavi hasn't changed one bit. I'm sure the Anatothian cause won't fail.
Must go read some more...