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Spy Dogs

Spy Dogs

NEW LOT: Robbins.3 - Mich and Wendy, and their dogs Daisey, Ralph, Larkin, Cian, Glenna and Hoyt

Last Visit: Mich and Wendy last seen in University, Week 15

This is the house from the TSR challenge Failure Is Not An Option.

It is I, Mich Robbins. I am the third born of the great Quavi Robbins, who is building an army of Anotothians to inhabit the earth to spread our DNA into human society. I have always left it up to my father and eldest brother, Zaine, to make these entries to the King. My head kept busy working on my Contribution to the Mission. Father said, I would be very creative one day when it came to my involvement.

It came to me. I will narrate my ideas later. Firstly, I wish to enter my wife in this report. Her name is Wendy, I met her in University. She is being instrumental in my Contribution.

I really was surprised how much I missed her after graduation. I invited her over to see my new house, and I could not help myself. She is so lovely. I asked her right then if she would move in with me.

It was wonderful, she brought badly needed simoleons with her. I spent all my University cash on the house.

Wendy was glad to oblidge; and she moved in immediately. I knew my plan was moving right along. I could not wait; we got started immediately. We called a taxi and went to the pet store.

There I purchased two dogs, a male and a female.

The female Daisey has unusual markings. I thought this would come in handy for my future plans. She is very smart and friendly.

The male I chose is Ralph. Wendy commented he looked like a Ralph. What does a Ralph look like? I suppose a Ralph looks like this dog. He is very smart and friendly as well. I knew the two would get along fine. I needed for them to.

Whilst we were out, Wendy mentioned she would like a nice wedding dress. I guessed that was all right. After all, part of our Mission is to marry a human. I chose a tuxedo to match her dress.

Wendy Kimbrell-Robbins
Aspiration: Family
LTW: To Become A Captain Hero

We chose to have the nuptials right away. Wendy was as lovely as ever in the marriage dress. She called it a wedding gown. She also had her hair done. I called the Robbinses to the wedding. In no time, they arrived. The whole thing was recorded for posterity's sake. Mich turns on the recorder.

Left to right: Nacarlius, Quavi, Zaine, Zaed, and Xuan

Xuan: Here we are. Another wedding. Another coupling. Hitching. Tieing the knot. GAWD.

Zaed: Xuan! It is your cousin, Mich. The Quiet one. (editor: Mich has zero outgoing points) This is his day. He is marrying a wonderful beautiful human named Wendy.

Quavi: He is my boy. *puffing up with pride* You wait and see. He will do something wonderful for the Mission. I just know it.

Xuan: What? Getting Wendy to spit out a a dozen or so babies???

Zaine: Xuan!

Ruby: That is the Anotothian Mission! Don't you forget it, Mister!

Xuan: Get outta my head!!!!!

Wendy: Is everyone here now?

Mich: I think so. Let's say our vows.

Zaine: Ah. My brother marries before I do. And I am the eldest.

Xuan: I guess that must mean you aren't interested in the Mission like he is.

Zaine: Not so! I waited for my love, the Anotothian Florentilla to join me in University. We will make beautiful Anotothian children together!

Quavi: That is right, my son. I will have wonderful Anotothian grandchildren.

Xuan: YOUR LOVE? Youv'e got to be kidding me.

Zaine: Nope. We love each other. (editor: They are a natural three bolt couple)

Zaed: That only makes the Mission sweeter, my son. To experience human love, is the greatest gift an Anotothian can receive.

Nacarlos: (Quavi's son) Hey ya about giving me a little ringy dingy?

Quavi: Uh huh! Get 'em all, my son. They all have a uterus to house more Anotothians!

Xuan: How 'bout an Anotothian generating lots of lust???

Xuan: Nacarlos! You are lusting after the bride, for gosh sakes! (thinks to self....I wonder if I can have her....)

Nacarlos: Ah, it is all good, Xuan. I find her to be outwardly appealing. My mission is to bed the Anotothian Jenny Trimble. I may be Anotothian, but I ain't blind.

Zaed: The beauty of the female human species makes it all the more satisfying to spread our DNA.

Xuan: HAHAHA! Too bad Nacarlos, Nacarlius and Zaine don't get one! *snicker*

Meanwhile, back at the wedding arch..

Mich: I take thee Wendy, to be my lawfully wedded wife.

Wendy: And I take thee, Mich, to be my lawfully wedded husband. Forevermore.

Nacarlos: Well, I think Mich got her.

Xuan: Yup. He sure did. We are now related to her, Nacarlos. She is off limits to the likes of us.

Synclare Robbins and her nephew, Nacarlius Robbins

Nacarlius: And Aunt Synclare, I plan to send my children to school every day on the bus.

Wendy: Easy, easy Mich! Yes, yes, the cake is delicious.

Mich: I got it at J'Adore Bakery.

Nacarlius: What do you think of this wedding party, Nacarlos?

Nacarlos: I think I can't wait to marry Jenny.

Nacarlius: Really. You woo-hoo with her already. What is the point of going through the ceremony?

Nacarlos: It is required in the Mission. To bind legally with a human. So we will not raise suspicion in human society.

Nacarlius: But we can woo-hoo with anyone!!!

Nacarlos: Yes. To spread the DNA. The purpose of having a wife is to ensure that there will always be a uterus accepting of our seed. It is not always possible and easy to woo-hoo with anyone.

Nacarlius: What human female would not want us? We are handsome Anotothians!

Nacarlos: It is something called love and fidelity in a marriage between two humans, Nacarlius.

Nacarlius: So I will pick ones that aren't married. Plus woo-hoo with Kelly and impregnate her with my seed.

Nacarlos: Sounds like a good plan, brother!

Zaed: Hello? Hello? Are you there, Wendy?

Wendy: Oh, Uncle Zaed, you are so funny!

Wendy: Come on everybody, time to dance. Do the Smustle!

Xuan: Ya mean, do the fertility dance....

Quavi: Yes indeed. This dance will make our seed stronger than ever. It is done on a regular basis on Anatoth.

Zaed: La, la, la, la,....DO THE SMUSTLE!!!

Xuan: I am telling you Mich. It is a pain in the arse...keeping up a marriage. Before you know it, you will feel like you are in jail.

Zaed: Do no say such things my son! Marriage to a human is part of the Mission.

Alien Chatter.......

King: Xuan. I warn you. Do not spread such lies.

Xuan: Whoo's zat?

King: It is I, your King.

Xuan: Errrr.....what lies??

King: Must I spell it out? You will say nothing that in any way shape or form hinders the marriage process between an Anotothian and a human. You will make it seem like a smooth and wonderful experience.

Xuan: **mumble, hangs head** Alright.

Alien chatter dies away....

Xuan: I mean, Mich, you will feel like you want to be attached to your wife forever. Really.


Xuan: (Thinking) Man oh man. I can't believe they actually believe that dance will make their seed stronger. Heh. I will just stand over here real calm like, eat cake, and smile. Maybe I will smile.

Alien Chatter:

Zaed: Xuan. You need alla the help you can get. You must Smustle.

Xuan: My seed is strong enough. I have Xen, don't I?

Zaed: Indeed. But you have woo-hoo'd many and only impregnated one.

Xuan: Yes, father. *grumble*

Alien Chatter dies away.....

Zaed: LA, LA, LA...WHOOP!


Xuan: No really Mich. Not jail at all. Everything is a bed of roses.

Daphne: Oh Quavi, you are so handsome. I can't get enough of you!

Quavi: Daphne, you are the most beautiful human...errr...woman....I have ever seen!

Mich turns off the recorder.

And that was the wedding ceremony. After the party and fertility dance was over, Wendy and I went on a short outing to get rested up. We had lots of work waiting for us with the dogs.

The very night we returned from our trip, there were holes to fill up in the yard. Wendy was not pleased. She said she thought the dogs did it. I wasn't so sure. Then I saw this the next day:

It was Ralph the dog digging holes in Wendy's flower beds.

It was Ralph the dog who chewed on our new furniture. Soon the bad behavior spread to the female, Daisey.

She too began digging holes in the yard...

And relieving herself in the house. It was hard work cleaning up after these dogs and keeping the lawn in acceptable condition. That is when I knew I needed to begin training them some.

The did become friendly enough with each other that they did manage to mate. That was my plan. Exactly. I was so pleased all the bad behavior was immediately forgotten.

Wendy got a job in law enforcement. She wants most in the world to become Prosperity Fall's next Captain Hero. So far she has worked her way up to Lieutenant on the police force. She works hard all day long there, then comes home and helps me with the dogs. She is a wonderful human.

Me, I am an Education Minister. Naturally I would work right to the top of my job. Now. I think it is a good time to tell you what my plans are with the dogs.

I am going to breed them. I think I will be able to do at least 20. I want to raise them to adulthood, then sell them. Now. These dogs will have imbedded in their skin listening devices and even cameras. Yes. A virtual network of spies all over Prosperity Falls. Who are they spying on? Well, everyone. For the Mission. To ensure there are no betrayals of our own people, to see if the Humans are catching on. The reports will go right to the King. That is it.

Wendy took care of the pregnant mother dog. She was almost getting as excited as I was about the impending arrival of pups.

The day arrived when they were born. There were 3 males and 1 femail. Wendy named them: Hoyt, Larkin, Cian were the males, and she named the female Glenna. How odd, I thought, to name the animals. 'Tis like a woman I suppose. They always want to name the babies.

I inspected each and every dog carefully. I was sure my plan was going to work.

In the mean time, Wendy took some time out of the house every now and then. I know she is wanting a child. So much so, she is thinking of adopting one. I want one also. (editor: Both are family sims). However, the dogs are the important thing right now. I am not allowing my seed into her uterus. But as time goes, we will have a child. Eventually.

Odd Pic Out:

Mich and Wendy talk on the phone to keep friendships up. Mich is not thrilled by the idea, being the shy Sim he is.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS this round: One new Sim: Wendy

This entry completes round 15.


Anonymous said...

This is amazing Wen. Tou managed to incorporate almost every character in Mich's family.

Aww, Wendy wants a kid, maybe you should let her later.

Ouch! Mich has raise 20 pets for a LTW? I'm sorry.

Amazing! The King has a certain power over Xuan doesn't he?

Melissa said...

Too funny. I love how you incorporated Mich's LTW into the mission.

Love the house and Wendy's hair and clothes. The puppies are adorable. Can't wait to see what they look like when grown.

Bubbs said...

Wendy cleaned up very nicely. :)

Hmm, why when the men came did Xuan walk on the left side of the sidewalk and not in the line with the other men? Xuan...Xuan...Xuan.

HAHA - Nacarlos & Xuan with thoughts of Wendy. LOL - are we sure who will fill her womb??

Bad dogs!! BAD BAD DOGS!!

LOL - love the phone piture. Mich doesn't look happy at all.

aerisblue2000 said...

Hmmm ... camera's implanted in puppies. Is that entirely legal? Let's hope the Animal Protection League don't find out. The wedding went well, and like all weddings the male guests lust after the bride. Most wouldn't go so far as to request 'call me'! But those anotothians don't seem to miss a trick where women are concerned.

Thanks for another great update!

Infinity-Nevermore said...

I'm surpirsed you worked Mich's LTW into the storyline. But as usual, it was genius. I have that LTW, and it's so hard. Wendy looks like a gypsy. *giggle* Poor Zaed's starting to lose it. He'd never sing out loud like that. Excuse me for just a moment.
Three bolts? Naturally??? *cry* Well, you can't argue with the bolts. *takes down "Marry me!!!" sign* *cries again*
Okay, I'm done now.
Congrats on completing round 15!

QueenofSimtopia said...

Love the alien chatter! And all those puppies should turn out to be pretty interesting looking later. Great round. Mich is a hottie!!

Rachel said...

Love the update Wen! What a great way to work in the breed 20 pets wants (ugh BTW). Wow resisting them starting a family! YOu are so much stronger than me.

ruby said...

*giggling* I got to go to the wedding anyway even if it was only in Xuan's mind..
Wow you're gonna go for the LTW .. brave woman! good luck with it.
Great update as always

Sally said...

Hilarious as always! You're genius with the one liners. It's hard to find a favorite, but "They all have a uterus to house more Anotothians!" has to be a classic.

Hmmm... implants in the neighborhood dogs. Original idea and very Anotothian.

Christine said...

Really enjoyed the update! The wedding photos are great and the "chatter" hilarious!!! Daisey is a very unusual looking dog, to say the least. Wonder who the puppies will take after when they grow up. Super update, and look forward to reading more!!!