Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Business Of Dogs

TITLE: The Business Of Dogs

Lot: Robbins-Baer, Robbins Way - Family name Baer - Lynn, Kevin, Pinkie, and Polar - Dogs Suzi, Maxx and Cupid

Last Visit: To Vampire Or Not. Kevin built a house without Lynn's input as she was sleeping during the day as a vampire. They were wed at night, with Lynn's family, the Robbinses, in attendance. Alien chatter noted Lynn was no longer an Anotothian DNA wise, but she did have telepathy. Zaed commanded Lynn to procreate. Kevin convinced Lynn to give up her vampiric ways, although she did not lose the look of the vampire. Their first daughter, Pinkie Baer was born.

Kevin here, head of the family. The last time I spoke with you, I mentioned our dogs Suzi and Maxx were expecting pups, and our daughter Pinkie was just learning to walk. Here is one of her baby pictures.

She is a doll. She has extremely high cheekbones, I can tell already. I have them, and so does Lynn. It filled my heart with gladness to see her toddling across the floor. It wasn't long after that Suzi had her puppies.

Suzi had two females Demeter and Venus, and one male who we named Cupid. I planned to train the pups some, then sell them. I could use the extra cash to run the house. With an expanding family, I needed to bring those contractors back and add on a couple of rooms.

Because Lynn was pregnant again. Our family was expanding as fast as Suzi and Maxx were having puppies.

Alien chatter:

Zaed: Lynn, my daughter! You have borne one, and now you have another.

Lynn: Yes father. Kevin is a wonderful seed donor.

Xuan: Pfft! All guys have that stuff.

Lynn: Xuan! You are my brother, please do not insult my husband. He is a hard worker and provides for us accordingly.

Xuan: Oh I remember now. It was YOU who slept all dern day while he built a house for you. It was YOU never went to class the last year of college, and let Kevin do your homework. It was YOU who the world revolved around to accommodate your blood thirsty nature as a vampire. I remember now. Uh-huh.

Jati: Enough Xuan! Our sister Lynn has been fortunate to find a human male who takes the matter of rearing children seriously. (Kevin is a Family Sim). Kevin would be pleased to keep Lynn with child all her child bearing years. Unlike you!

Xuan rolls his eyes.

Zaed: My sons, please do not argue. I am an old man. I will die soon. I wish to go to my grave knowing the Mission was in good shape, and that all who stayed behind were of one mind for the Mission. Lynn, my daughter. Tell me. Do you have another one growing in your womb?

Xuan: No father, she doesn't.

Zaed's brows shoot up.

Lynn: Father I do not know why.

Jati: Maybe it is all those dogs keeping Kevin busy....

Alien chatter dies out

Lynn has been great helping me train the pups. Since she was home on maternity leave from the lab where she works, she had plenty of time on her hands. She is the one responsible for getting the dogs housebroken.

It seemed like every time she turned around, one of them was peeing on the floor. Lynn, being the trooper that she is was right on it admonishing the dog for making a mess, and cleaning up after them. Sometimes I think my wife deserves better than cleaning up dog crap constantly, but we are a team. She knows why the dogs are important to us right now.

Finally it was time for Pinkie's birthday. I could hardly wait to for her to grow up. I could imagine us raising dogs together. A family!

It was great me and Lynn having a birthday for our little girl. Times like this is really important to me being that I am the last of my family. Our daughter Pinkie will not know her grandparents from my side.

Yes, it was a family project. Cleaning is very important in raising healthy dogs, as well as keeping everything sanitary for Pinkie. And for the new little one growing inside of Lynn.

The money that Lynn received whilst she was on maternity leave really helped. It was great the lab where she worked continued to pay her every day.

Pinkie was so excited about our project and lil' biz on the side of selling dogs, she was telling the paperboy, Derek Vayajaker all about it. Already she was learning to network and let everyone know about our venture.

The day came when my second daughter, Polar was born. The cleaning service happened to be there cleaning when Lynn went into labor. I was grateful for that; someone was there to boil the water and provide clean towels. *chuckle*

Here is Polar's newborn picture. Newborns have a way of looking like they hold the wisdom of the Universe in their eyes.

Xuan: Little does he know! HAHAHA!

I love seeing my wife hold and feed our children. It is such a beautiful scene.

After Polar's birth, Lynn was promoted to Mad Scientist.

My gawd, the robotic hand she had to wear to the office was creepy looking. I could never figure out why that was a requirement of her job.

Pinkie fell into the roll of dog breeder with gusto. Every hand I could get with the project was important.

Polar grew up to be beautiful as well, just like her sister and her mother. I am so proud of all my girls. I hope it will not be long before we have another child. I had more work done to the house to make room for a larger family.

In the meantime, Lynn took her duties as trainer seriously. By now the puppies were housebroken, and Lynn was starting to train them on things like staying off the furniture. All this would come in handy when it came time to find suitable buyers for them.




All three of the pups grew up looking like their mother Suzi. I knew now I should get on with the business of selling them off. Pinkie had gotten attached to them, however, I knew I had to tell her we must sell the dogs. It was the way of the business.

Our paper boy Derek took a real shine to Venus. I guess all that selling Pinkie did early on helped out! She was sad at first to see Venus go, but then felt better about the whole thing when she realized Venus was going home with Derek.

He handed over $965 simoleons for her! Lynn handles all the money. She is great a managing our hard earned simoleons. I didn't know delivering papers paid so well. Hmm. Maybe I ought to check into getting a route.

Derek took Venus home that night. Our first sale. I was very excited.

We had many discussions around the supper table about our business on the side. I was certain I would be able to add to the house, and be able to put our children through college with the funds from the dog business. Everyone seemed to be in agreement.

The day Lynn's cousin, Jeannie Strickland came to visit, I eyed her as another potential customer. I just knew she could use a dog as she just graduated from University and could use canine companionship. She was living alone.

Lynn softened her up some by pillow fighting just like they used to do when they were younger and had sleepovers together. It was like old times.

Jeannie chose the other female, Demeter. She gave us $1,242 for her. Wow! all that training was paying off!

Lynn gave Jeannie some starting supplies for Demeter. A sleeping pad, a food bowl, and a chew bone. She took Demeter home with her.

Well, all that hard work paid off. We were able to add a second floor to the house, with two rooms and a bathroom. Life is good in the Baer house, and Maxx and Suzi are expecting again. Until next time.

Accopmplishments this round: Lynn reaches TOC and LTW: Mad Scientist. One new Sim, Polar Baer. Yeah, I couldn't resist that name. lol


Bubbs said...

Pinkie & Polar...cute names. :)

Poor Lynn, picked on by Xuan for not being pregnant. The Beare family is in the business of puppy raising. Do the dogs have some implant in them so Zaed can spy on the mission at other's houses?

Great job on the dogs!

Anonymous said...

Great job on the update Wen!

Jeannie graduated already?

Dog breeding is a hard way to make money. Besides the income from Lynn's Mad Scientist job, what does Kevin work in?

Anyways, great job!


QueenofSimtopia said...

I've gotta say, its about time we had an update Wen!! Anyway, that was a great round. All those dogs! Poor Kevin... he really has no idea regarding how 'special' his wife is. All I gotta say is that for how arrogant those Anothians are, they sure act like a bunch of kids sometimes.

ASimWen said...

To Steven - Well, Kevin wants to be a Captian Hero. He had no skills when I made him playable, so I am working those in little by little. So really, they do have a nice income without the dog money. It just sounded good to make Kevin sound like a concerned provider and watchful of the family income. heh (I guess I hear it so much in RL from my husband about saving money...hahaha and finding ways to make money. heh)

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Wow, they're both so cute! The girls. If I'm not mistaken, it seems that when an Anotothian has no DNA, they all end up looking the same. I noticed the girls look a lot like Xuan.
Ouch, Xuan. That had to hurt.
Congrats on TOC. You might want to hustle on that job. All those dogs are taking up baby space.

ASimWen said...

To Infinity: How astute you are! Yep, the do have the Anotothian skintone. I am figgering out how to work that in the storyline since it has already been said that Lynn doesn't have any of the needed DNA to produce them. hehehe

Kerry said...

Hmm, Kevin seems a little, umm, obsessed to me--everything relates to the dog business. I wonder if Lynn is really as involved as it seems?

I just love alien chatter. I look forward to seeing how Lynn can pass on the skin tone, and has the telepathy, without the DNA. very intriguing!

ruby said...

the kids are adorable ... great job with the pups! wow
I hate when I hear talk about Zaed and his getting older .. I'm totally in denial *sigh*

aerisblue2000 said...

I love reading this blog, and have nearly made it through the backlog. I'm just so sorry I joined the challenge so late, as it's taking me eons to catch up. I'm changing my mind about some of the pet aspirations which appear in my game! You make animal rearing look so easy, and the family seem enriched by the experience. You have a great style of writing, and I look forward to reading more.


Sally said...

The girls are so cute. And the alien chatter, hilarious as always:

"Kevin is a wonderful seed donor."

LOL, gotta love those single-minded aliens. Congrats on the puppies.

Mel said...

Ah, all the babies are cute (furrie ones too ;D) The house is coming right along too.