Sunday, July 15, 2007

Gardening With Mr. Knowledge

TITLE: Gardening With Mr. Knowledge

Lot: Strickland.1 - Family name Strickland - Bubbs, Joy, Lonnie, and Pepper

Last Visit: One Is The Loneliest Number - During our last visit with Mr. Knowledge, he had just graduated from University and had moved into his three room gothic style home. He gave us lessons on how to get a dog for free by befriending the neighborhood pooch, Pepper. The mutt moved in with him. He met Joy Hiatt, a townie who had two bolts for him.-

The Disney narrator interviews Mr. Knowledge once again.

Hey Mr. Knowledge, long time no see. I see you have an icon above your head. Mr Knowledge sadly nods. That is a tombstone with a simoleon sign on it. Someone passed away?

Ah. Your father Niles Strickland passed, didn't he? I'm so sorry. Sim death can be painful. It is as sad in the pixel world as it is in real life. Say what? You gained $8,800 simoleons from your father's insurance? Ah. What a nice consolation. Hey, what are we learning today?

This is the side yard. Yes, yes, you have a very nice lawn. Oh? We are learning here? Ok, show us!

Ok Mr. Knowledge we have dug your garden for you, and we have fertilized it using bags of fertilizer. Now we are planting tomatos? Great. Means lots of juice later on.

I see the sprinklers are a great help. Why, there are plants coming up already! Mr Knowlege nods happily. I think this garden will distract you from your father's death. Oh? Not this? Ok what?

Oh no! Pepper has knocked over the garbage can and is making a big mess! Aren't you feeding her Mr. Knowledge? Better check out the food bowl. Just as I thought. It is empty. Feed that poochie!

Yes, yes, better admonish Pepper for this dirty deed. I think you are not paying enough attention to her!

Oh what a great idea. Putting garbage in the compost bin. Your trash will compost and become great fertilizer for your garden.

Ah, I see your diversion. Joy Hiatt has asked you out for a date? Are you going to go, Mr. Knowledge? Mr. Knowledge gives us a wide grin, and nods. Of course you are. Have fun. What? We can go too? Great! I'll call the taxi!

Alrighty then. Apparently we missed something. Where are you and Joy? At Four Winds Shopping in Prosperity Falls? Great. So, you admired Joy and kissed her, and you guys fell in love? Really? How do you feel about that?

You want to get engaged???? Mr. Knowledge, I thought you were a confirmed bachelor??? OOOHhhh...I see. You need help with the garden and yard work, and you figger having another person around full time is the way to do it! Smart thinking! How does Joy feel about this?

She agrees? Great! So she has no problem moving into the small three room gothic masion you have, along with Pepper? Okay!

*Ahem* errr...ok...I'll just wait over here.

Shopping for the wedding trouseau right away? You are right Mr. Knowledge. There is no better way to impress your lady. Be sure to buy a tux to match Joy's gown.

Okay so the date is over. I see Joy has brought you flowers as a thank you gift. Oh! There's a notecard attached! What does it say?

Well, that' sweet as .......err.... GAWD! That is almost sickening!~ OH oh sorry Mr. Knowledge. Sorry. Yes, yes, tape that thing into your diary. Good idea.

I see it is the next day. My oh my you have lots of leaves on the ground. This is good compost material? I imagine so. Waht? You could really use some help now trimming the bushes and raking leaves?

**GACK** and our tomato garden is full of weeds! Time to get moving on this!

I see you called Joy. Time to get her working. Oh, wait? Ah okey dokey. Time for the ceremony. Might as well make it official.


Doris Strickland - Mother of the Groom

Justice Strickland - Brother to the Groom

Karin Strickland - Sister in Law to the Groom

Heather Strickland - Sister to the Groom

Sarah Strickland - Sister to the Groom

Samantha Strickland - Strickland Servant

Andrew McClelland - Friend to the Groom, and finacee to Sarah Strickland


And the crowd cheers! OOops...looks like your mother is facing the wrong direction to witness your wedding vows to Joy. Ah well, she is getting up there in age, right? I see Pepper doesn't think much about the whole thing.

Yes, yes, you have a beautiful bride. I wonder if she realizes what she is in for?

Have fun now, because I have a feeling the yard work is gonna start soon!

That's right, make all that work seem like fun. Why, the wedding party isn't even over yet and you are getting her used to the idea! No time like the present, I always say.

That's right, that's along, little girl. hehe

The party is over. Looks like the limo is coming to take you on a great big 3 hour honeymoon. Have fun, kids.

Oh I see you are back, so soon. Got to the weeding right away I see. Good work. What's that? You did something else as well? thanks...we dont' need a play by play on this one. If it is all the same to you I think we will just wait out in the living room....ah....ok.

The next morning: Woah Mr. Knowledge, you sure look nifty this morning! You look slimmed down and all! What? That is what love will do to you? Hm. I am in love, and I don't look so slender! Oh ok, it is the mesh your outfit is made out of. Makes fat Sims look skinny. Ok. Kinda like wearin' black, right? It is Slenderizin'!

Those tomato plants are getting mighty fine looking. And Joy is doing a wonderful job keeping them weed free. What? She now has her bronze badge? GREAT! Hey, I hear someone in your front yard, Mr. Knowledge. Why don't you go see who it is?

Ah. It is your Uncle Bulldog Strickland. Why don't you invite him in to the house? Ya know, have a little lunch, perhaps.

Ewwww...maybe you should get some cooking lessons. Looks like lunch is burned. But hey, nobody seems to notice. Uncle Bulldog is giving you some advice about money, now that you are a married man. You should listen to him. He has 10 kids, and managed to raise them all with his salary, and his wife's. Your wife has a job, right?

Yes, Joy must have a job. You are doing yard work instead of her. You look happy today.

Oh no! But Joy doesn't look happy. She is pregnant? Mr. Knowledge, how did this happen? Mr. Knowledge wags his eyebrows. Well, I KNOW how it happened. I thought you two didn't want kids? Oh, oh, just more helping hands around the house. I see. Okay.

Awww, I see you are telling Joy there is more than enough money in the house. Calming her. You are a very wise man, Mr. Knowledge. Oh, wait. I guess that is why you are called Mr. Knoweldge! haha

It is a good idea to tell your wife that it is perfectly OK to have a baby. I see you are getting excited about having a little Mr. Knowledge running around the house.

Now that Joy knows you are okay with the idea of a child, she is okay with it too. Very good Mr. Knowledge. You sure pulled that one out of the fire!

Woah! It is snowing! But Mr. Knowledge, I see you are pruning the orchard. But I haven't seen you harvest your garden. Does this mean your tomatos are growing in the snow???

**GACK!!** It does! Snow covered tomatos! How are you gonna keep them alive? You have something else going on?

I see the lovely Joy is showing us her pooching belly. Full of that Little Mr. Knowledge, right?
She doesn't seem overly tired or grouchy. She is getting a break from the gardening, huh.

Well, the tomatos are ready to harvest, they didn't die! They are merely tasty versus bland. You did a good job with them. Growing in the snow and all. I see your composter is hard at work composting all those leaves and trash you put in there every day.

Joy is drinking lots of tomato juice, isn't she Mr. Knowledge? That is good for her, and the baby. It really is a quick thing to fix when her hunger bar is low. Fills her right up! Good going! You got over 100 tomatoes from 10 plants? Good grief! They were real producers!

Oh boy! The baby is here! The baby is here! What did you and Joy have Mr. Knowledge? A boy? What did you name him? Lonnie? Lonnie Knowledge....errrr...Strickland. I'll bet he will be as smart as you and Joy.

And what about Pepper? Awww...she looks so lonely, Mr. Knowledge. Maybe her and Lonnie can become close friends, do you suppose? All the gardening tips was very helpful, and hope you have something new to show us! Ah well, until next time. Buh-Bye!

Odd Pic Out:

Bubbs (aka Mr. Knowledge) gets his LTW. He is now a Mad Scientist. Joy wants to be a Criminal Masterment, but currently works in Education so they can get the bookcase.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS this round: Bubbs - TOC and LTW, Mad Scientist. One new Sim - Lonnie


QueenofSimtopia said...

Wen, that was my favorite post ever! I love how you tell the story of "mr. knowledge". You are so creative. My favorite part:
Mr Knowledge, how did this happen?? Mr Knowledge wags his eyebrows. That was hilarious Wen!!

Is is hilarious how everything Mr Knowledge does he does to get some help around the house!

Anonymous said...

That was hilarious! I didn't think that Mr. Knowledge would get his own family.

Great update as usual Wen!


Infinity-Nevermore said...

I'd given up on the idea of Bubbs having a family after college. And you still managed to get him one. This style of narration is my favorite, along with Alfred Hitchcock. I don't even try to figure out what the order is anymore. Waiting patiently for the next updates,

SirenPrincess said...

I enjoyed this update. You made me want to play with Seasons more. I'm glad Mr. Knowledge got a wife and a kid.

Kerry said...

Oh, Bubbs got a wife--and a son! Wow! I love how he introduced her to the yard work while the wedding was still going on! And how he convinced her that having a baby was okay, even though she wasn't getting to work on her LTW. Very persuasive, Mr. Knowledge!

I also enjoyed his "cat" wedding apparel--if he can't have the features, at least he has the duds!

Melissa said...

Loved it! You are great at mimicking the tone of the old Mr. Knowledge shorts. Nice that Bubbs fell in love and all. (love hasn't made me slender either ... lol).

ruby said...

*giggles* I love this guy ... eyebrow wiggles indeed!
congrats on the baby and the new sims in the neighborhood and the LTW and and and so much more! *w*

Bubbs said...

Yeah! Mr Knowledge got married! Oops, his wife isn't too happy about being pregnant, huh? Poor thing. Doesn't she under stand that Mr Knowledge needs a little Baby Knowledge to teach all his learnings to? I guess she does and was only a little worried about it. Hello Lonnie!!!

Poor Pepper is lonely, at least until Lonnie gets bigger and plays with him. :)

aerisblue2000 said...

Another great post. I like Mr. Knowledge, is it some kind of show we Brits missed out on? Or is it a pseudo show you invented? Either way, it makes for a great blog. I love it when the crusty bachelor types wed, even if it's rationalised by them as 'having extra help' with the gardening and chores. Look forward to the next update.

ASimWen said...

To aerisblue2000: Actually, Mr. Knowledge is a character I made up. It is the narrator I fashioned after a series of old Walt Disney cartoons that featured Goofy. Typically in these cartoon 'shorts' Goofy was trying to do something. He always 'goofed' it up, or didn't do it right. There was a Narrator in the background talking to him trying to help him through it and rooting him on. You can view a database of these cartoons here:

There are titles like "How To Fish" and "How To Be A Sailor" lol

- ASimWen

Sally said...

I remember the Goofy cartoons and love the way you've adopted the Disney Narrator style. Very funny!

So, Mr Knowledge gets a family - good on him. But how many times did Joy change her hairstyle - I'm sure I counted at least 6 different styles in this entry!

ASimWen said...

To Sally: Ah yeah, I do love messing with Sim hair. I always spend a while choosing hair to go with different outfits on the women. I love that feature!