Saturday, July 21, 2007

Ghostly Jealousy

TITLE: Ghostly Jealousy

Lot: The Gentleman's Club - Family Name - Capehart - Markey, Kyanne, Bryce, Kobe and Queenie

Last Visit - Preparing For Kyanne - The last visit we had with Markey, he had just graduated from University, and had moved into a property his father still owned. The property is known as The Gentleman's Club in Prosperity Falls, as it was originally bought by Markey's grandmother, Morgan-Rose Bostic, a notorious romancer in the Falls. She entertained many a gentleman here. Markey worked hard to get the home ready for Kyanne who was still in University. Here, we pick up Markey just as Kyanne arrives from college, where she had graduated Summa Cum Laude.

Alfred Hitchcock narrating: Good evening. Surprisingly, I find myself back at the address of The Gentleman's Club in Prosperity Falls. I really never thought I would be here again after the house was vacated by Tomas Capehart and his family. You see, they moved away from these walls because it was haunted. What do I mean by haunted? Ghostly happenings. Disappearences. Alien activity. It was too nerve racking for Mr. Capehart, so he and his family hastily vacated the premesis and moved to the House of Canbius.

Mr. Capehart did not sell the properity. It stayed in the family for decades, the house standing empty. Along came Markey Capehart, Mr. Capehart's grown son. He decided to make a go of the place. We'll see.

First of all, his bride, Kyanne Strickland came home from college, and moved right in with him.

Markey was very glad to see his bride. He had worked very hard weeks prior to her arrival to get everything just right to her liking. He had thought the property had cured with age; as he had not witnessed at all any of the supernatural things he had remembered as a boy.

Kyanne was dealing with the loss of her father, Fraiser Strickland, and had inherited a good amount of money from his estate. She thought it best to go job hunting right away to bring more money into the house to pay for the big wedding she and Markey had planned to have in the side yard beside the house.

The day of the wedding arrived, and the guests filed, one by one, to the home of Markey Capehart, and the "to be" Kyanne Strickland-Capehart.


Mother to the Groom, and daughter of Morgan-Rose Bostic

Father to the Groom

Mary Strickland, adopted neice of the Bride

Ruby Strickland, neice of the Bride

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Friend of the Bride and Groom

Karen Strickland, sister in law to the Groom, and sister to the Bride

Jeannie Strickland, cousin to the Bride

Trudy Strickland, sister to the Bride

Scally Capehart, brother to the Groom

Cara Strickland, sister in law to the Bride

Kolton Strickland, brother to the Bride

Kamika Robbins, Ghost In Residence

Ghost in residence, you say? Yes. Ms. Robbins did come out to greet the happy couple when they returned from their honeymoon the same evening of the day of the party. We will get to that in a moment. In the meantime, the wedding ceremony and party was a great success.

The happy couple waited under the altar to speak their vows. Their guests were rather slow to come to sit in the chairs to witness.

The bride touches her beloved as if to see if he is really there. Is this wedding really happening? Surely she must pinch herself to see if she is really being wed to her three bolt attraction!

Markey's brother and sister in law danced happily through the entire ceremony.

They say their I Do's.

Here I must take note. Another notorius Romancer of Prosperity Falls is sitting front and center at this ceremony, none other than Xuan Robbins, grand nephew of the Ghost In Residence, Kamika Robbins, who was also a Romance Sim. It is of no doubt in my mind Mr. Robbins is searching for his next Conquest.

Xuan: You got that right, mister! I am always on the lookout for a babe. I am here also to see the mother of my child Xen. Cara Strickland.

Passionate kisses

Have a little cake

And now, for a little merrymaking, generally speaking.

The wedding and honeymoon was over soon enough, and the happy couple returned to the residence known as The Gentleman's Club.

Ms. Kamika Robbins wasted no time letting hersef be known. She scared the bride half out of her wits; but being a Knowledge Sim, she rather lenjoyed the experience. Markey, however, was drawn to the dead woman's romanticism.

After the ghostly encounter, it was time for a little personal comfort between the couple. And that was surely not difficult to come by.

A few days passed and the dear lady of the home placed a phone call. Even though she was now happily married to her beloved, she found she did have a void in her life. During the hours her husband was at work, and she was alone in the house, she longed for company.

The Animal Control Officer of Prosperity Falls was completely charmed by Kyanne, and left her with the gift of a puppy, one she named Queenie, a female.

She was so enraptured by the dog she actually took it to work with her. She could not bear to be with out her for a moment.

Shortly after Kyanne and Markey had adopted Queenie for company, Kyanne realized she was going to have a baby. Which lead Kyanne to think about other things. Like company for her new little one that was on the way.

She befriends the neighborhood stray, Kobe the cat. The cat knew a good thing when he saw it, and decided to stay with the Capeharts. So now the house that stood empty for so long, now housed a happily married couple with a baby on the way, a dog, and a cat. This got the attention of another Ghost In Residence.

Ms. Morgan-Rose Bostic herself. After having peace in the back yard for so long in the family cemetary, she decided it was getting too populated and began to voice her discontent.

All seemed right with the world as far as Kobe was concerned. Until.....

Queenie the puppy turned into Queenie the grown up dog.

Constant fighting quickly ensured between the two pets, and they quickly became enemies.

Finally the day came the baby was born; it was a boy whom the first time but happy parents named Bryce. He had the purple Strickland eyes like his mother, and the snowleopard skin of his father.

All this activity was just too much for....

The third Ghost In Residence, Lucas Turner, Markey's grandfather. Apparently, these ghosts did not want to be bothered with population on this lot!

Life went on as usual in the Capehart home despite the ghostly activities. Kyanne settled in happily into her roll as Mother.

Bryce soon grew up to a happy toddler. All the ghostly concerns did not seem to bother him.

Dear readers, this is where I leave you. A happy baby, a happy mother, and fighting pets. Is this place still the supernatural cesspool of Markey Capehart's youth? Or is it the residence of a normal happy family? We shall see. Until next week. Goodbye.


The dog Queenie constantly barked at the nightside table in the master bedroom. I figured out it was in the way of her getting to the corner of the bed to chew on it. heh

Kyanne reaches the top of her career, although it wasn't her lifetime want.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS THIS ROUND: Kyanne: Top of Career - Mad Scientist. One new Sim: Bryce


Bubbs said...

A haunted house in the Falls!!! {grabs popcorn to read the ghost story} Xuan sure goes to a lot of weddings, huh?

Woo-hoo! Kamika showed up! It has been a long time since we have seen her. This is a 3 bolt couple? Too cool!!

Morgan Rose, the ghost, looks scary in the picture!!

Yeah! Bryce has the snow leapord skin!! Will they have more babies or pets???

Anonymous said...

Yah!! A haunted house! All of them seem so angry all the time. None of my ghosts are really angry. At least Morgan-Rose has an excuse, Lucas and Kamika died of Old Age.

Great update!

PS. Are you going to do a University update?


ASimWen said...

To Steven: Yes, I will do a Uni update. Some of the people you are seeing in the hood now, like Jeannie Strickland was in Uni the last time you saw them. I am right now playing the last round of Uni for round 15 and hope to get it blogged this weekend. There are alot of newcomers, and alot of graduates. You will see Jeannie Strickland graduate. Yeah, I usually do two Uni updates a round, but decided to do it differently this time.

QueenofSimtopia said...

Yeah for CC genetics! And pets! Love the snowleopards...

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Ah, I've been waiting to get back to the Gentlemen's Club. You refuse to let them rest in peace. Kamika always was a grouchy Sim. Yay, Bryce got the leopard skin! Um, what's with Morgan-Rose's eyes? It looks like she's wearing sunglasses, but I don't remember her ever wearing glasses. It could be that my memory sucks. Cats and dogs usually are a bad mix.

ruby said...

whew the ghosts sure didn't like being bothered!!
great update and yeah another leopard skin!!

Kerry said...

Oh, Bryce is darling--what a great combo, the leopard skin and the purple eyes. I wouldn't want to raise a family with all those mean ghosts, though!

Anonymous said...

I love this house, it's a big thumbs up for the Gentleman's Club.

The CC skins are amazing, and Bryce looks like a real sweetie.

Another great update.