Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dad's Update

TITLE: Dad's Update

Lot: Landgraab IV - Malcom, Aazia, Thurston and Richie

Last Visit: Mission Additions - Aazia Robbins graduated from University and went straight to the home of her fiancée, Malcom Landgraab. He immediately took her shopping at Amelia's Closet where they purchased a wedding trouseau. A wedding was held in Malcom's mansion with all the Robbinses in attendance. Aazia gave birth to Thurston, and was very proud to contribute to The Mission. She ended the entry with the news she was pregnant with a second child.

Aazia: Yes father. I have a third child on the way. I hope it will be a boy. Call Xuan over? To find out the sex of the child? How would he know that? Ah. Since he can tell I have a fetus he ought to be able to tell the sex of the child as well? I don't know father.

Jati: Do you hear that Xuan? Uncle Quavi is wishing.

**Xuan remembers the King told him he had one more gift** Ahhh...I can't tell what she is having. Only one fetus, though.

Jati: Xuan. I can tell you are different. Something has happened.

Xuan: I don't know what you mean. **defiant**

Jati: I will find out Xuan. You can bet on that.

Aazia: Yes, father. Malcom is being a very good provider for us. He thinks constantly about making simoleons and spends much time on the phone talking to his businesses. He also has a job, father. YES! He is in the Crime Industry like Uncle Zaed. Has Uncle Zaed mentioned him? He has? I must thank Uncle Zaed for finding a position for him in the Syndicate. What? He isn't that good? What happened?

Well, at least we do not have to depend on his income from the job. See what a wonderful auto he drives! And the huge mansion he provides for us. Yes, father. I have already remodeled part of the upper floors to make more room for our children.

About the children. Thurston was a very fast learner, and spent much time developing charisma. Yes, I believe it will ensure he will produce many for the Mission.

I was already showing in my abdomen with Richie, when it was time for Thurston to have his birthday to child. He grew so quickly! I had such fun, especially knowing his birthday was only one of many more to come for me to attend for my children.

Thurston is a very handsome boy, indeed. He carries fine DNA for the Mission.

Father, it seems like I do not remember the pain of childbirth until it is time to do it again. Mother never did either? Yes, I know she did it a number of times. You've got to be kidding. As soon as she had a child she wanted another right away? A mortal woman wanted this? I know that is how it is in the Mission. I did not realize humans were likewise.

Richie looks much like Thurston. He is blond like Malcom. Oh, he is blond like you? Oh that is right. I carry recessive DNA for blond hair. It is no wonder both of our boys are blond. (Editor: Actually the blond hair was brought into the Mission by Meadow Thayer. Timo's sister Kamika had blond hair, but so far it has not surfaced in her branch of the family).

After Richie was born, I spent alot of time in physical activity. I have been studying gardening, father. Yes. I have learned that we can grow our own food. I know, I know Xuan was doing something with that. That is where I got the idea. I am doing something he didn't do though. I am making an immense compost pile first. I all autumn long I raked the leaves in the back yard and filled two composting containers with them. I added old newspapers and trash from the kitchen Next spring I will plant a fine garden. I know it seems incredible that dead leaves and old cardboard milk cartons can make a good garden!

Xuan: You bet your sweet bippy I was gardening. I even built a greenhouse. Ooohhh my aching back!!!!!

Jati: I've said it once, I will say it again. Stop being a wuss, Xuan.

Xen: GOO!!!!

Xuan: There's my boy!!!

Jati: *SIGH*

Thurston really looks up to his father. Yes, I know. I have been teaching him about the Mission a little along, but he seems to have formed a strong bond with Malcom.

Malcom spends much time with the boy playing catch outside, and the like. Thurston would much rather be in male company than with me in the house learning about the Mission.

Why, when it is time for Thurston to do his schoolwork, Malcom is there with them, doing it outside. Oh I don't know father. I do get disenheartened sometimes. It is not as easy as it was back in the compound with you and mother. I know, I know, mother knows nothing about the Mission. It just seems different here.

It seemed like in no time at all it was time for Richie to grow up. I felt a little perturbed I was not showing at this time with child like I was when Thurston grew up. I was falling behind in child production! But, I made up for it later.

Richie is as handsome as his father and brother. The females will find him to be attractive.

Thurston continues to expand on his charisma studies by talking at length every day with our parrot, Maximillion. I can tell he wishes very much to do well in business like his father and I know that will help him contribute to the Mission.

Father, it was shortly after Richie grew to toddler I started feeling morning sickness, and I realized I was pregnant again. I was so relieved! I know! It took far too long for me to get pregnant again. What? No, I don't think there is anything wrong with Malcom's swimmers. That is just the way it worked out. I must admit, with all the raking I was doing, and chasing after the boys I was quite tired. I will endeavor to keep myself open to Malcom's advances in the future!

There is one thing though that Thurston and I shared in common. Since the boy enjoys outdoor activities so much, he does enjoy raking.

When Richie grew to child, I was then showing with the third child. I know. I am behind. This time my friends Joy Capehart-Robbins and Jeannie Strickland was at the birthday party. Oh, Joy? She is doing fine. No, she hasn't mentioned that she is pregnant again. What did you say? Oh, dad. I didn't hear that. NO. Really? All the kids at Joy and Xuan's?

Jati: XUAN! Do you hear that??? Uncle Quavi is spilling the beans!!! He is telling Aazia he is the father of Joy's children!

Xuan: Yes, Jati, I hear him.


Xuan: What did you do, Jati????

Jati: I stilled his tongue.

Xuan: You what? ????

Jati: It is a cheap parlour trick. It is done using our telepathy abilities. Instead of listening for him, I merely listen for him to quiet.

Xuan: I can't do that.

Jati: Good thing.


Dad, dad? Oh, hello mom. I was just telling dad the boy's birthdays were fun, and we really missed you two here. Yes, I know dad isn't the same these days. Yes, yes, I will bring the boys over soon to visit. You too. Love you. *click*



Anonymous said...

OH MY!!!

So many things are happening at once! Xuan got abducted? Jati can do tricks?

You have taken this story and evolved it so much Wen! This is seriously one of my favorite stories that I have read.

Yet again, KUDOS to you WEN!


QueenofSimtopia said...

Hehe, those crazy aliens...

Those boys are adorable. I was worried, as Malcom is notorious for those eyebrows!! Great round.

Bubbs said...

Love the boys names!

Quavi is wishing? What is he wishing for?? Xuan isn't different...hehehe!

Thurston will be a little heartbreaker, huh? Xuan is taking over!! He won't let Aazia tell her story, haha! Aww, Richie is a cutie also. :)

HMM, is that Malcolm getting abducted or someone else???

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Malcolm is so bringing more aliens to the Falls. Awesome. Sorry Jati, you were a little too late. Your cousin now knows that Joy's children are her siblings. *shudder* Ooh, Jati's got a new trick too? Yay! The boys are adorable.

ruby said...

Well now Jati has a new nifty trick! The boys are adorable must be the robbins DNA because Malcolm *shudder* normally makes ugly kids ...

Anonymous said...

This story leaves me speechless. It is absolutely amazing, and I can't praise it enough. I am in awe.
On a lighter note it's nice to see Malcolm's not good at absolutely everything!


Katie said...

Hello! Long time no see! I finally started catching up on the summer updates. Thought I'd stop and comment to let you know I'm still lurking around! The updates are great, you can see a huge difference from the beginning posts. (How long ago that seems!) Anyone, I'm really enjoying them, you're keeping me amused. Keep up the good work!