Monday, November 19, 2007

Alien X


ASimWen: Hey Jeannie. Lookin' good.

Jeannie: Yup. Thanks. Gettin' all settled into my new house since I graduated University. It was pretty easy.

ASimWen: Oh? How so? You didn't have any money when you graduated. You forgot to grab your booty from the Greek House.

Jeannie: Well, my friends kept inviting me over to their house in the neighborhood. They would give me stuff...and I sold it to get cash to furnish my house.

ASimWen: Wow! Look at all that! You have a god from the Aztec ruins.....

Jeannie: Aazia and Malcom Landgraab gave me that, as well as the oriental looking gate thing. By the time I sold everything, I had §35,000 to outfit the house. I had a great yard sale. *smile*

ASimWen: I say! Hey, you haven't noticed anything weird in Prosperity Falls since you graduated, have you?

Jeannie: Who me? Nah. Why do you ask?

ASimWen: Nothing, nothing. *Wen wipes the sweat off her brow* Eh, so tell me about him.

He is wonderful!!!!

He is Remington Toyonaga! Oh my goodness...he makes my heart go pitter patter.....

ASimWen: He does? Ahhh...I see.

Jeannie: The first time I met him, I thought he was the cat's meow.....I don't ever remember seeing him in University. Hum.....well, to make a long story short, I asked him to move in with me. But not before he took me out a few times. He took me to Cold Issue Clothing one night. Eh, Count Orland Moniff showed up.

ASimWen: *Smacks herself in the forehead* Oh no! Who did he bite this time?

Jeannie: Well, he bit Tosca (Capehart) McClelland. And....

Notice the Count has no reflection in the mirror.....

And he bit the Servo that lives with Manuel and Lillith Capehart. That makes two vamps now in that house.

This is one of the funniest things I have ever seen in the game

The Count is now developing a taste for robotics, apparently! I got worried when he headed for Remington. But evidently he just wanted to poke fun at him.

Remington took me home shortly after that. We didn't want to upset the Count.

ASimWen: I don't blame you. So how did Demeter fare the move?

Jeannie: Well, she did fine. Her and Remington get along great.

ASimWen: You say Remington moved in with you?

Remington Toyonaga
Aspiration: Knowledge
LTW: To Become Chief of Staff

Jeannie: He sure did. We got real friendly real quick.

Well one day I came home from work and made a dash for the bathroom. I realized I was pregnant. Well, you know my Daddy Bulldog Strickland is real traditional about men and women...babies being born inside of wedlock and all. Me and Remington wasn't married.

Daddy was a might upset that me and Remington was 'living in sin' so he never came over...neither did mama. So I decided to make do with the new little family I was starting . Me and Remington was gonna strike out on our new life together. He really did seem to be excited about the baby and all.

It came the evening, just hours before little Tony was born, that me and Remington decided to tie the knot. Yup. I am now Jeannie Toyonaga.

ASimWen: Tony Toyonaga??? heh.....


Java Jan: OOhh...boopsie! I love you so much!!!!!

Vonfirmath: MMmmmMMM! I love you too hunny bun! *smack!* Hey what you say we go shopping downtown for some wedding duds???

Java Jan: Okay!

Java Jan:'s get some regualar clothes too....ehhhhh.....


King: It appears the locals are trying to imitate the Mission!

Zaed: I see. Mr. Capehart is dressing like my brother Quavi!

King: Quite.

Xuan: *Choke!!*

Ruby: Is that you, Xuan?

Xuan: Darn...what a headache... Joy! Get me some Tylenol....

King: Ruby, I hear you!

Ruby: And I you, as well! What has happened to the earth?

King: It appears that there has been a serious breach to the flux capacitor....

*Ruby slaps her hand over her mouth. Fear spreads through out her body.* Isn't the flux capacitor the instrument that measures time on Anatoth and enables time travel?

King: Exactly!

Ruby: A breach? How?

King: Don't know Ruby. Wilbur is working on it. Our goal is to reset the time continuum and get you, Infinity Nevermore and the whole earth BACK TO THE FUTURE......

You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.

Java Jan: No. YOU are the most HANDSOME man I have ever seen!

Vonfirmath: You have the prettiest eyes....

Java Jan: No, your eyes are prettier...

Parents of the bride and groom: Lillith and Manuel Capehart, and Andre and Yasika Bostic.

Oh what a great wedding! Let's all smustle! Real spontaneous like! WooHoo we have been smustling so long, we nearly missed the wedding...This smustling is just too much fun!

Fini: Ruby look! Yaskia Robbins-Bostic has the aluminum antennae ...and it appears her irises have disappeared! Her hair is a mess, compared to how she used to look......

Ruby: I see Fini! However, others have not been touched at all!

Like Karen Capehart-Strickland....

Jessie Capehart.....

And Mich Robbins......

Mich: I am a giant among Anotothians.

Ruby: Huh?

Fini: Ruby, I don't think he knows we heard him.

Java Jan: OOOooooowwwWWWW!!!!!

Vonfirmath: EEEeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyoooOOOWWW!

Java Jan: Shaddup, Von!

Vonfirmath: No, YOU SHADDUP!

Java Jan:
Oh looky Von! We have a cute little boy named Java Joe Capehart. He sure looks an awful lot like your beautiful mother, Yasika.

Vonfirmath: No, you hold more beauty, even more than my mother.

Java Jan: Oh Von. Our little boy Java Joe is lacking a brain.

Vonfirmath: No sweetie.... you are the one lacking.... errrr..... nevermind.

Java Jan: Vonfirmath! Come quickly! Java Joe has miraculously grown a head! Isn't he gorgeous!

Vonfirmath: Yes my love, he his gorgeous...but you my sweet...seem to have become double jointed in the neck....


ASimWen: Hi Carla. I see you are getting ready to read the paper.

Carla: Yup. gonna look for a job. I need some simoleons. Bad.

ASimWen: Did you do the same thing Jeannie Strickland did and forget to pull your graduation money out of the dorm?

Carla: Eh, yeah. Nobody gave me anything for my backpack, either.

ASimWen: You should have come around and visited other lots so you could be greeted and given things.

Carla: I did. You were playing on middle and fast speed and didn't see me. You should have had them invite me over.

ASimWen: Looky here now Carla. I can only do so much. The time continuum is messed up.

Carla: The time coninuee.....ummm....what? Oh never mind. Hey, I am gonna call Tyler. But first I am gonna accept this job in the education field. That will give me a bookcase so the three children I want to graduate from college will have a good skilling object.

Carla: Oh are such a flatterer. Keep saying all those nice things to me!

Tyler: Carla, you have the cutest fuzzy little balls on your thought you used to have long hair...but this is okay too.

Carla: Oh Tyler you say the most romantic things. Hey you wanna move in with me?

Tyler: Okay!

Carla: Tyler, you moved in just in time for our wedding party to arrive.

Tyler: You mean the Welcome Wagon.

Carla: No, I mean the wedding party. Being that neither you or I have any parents, we are gonna use the Welcome Wagon to see us get married. I didn't get a wedding last time, you know..... errr... last time???? GAH! It seems like we were married, already. A while ago...

Tyler: Carla! I know I am not divorced...and remarried....what are you talking about?

Carla: I don't know Tyler. Let's not worry about it and LET'S GET HITCHED.

Carla and Tyler tie the knot with the Welcome Wagon *kinda* watching....

The elders don't quite know which way to look to see the nuptials...

ASimWen: Tyler, I see the look on your face. Have you been dancing?

Tyler: Uh, yeah.

Vampiress-Diva-Vyn Hutchins: WOW! You guys are just too much fun to spend an evening with. Even though I have lots of simoleons, I am just going to leave this cheap-o stereo for you guys! (even though I can afford better).

Carla: WooHoo! I am on my way to graduating three kids from college.

ASimWen: I see. Oh wait a minute. My bad. Tyler had been dancing...AND.....

Carla: You don't need to tell the whole Internet what me and Tyler like do in the changing booth.

Carla: Oooh! This hurts!!!!

ASimWen: It is time for your first baby. Err...what happened to your hair? I see you were smart and cut your hair so your twins wouldn't be yanking on it.

Carla: Twins? Are you crazy woman??? If I had twins, I would certainly know it. Me and Tyler have one. ONE. His name is Kyle.

ASimWen: But what happened to Hunter? The other one????

Carla smiles benevolently at ASimWen as she shows her out the door. She then turns to Tyler... "ASimWen is crazy...."

Tyler: Just humor her dear. She doesn't know any better.....

ON TO THE LOT OF MICH AND WENDY ROBBINS (this finishes round 15. AGAIN.)

Zaed: I see time is still not corrected. This is going nothing like the past.

King: Yes. I know Mich had a big wedding with lots of guests...even in a different house.

Zaed: Yes, he originally had the house from TSRVille....a replica of the Dusty Rhodes house. This time he moved him and Wendy into the Doug Abone house.

King: It appears the flux capacitor has been sabotaged.

Zaed: Sabotaged? What scoundrel would do such a thing?

King: It has come to light there is someone out there...Alien X.

Zaed: What cad would roll back time, and replay it again!

King: The changes in the future that will happen because of these events being relived differently is unknown. So far Wilbur has not been able to fix the flux capacitor. It looks as though we might have to wait....and let history incorrectly repeat itself.....

You do remember Lucas Turner, don't you Mich?

He is long dead Wendy. Hey, let's call out for a couple of kittens. After all, I want to raise 20 puppies or kitties. I want to implant each one with a spy chip so we can adopt them out to everyone in Prosperity Falls.

Zaed: He had dogs before, my liege.

King: I am aware.

Zaed: It is as if time is trying to do things the same, but is making mistakes along the way...

Wendy: I received inheritances from Calista Capehart, Mercedes Capehart, and Meadow Thayer-Robbins.

Zaed: My new neice was not such a braggart.

King: I am going down there to see what is going on.

*King Thinking* hmmm...Nothing seems amiss. I have talked with Mich, and he is unaware we are repeating time. As far as he is concerned, I am the new guy on the block....just out walking around taking in the neighborhood.


King: Who goes there?


King: Who are you?

*BLURP* Nobody you know.

King: Are you Alien x?

*BLURP* Uhhhh...maybe.

Quavi: He can't take the cheesecake! That allows our women to reproduce faster by giving birth to more than one child at a time!

Zaed: You are correct, Quavi. It is clearly a threat!~

*BLURP* That's right...all cheesecake will spoil as soon as it comes out of the oven......making it's magical qualities null....


Mich: Our female cat Cleopatra will give birth to many kittens!

Wendy: And our male, Cymmi, will ensure they are beautiful! Awwww!

Mich: It wont' be long now.....


Bubbs said...

She sure got a lot of nice gifts! And she doesn't think anything is strange.

Hmm, she is interested in Remington? At least the Count didn't bite Remington! HAHA - he moved in wearing a jogging suit? Nice hair for him...aww, and a cute little boy!

Where are Yaskia's irises??? That is a new one. HAHAHA! JavaJoe is BRAINLESS!!! Cool eyes!

OMG - look at her neck!! Hehehe!

Poor Carla was neglected! You ignored her! Where are her twins?

Who is Alien X? Will we get to meet them?

Anonymous said...

Wow, this was so much better than last time. I can't wait to see the main houses. I really like how Timo and Giovonni's families turned out.

Is the Capehart family going to found out about the toxins?

anyways, amazing job!

Von got to talk!!


ruby said...

Vonfirmath sure has a belly on him, he shouldn't wear Quavi's clothes.. he can't do them justice *grins*
whew i forgot how dreamy Mich is and yeah kittens!
Blurp eh? *giggle fits* I love how your mind works Wen.

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Aww, too bad Bulldog and Madelyn didn't come and see their new grandchild. *giggle* Von and Jan sound almost like siblings. Aww, no trouble making for Carla. Where's Hunter? *sniffle*
I forgot Mich was cute too, but alas, my heart belongs to Zaine.
I'm excited to see Alien X!

Kerry said...

Woot! A vampire-servo! That is hilarious. I wouldn't have even guessed it was possible. Does he slink around with his arm over his face? LOL

Von and Java Jan are also too funny--all that sicky-sweet stuff seems to be devolving into bickering, though!

OH, NO, NOT the FLUX CAPACITOR!!!! Say it isn't so!

Aw, no Hunter! But on the plus side, Carla doesn't seem to be cheating on poor Tyler, either.

Alien X? *Blurp*? Uh, what? And a cheesecake threat? Dum, de dum dum daaaaah.....

Very dramatic update!

My Boaz's Ruth said...


Be still my heart!

Rachel said...

A robot vampire! LOL!!!! Very funny I need one now!

Wow Java Jan sure is flexible!

Love the Back to the Future references!

Have you been dancing? LOL!

Great update! Hurray for finishing the this again!

Anonymous said...

So - Von missed out on his fate to become a vampire like his mother?

And Cuppa Java was never born...?

This gets really, really confusing now :)