Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Robbins, Week 16/ Mission Developments


Lot: The Robbins Homestead, Mission Control - Timo, Jati, Samarah, Brax, Skyliana, Raydin, and Qwoy

Last Visit: Headquarters Moves - Zaed speculated on why the Mission Control building "blew away". ASimWen explained it was due to the advent of Seasons.

This entry features the Grand Prize Winner of the Proseprity Falls Trivia Contest. Meet The King of Anatoth...AKA Steven in real life. :)

The Voice screams in Zaed's head. "Do it I tell you! Do it right now. If you do not, you will be forever a disgrace to all Anotothians and the Mission!"

Zaed inwardly trembles. "I know not why you say this. Who are you?"

The Voice: "It is none of your concern who I am or why I command you to do this. You are only to do it."

Zaed: "This is NOT part of the Mission! It goes against everything I have ever learned and ever imagined it would be like. My father never did it!"

The Voice: "Your father was a great man. He started the Mission here on earth. I have seen things are not going according to plan on the foundation he carefully laid. The Mission is to spread Anotothian DNA throughout all the land, and teach Our Kind the Ways. This is not happening!"

Zaed: "You are Anotothian? Who are you?"

The Voice: "Again, you have no need to know."

Zaed: "I must ask. Why do you see the Mission is not going according to plan? Have I not done the job I have been called to do?"

The Voice: "Your human wife gave birth to a son who snubs the Mission, and does everything he can to avoid his responsibilites. Your human wife gave birth to him, he who has none of our DNA. I have had to intervene and ensure he had something to pass to the humans. Your other son has the physical DNA to pass, but seems very human at heart. I have had to pass him special traits as well. I have had to send our air craft to visit the humans to inject them with our raw DNA. I have had to send a Watcher to infiltrate home of you daughter Jenn and your son Xuan due to their insolence. Must I say more?"

Zaed: "You are the KING.....!"

The Voice: "Quite. Now do it."

Timo: It is I! Timo! I have experienced life on my home planet of Anatoth, life inside a human being's body on Earth, and death in that body. I have birthed once again from the grave. I am back!

Zaed: Father! Why have you come back? I....didn't know it was possible!

Timo: It is only for the King to know. He has called me back to work the Mission.

Zaed: son Jati, your GRANDSON will be the Commander when I am dead. Why can you not rest?

Timo: There is no rest for those who are capable within the Mission.

King: Now go forth...Timo....

Timo begins the arduous task of inspecting the family that presently resides within the Mission building. He suspects Samarah is alright. After all, her father Johnson was abducted by the Anotothians and gave birth to Regis. The bodily hair that Jati displayed was very un-Anotothian...however, he did outwardly possess the yellow eyes of his people, and did carry 100% DNA.

The boy Brax was very knowledgeable in the Mission, and was excited to carry on. He too, carries the DNA. His outward skintone proved it, and Timo was able to discern the boy also carried the DNA of the yellow eyes, whilst his eyes outwardly were Bostic Blue carried over from his grandmother Synclare Strickland. At this time, Timo begin to think that maybe the DNA was not diluted too badly.

He also began to study all that had happened since his death, and he read the book that was kept on the trouble maker's lives, those of Jenn and Xuan. His eyes widened at all he read. He could not believe that someone like Xuan would come from his loins. Jenn was direct Anotothian descendant, so he really did not understand her attitude. She was alot of talk and no action. Xuan was outright insubordinate. He read how the King had given Xuan gifts. The gift of fetal recognition, telepathy, and one other one that had not been disclosed yet.

The day came for the Meeting.

Timo: I am honored to serve the Anotothian people, my King.

King: Can it, Timo. We are here on Earth, so we really need to talk like we were born and bred here. Timo, you have had a chance to check the family. What have you discerned?

Timo: Ah, of course. How should I address you?

King: You can call me Steve.

Timo: I realize the DNA may not be as diluted as we first thought. With the exception of the humans Samarah and Synclare, all here have our DNA. I believe it will continue to spread the more our people couple with others. Eventually, the circle will complete with long lines of lineage, and two will couple who both carry the DNA.

King: Ah. I see what you mean. Then there will be those born who will be especially strong Anotothians.

Timo. Yes. We can only hope there will be those in the Mission who will be able to teach The Ways.

King: Of course. That is where you come in.

Timo: How can I be of service?

King: You will run the Mission fortnight two. You will do it through your grandson Jati. As the Mission states the Commander must always reside in the Central Command and be the eldest child born. We cannot deny Jati that leadership. You have been given the gift to control Jati as far as the Mission is concerned. His thoughts will be thoughts you place there. His decisions will be yours. He will behave in a manner in which you have. He will believe all his actions and thoughts are his own.

Timo: What will happen after fortnight two?

King: You will perish.

Timo: Once again.

King: Yes. At that time, Jati will have run the Mission accordingly, and Brax will be in Command.

Timo: My Leige. Timo dips his head in reverence.

King: See ya later, Timo.

The Meeting is over.

It is I, Jati! I am reporting for the first time as the Commander of the Mission. I am reporting my human wife, Samarah is pregnant once again with another addition to the Mission.

This will make the third Anotothian born to the Command Center of the new generation. Firstly, it was the boy Brax who was born. Then the female Skyliana. My commission to Commander came to be through the natural progression of human life on Earth. As the Mission states, the eldest of the Commander will assume all responsibilites upon his or her death.

Firstly, my human mother Synclare passed. She was in the middle of cooking a salmon dinner. In human terms, it was a peaceful passing, and all was well.

The human flaws of my father Zaed roared to life the moment Synclare passed. He was extremely upset, and began to shed tears. The death of Synclare upset his emotions to helter skelter. But that did not last long. His time came almost immediately after.

Death came to Zaed only moments after Synclare passed. I suppose I could be thankful my father did not suffer long in his grief.

My wife Samarah was completely disraught over the passing of her in-laws. I was concerned the babe would come early due to her emotional state. The boy Brax was very strong seeing Death before his eyes. He will be a good Commander, indeed, when the time comes.

Zaed and Synclare Robbins.

(Editor - Many Sims that were born into this hood are now beginning to pass away. That shows a nice progression in the neighborhood. However, this death was difficult for me. I got a lump in my throat watching the whole thing. That sadness quickly disappeared when Zaed appeared three times before I left the lot and scared Brax mercilessly each time. The kid is tough. ...hahaha)

It wasn't long after the Deaths, the girl Skyliana aged. I stood by and let Samarah aid with the child with the aging process.

Syliana holds a blueprint of my DNA. Her facial features even look very much like me, right down to the red hair. That was injected into the family tree by Timo.

It wasn't long after the aging of Skyliana, that Samarah went into human labor with the third child. It seems in this family, all the important events occur in the kitchen. First the deaths of Zaed and Synclare, then the birth of Raydin.

Our ancestor Timo seemed especially taken with young Radyin, and spent much time with the lad in his early time teaching him the Ways.

I was no schlepper with the boy; I engaged in teaching activities every day with all the children in this Commander Center.

Brax Robbins
Aspiraton: Fortune
LTW: To Make $100,000

The boy Brax became of college age, and immediately began to think of ways to fund the Mission, and to spread the word. As is normal, he drove to town to get a communication device, and met his Aunt Lynn in the Four Winds Shopping center.

They discussed a miriad of subjects, the main one being the Mission and the visits of Our People to Earth. I was proud he took responsibility right away for his actions in the Mission. Lynn seemed to think all was well. Her DNA was infected when Count Orlano Moniff turned her to Vampirism in University. When she turned back to her former state as an adult, her skintone never returned to normal. So her part in the Mission has been scrubbed.

By now, Samarah was pregnant again, with our fourth child. I was proud that we were producing so many for the Mission!

Brax studied the stars, and pinpointed Anatoth. He had hoped he would be chosen for a visit from our people. That I do not know if it will happen or not. But it did not before he left for University.

Brax leaving for Uni

The boy Raydin aged to child. He is very happy to have a part in the Mission, and is a sponge thirsty for knoweldge.

Finally our fourth child, Qwoy, was born. What is his part in the Mission? It is hard to tell. As a human, my wife Samarah was very taken with the infant, and immediatley demanded to have six more children for a total of 10. If it is so, then I will do it. Qwoy has the yellow eyes of our DNA and seems to sport the brown hair of his mother like Raydin and Brax. (Brax has custom hair that is binned brown, but it looks black in the game).

Skyliana Robbins
Aspiration: Family
LTW: To Have 6 Grandchildren

Qwoy has aged to toddler. Even though he has not learned to speak at this time, the intelligence is evident in his eyes. I know he will be a grand addition to the Mission.

As for myself...

I reached the top of yet another career. I am now the Education Minister in Prosperity Falls. What a better position to be in to make sure others know about the Mission. My plan is to make sure all descendants of Timo and all those who are born through abduction will be in special classes called Extraterrestrial Studies where they will actually be taught about the Mission in school. My cousin, Mich Robbins, is currently teaching the class. There will always be a Robbins teaching the course. That is my personal contribution to the Mission.

That is all there is to report at this time.

Timo: I will do what is right by the Mission. I will ensure that all who 'have a need to know' will know and participate.

Xuan: Huh? Who are you?

Timo: It is I, Timo. Your ancestor.

Xuan: Oh, man. Like I have another voice in my head.

Timo: You will listen, Xuan. And you will abide by what ever I say.

Xuan: You are Timo? I have learned about you. You died when my father was but a lad? How are you here now?

Timo: The King has sought my advice for the Mission. It is none of your concern or need to know, how I am here.

Xuan: Grrreaaat. Now I have Ruby, The King, and you bossing me around.

Timo: It is so.

Accomplishments This Round: TOC: Jati - Education Minister. Two new Sims - Raydin and Qwoy.

I end every lot on Monday morning at 7 am. I installed Bon Voyage, then opened this lot. It was Thursday, at 1:41 in the afternoon. Not correct! I played through until Monday, then decided to play another week.

Odd Pics Out:

Timo is quite taken with the maid Lucy Hanby.

Brax as he lands on his lot in Uni. He is peered at by his cousin Andrew McClelland.


Sally said...

Whoa, BIG update! So sad - bye bye Zaed. I hope he enjoys the after life... So Timo is back to sort out the Mission, huh? Watch out any Anotothians who aren't toeing the line! But at least Samarah seems determined to keep popping out the babies and passing on the DNA. It ws funny to see Steven appear as the King *waves to Steven*.

Anonymous said...

*waves back*

I am finally revealed! But I am sad, Zaed is gone.

Any chance that you are also bringing Meadow back?

You played 2 weeks? Does that mean there wont be one in the next week?

Great update.


Bubbs said...

Timo!!! (sniff) By Zaed, you have lived a long life! What darling kids live in this house!

Was Xuan abducted?

ASimWen said...

To Steven: Well, I played about a week and a half Sim Time...I think Bon Voyage messed up the timing on that lot for some reason. Last round, I had just bought Seasons, and the Robbins lot, again, was the first one to be played. I couldn't open the lot at all. Ha. Seems like they always get messed up. I have played the next lot on the playlist about halfway...that is the Capehart homestead. I will probably finish it in time to do an update for next week. Today I am playing my Homemaker Challenge. :)

ASimWen said...

To Bubbs: Xuan abducted? hum, that is somebody alright that got abducted. Various guesses as to who that is has been Xuan and Malcom Landgrabbe. Of course, it will be revealed this round who that is. :)

Josh said...

Cool! I find it so cool that these kids are descended from all 4 original families, and there will be 10 of them! They all are very attractive too. Is that Xuan? I thought it was Malcolm, until today...

ruby said...

Gah! i wrote out my comment and.. *grumbles and shakes fist at blogger*
As thrilled as i am to see Timo back *looks at timo again and swoons* I'm going to miss Zaed.. *tear*
Xuan: Grrreaaat. Now I have Ruby, The King, and you bossing me around.
Darn straight Xuan! hmmm... its going to be hard to let him go too .. and timo for a second time? whew..

Melissa said...

Wonderful update, as usual. So said to see Zaed and Synclare go. *sniff

SpongebobTanu said...

HAHAHAAH, Timo, i hope you tipped the maid after that!

The picture of infant Qwoy and Samarah is soooo sweet.

Great update, i enjoyed it throughly.

Rachel said...

I looked at the family picture and I was like, "Isn't Timo dead?" Yeah, I'm quick. Great update! HArd to see Synclare and Zaed pass, it seems too soon. It was nice that Zaed went so quickly after Synclare, sweet really.

Katie said...

Still reading! I think it's amazing that you've kept this up for so long. I'm glad you're still happy with your prosperity challenge. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Oh, My Sim, this is getting very intruiging, to say the least.
I'm reading and reading, trying to catch up.
My poor job is suffering because of you :)