Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Enforcer

TITLE: The Enforcer

Lot: 123 Alien Way - Jenn, Regis, Yazibell, Ketrina, Infinity-Nevermore

Last Visit: The Purest - Zaed's daughter Jenn and her fiancee Regis McClelland had graduated from University and bought a peice of properity with their Uni money. They had a home built that 'was to their liking'. Very spacy looking. There was a big wedding in which Jenn's brother Xuan Robbins became enemies with Regis' step mother, Tosca Capehart-McClelland. Zaed found out Jenn had not told Regis anything at all about the Mission. Jenn and Regis had a pure blooded alien daughter named Yazibell.

This entry features Infinity-Nevermore, runner up in the Prosperity Falls Trivia contest.

It is I! Jenn Robbins-McClelland, Mother of all pure blooded Anotothians on Earth.... OOOOooo!!!!! AAAAhhhhhhHHHH!!!!

Lots of Alien cussing (*&*^%@@#!!!!! Fiddlesticks! This hurts!!!!!!

Alien Chatter:

Xuan: What's the matter Jenn? Can't you think up any Earth cuss words??? *snicker*

Jenn: Shaddup Xuan! This is a Family Blog!!!!! Children read this!!

Xuan: Errr...where is Regis?

Jenn: He is AHHHH!! at.... *Shhht! Shhht! Whoosh!* At work!!!!!

Zaed: Be strong my daughter! This won't last long!!!!

Jenn: This must be TWO PURE BLOODS!!!! *pfft...pfft....shhht...shhht....*

Xuan: Hahahah! I am glad we are not on Anatoth! I wouldn't want to go thru that!

Jati: Xuan! Do not berate the birthing sequence! It is necessary for us to spread our DNA on earth!

Zaed: Yes! Necessary! I have done it myself!

Jenn: So YOU SAY........aHHHHHH~~~~~ It is done!!!!!

Jenn: It is another daughter! Her name shall be Ketrina! Awww...isn't she the loveliest thing you have ever seen? *smooch*

Zaed: She has my skintone! She has our DNA!

Xuan: *BUZZZ!* And she has the pureblood Skintone as recessive......

Jati: Where did that come from Xuan?

Xuan: *Shrugs shoulder* I dunno.

Zaed: Xuan can apparently read DNA, Jati.

Xuan: *BUZZ* She also has the golden eyes...

Zaed: *Sigh* I think you are wrong Xuan. The child's eyes are clearly blue.

Xuan: I'M TELLIN' YA! She has the golden eyes!

Jati: Shaddup Xuan. Must be a fluke.

Xuan: *SIGH* Why won't nobody believe me????

Regis: *Sniff* I just lost my job in the Crime Syndicate.

Zaed: I have better plans for you, my son in law. I gave the directive to let you go.

Regis: Oh, ok then.

Zaed: You will get a job in the Education field.

Regis: This is strange. Talkin' in my head. HAHAHA

Xuan: Wait 'till you see what else is strange....

Jati: That is ENOUGH Xuan!

Regis: Who's the pretty girl? Huh? Is it you? Yes, it's you!~

Jenn: Regis...I have something to tell you....

Regis: Not now. I am playing with Yazibell. We are getting ready to blow out her birthday candles.

THE NEXT DAY...........

Infinity: *Whew* What a rough landing...those lightening bolts are quite a ride. Hmmm..I think this is the place. Yup. This is it alright. I can smell disobedience a mile away.

Infinity: Hi Jenn. I am movin' in.

Jenn: And who are you??? What do you want?

Infinity: My name is Infinity-Nevermore. I come from the Offices Of Civil Disobedience on Anatoth. My position title is ENFORCER.

Jenn sucks in breath and covers her mouth with her hand. Fear quickly spreads through her veins like fire. "Daddy! Daddy! Help me!"

Infinity: Nope, he can't hear ya babe. It is just you and me. HAHAHA!!!! Hey look. It ain't so bad. I come to set down some rules for ya. Ya know...enforce the rules.

Jenn: You should be visiting Xuan! He is the one that breaks all the rules! I try so hard!

Infinity: Xuan does nothing but shoot off his mouth. But he does what he is told. He's a good boy.

Jenn: But...but....

Infinity: Enough about Xuan. The King has plans for him. He is none of your concern, got it? Infinity rudely jabs a finger in the middle of Jenn's chest.

Jenn numbly nods. Beads of sweat break out on her brow.

Wh...wh...why are you here? What have I done?

Infinity: Ah...the question is...what haven't you done? Ifninity lights up a Marlboro. Ha. Ruby told me these were good.

Jenn: Ruby? Who's Ruby?

Infinity: I told ya! Xuan is none of your concern!

Jenn's confusion is apparent. Cigarettes aren't good for your lungs. Besides, you are a child. Put that down NOW!

Infinity flashes instantly onto Jenn's back. See where I am babe? I am on your back. I will ride you forever! You will do what I say...when I say it.....she yanks Jenn's hair. You don't wanna know the consequences!

Jenn: OOOWW!!!!! Alright! Alright! *whine* So why are you here? Infinty jumps down to the floor, satisfied she got her point across.

Infinity: Alright. I am glad we understand each other. Here it is. Ya haven't told Regis what's up. Ya know, with the Mission. I can tell you don't intend to. Right babe?

Jenn: Well, I will. I really will.

Infinitiy: Yeah right. I can see in your mind. You are afraid. Yeah, you heard me. How do you think you can run an entire Mission if you have fear?

Jenn: I don't know what you mean! *defiant*.

Infinity: Cut the crap, Robbins. You cornered your brother Jati at University and told him you should be head of the Mission, and that you were gonna take over! (University, Week 14. Scroll to the bottom.) All that sounded good, Miss Smartypants. Then what did you do? You let simoleons and human love get in the way of all that big talk. You let Regis bring you to an empty field, and build you a house. Where you will live happily ever after. *sarcasim* Then to top it all off, you have no guts to tell him about the Mission!! I had such hopes for you....

Jenn: What do you mean, you had hopes for me?

Infinity: Every descendant of Timo and Kamika have somebody like me on Anatoth assigned to them. Yep. We watch. I have a big book that is titled "All About Jenn Robbins". You are special because you came from Anatoth. I keep tabs on ya. When things go awry, we have to come down and straighten things out. I am the first one that ever had to come down.

See, this job on Anatoth is cush. We just watch whoever we are assigned to, take notes, report to the King at the end of the week. Take home a paycheck. BUT messed up and here I am. You embarrass me Robbins. I had to actually leave the office and come down here. *sigh*. I thought you were gonna speak a take over..ya know....a Babe In Control type of thing. Looks like the guys win. Jati will run the Mission.

Jenn: Wait! Wait! What can I do! I still wanna run the Mission!

Infinity: No can do Jenn. You are poppin' out the kids now. That is your Mission. I will look the other way about the Regis thang if you teach your children about the Mission...without fail...

Regis: BooHoo! I lost my job...

Jenn: Nanny, can you hold Ketrina for a minute???? My husband needs comfort.

Guy In Atari Shirt: These people are disgusting.....what whimps!!!! What a disappointment to the Mission!

Xuan: Huh?

Guy in Atari Shirt: Shaddup Xuan.

Infinity: It is certian death the Mission if descendants of Timo and Kamika start failing to pass on the Mission information. I mean it. Maybe death to you too. Kamika was a definate disappointment to the King. I hope we don't have to add you to that disappointment.

Jenn: Cross my heart, stick a pin in my eye. I will teach my children. I promise.

Infinity: I think you will Robbins. I think you will.

Infinity: Hmm...sez here in The Book Of Kamika Robbins .... Kamika wanted to romance human men...didn't want any children...hmm.....she had one by the mail carrier Pao Mellon....Kerris...who went on to become Mayor of Prosperity Falls...really didn't concentrate much on selling the mission to her descendants. Hm. They have little to no knowledge of it. Well. We will concentrate on Timo's descendants....

Regis: Come on everybody! It is Ketrina's birthday! Come on! baby is growing up. After she grows, no more babies.

Jenn: Awww...isn't she the cutest thing?

Xuan: See, I told ya she had the golden eyes. *Does victory dance*

Jati: I see, Xuan. She was born with blue eyes, then they turned yellow when she aged to toddler. Ah well, many human babies are born with blue eyes, then they turn when the child gets older. Good call!

Xuan: Thank ya, thank ya... *bows*

Jati: I just hope that this does not mean that she carries more human traits...

Jenn: My daugher, human? I don't think so! She will be the strongest Anotothian ever!

Infinity, to Jenn only: Heh, you got that right babe. I'm watching you.

Yazibell: Hey everybody! Here is my new friend Richie Landgrabb! I think I will marry him!

Richie: Hahaha! Yeah, we are gonna be husband and wife!

Zaed: Jati, mark that one down. It will work.

Jati: Yes father, I see what you mean. Even though they are second cousins. He carries the Anotothian skintone, and she carries the pureblood skintone. Very good!

Infinity: Just letting you know, books have been started on Anatoth for Yazibell and Ketrina.

Jenn: Can't you be in charge of their books?

Infinity: Nope. All it means is that two more people on Anatoth now have a job.

Infinity-Nevemore makes an entry in Jenn's book: Jenn begins to teach her childen with gusto about the Mission. It seems she has split loyalties between the Mission, and human love. Apparently, her human grandmother's love was strong. (Meadow Thayer) It runs in her veins from her father Zaed. My visit here is already bearing fruit.

Yazibell: Hey mamma, I got an A at school! I am number one!

Jenn: Yes you are sweetie, and in more than one way. You are gonna be number one in the Mission, right?

Yazibell: Yes mamma. Me and Richie will have lots of kids.

Jenn: That's my girl!

Yazibell: Hey everybody! Meet my new friend Infinity-Nevermore! She moved in so we can get married!

Infinity: I don't think so kid. Let go of me.

Yazibell. Oh well. I guess I will marry Richie. We are gonna have lots of kids you know.

Infinity: You got that right. Lots of 'em. *sigh*

Jenn: Time for Ketrina's birthday. One two three...blow out the candles!

Infinity: Woo Hoo! I love birthday cake! Lemme at it!

Regis: All my girls are beauties.

Ketrina: Thank you papa.

Infinity: Jenn, here is a communication from the King. He is disappointed you have only produced two children.

Jenn: I am pregnant again already. Hey, how come this news isn't coming from Zaed??

Infinity: Errr...everything about you goes through me first. If I let it pass, it will then go to Zaed. I screen everything.

Jenn: I see. So Zaed doesn't know right now the King is disappointed in me.

Inifnity: Nope. It is only between you, me, and the King.

Jenn: Oh my little warrior will do fine in the Mission. I will see to it.

Infinity: *snicker* Ya mean I will see to it.

Jenn: Ahhh...okay.

It is I, Jenn! I am number one in the Mission. I will go forth and birth many children.

Infinity: Yadda, yadda yadda....


Jenn reached the top of her career, she is now perm plat.

Accomplishments this round: Jenn: TOC and LTW: Mad Scientist. Two new Sims Infinity-Nevermore and Ketrina.


Anonymous said...

I knew Jenn was going to get in trouble for not teaching Regis!

Congrats to you Infinity!

I wonder who this Guy in the Atari Shirt is? Time will tell.

This update is great Wen. It has made my day even better!


Infinity-Nevermore said...

Wow, even random guys in Atari shirts can hear Xuan! And are telling him to shut up. Hehe.
Go me! Go me! *does dance* Enforcer! *Miami Vice theme plays*
"BUT NOOO..." Ha. I say that all the time. That's me too. Always to the point.
"Yazibell: Hey everybody! Meet my new friend Infinity-Nevermore! She moved in so we can get married!

Infinity: I don't think so kid. Let go of me." LMFAO!!!

Melissa said...

I think this one may just be your most interesting post ever. Who IS the guy in the Atari shirt? humm ....

ruby said...

Gah! I did not say that.. Infinity put that cigarette down! ew ew ew *giggle*
Oooh guy in Atari shirt ... I think I know who he is!!! hissing at my Xuan *tsks*
loved the update Wen!

Anonymous said...

This must take you hours to dream up. I think it has to be one of my favourite challenges, if not the favourite. I always look forward to reading your updates, they're just so creative.
I agree with Melissa, this has to be one of your finest updates.


Anonymous said...

I'm trying again to get a comment through. I have problems with that.
I've been reading your challenge from the beginning, and I'm still doing it, still 1 year behind. It has taken me weeks on end.
I think your imagination has no limit!
Way to go, ASimWen!