Saturday, August 04, 2007

Have Another Cuppa Coffee

Have Another Cuppa Coffee

New Lot: Capehart.4 - Vonfirmath, Java Jan and Cuppa Java

Vonfirmath and Jan last seen: University Week 15

Java Jan Bostic and Vonfirmath Capehart have just graduated from University, and bought this house on Capehart Row in Prosperity Falls. Their neighbor is Vonfirmath's sister Valentine and her husband Tanu Capehart on one side, and on the other is the ocean. It is a very nice house, large enough for a young growing family.

The very first day they moved in, the two began eagerly planning their wedding and decided not to waste a moment. They called a taxi and headed to Bluewater where they chose their wedding trouseau at Amelia's Closet.

It was decided the wedding would be held at night, because Vonfirmath's mother, Lillith Strickland-Capehart was stricken with the Vampire disease, of which she has chosen not to be cured from. Althought it would be an easy thing to do.

The plans were made for the wedding, the arch built. The wedding commenced.



The Bride's Mother

The Bride's Father

The Bride's Brother

The Bride's Brother

The Groom's Mother

The Groom's Father

The Groom's Sister

The Groom's Brother in law, husband to Valentine

There was much gaiety that night, as the Bostics had not ever experienced a wedding in Prosperity Falls of this proportion. Their lineage had not allowed it. But that was all about to change.

The party moved inside, where cake was cut, dancing ensued, and much talking and gossiping took place.

The party eventually ended in the wee hours of the night, and the happy couple as allowed some time alone togther.

Both Von and Jan had never been so happy. They had a beautiful home, beautiful furniture, and each other. And great jobs too.

And yes, yes, the personal life between the two was excellent. Little did Jan know on this day, she had become pregnant whilst Von was thinking about what happened to get her that way. She became moody, and Von thought perhaps he had done something to upset her. He decided he needed to pick things up a bit.

He started a heavy exercise regimen, which included 50 sit ups every night before bedtime.

And he worked very hard at his job. His dream was to become a Celebrity Chef. He steadily made his way through the ranks. Promotions came often.

Jan also studied hard for promotion. Her wish was to become a Business Tycoon, she figured she would have plenty of money to have a good life with Von. Then all her studying and skilling came to a screeching halt when she got this message one day from her doctor.

Relax?? How was she supposed to relax? There was so much to do!

By now Von had whipped himself into shape, and was confident he could support Jan and the new baby in the way he had always envisioned. He was Da Man.

In the mean time, Jan became bigger and bigger, and her appetite increased on a daily basis.

Finally the day came for the new little one to make his appearance. Jan was very happy the pregnancy was over.

Vonfirmath and Jan had a boy who the named Cuppa Java. After all, they are both coffee drinkers.

Cuppa looked very much like his grandma Yasika Robbins-Bostic. Well, things were looking up. Right around that time, Vonfirmath got another promotion at work.

He was now a Celebrity Chef, and a Platinum Sim. Life would be so much easier for him now. Jan was still waiting on her promotion to Business Tycoon and Platinum status. It was taking so long.

The Bostic and Capehart family came together once again in the home of Von and Jan for little Cuppa's birthday. It was a fun occasion and everyone had a wonderful time.

And he grew to be a very handsome boy indeed!~ Until next time.

Accomplishments this round: One new Sim: Cuppa Java. TOC and LTW: Vonfirmath, Celebrity Chef


Anonymous said...

Yeah! Von has a family!

I love how Jan and Java have coffee names, I am a coffee fanatic.

I can't wait to see where this family goes, maybe Von can narrate next time?


QueenofSimtopia said...

Wow, great name Wen! It's weird how Cuppa Java looks nothing like either of his parents. He does look like his grandma though.

Bubbs said...

Cuppa Java is a cutie! It is nice to see their family's looks are still around. Grandma must be proud!

Infinity-Nevermore said...

I was worried when I saw Java didn't have freckles, then it hit me that he got his grandma's skintone, hehe. He's cute. Raleigh is too... *dreamy sigh* Anyway, is Jan's problem the days off or a bad mood I wonder? It's been a while since you've done your own narration style for a house. I don't think we've heard Von update yet...

ruby said...

Cuppa is adorable!! congrats on the TOC / LTW

Twoyys4me said...

aww little Cuppa is so cute. Go Vonfirmath for his LTW.
Loved the whole wedding party- nice job. :)

Rachel said...

Great update! Loved all the dancing at the wedding! And the pillow fight of course! Cuppa Java! Funny name!

Felicia said...

Whoa. Grandma Yasika's skintone and Dad's eyes? Striking combination.

aerisblue2000 said...

The photo's of the wedding and guests were really good. Maybe you missed your vocation, as they were as good as you'd get in real life!
Cuppa, it's a cute name, and he fits it perfectly.

Anonymous said...

I thought Cuppa Java would have freckles too, I was a bit disappointed, actually!

Loved Java Jan's wedding gown!

Chrissy Brown said...

Aww, Cuppa is adorable :) and yay for Von's LTW.