Sunday, September 16, 2007

Stricklands, Week 16/Aliens, Vamps, and Other Things


Lot: The Strickland Homestead - Martin, Joselyn, Sacha, Decota, Tobria, and dogs Skippy, Abbey, and Pearl

Last Visit: Goodby Kirstee and Chevy - ASimWen here. The last time we visited the Stricklands, CAS Sims Kirstee and Chevy Strickland passed away. Much to my sadness. I am at a point in this neighborhood now where many of my favorite Sims are passing away, and it is getting harder and harder all the time for me to play the Falls. This visit with the Strickland household holds many surprises. I hope you enjoy it.

Berry Nosey reporting! I am delighted to bring the following story. I was able to catch up with Martin Strickland, patriarch of the Strickland family in Prosperity Falls. This family was one of the first to settle here. I asked Mr. Strickland about his father, Chevy, and his experience with the family telescope in the back yard.

Berry: So Martin, tell me what happened to your father Chevy the night he received The Chicken.

Martin: Well, my dad loved to stargaze. Even though he was a Family Sim. I think he was a Knowledge Sim at heart.

Berry: Your father bought the telescope, and was a habitual user.

Martin: Yes. So was my sister Gertrude.

Berry: So why is this telescope so special that I am here today talking with you about it?

Martin: Well, it seems to be a portal to Outer Space. Don't look at me like that. I am not crazy!

Berry: Oh Mr. Strickland, I would never think you crazy. Tell me what happened to your sister Gertrude and your father Chevy.

Martin: Well, they were abducted by Aliens. Yep, sucked right up into their Air Ship and taken for a ride. It happened to Gertrude first, then to dad. When Gertrude was abducted, she came back normal, normal as can be. In fact Sim State University gave her an Extraterrestrial Scholarship for meeting the Aliens.

Berry: What happened to Chevy?

Martin: The Aliens stuck a chicken on his head.

Berry: Excuse me? A chicken?

Martin: Yep, a chicken. Mom just accepted it and went on with life. That was a great thing about mom. She would accept you no matter who you were or what you looked like. She worked around the chicken as far as dad was concerned. Dad seemed to like the clucking company. After all, he did spend many solitary hours stargazing at night when everyone else was sleeping.

Berry: The chicken kept him company?

Martin: Yep.

Berry: So Martin, I hear you have been stargazing.

Martin: Yes, I have. I find the experience to be extremely enjoyable. I am a Knowledge Sim, after all.

Berry: Have you gotten to meet the Aliens?

Martin: Yes, I have.

Berry: I don't see you blessed with a chicken on your head.

Martin: No, those Aliens left me with something else. Now I know what Joslyn has gone through 3 times.

Berry: Tell me about your experience with your abduction.

Martin: Well, it was a clear night, perfect for stargazing. The stars were bright, and the moon seemed especially large.

I was outside on this cool evening, gazing. I love to gaze. Joslyn was in the house with the kids, getting everyone settled down for the evening. She respects my hobby and gives me plenty of time to do it. Relieves stress.

I heard a peculiar noise. I wasn't sure what it was. I looked around the yard, but didn't see anything at first. I wasn't thinking it was Aliens or anything.

Then I finally got the idea to look up. There it was...the biggest thing I had ever seen in the sky.

Berry: What did you see, exactly?

Martin: It was a spaceship, I tell ya! It flashed through my mind that this is what Gertrude and dad must have seen. I was gonna meet the Aliens just like they did! My heart started beating a hundred times a minute.

They turned on some kind of floodlight....when that happened I couldn't see the ship anymore, it was so bright. I had to shade my eyes. I wondered then how I would get in the space ship. I decided to do what ever they wanted me to do.

It was still a really big surprise when I felt the tractor beam sucking me upwards. I hung on for dear life. I thought maybe they would trow a rope ladder down or something...but that wasn't it. It was a tractor beam.

Berry: That is very interesting!

Martin: Yep, it was.

Berry: So what happened whilst you were in the ship?

Martin: I remember lookin' around and seeing these funny green beings with great big eyes. One of them shoved something in my ear, then I don't remember much after that. I just remember them pushin' me out the door of the space ship.

Man, did my hiney hurt!

Even though this is something I had always wanted to do, it was still one of the most odd things I had ever done. I couldn't believe it.

Berry: You said the Aliens left you with something. Let's see. Gertrude got a special scholarship, Chevy got a Chicken on his head. What did you get?

Martin: You ain't gonna believe this. I am pregnant.

Berry. No! That is impossible! Males do not get pregnant and have children!

Martin: 'Tis true. I have checked it out with my scientist sister, Lillith the Vampire. She says I am carrying an Alien Baby.

Berry: is it going to be born? Eh, you don't have....

Marin: *cheeks flush* Well, I don't rightly know how the baby is gonna come out. I just know it will. I am very excited.

Berry: So. There you have it. The Strickland family seems to be a target for the Aliens who have been visiting Prosperity Falls for decades. And getting bolder all the time by spreading and mixing their DNA with humans. What will happen now? This is Berry Nosey, signing off!

Martin: Well, I am glad that interview is over. I did love that ride with the Aliens. It was one of the best experiences of my life. Anyway, I am gonna tell ya the normal news that has happened here in the Strickland household since Dad and Mom passed.

This is our dog Skippy. I bought him from Tomas Capehart a few weeks ago. He is kinda odd looking, but a dog is a dog. I thought the kids would really enjoy him.

Joslyn was movin' right along in her job in the Culinary field. She is one busy lady, let me tell you. When she wasn't working at the restaurant, she was at Kirstee's Bookstore keeping that place going. Dad bequeathed the place to her...called it a wedding present. Eventually she made it a top rated place to shop.

She got a good write up in the paper too. The place was really busy. We never saw her between the bookstore and her regular job. I guess when it came right down to it, she realized it too when....

We were going to have another baby! That would make 3 for me and Joslyn. She knew she had to give something up , so she sold the bookstore. Even though it was a gift from dad. I think it did what it was supposed to, and that was to give us some simoleons to put away. Mom and dad had poured every meager scent they made into expanding the house for their growing family.

Around the house whilst Joslyn was gone, that Landgrabbe kid, Richie, came by to visit quite often. I think he is at our house more often than his own. Don't know what Malcom and Aazia have goin' on there. But he is welcome to come in and eat with our own.

After my visit with the Aliens, I was hungry all the time. I couldn't get enough to eat! My waist started expanding alright, but it was due to the babe .

This is our boy Decota. He had a birthday, a while back. He is calm of mind like me and his mother. Now our boy Sacha is a different matter.

Aspiration: Pleasure
LTW: To Have 50 First Dates

He takes after Joselyn's side of the family, the Capeharts, appearence wise. Where he gets his life time aspiration from? I don't know! We Strickland are either Family Sims, or Knowledge Sims.

Well, the boy didn't waste any time workin' toward his lifetime goal of havin' 50 first dates, lemme tell ya. I felt like the whole thing was harmless enough, really.

I don't know if alla the girls he has dated knows he is doing them only once, I mean. I hope he doesn't go 'round breaking their hearts.

Well right about this time I decided to get Skippy a play mate.

Turns out Abby and Skippy like each other an awful lot, and presented us with a puppy we named Pearl. The more the merrier, I always say.

Me and Joslyn's third born was a girl, who Joslyn named Tobria. Where she got that name, again, I have no idea. Here I was still suffering with morning sickness due to my Alien ride, and she has our child, who grows up to toddler. I think I want to meet Aliens again, but I don't want to get pregnant again!

Hey, I think I will get Sacha on here...he has a special story. Are you ready, Sacha?

Sacha: Yeah dad. I'm here.

Martin: Good. Sacha is on the phone callin' all the way from Sim State. Take it away!~

Sacha: Well, as is tradition with all the teens in Prosperity Falls, as soon as we grow up we make a trip to the city to get some new clothes and a cell phone. I went to Cold Issue Clothing.

While I was there, I saw the Count. He was busy biting again. I stayed out of his way! I have no desire to get bitten. I mean, if I did, I don't think I could turn the chicks on with that gray pallor to my skin.

He headed right for my cousin Vonfirmath Capehart. Which I guess wasn't really all that unusual, if you think about it. His mother is my aunt, Lillith Capehart, and she is a Vampire too. I thought it was rather neat watching it.

So now I can say my cousin the Vampire, and my aunt the Vampire. !! How special is that! I think it is kewl to have Vampire relatives, but I really don't wanna be one myself.

The Count was on a roll, he also bit this townie chick. I don't know what her name is, but she doesn't seem to mind being a Vamp. I don't know how Von feels about it.

While I was there I decided to make the best of things and lighten the mood. After all, the Count was there, and very active! So I started singing. I made enough tips to pay for my cell phone. I was a big hit!

Dad was saying I was dating alot of girls. I was, and I will start on 'em here at Uni too. I just love them! I found one that was willing to give me my first kiss. She had kind of a dog face, but I don't care. A girl is a girl, and they all of their beauty in some way.

Heh. Girls, I just love 'em. Uh, dad, I like, need to go now.

Martin: Okey dokey. See you at Thanksgiving, son.

Sacha: Bye dad. *click*

Martin: Well, that was a quick but sweet story.

Well I can't tell you when it happened in the middle of all this excitement. But Joslyn made it to the top of the Culinary field. I can't count how many jobs she has had. She is quite motivated.


I am kinda pinned down for the moment. Yeah, still waiting on this Alien babe to come. *sigh* this is a longer pregnancy than Joselyn ever had. Well, gotta go sit and put my feet up. Swelling ankles you know. Talk to you later.


Joselyn: TOC: Culinary field, 1 new Sim - Tobria


Anonymous said...

Nice to see you back again Wen. This was a great update.

NOOOOOO!!! Von got bitten. Please cure him. He has a family to think about. =(

Are the Aliens about to have another rampage? It has been awhile.

Great job as always.


Bubbs said...

Hmmm, was the chicken on the head because he was an elder? Hmmm...

Martin abducted??? Nice interview with Berry.. :)

Sacha sure likes to date, huh? All the girls just see stars when they see him, hmm....what a romantic hunk!

Who is that coming from the UFO at the end? That doesn't look like Martin....

Infinity-Nevermore said...

And Martin gets abducted. Man, your Sims have all the luck with aliens. Nice to see Lynn-er, Berry. I forgot all about Sacha, I feel bad. :( Well, he just racked up dates. On a roll like that, he just may finish before the end of Uni.
Ironic, Von getting bitten. I don't think Java Jan will mind too much. The question is, will Wen keep him a vamp?
That is Malcolm Landgraab, I know it!

Sally said...

Great update! Loved the abduction photos - especially the shot of the moon. Ooo... the count is busy. Ha - once vampirism gets hold of a neighborhood there's no stopping it!

Josh said...

I noticed that, The Count loves biting random townies and making them vamps, my Sims have to stock up on Vamprocillin to cure their friends.

Spinn said...

Wow, this was an amazing update. Fabulous! I loved the narrating reporter in the beginning, and I kept on loving the different styles, and the pictures! I know the next one will be sad, but I still want to continue reading.. or.. You can take your time and I could just start reading from the very beginning, that would keep me busy. ;)

ruby said...

what a great ride that was... and he's still preggers.. poor guy..
aw what a sweet addition to the family..
Vonfirmath is a vamp now? Hubby hubby baby *grins* love vamps, love Vonfirmath!!

Kerry said...

Good to see the Falls back in action--this was a busy time for Martin and his family. Joslyn is sure a gorgeous sim! I look forward to meeting Martin's baby.

Melissa said...

Glad to see you posting again. I know the next one will be very sad. =(

SpongebobTanu said...

WOOT! abductions!

Rachel said...

Yay another Alien Baby! Seems you're making short work of the 50 1st dates! Nice going! Pleasure sims really aren't that bad.