Thursday, November 22, 2007

They Still Don't Have A Clue



Zaed: My liege! Here is my cousin moving in her family into a new home.... they did the same thing before the warp in the time continuum...however, this is not the same house!

King: Once again Zaed, this is an example of time trying to repeat itself...but is making grievous errors.

(Editor - This is another television house. Before, the Bostics had moved into the home from The Waltons. Can you guess this one? Hint: This program was popular in the 1960's. Downloaded from TSR. While this house is very authentic on the inside, it is not Seasons compatible. Snowing inside due to problems with the attic. The family will move out next round.)

Have there been anymore developments regarding Alien X?

King: Zaed, please call all the brethren together, we will have a presence at your place in time. Telepathy isn't dependable. Yes, there are important matters to discuss.

Zaed: Of course. It will be done.

Alien chatter dies out....

Ding-blasted farkle smitter smatter.....pfft. What the heck is going on??? Everyone is in this house and accounted for....the whole things is ding blasted confusing..... ahhhh.... even the boy Zeon doesn't' have a clue...he used to know about the Mission, I will ENSURE he will reproduce productively so there will be no doubt....

Yes, yes, there is to be a wedding! That's right, me and Trudy are tying the knot right here in the new house. Come on over! There will be lots of food and drink!

To the Bride and Groom! May you be peaceful, prosperous, and mulitply greatly! Drink up!

Trudy: Oh my darling, you are my one and my all. Where I lack, you make up for me. You are the black to my white, the leather to my lace. I LOVE YOU!!!!

Zeon: Huzzah! Give it to me baby! Now we can woo-hoo all we want without guilt! Now let's go on our honeymoon!

Trudy: I am ready to go to Twikki Island, love. Thank you for this wonderful tropical vacation!

Hotel Clerk: Thereisnodrinking, partying, orsmokingintheroom. Pleaseleavethedoorunlockedsothemaidcancomeintoclean. Donottrackmud, sand, orotherforeignmattersintotheroom. DonotusethevoodoodollonanyoftheTwikkiIslandemployees. Roomserviceisavailiableuponrequestanddoescostlotsofsimoleons. Besuretovisitoursouvieneerstandandspendlotsofsimoleons. Thefiredancerwillteachthefiredancetoyouuponrequest, thatcostlostofsimoleons. Wehavehuladancersthatwillteachthehulatoyouforfree, thatdoesn'tcostanysimoleons. Thankyouandhaveagreatvacation.

Trudy: Oh honey, you must try this! The hula is such a beautiful dance! The hula actually tells a story by the different moves. It is how the ancients passed stories to the new generations! Come try!

Zeon: Eh, some other time, love. I think I just wanna lay on the beach and watch the babes...errr...waves....

Trudy: Yum! This cheesecake that room service brought over is good! It is so romantic sitting out here in the moonlight with you, Zeon.

Zeon: Yeah, it is really good. *slurp* And the woo-hoo we had was great too! Let's go have another go at it!

Trudy: In time, dear in time. I just wanna enjoy the moonlight, you, and THIS CHEESECAKE.

Zeon: Ah well, the honeymoon is over. Time to go home.

Trudy: Yes, but we did have a wonderful time, did we not?

Zeon: Absolutely!

Nine months later....

Trudy: Zeon! The baby is coming.....gahhhh.....

Zeon: My seed is powerful! There are two babies! err....where did that come from???? heh. I must be working too hard.

Trudy: Oh Zeon we have the cutest little boy and little girl. I think I will name them Braelen and Briah.

*King Thinking* "Eh. The cheesecake still least it does right now. I must not take any of the threats Alien X has made with a light hand......"

Yasika: What precious grandbabies I have. I remember the days of taking care of little ones.

(Editor - Due to the snowing in the house issue, I had to grow up Braelen and Briah to child due to continual threats from the social worker to come and take the babies because they were cold. This only affects infants and toddlers.)


Martin Strickland here. I can't begin to tell you about all the strange things going on around Prosperity Falls. Plus, it has affected our house. Gad... I got up one morning, and everything had faded in the house.....had to invest in wallpaper and new flooring all over the place. Put quite a dent in the pocketbook, but needed done nonetheless.

Went outside to the back yard to visit mom and dad's graves, like I do every day.

Their graves had been ravaged as well. The fencing was missing. I also had to replace that. It has not been easy around here lately.

Me and Joslyn's boys are growing up. Decotah is getting straight A's....would a Strickland get any less?

And our boy Sacha had a birthday as well. He wants to have lots of friends, and to become a Captain Hero like his grandma Kirstee. What are Joslyn and I doing?


Joslyn has gone on a dog adopting frenzy. She stated that our dog Skippy needed a playmate. First she adopted Buffy. Well, Buffy is a nice enough dog, and very playful. However, she can't do one thing that Joslyn was hoping for. Buffy is too old to have puppies. Yep, she was hoping to get Skippy and Buffy to become parents.

So then she adopted Lulu. Lulu is a beautiful Lab. Lulu is also very playful, and a wonderful dog. She and Skippy got along real well, and eventually they did have puppies....three of them...

King, Queenie, and Prince. We didn't keep them all, we gave King and Queenie up for adoption, and kept Prince.

What have I been doing? The same as all Stricklands to. I have been gazing through the telescope. Dad and my sister Gertrude did go on an Alien ride years ago, and I suspected it was my turn.

There is one fortunate thing that did not occur. While I have been hoping for a visit with the Aliens my whole life, I did not want what typically comes with that. Some of the people in Prosperity Falls who go on these secret rides later on have a rather odd looking child, even the males. Somehow I got out of that. I loved the ride, and hope it happens again.

My lovely wife Joslynn seems to have lost interest in the business my father Chevy gave to us when we got married, the bookstore. She hasn't been to it in a long time, she is letting a manager run it for now. She seems to be oriented toward another career at the moment. She became a Celebrity Chef, but did not like the notoriety that comes with that; so she went into the education field. She is a Dean of Students right now. Me, I am still a Mad Scientist like my sister Lillith. I find it to be a fascniating field.

Ah well, see you next time. Uh....seems like I just gave this interview not to long ago..deja vu....


Josh said...

Cool, first comment. Wasn't the boy named Braelen last time too? They are cute though.

ASimWen said...

Yes, absolutely, his name was Braelen...just another point of Time Messing Up. LOL two kids instead of one. Errr... I think the King had something to do with that. heh

Infinity-Nevermore said...

It's almost sad that Braelen and Briah had to be grown up early. But they are pretty. *gasp* What are you doing Zeon? Be a good husband; I've been rooting for you for months! And how did Martin get out of the alien gift? Is he that old already?

ASimWen said...

Eh...well...I left that elderly dog Buffy Lulu was pregnant with the 3 pups. No room in the house. :( That is what I get for playing on middle/fast speed. Eh. I usually don't make mistakes like that. Naw....Martin still has two more weeks as an adult where he could possibly have an alien baby if he gets abducted again.

ruby said...

Martin is a cutie
glad you didnt lose the kids .. that would have been horrible! and they are cuties too!
great job with the updates and yeah the cheesecake still works on vacations *giggles*

Bubbs said...

Who all came to the wedding?

Trudy is eating cheesecake? Hmmm, makes one wonder if risky woo-hoo has been at work here also. Oh-no! The kids grew up early! Bad non-seasons house!

The Strickland house seems to be coming along well also. Not pregnant? Hmmm...

Melissa said...

Isn't that the Bewitched house? I've been playing that one and haven't had any issues. Hmmm. Maybe I have the wrong house.

ASimWen said...

To Melissa - Yep that is the Bewitched house. I had the twins in the nursery, they were there for about a day, then I started getting the warnings from the social worker. I had the parents take the kids and bathe them in the sink repeatedly, but they did not get warm enough. GAH, after some research I found out about the attics. I couldn't change the roof because of the building cheats that were I decided to grow up the kids and move them out.

Galena said...

Too sad about the house problem but the kids are cute.

Yay, the cheesecake still works.

Rachel said...

Yay for cheesecake twins!!!! Hurray for puppies!!!! great update, but what else is new?