Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Gardening Life

TITLE: The Gardening Life

Lot: McClelland - Terrance, Maris, Samuel, Sandy and the cat Belle

Last Visit: Who's Da Man?

Hey...pssst! It's me. Samuel. I prefer Sammy. Yeah. Lemme tell ya about the house first. 'Cuz all the good stuff happened at our new place. Yep, our house was not compatible with least that is what dad said. He said the house grandpa Jayrus and Grandma Tosha bought all those generations ago was full of custom content, and the EP Seasons clashed with it. is a picture.

So dad and mom looked for a new house to move to. They bought one that came with the Seasons EP. It is red with a stream right in the middle of the property. Ok. Lemme get on with it.

It was time for me and Sandy to have our birthdays. Yup, that is the first thing we did after we got moved in and got settled. Here we are gettin' ready to blow out our candles.

Sandy McClelland
Aspiration: Fortune
LTW : To Become The Law

Samuel McClelland
Aspiration: Popularity
LTW: To Become The Law

Me and Sandy both decided we would like to go to law school after University and become attorneys. But hey that is a long way off now, isn't it? We are still in Prosperity Falls High School and havin' lots of fun! Well, I do have lots of fun at school. But man, if mom didn't go crazy with a garden after we moved. There was so much more room at the new place, she said, no point in letting it go to waste. She and dad built a greenhouse.

We all worked in it. Me, Sandy, mom and dad. Mom was especially proud of her plants, and thought maybe her garden was prize winning. She called The Garden Club.

That old woman came over and told mom she was gonna get the garden police to come and look things over. Mom seemed to be all over it! She was happy! But I guess it all worked out for her.

But even though mom got the prize, the wishing well, that didn't stop all the hard work in the garden.

It never stopped. Ever. We had to go out there and check things twice a day to make sure there was no weeds or plant sickness. Well, I finally got tired of it and decided to do something about it.

I started paying a girl to come around and do my share of the work. That left me time to do other things. HAHA! Man, I was really clever with that.

I found out I could wish for friends with that thing. I would throw a quarter in, and three friends would automatically appear. Right there in the yard! (Editor: With Samuel being a Pop Sim, he constantly wanted new friends.) That well is the best thing ever. Now I don't think the garden work was all that bad.

Dad tried his best to get some fishing done in the pond in the back yard. But he kept pullin' trash out of there.

Eventually, we all figured it out, and started catchin' some fish. Great big catfish and some bass.
Mom would grill them, and our cat Belle liked them too. I would just sorta leave one layin' around, like, and she would eat it.

Belle is a big eater now. She can eat one of those fish up lickety-split.

I have friends over pretty often. Here we are havin' a discussion about video games. Err, I should mention this was also during the visit with the headmaster. Yeah, me and Sandy got in to private school. She is the one that wanted it. Yeah, I guess it will help us in University and Law School. Mom was busy doing other things too when there wasn't any gardenin' to do.

Mom got a job, and is now an Education Minister. Yeah. My mom the teacher.

I guess that is about it. Me and Sandy won't leave for University for a little while yet. See ya later.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS this round: Maris reaches TOC - Education, Garden Club membership and Wishing Well.


Anonymous said...

Ahh! Jayrus's house is not compatible. Oh well, the new house from Seasons is good. That garden is HUGE!!

Good update! Xuan's house is next!


Bubbs said...

Does Rocco show up everywhere? Briding the gardener? Hmm, what type of lawyer will he turn out to be? Hmm....

Nice house! So sad about the other house.

ruby said...

TDF he likes the well so the work in the yard was worth it I reckon, clever boy hiring the gardener!

Twoyys4me said...

How strange about the house! But I loved how Samuel and Sandy turned out and I admit I love Pop Sims even more since I got the wishing how easy to get the '20 bf's want' now! Both going for The Law eh? great stuff. :)

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Interesting, both of them want to be THE LAW. Sorry, just had to emphasize it, makes me giggle, lol. Congrats on the well. I was trying to get one for my Legacy family, but I haven't played them in forever. Mary Strickland? Oh dear, she escapes me. I'll just wait to see who she is.

QueenofSimtopia said...

Wow, that garden looks like a lot of work! I can hardly stand gardening like 6 plots. My laziness is so pathetic...

Wow, Sandy looks A LOT like one of my sims in my Prosperity Challenge. Ally Walsh and her could be twins (they both have the same hairstyle, but their faces also look v. similar). Great round Wen.

Kerry said...

That photo of Belle and the fish is hilarious. Sammy seems like a very dynamic young man--I'm sure he'll go far in the legal field!

Rachel said...

I know that house you picked for these guys, I love it! Great job on the wishing well! It's the best thing ever!