Monday, July 30, 2007

University, Week 15

University - Week 15

Well, well, here we are at another long and 'confusing' University entry. It has been a long while since I have done one of these. Heh. Let's see how I do. I'll get started.

Lot: The Greek House Crumplebottom - 80 Crumplebottom Road - Jeannie Strickland, Lia Strickland, Melissa Strickland, Felecia Strickland, Kyanne Strickland, and KeyKel Bostic

The first to graduate was Jeannie Strickland, pictured above. You have seen Jeannie back in the Falls already in the blog entries The Business of Dogs, Dad's Update and Ghostly Jealousy. It is a little confusing, I know. She had already graduated from University. My apologies. I decided to do one Uni update this round instead of two. Next round I think I will go back to two. But here she is graduating with honors, of course. My sims do not graduate any other way. You will see her shortly in her own blog entry, all moved into her home back in Prosperity Falls, and looking for love.

Also graduating was Kyanne Strickland, daughter of Fraiser and Camryn Strickland, who passed away this round. You have seen Kyanne back in the Falls already in Ghostly Jealousy where she is raising a family around the ghosts of her husband Markey's ancestry. She is one brave woman.

Also in this house are three sisters to Jeannie, who all have a year and a half to go to graduation:

Melissa, who is a Pop sim, being seen here getting her first kiss from townie Taylor Wheeler. They are a possible match in my book, but only one bolt. I may pair them up. We will see. If she can't find at least a two bolt, it will be Taylor.

Lia Strickland kissing KeyKel Bostic in the flower bed. They are a match, two bolts. KeyKel eventually moved into the Greek House with the Strickland women. He was a newcomer to Uni this round. I will show his newbie picture in a moment.

The last Strickland female is Felecia. She is an extremely camera shy knowlege sim. She has no desire to find love, so I really don't play her much. She is very quiet. I will most likely move her into a house with one of her siblings to become a spinster aunt, or move her back home to mom and dad, Bulldog and Madelyn Strickland.

Here is KeyKel and Melissa working the greenhouse at the Greek House. It was highly successful and many gardening badges of different levels were won, along with the Wishing Well.

Lot: Zeon Bostic, Trudy Strickland, Shawn-Michael Strickland and Joan Robbins

Ah. Another Robbins graduating, sort of. Zeon is the son of Yasika Robbins-Bostic and Andre Bostic. He is betrothed to Trudy Strickland. The original Bostic house is going to lose its red head freckle skinned Sims, I think. heh Yes, Zeon and Trudy will move to the Bostic Homestead.

Zeon, a handsome Robbins as always.

Trudy is purpley-pretty- and clever. I find it strange that she keeps growing up in purple. I just put the purple hair on her....she even has purple eyes. It agrees with her. heh.


There were two newcomers to this lot who took over when Zeon and Trudy moved out.

Quavi and Daphne Robbins' daughter Joan

And Barry-James and Mackenzie Strickland's son Shawn-Michael. Here are a couple of pictures from those two. If ya ask me, he looks kinda creepy in this picture. He has really strong features that carried down from Maxis faces...Brandi Le Tourneau and Pao Mellon. Interesting mix. High cheekbones and slanty eyes from Pao, and full lips from Brandi.

Here is another 'commanding' picture of Shawn-Michael.

At any rate, he gave Joan her first kiss. AWWwwww!

How nice. LOL

Here is a less than flattering picture that was taken over the supper table. We find that Shawn-Michael is a little self centered.

He is one of those Sims that constantly primps. I find that very funny!

And here is Joan 'squeezing' Shawn-Michael upon return from finals. You can really see the resembalence here between her and her father Quavi.

Lot: Vonfirmath Capehart, Java Jan Bostic, Mich Robbins, Carla Strickland, Claire Capehart, Woody Strickland, and Diane Strickland

Oh my goodness what a full dorm! It seems like I just kept adding to it and adding to it! hah. Here we go, graduations first.

Java Jan Bostic, daughter of Yasika Robbins-Bostic and Andre Bostic. Doesn't she look absolutely glad to be getting out of Uni? Her brother Zeon graduated out of the last lot. The last round she became engaged to Vonfirmath Capehart.

Vonfirmath Capehart. His mind is already on how he is gonna provide for Java Jan back in the Falls. He is a serious minded fortune Sim.

Carla Strickland, first adopted child of Chevy and Kirstee Strickland. She is a family sim that had a hard time finding love. (She does grow up nicely in clothes form H & M Fashion, though!) She met Trevor Jeffries last round. Those two are a match.

Mich Robbins, son of Quavi and Daphne Robbins. Eh, Mich, you don't carry off the funky look like your dad did. We will find you some different clothes when we visit you back in Prosperity Falls. I appreciate the fact you have a spaceship on your shirt!


Well, had to get some new ones in there since four were leaving.

Quite a dark picture. Eh, my apologies. The girl in the red sweater is Diane Strickland, adoptive daughter of Chevy and Kirstee Stickland. She sucked many skills from Kirstee before she left home. The other newcomer is Woody Strickland, another adoptee from Kirstee and Chevy. Chevy gave up all his skills points to Woody before he flew the coop. Diane is a romance Sim with a want to woo hoo 20 Sims. Doable. Woody is a pleasure sim who wanted 50 dream dates.

Here is Woody getting a date. I must have thought in the beginning of his college years I would try his LTW. I decided I didn't want to. So he switched to Pop at the end of his Sophomore year, and now wants to be a Hall of Famer. Ha! Doable, definetly.

Another newcomer to this dorm, and adoptee, Claire Capehart. Daughter of Tomas and Roxanna Capehart. She and Woody are a two bolt attraction.

So now for engagements. Carla Strickland to Secret Society Member Trevor Jefferies. She met him last Uni Update. They are a two bolt couple. This will be odd for me when I play this house in the Falls....two Maxis Sims. Hahaha

Ah. Here is Mich Robbins proposing to dormie from another dorm Wendy Kimbrell. They are a two bolt attraction. Yes, I boolproped her to make her change clothes for the engagement pic. Here is another pic of her in her normal clothes. You might recognize her from your game.

She and Mich became best friends here.

This is a funny picture. Mich and Wendy had just fallen in love, woo-hooed in the photobooth, and then made out. Vonfirmath Capehart congratulates Mich on falling in love. :)

And here is Woody Strickland and Claire Capehart haveing a little smoochie-rolla in the front lawn. What happened in the dorm this round?

Lot's-o-gardening. Again, a dark pic. What got into my photographer??? Many badges of different levels were won, as well as the Wishing Well. I am using it for Diane. She is making three new friends a day, all of whom she will woo-hoo to get her LTW before the end of her college years. What a slut! LOLOL

Here is a better picture of the gardening. Diane is workin' the 'maters.

And here we see the streakers do not take a break during winter. Haha...see, there is the Wishing Well.

Lot: Sarah Strickland and Andrew McClelland

These two have accomplished everything in Uni. Greek House, Secret Society, and BSOC. Now they are just waiting to graduate. The have one semester left go to. Here you see they are planning their future.

They also had a highly successful greenhouse. They both managed a gold badge in gardening, and of course earned the Wishing Well for the lot.

Lot: Heather Strickland, Veronica Capehart, Jim-Bob Stricklnd, Sheri Trimble, and Raleigh Bostic


Since there were no graduates out of this dorm, we will start with the one and only newcomer, that being Raleigh Bostic. His brother Zeon just graduated, as well as his sister Java Jan Bostic. He is a son of Yasika Robbins-Bostic and Andre Bostic.

Upon opening the lot this round Sheri Trimble is thrown into aspirational failure upon learning that her Uncle Niles had passed on. Sheri had a fear of a family member dying, apparently. Her fiancee, Jim-Bob Strickland, looks on.

Did I say finacee? Yes, these two are now an item, and will be gittin' hitched. They have been friends since Jim-Bob was ten.

And here Sheri gets a love letter from Jim-Bob. AWwww!

Raleigh Bostic and Heather Strickland. Yup, these two are a couple and will be gettin' married.

Veronica Capehart really isn't thinkin' much about love these days, she wants 5 Top Level Businesses. So far whislt in Uni, she has worked two to the top. This dorm has nearly $200,000 because of Veronica's financial activities.

This is a picture from the pet store Veronica ran for a while. I call it "Senior Discount Tuesday" because there is nothing but seniors shopping. HAHAHA! This means everytime I open a lot, I look in backpacks and find lots of pet supplies. heh

Despite lack of yard space at this dorm, the kids did manage to build a small green house in the front beside the entry doors. Here is Veronica getting her silver badge.

It was a highly successful garden, and the Wishing Well was earned.

The dorm mates take turns with it every day wishing for friends. Here it is Sheri's turn. Look, there is Wendy Kimbrell, Mich Robbin's fiancee!

Lot: Zaine Robbins, Florentilla Capehart, Theresa Rauscher, Nicholaus McClelland, Robin Trimble, KeyWon Bostic and KeyKel Bostic


Again, no gradutates here, so on with the newcomers. This is Florentilla Capehart, second alien daughter of Tomas Capehart. She was conceived via the dance sphere.

KeyWon Bostic, son of Yasika Robbins Bostic and Andre Bostic.

KeyKel Bostic, son of Yasika Robbins Bostic and Andre Bostic.

And last but not least, Robin Trimble, sister to Sheri Trimble from the lot above, and daughter to Roz Strickland-Trimble and Shane Trimble.

Awww! As soon as Florentilla walked into the dorm, she gently caressed Zaine's cheek without saying a word. :) I had already planned to get them together. I checked out their attraction... 3 bolts! Yeah! heh

Needless to say, first kiss soon followed.

KeyKel and Lia Strickland fell in love here, but he soon moved to the Greek House to be closer to her. Yup, it was the first time in his life he moved away from his twin KeyWon.

So, who do I have in mind for KeyWon?

Robin Trimble. :)

The engagement quickly took place.

Ahhhh...young love. heh

Gad. I am slackin'. I didn't get any 'alone' pictures of Nicholaus McClelland and Theresa Rauscher. They are an item as well. He is in the green pants, and she is in the tan colored pants. There the kids are raking leaves for the composter. Yes, another successful garden, and another Wishing Well. My goal is for every lot to have one in Uni that I have played.

New Lot: Jessica Robbins

Ah. Herre we see Mamma Daphne Robbins dropping of the freshman Jessica.

I did give her a bit of a makeover. She is living alone for the moment in the same house Joy Capehart used. Eh. For some reason I didn't send her intended, Rocco Trimble, to school with her. BAH. When I get around to it, I will catch him up so he can graduate with her. Jessica is a beauty. She has three years left to go.

New Lot: Nacarlos Robbins, Nacarlius Robbins, Jenny Trimble and Kelly Trimble

Again, Mamma Robbins dropping her offspring at University. This is Nacarlius.

For some reason, I really slipped a cog here and did't get any newcomer pictures except his. The camera was very friendly to Nacarlius. I suppose it is because genetically, he is a third generation pointy ear in the Robbins family. I hope to get his children to have them.

Another noobie picture of him. He is very Robbins. I am pleased with the way he turned out. Heh.

This is...ehhh...his twin Nacarlos and his intended, Jenny Trimble. Here are better pictures.

Yes. *Dreamy Sigh* another first kiss episode.

And first woo-hoo wasn't far behind.

Nacarlius and Kelly Trimble are an item as well.

Oh oh.. I can see it now. Pointy eared Aliens. :)

And like the other lots, there was a successful garden here, and the Wishing Well was earned. Man, havin' that thing on the lot, you can get BSOC in no time. This group has 3 years to go in Uni.

That is all for now. :) Thanks for reading.


Infinity-Nevermore said...

Wow. That was a lot to do, so I don't blame you for the wait. But man, it seems you've paired off almost everyone. You're slipping Wen. lol. So Veronica will be part of Virgins Anonymous like her great-aunt Pachionetta, huh? Darn you, Florentilla, I wanted Zaine! Oh Zaine... *dreamy sigh* Oh yeah, and you might want to consider getting rid of Jenny Trimble's hat. It doesn't flatter her at all.

Anonymous said...

That's like 30 kids!!!! I can't believe you got through all of them. No kidding there was a wait.


Infinity-Nevermore is right, you should get rid of Jenny's hat, ot does not appear well.

Anyways, amazing job Wen. If I get over my Sims Slump, I want to do Prosperity again, thanks to Prosperity Falls and you Wen.


Kerry said...

I love following the genetics in your game--it's fascinating to see what they come out looking like.

I like Shawn-Michael's looks--he looks like he has Native American and Asian ancestry, lots of character. And those blue eyes really show up. I also love Nacarlius--very handsome Robbins sim!

I am enjoying playing Uni in my Riverblossom Hills neighborhood--I had two sims last round, and will only have three this time. I would die if I had to play Prosperity Falls!

Melissa said...

Great job as usual, Wen. Wow! I never even thought about getting the wishing well at Uni. Hmmm. You continue to challenge me Wen! =)

Bubbs said...

Great update! Wow- that sure was a lot of kids going to Uni!! So nice to see their future spouses. :)

ruby said...

holy cow woman you were busy!! Awesome job in uni and gosh that is a lot of wishing wells bravo!

aerisblue2000 said...

Glad to see you sorted out blogger, I was worried for a minute.
It's a wonder you remember all your sims, there's just so many of them. Like Kerry, I love seeing how the genetics play out, you have some wonderful CC skins.
Pointy eared aliens eh! Will keep a lookout.
Another great update, all be it a very busy one.

Rachel said...

Great job Wen! I know how much you love University. :) I just don't understand goign for the 20 WooHoos but changing for the 50 dream dates. Dreamdates are SO easier and they don't have to be whores to do that one. Oh well. Also, I've got to know where you got Jessica Robbin's hair? You know me and hair. Loved seeing my TS shirt!

SirenPrincess said...

I really love all of your seasons and gardening shots. It makes me want to go play with my sims and let them play in seasons stuff. I usually just drive them too hard to have so much fun. But, your pictures are so cute.

Felicia said...

Camera shy knowledge sim... spinster aunt... Yeah, that sounds like me! ;) (Almost a little too much so.)

Whoa, lots of students. Isn't that a lotta fun... You're starting to marry off second cousins to each other pretty regularly now, aren't you?

ASimWen said...

To Felecia: Yeah, I am marrying off second cousins. I have no conscience. If I didn't, the Falls would be overflowing with lots to play!

Ndayeni said...

I envy your abilities in getting the wishing well. I've tried, following your tutorial on the subject, and still fail more often than not. Hopefully if I make myself practice more though I'll get better. Great job getting all these kids through Uni :)