Saturday, August 04, 2007

Matchmaker Mayhem

Matchmaker Mayhem

New Lot - Jeannie Strickland and her dog Demeter

Jeannie Last Seen: University, Week 15

Jeannie was unable to find love in Prosperity Falls as a teen and had no luck in University as well. She did go shopping for a man at one time in Valentine Capehart's flower shop, but decided the gentleman she met there was not her type.

Jeannie has graduated from University, and has bought a little house in Prosperity Falls whom she shares with her dog Demeter. She bought Demeter from Lynn and Kevin Baer for company as it was clear she couldn't find acceptable male companionship. She is a Knowledge Sim and wants to become a Mad Scientist. She is currently working on skilling for that. However, she constantly thinks about love. Let's look in on her.

ASimWen: Hey Jeannie. Yer house looks good.

Jeannie: Thanks. I shopped a long time for it. I think it is just right for me and Demeter. A nice big yard for her to run around in, a place for a garden if I want and a parking pad to park a car, when I can afford one.

ASimWen: I know how that is. Ya cookin' burgers? Smells good!

Jeannie: Yeah. They'll be ready in a minute. Have a seat and we'll get caught up.

ASimWen: Thanks, I am hungry. *sits* So tell me everything that has happened since you moved in.

Jeannie: Well, I got a lot of housewarming gifts from friends all over the neighborhood . When I found this house, it took all the cash I had. So I had to sell off the gifts everybody gave me. That put about $10,000 in the bank so I could buy furniture.

ASimWen: You have great friends. Meet anybody?

Jeannie: I did. *blushes*

ASimWen: OOOoh! Tell me about him.

Jeannie: Well, I will start from the beginning.

Jeannie: Demeter made herself right at home when we moved in. I was kinda sad, you know. I had thought I would be moving into my new home a special way. I thought I would be carried over the threshold by my husband. Instead, I was unlocking the door, and letting the movers bring the furniture in.

ASimWen. Aww. That sounds sad.

Jeannie: It was. I was really down in the dumps. Well, some people from the neighborhood came over, ya know, to welcome me. One of them was really cute. Terrance McClelland.

ASimWen. He has a family, Jeannie.

Jeannie: Yeah, I knew that. I couldn't help but be attracted to him though. He is a hunk.

ASimWen: I hope he is not the one you met.

Jeannie: Naw, I do have some scruples. I just talked to him....and filed him away in my 'eye candy' file. It was nice of him to come over and give some company for a while. I called my cousin, Vonfirmath Capehart. We graduated the same time from Uni. He came over.

Jeannie: We decided to go out on the town. I needed to buy some clothes.

Jeannie: We went to Cold Issue Clothing. There was a lot of people shopping there that day, including my dad, Bulldog Strickland. He latched onto Terrance and they had a good conversation. I did find some new outfits that fit my budget. Money is tight these days.

At any rate, I met this guy. He told me he is a Celebrity Chef. I guess that means he makes lots of simoleons. We had some fun and danced for a while, but he just didn't ring my bells. Ya know? I thought he was all right, but I wasn't terribly attracted. (1 bolt) I didn't get hearts over my head or anything.

ASimWen: That is a sure sign. No hearts.

Jeannie: Yeah. That is really important. Well, Von and I hung around town for a while and went to a couple of places. We had a blast.

That night he snuck over and left me a present. A huge stereo. He thought I could use a little lift. My first thought was to sell it for simoleons, but I decided to keep it. Demeter liked to sing with it.

ASimWen: Awww. *smile*

Jeannie: Yeah, I guess he and Jan must be doing alright in their new house if he can afford to bring me a stereo.

ASimWen: I am gonna check in on them here pretty soon.

Jeannie: Another friend soon visited. Scally Capehart. He gave me hearts over my head.

ASimWen: I hope you didn't come on to him. He is a family man.

Jeannie: Naw, like I said, I have scruples. He helped me bone up on chess. I needed logic points for my job. I was beginning to think I wouldn't meet anyone, and that I would be spinster all my life.

I even invited that guy over that I met in Valentine Capeharts' flower shop. I still didn't feel anything for him. I thought things might have changed. But, nope.

ASimWen: That's rough.

Jeannie: Yeah.

Jeannie: I decided to quit looking so hard. I was thinking I might be able to meet someone some other way. I tried to get it off my mind. Demeter wasn't getting enough attention.

ASimWen: Really? Another way?

Jeannie: Yup. I had to think about it for a while. But I decided to plunge into it, head first.

Jeannie: I called the Prosperity Falls Matchmaker.

ASimWen: Jeannie! You didn't.

Jeannie: I did. I heard she could bring a Sim their True Love. I wanted to try it. I decided I would take the first man she brought me.

ASimWen: The first one? That is risky.

Jeannie: I couldn't afford alot. The money I gave her was a big chunk out of my bank account, after buying furniture and a few clothing items.

She danced round and hemmed and hawed...I wondered if I had wasted my money. She kept that up for a while. Finally, she came to a conclusion.

She finally conjured up my true love.

*Dreamy Sigh* His name is Houston Benson. He's the bomb. He is also the Prosperity Falls Animal Control Officer. (He appeared in Ghostly Jealously, giving Kyanne her puppy).

ASimWen: Did he give you hearts over your head?

Jeannie: We have two bolt attraction. Yes, there were hearts.

Jeannie: I knew the real test would come in over the chess board. He is a great player.

ASimWen: You've got to be kidding. Over the chess board???

Jeannie Well yeah, you know...that is the favorite thing in the world Knowledge Sims like to play. He is knowledge like me.

ASimWen: How does he feel about you?

Jeannie: He gets hearts over his head too. We are a good match, I think.

ASimWen: It sounds like it. I am glad you found each other.

Jeannie: Yeah. He called me and told me to dress up. We were going out.

I was very excited. I got to put on one of the new dresses I bought on my outing with Von. I didn't know where Houston was taking me.

He took me to the park and we played chess. *sigh* I couldn't have asked for more. He knows how to please me.

ASimWen: That is important. Your one lucky woman. So where are things headed now with you and Houston?

Jeannie: Well, really like each other alot. I guess we will just wait and see where the cookie crumbs fall.

ASimWen. Good luck Jeannie.

Jeannie: Thanks.

Accomplishments this round: None. Heh.


Anonymous said...

At least she got settled in.

Demeter is going to be older then her siblings now. Ohh well.

Good job Wen.


Bubbs said...

Yeah, she finally met someone! I was being to worry she would be an old sinster maid. :)

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Aw, no new member of Virgins Anonymous? Too bad. ;) Glad to see Jeannie found someone. I'm surprised you went the matchmaker route. I've never seen you resort to that before.

The Heat Miserette said...

Aww, I just know Houston's the one for her. He's a knowledge Sim AND an animal person like Jeannie. :)

Twoyys4me said...


Looks like Jeannie bagged herself a nice guy.. taking her out to play chess- he knows how to show a girl a good time eh?! ;)

Great update. :)

Rachel said...

Yay Jeannie found love. Is it just me or does Houston look pissy? I hope it's just the look on his face. Great job!

Felicia said...

"Uncle" Bulldog? Isn't he her father? I was sure Jeannie was one of "my" sisters...

Anyway, I'm getting a little jealous here - how come *she* gets to find a man? :P

Snort at the chess dates.

ASimWen said...

To Felecia: Well, you got one on me. Yep, Bulldog is Jeannie's daddy. I fixed that. GAWD. See, goes to show you I have a time keeping all these Simmies straight.

Now about why *she* was allowed to find love. Cuz she constantly thought about it! Wants to flirt, wants to date, ect. Felecia doesn't think about it. She wants to gain skill points, play chess, stargaze. LOL If she starts showing wants of getting a man, then I will help her. Heh

aerisblue2000 said...

Nice update. I like it when the matchmaker comes, you never know what your sim is going to get. Considering you didn't pay full whack, Jeannie did pretty well for herself I'd say.

Kerry said...

I love all the remarks about "hearts over my head"--that's funny. Wouldn't it be easy if we were like sims, and could just count the bolts or look for the hearts? :)

Katie said...

wanted to let you know i'm still catching up, and enjoying every minute of it! i liked the format of this update, it was very cute and personal. great job!