Sunday, August 05, 2007

Who's Da Daddy?


New Lot: Strickland.5 - Family name Jeffries - Carla, Tyler, Kyle, and Hunter

Carla and Tyler last seen: University, Week 15

ASimWen: Hi Carla. I see you have graduated University and have bought a new house and moved in. Who are you calling?

Carla: I am calling Tyler. You kept calling him Trevor in the University update.

ASimWen: Eh, sorry. Heh. My bad. I have senior moments sometimes.

Carla: Come on now, ASimWen. You aren't a senior citizen.

ASimWen: That doesn't mean I can't have moments.

Carla: You need to keep on the straight an narrow so you can tell my story.

ASimWen: Carla, this is the first home in Prosperity Falls that doesn't have a member of the original four settlement families. Both you and Tyler are Maxis Sims.

Carla: Huh? Kirstee and Chevy adopted me, bless their hearts. Then I met Tyler at school. I love him!

ASimWen: Good. Let's get on with it.

ASimWen: I see Tyler is here. My, but he is handsome.

Carla: *Smooch* Hiya Tyler.

Tyler: Hi Carla. Nice place you have here.

Carla: Yes, it is. Ya wanna move in with me?

Tyler: Okay! Sounds good!

Tyler: Woooo! Here I go!

ASimWen: OOh! Pretty sparklies!

Tyler: Thank you. They're for Carla.

Carla: *gushes* Aww! Thank you Tyler!

Tyler: And now here is some confetti for you Carla!

Carla: Tyler, you need to buy me a vacuum cleaner now.

Tyler: Eh, okay.

Tyler Jeffries
Aspiration: Fortune
LTW: To Become Chief of Staff

Tyler: I brought some Simoleons with me so we can furnish this place properly.

Carla: Thanks Tyler. Yeah, I haven't bought much here.

ASimWen: I see you suddenly graduated University, rather quickly, Tyler.

Tyler: Imagine that! I just hope to make alot of simoleons for Carla.

Carla: Wanna get married now Tyler?

Tyler: Sure!

Tyler: *Ahem!* I take thee Carla....

Carla: I take thee Trevor....I mean Tyler....!

ASimWen: Awww....I just love weddings. *dabs eyes*

Carla: You could have at least given us an arch.

ASimWen: Being that you have no blood in your viens from the four starting families in Prosperity Falls, you get the 'no frills' package.

Tyler: Darn.

ASimWen: Wait! Why am I getting the woo-hoo movie? You guys have never woo-hoo'd????

Carla: Nope. I saved myself for Tyler.

Tyler. Awww...Hunnybunches! Cutie pie!

ASimWen: ***GACK!!***

That night:

Tyler: Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It's off to work I go!

ASimWen: I see you are on your way to becoming Chief of Staff.

Tyler: Yup. I was very fortunate this job came up in the paper today.

ASimWen: Good deal! Get on that ambulance boy! Get to work!


ASimWen: Hi Tyler. Back from work so soon?

Tyler: Yeah. I got promoted!!! I am now a paramedic!

ASimWen: Yippeee!!!! Em, Tyler. I have some news for you You remember the movie woo-Hoo?

Tyler: Yeah...what of it?

Carla: Lemme tell! Lemme tell! Tyler, we are pregnant!

Tyler! Oh honey! I am so glad! This is our start on your dream to see 3 kids graduate from college!

Carla: I know! I know! I am so excited I can't stand myself!

ASimWen: Congratulations you two!

Tyler and Carla: *in unison* Thank you!

ASimWen: Carla! Why are you wearing the Noodlesoother hat? Those things are dangerous on a regular Sim, let alone one that is pregnant!

Carla: I just couldn't help myself. I have to go to work in the Education field so I can get the bookcase. Tyler needs it for skilling for his job.

ASimWen. You are such a dutiful and dedicated wife, Carla.

Carla: I know.

The Next Day...

ASimWen: Carla! What are you doing??? Where is Tyler?

Carla: you remember Christopher Scott? He is the first man I fell in love with in University.

ASimWen: *tapping foot* Now listen here young lady....

ASimWen: This is so unlike a Family Sim!

Carla: Well, I have to spend my days doing something whilst I am on maternity leave.

ASimWen: Go start a garden, for goodness sake!

Carla: Uh, we don't have enough cash to build a greenhouse, and winter is comin' up. Come on Christopher, let's get away from her. *glares at ASimWen*

ASimWen. Gawd. Ok. See ya later.

ASimWen: I think I will sit out here and watch the soaps. *sits on the sofa in front of the TV*

Carla: So Christopher, when me and Tyler's babies grow up, they will be taking the bus to school. The same one I work at.

Christopher: That is so cool Carla. Hey wanna woo-hoo?

Carla: Okay! But hurry up because Trevor...errr...Tyler is due home real soon!

Christopher: They don't call me Speedy for nuthin'!

Carla: Oh Christopher, you are so romantic!

ASimWen: Errr...Hi Tyler. Got another promotion, I see?

Tyler: Yup. I am a nurse now.

ASimWen: You are movin' right on up!
Wen notices Christopher exiting the back yard.

Err, Tyler. I think I hear a commotion inside. You better get in there.

Carla: And these are natural twins! Neither one of us has enough cooking points to make cheesecake!

Tyler: Oh boy! Two down, one to go!

Carla: Tyler! I am a Family Sim! Do you really think we will only have one more?

Tyler: But hunnybunches....

ASimWen: Carla, why are the boys on the floor?

Carla: I am tired! *whines*

ASimWen: What did you name them?

Carla: Hunter and Kyle.

ASimWen: Get busy feeding those boys! Both of you!

ASimWen. Aww.. So cute. I love twins.

Carla: Me too. *blinks back tears*

Tyler: They look just like me!

ASimWen: *thinking* Thank goodness!*

ASimwen: Congratulations, Carla!

Carla: Thanks. Now I have the bookcase. Not only will Tyler use it, but the boys will too.

ASimWen: Tough decision in the ER.

Tyler: Yeah, well, you win some then you lose some.

ASimWen: Looks like you won another promotion, despite the mess up.

Tyler: Yeah. It's all good.

ASimWen: Looks like I missed a coupla promotions there.

Carla: Yeah you did.

ASimWen: Ummm..I was busy playing with your baby boys. Yeah, that's it.

Carla: You managed to catch the demotion though.

ASimWen. Sorry.

ASimWen: Time for birthdays alread, I see!

Carla: Yup. I am so excited. My boys are growing up! It seems only like three days ago they were born.

ASimWen: Actually, it was two days ago.

Carla: Whatever. Let's get on with the partying!

ASimWen: I see you are in your underware.

Carla: Ummm yeah. Ya know.

Tyler: Yeah, ASimWen, you know.

ASimWen: Oh Kyle is such a cutie!

Carla: Thank you. He is beautiful.

Tyler: Here is my boy Hunter.

ASimWen: I see. Just as cute as his brother.

Tyler: Cute?? These are boys. They are handsome.

ASimWen. Okay.....handsome.

ASimWen: Time for me to leave.

Carla. Ya'll come back soon.

ASimWen: Pregnant again I see?

Carla. Yup.

ASimWen: Dare I ask? Is Tyler the daddy?

Carla: Errr....that is the question. Heh.

Accomplishments this round: Three new Sims: Tyler, Kyle, and Hunter.


Bubbs said...

So strange to read about a new maxis family from you, hehe. At least you got TYLER's name right...FINALLY!!! No arch? Is this the red-headed step child family?? Poor guys are neglected!!!

CARLA!!! What is she thinking with Christopher Scott over at the house??? What type of sim throws her babies on the floor???

OMG! The baby in her belly better be Tyler's!!

Infinity-Nevermore said...

"Carla: Well, I have to spend my days doing something whilst I am on maternity leave.

ASimWen: Go start a garden, for goodness sake!"


Wow, a totally Maxis family. I guess to show they're important enough to have their own post, Carla decides to fill it up with drama!

I'd be sad if that baby wasn't Tyler's. He doesn't seem the type to get mad. Sad, not mad. Or maybe it'll be like the Ramey/Lucas/Morgan-Rose affair, where they could hear Ramey screaming from the other end of the street. That would be great.

Anonymous said...

THis was a really good post Wen. At least you got Tyler's name right.

All Maxis families are not bad. My new prosperity challenge started with the Kat family and the Kim family from Pets. My CAS has been crashing everytime I use it.

Anyways, good post Wen!


ruby said...

*giggling* you slay Wen .. so funny! some family sim ... whew! and we'll need to do a paternity test once that baby is born *giggles*

Twoyys4me said...

oh goodness- twins and an affair! no dull moments in the Falls eh?!

poor Tyler- he looks cute too, is he going to be blissfully ignorant to the goings on around him?
That is the question.. :)

QueenofSimtopia said...

Wow, that was an odd Falls update. Carla and Tyler are so... different. It's weird not seeing any of the Anothians or Stricklands or anything. BTW, these sims are so funny!!

Felicia said...

Poor Tyler. I have a soft spot for him since playing him in one of my neighborhoods. Here he's waited all his loooong life to find the right woman, and she cheats on him! :O Bad Carla!

Rachel said...

Naughty, naughty Carla! So unlike a family sim. Although this line was very funny, "
Christopher: They don't call me Speedy for nuthin'!" I wonder who the baby daddy is?

aerisblue2000 said...

Kyle and Hunter are real cute. You got it right the first time, nevermind what Trevor, or Tyler, thinks. I couldn't help but notice that when Carla brought someone home from work it was Samantha Ottomas. I hate getting jobs in the education career track, as she seems to come home with my sims every flippin' night.
Sorry, that was abit random, but the woman gets on my wick!

Kerry said...

Wow, how dramatic! Have you been spending a lot of time reading the soap opera blogs? :0 I can hardly wait to find out "who's the daddy?"