Friday, May 11, 2007


Title: XEN

Lot: Strickland Farm v.2 - Kolton, Cara, Mary, Ruby, Xen, Ginn and Princess

Last Visit: The Anotothians Learn Something New

Hey ya. Kolton here. Well, things are alot different then the last time I talked to ya. Man when I first came home from college, I still felt like it was pretty much party city around here. Ya know...havin' friends over, havin' fun. Yeah. Well, things really changed. Now I feel like real life has hit me right up side of the head. I really am the head of the household now. Well, dad loved his cats.

Especially Ginn. Well, I just kinda tolerate the cats. They are mom and dad's. Turns out me and Cara's baby Ruby loves 'em too.

My goodness, but she was always constantly huggin' on the cats. Her, Princess, and Ginn really got along good. Party on, I say! Well, all good things come to an end. It came down hard around our house. Dad passed away.

I was like, "WOAH!" Now everybody looked up to me. Mom and dad were two peas in a pod, they were...she passed on the very same day he did. Joined by love in life, and death.

Goodbye mom. We didn't handle any of that very well. None of us did, even the cats freaked out.

But like we really needed to get ourselves together. We just started doin' our own thang. Me, I had a party, which was the beginning of the end. Who woulda ever though partyin' would be a bad thing? Well, I knew Cara had her romancin' ways, but I just really thought she had stopped alla that when she got married to me...her hunky man. I thought I fulfilled alla her needs! Boy was I wrong. I made a big ol' mistake invitin' Xuan Robbins to the party. I heard he was a real romancer, that one. We were in University around the same time, and I remember him. He had a reputation.

Oh my gosh. I ended up belting Cara right in front of everyone at the party. Yeah...we are in our underware. We had just worked in a quick woo-hoo before our party guests started arriving. See him? That's Bubbs Strickland. (aka. Mr. Knowledge). See, Strickland walked right over to her and laid a big ol' kiss right on her lips. Well, I couldn't see straight. (Editor - remember Cara is the one who visited Mr. Knowledge at his house and made out with him on the front lawn last round). He is my cousin, as a matter of fact. But hey, after a while I realized what just happened between those two was really nothin'. I don't have to worry about Bubb's bell-bottomed courdory, disco swingin', loud print shirted ways. It was only a kiss. But by the time I realized it, it was too late.

Cara and I was real broken up after all that. I returned to dating, and she did too.

It wasn't long before I counted it all up...I had had 50 first dates. Suddenly I felt like I didn't need to date anymore. But Cara was still mad at me for smacking her around at the party. I decided to get a job, I went into the Culinary Field like Cara. Maybe I could get her attention again. My heart was feelin' real heavy...I lost mom and dad....I did some heavy dating right under Cara's nose...and the cats started fighting all the time.

It seemed like nothing was going right at all. Eventually, Dad's favorite cat, Ginn ran away. Again. He still hasn't come home. Ruby really misses him. Well speaking of Ruby, her and Mary, our adopted daughter, had birthdays. I reckon I can talk about that. Even though we didn't have big parties or nothin'. My heart and soul just wasn't in it.

Ruby grew up to a beautiful little girl. I am just the proudest pappa ever...but I feel like I don't deserve such a beautiful girl.

Here is one of my favorite pictures of the girls. They sure get along good. I am the luckiest guy ever.

Mary Strickland
Aspiration: Family
LTW: To Reach Golden Anniversary

Ah well. She is the complete ssoiu oidjg;....

***** static.....BLEEP, BLEEP, BLEEP****

Xuan: Hahahahah! I did it!!!!!

Jati: It isn't enough Xuan. You know that.

Zaed: Xuan! Explain in detail!

Xuan: Yes indeedy. I was invited by Kolton Strickland to that "Boo-Hoo My Father Is Dead Party." All that was a real downer, but then I saw his wife there...what a hot chick! RWAWRR!

Zaed: Stick to the facts, boy. Whilst a voluptuous body is admirable in a human female, it is not necessary or required to pass your abilities to offspring.

*Xuan rolls his eyes* Alright. I went to the party, and saw Cara there. I checked her out, her womb was empty.

Quavi: What a great ability that is!

Xuan: Whatever. I figured I might be able to do somethin' there. This party wasn't gonna be a total bust, after all.

Zaed: Jati, give us the report about Cara Strickland. I understand the KING of ANATOTH has had contact.

Jati: Yes father.

Jati: Once Cara and Kolton had their arguement, Cara spent much time on the telescope. Which, given her romantic nature, I could only discern she was being directed by the KING. Romance Sims do not ordanairly spend valuable romancing time stargazing.

Xuan: Oh give me a break!

Zaed: Quiet, BOY! It is the KING we are discussing! You never disrespect the KING of ANATOTH!

*Xuan rolls his eyes, again*

Quavi: So the KING had a few words with Cara?

Jati: Yes indeed. Our people came paid her a visit. The KING did see to it that her memory was erased. She recollects nothing about the meeting.

Xuan: Naw, naw, was my superior body and gorgeous bedroom eyes....

*Zaed's brows shoot up in silent warning*

Quavi: Ahem. Let me say this....

Awkard silence.

Xuan: HUH???

*Zaed and Quavi look at each other, confused*.

Jati: Xuan, their telepathy just zoned out.

Xuan. Yeah. HAHAHAHA!

Jati: Finish it Xuan. Just give me the report, I will file it with the KING.

Xuan: Okay. I suppose sufficeth to say, yes, Cara was visited by the Aliens.

Jati: You mean...OUR PEOPLE.

Xuan. What ever. Anyway, I found her to be more open to dating and stuff after that. In fact, she called me up on the phone.

Xuan: She called me from the Crypto-Night Club. She wanted me to come downtwon. I was really expecting it. After all, I am Xuan.

*Jati smirks*

Xuan: I had no trouble getting out of the house. Joy was busy with the rugrats. ha.

Xuan: When I arrived, I saw her there. I knew I was gonna get her, that night. I think she knew it too. I could SMELL her eagerness.

Jati: SMELL????

*Xuan glances at Jati fleetingly* Yes. Smell. I knew we were gonna woo-hoo. I am a woo-hoo machine! I AM XUAN!

Xuan: We woo-hoo'd in the photobooth at the club. I immediatley knew...she carried my seed. It quickly became a fetus.

Jati: Very good, Xuan.

Xuan: part in the mission is done. *Xuan leans back satisfactorily, fingers linked behind his head.*

Quavi: Xuan! You are not done! You must either pregnate her again, or find another womb!
You are not to be selfish with your abilities. I have sent my son Quartell to keep an eye on Cara and the new Anotothian, Xen.

Xuan: HUH? That is what he is doin' out in Cara's garbage can? HAHAHA! I thought he was just playin' in the trash.

*Zaed quickly glances around the table. He knows he is missing out on the silent conversation*.

Jati: So, Xuan. It is settled. You have managed one. One new Anotothian. You must father more.

*Xuan hangs his head, thinking...will it ever end.....*

Kolton shakes his head* Where was I? Oh yes. Mary is the complete opposite of me and Cara. Cara is a Romance Sim, where I am Pleasure. Mary wants to have a solid family life. More to her, I say. Even though she is adopted, I was sure she would pick up on me and Cara's likes and dislikes, somewhat. Ah well. Such is life.

It wasn't long after the party that Cara realized she was pregnant. I honestly wonder if I am the dad or not. I knew she was going out late at night to the clubs. I stayed home with the girls and studied for my job as Executive Chef. I am bucking to get on TV as a Celebrity Chef. I will make it, just you see.

I could have sworn I saw Robbins come creepin' by the house one night.

Well, let's put it this way. I KNOW he came around. He left a big bouquet of flowers on the front porch. I got rid of those poisonous things before my children had a chance to see them. I knew he and Cara had been together. But, she was already pregnant...and there I was wondering. I am not one to shun the little ones. I would stay right by Cara's side. I wanted to see this child.

The day came when my son Xen was born. XEN??? What the heck kind of name is that? Cara just sort of scribbled it down on the birth certificate before I had a chance to help her name him. He looks like me....sort of....we are the same color. But doggone it! He has those peculiar yellow eyes. Robbins' eyes isn't like that. so I really don't know where they came from. He has blonde hair. Blast it!

Well, Cara and I are talking again. She is as lovely as the day I first met her. She acts like she doesn't really remember much about the last few months. She smiles and cuddles Xen like he is priceless. Because of that, I love him too.



I am here tonight to report about the drama unfolding at the Strickland residence. It seems that Cara Olshfski-Strickland was abducted by Aliens on the Strickland lot some months ago. That's right!! ABDUCTED. The Alien abductions which were front page news years ago have resumed in the quiet unassuming town of Prosperity Falls.

And is it any surprise, that one of the Robbins clan has been seen around these parts? That's right, Xuan Robbins has been spotted at the home of Olshfski numerous times, seemingly courting the very married executive chef. It seems like we can connect the Robbinses with the Alien appearences.....

This is Berry Nosey...the chick with a Nose For News.....signing off on WeSIM!

ACCOMPLISHMENTS this round: Kolton -LTW - 50 first dates. Fraiser and Camryn - died in plat. One new Sim - Xen


Anonymous said...

Awww! Frasier and Cameron died! :(
Another of the Strickland Ten to go, let's hope Roz does not go next!
Xuan finally found someone! Even though she is married! This is what you get for letting married Romance sims revert to there base instincts.
I entered the contest, but I think I messed up. Let's hope I answered many questions right!
How do we send you the files for our Simselves?
(Sorry for sounding like a noobie!)


ruby said...

Yeah Xuan got him one! Woohoo, a beautiful boy with blond hair AND with the Anatothian eyes! Sweet! He's adorable and how funny is the boy in the trash can TDF!
Funnier yet is Berry Nosey is Lynn!! TDF! I love love love that, sooo funny!!
Great update as always Wen!!!

Bubbs said...

Awww, little Ruby loves her kittie. :) How sad, Kolton's parents both died on the same day. Wow - the whole house reacted to their deaths, sort of sad.

The excitement begins!! Look at Kolton going after Cara! All because of Xuan??? Poor Kolton seems all upset over it...awww. Poor girls didn't have a party? This family is just falling apart, huh?

Oh no! Cara has an empty womb for Xuan??? Joy was busy with HER & QUAVI's rugrats... OMG! Quartell is spying on them??? Xen has Xaun's family eyes!!!

Hehe - I'm Berry Nosey...roflmao!!

Twoyys4me said...

Nothing wrong with a 'wake', and always exciting in Prosperity Falls. :)
Bye to Frasier and Camryn- and congrats to Kolton for his LTW.
Cara's new baby is cute, and interesting genetics.
Love the pic of the kid in the trash... and Berry Nosey...LOL.. you're a riot. :)

Kerry said...

Whoa, very eventful! That photo of Quartell in the trash can was hilarious. I don't know, though, poor Xuan doesn't seem as enthused about the Mission as he could be....

Sally said...

-- I am a woo-hoo machine! I AM XUAN!

Too funny! And I love the picture of Quartell in the garbage can. So much drama and action. I just don't know how you keep track of all those sims - very impressive!

QueenofSimtopia said...

Yea for Xuan. It is about time! I seriously was starting to wonder if he really was as into women as he said he was *wiggles eyebrows*.

Love the Anothian chatter happening around here. Finally we got to see the infamous Berry Nosey! Well, kudos for another great round Wen!

Infinity-Nevermore said...

ROFL for last comment! I always love hearing the Anatothians talking. So Berry Nosey is Lynn/Bubbs? Cool. I also love the trash can pic. Must go back and figure out who the kid is. (sorry if this is a double post)

Katie said...

Very funny update. The Anatothians are really controlling the neighborhood. I think it's cool that you took that approach to the challenge. Maybe you should make up your own alien challenge?

Melissa said...

Quartell sure is interesting. So, even though Kolten knows that Cara was with Xuan he still wants her back? Very noble of him. (Or I guess he doesn't feel like he can judge ... lol).

Katie said...

Chapter 4: No Man's Land is up at my site. A trip out leads to conflict between Nikki and her mother.

Rachel said...

My goodness, drama, drama, drama! They break up but still live together?!!? Congrats on the 50 first dates! Xuan got a son! He was finally able to breed! I loved the kid in the garbage can, really did look like he is spying.
I can't help but notice all the sims named after simmers but no Rachel! ruby is beautiful though

Mel said...

So much much to comment on! First, isn't it weird how even the male sims can smack around their significant other, even though it's like....oh I don't know, spousal abuse?! LOL Then, that picture of Quartell in the garbage can! I literally busted out laughing! That was priceless! And finally, it's nice to finally put a face to Berry Nosey!