Tuesday, May 08, 2007

And Then There Was One

Title: And Then There Was One

Lot: Strickland.1a - Barry-James, Mackenzie, Shawn-Michael, Michael-Douglas and Benny

Last Visit: My Three Sons

Hey, yeah...it is me Jim-Bob again. Like I said last time I talked to ya, I was leavin' for University. But bein' that I will probably be the one to come back home with a wife to take care of mom and dad when they get old, I guess I am the reporter for the family. Ahem. Alrighty then.

Even though I don't actually live here anymore, I live in the dorm at Uni, I still come around and get alla the gossip. See there? That is our dog Benny in the back yard. See the flower beds behind him? Well, something strange happened there. That is where my grandpa Marc-Henry and granny Kerris was buried. I say was. Well, apparently they did come out to haunt one night.

See, there they are. Don't ask me how dad got their ghostly bodies on film. Heh. They passed away when I was around 10 years old or so, and mom and dad just started a family grave yard in the back yard. I suspect they think they were gonna be buried there too. As a kid I was a little creeped out by a coupla graves in the back yard. I had to walk right by 'em to go visit with Benny in the dog house.

Shawn-Michael Strickland
Aspiration: Popularity
LTW: To Become A Celebrity Chef

Well, I don't wanna get ahead on things. I digress. My brother Shawn-Michael had a birthday. Yeah, he really helped me through a rough patch when granny Kerris died. Anyhow, he said he wants to be sure to be known by lots of people like dad, and wants to be a chef like dad once was. I guess he really looks up to him. But that is when I came home to get caught up on stuff, I came to Shawn's birthday party. That is when I found out the problem about the graves disappearing.

Mom was really worried about it, and didn't know what to do. She had heard of a grave being robbed years ago, in the Strickland family. It was my great-grandma Brandi's grave. And then there was the disappearance of Shauntasia Strickland's grave at Sim State. She was grandma Brandi's step granddaughter. So now there are thoughts that maybe somebody has it out for the Strickland family. That is kinda far fetched, but it does make one stop and think, doesn't it? Four graves stolen all in the same family.

Mom said she thought she heard somebody back there in the back yard one night, but Benny wasn't even barking or anything so she didn't have dad go look. She said she was too scared. But, the next day the graves were gone. Just fresh earth was there. Mom feels guilty now, if only she and dad had come outside, they might have been able to stop it. That is when Mom and Dad decided to put the house up for sale.

The house didn't sell right away. Sluggish market. So life just went on for a while. Michael-Douglas had a birthday soon after mine. He still wears those silly feely heart things on his head. Mom had them on his head constantly as a little kid, and he wont' stop wearing them now. I think it is like his security blanket or something. Shawn-Michael said it must be a Strickland thing. Kirstee Strickland wore them too.

After Michael-Douglas grew up, he took over feeding Benny. At least he could walk in the back yard and not deal with the graves being there all in his face and everything. In fact, Michael-Douglas is workin' hard to fill in the shoes that both Shawn-Michael and I left behind.

He is the man about the neighborhood visiting the pretty girls that come by...

He is the toast of the town making great dinner conversation....

And you might as well say he is the greatest speaker Prosperity Falls has ever seen. Maybe he wants to follow in the footsteps of Granny Kerris someday and become Mayor. Well. That remains to be seen. He is just bein' a kid for now. And that is enough.

Did I say earlier that Michael-Douglas is filling in the shoes that both Shawn-Michael and I left behind? Yup. Shawn has joined me at Sim State. Here are some of the things he got accomplished before he left.

He and dad discussed manly things like skilling so he could properly provide for a family. I guess you might as well say this was Shawn's birds and bees talk. Not like he really didn't know where Sim babies come from or anything. You know how it is. Parents just seem to think they have to have this discussion.

The day Shawn turned 18, he took dad's car to Cold Issue Clothing to get some new duds. Down there he met up with Martin Strickland. He is head of the Strickland Clan now since Chevy died. Shawn thought maybe he could get some info about Granny Brandi's grave being stolen, but Martin said that was way before his time. Chevy never said nothin' about it. I guess the fact that his sister's grave stolen too had an affect on him. Shauntasia. Shawn told Martin about Kerris and Marc-Henry's graves disappearing. Martin said there definitely needed to be an investigation. He would see to it.

Shawn was also on the phone talkin' to the girls. There was one girl in particular he was talkin' to. One of the Robbins girls.

Jessica Robbins (Quavi's daughter) seems to had caught Shawn's eye. I don't think he kept up with her after he went to University, but they sure had it good in the meantime. They were goin' steady and everything.

Well, eventually he left for University just like I did. Shortly after that, mom and dad sold the house, and moved into a brand new two car garage brick rancher. It has a workshop in it for dad, and mom has plenty of yard space for a garden. I haven't seen it yet, I guess I will be able to show it to you next time.

I am sure Benny will like living in the new house too. No more sleeping in cramped corners for him. Until next time. This is Jim-Bob signing off!


BERRY NOSEY REPORTING! I am at the home of Barry-James Strickland. It seems two graves disappeared from the family graveyard the Stricklands had erected in the back yard behind the family garage.

"Mr. Strickland, tell me in your own words, what happened to the grave of the former mayor of Prosperity Falls, Kerris Robbins-Strickland?"

Barry-James - "Well, one night my wife Mackenzie Capehart-Strickland heard noises outside. Like it was comin' from the back yard. She didn't bother gettin' me up to investigate because the dog wasn't barking. She thought she was just hearin' things. The next day when my son went to the back yard to feed Benny the dog, he reported the graves were gone. Just like that."

Berry Nosey - "I see. But Mr. Strickland. The Strickland family has a strong history of graves disappearing over the last 3 decades. Didn't you think maybe it was happening again?"

Barry-James - "No, I never gave a thought to it. I never thought anyone would want the bones of the former Mayor, and those of my father, former Captain Hero Marc-Henry Strickland. I mean, who would want them?"

Berry Nosey - "Mr Strickland. Is it true Vampiress Lillith Strickland-Capehart has been seen in these parts lately, late at night?"

Barry-James - "I suppose so. We never had any trouble out of the Vampires in the Strickland family. Lillith Strickland-Capehart is one of the daughters of Chevy Strickland. In fact, she is a Mad Scientist, and has helped many in this town overcome illnesses and worries."

Berry Nosey - "So let me get this straight. You don't find it odd that a Vampire who is also a Mad Scientist has been hanging out around your yard lately? And don't you find it odd, that a member of the Robbins Family, Jessica Robbins has suddenly made friends with a member of this household?"

Barry-James - "No I don't. I don't find it odd that a Vampire who is a Being of the Night, was seen on the corner in front of my house at midnight. Jessica Robbins is Kerris Robbins-Strickland's distant cousin. I don't find it odd that she has befriended my son Shawn-Michael at all. I really don't think I like what you are insinuating. I think you should take your *blankety-blank* note book and tape recorder and get the heck offa my property. NOW!"

Berry Nosey - Well, readers, there you have it. A Vampire who is a Mad Scientist had been spotted snooping around the Strickland graveyard shortly before the graves disappeared. Kerris Robbins-Strickland ancestry has never really come out in the open, but then we see her cousin Jessica comin' around the Mayoral mansion all of a sudden. Jessica's heritage is questionable as well. Her father, Quavi Robbins, is Kerris Robbins's cousin. Hmm. The plot thickens.

Dear readers, I would like to announce I will be quitting the Prosperity Falls Gazette as the Investigative Reporter. Next week I will be starting a position as Investigative Reporter for a new upstart television station in Prosperity Falls, WeSIM. See you next time on the big screen! This is Berry Nosey, signing off!

Accomplishments This Round: Mackenzie reaches TOC as a Rock Star.


Anonymous said...

What happened to Kerris and Marc-Henry? They were a couple of my favorite characters? Did Lillith steal them?
Thanks for coming back! I have been reading yours and Lynn's legacy challenge. It is different from other legacy blogs, but it is still good.
Thanks for Vonfirmath! He is now in my new prosperity challenge, Gallant Point. After the first round, he got married to Kari (the OFB townie with pigtails) and had his first daughter, Vanessa. She has Von's skintone and purple eyes and Kari's black hair.
Again, thank you for updating!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for double-posting. I have to learn to type my name in.


ASimWen said...

Hi Steven - I love the graves and ghosts in my hood. But occasionally due to bugs, the tombstones disappear. I have incorporated it into this hood by using 'grave robbers' in the storyline. In each case for this hood, the character files were completely destroyed...I couldn't bring them back with SimPE to put them on my page for download. So sad.

ASimWen said...

PS Steven, I would LOVE to see a picture of Venessa. :)

Anonymous said...

I do not think that I will be blogging my challenge, so do you have an email I can send you pictures of everyone if you want them.
There are 3 families, the Capeharts with Vonfirmath, Kari, and Vanessa. There is the Ardeals with Marcel, Kelly (who is pregnant), Tessa, Julian and Melody. There is also the Larsons. This family just recently lost there mother in a fire, so the teenagers Lisa and Micah have to take care of their younger siblings Ron and Rebecca.

I can not take the time to blog my challenge between everything I do. So if you have an email I can send pictures to, I can send pictures of everyone if you want. I can continue to do this through the challenge if you want


Bubbs said...

Shawn-Michael and Jessica Robbins? Hmm, future couple maybe IF Quavi approves, lol.

Tsk, tsk poor Benny on the floor...get that dog a BED!!

WeSIM? That sopunds interesting...

Felicia said...

It's fun to see a boy with the Robbins skin kiss a girl with the Robbins name. ;)

Berry Nosey is annoying me. He takes a "No, I don't think that's suspicious" as "I'm covering something up!" Ugh, I hate that kind of so-called reporter... (But you do write him just the way they are!)


ruby said...

Yeah Berry Nosey! WeSIM? Ooooo, I look forward to this!
Poor Benny, he's a good sport about it though.. he's a sweetie.
Shawn-Michael & Jessica are cute together but that guy in the back smiling at them while they kiss... creepy!
*fanning self* I forgot how handsome Martin is... rawrrrr!!!!
TDF I am guessing you're going to have Michael-Douglas wear those dangle things his entire life? I look forward to his wedding pictures heh!

Melissa said...

Funny that Lillith was there the night the graves disappeared - tending the flowers at that. Hmmmm... very suspicious.

So Shawn-Michael didn't keep up with Jessica at Uni? Who will he end up with?

Infinity-Nevermore said...

So that's why I couldn't get Kerris and Marc-Henry. Darn you Lillith!
WeSIM? This sounds interesting.
Berry Nosey makes me look bad. We aren't all like that. At least I'm not. But he is entertaining in his own way.
BTW, I think Shawn-Michael is hot. XD

QueenofSimtopia said...

A little bit late on the uptake here but nevertheless...

Great round Wen! Like Felicia, I too found the whole dude with Robbins skintone kissing girl with the last name of Robbins thing interesting. Unlike Felicia though, I love Berry Nosey. Just adds to the whole plot line a bit.

ASimWen said...

Hi Steven, you can send me the pictures at asimwen(at)gmail.com. I am glad everyone is enjoying Prosperity Falls. Look forward to more fun.... :)

Anonymous said...

I will email you pictures and comments. Maybe I will blog my stories, but how do you get started on your blog? I need to set up a blog and test it before I actually start.

Also, where did you get Michael-Douglas's heart feelers?


ASimWen said...

Steven, the heart feelers are a Maxis item, they originally came out for free download last year for Valentine's day. I think. You can find them at the official website if you don't already have them in the hair bin. If you want your Sim to wear them, go to the mirror and change appearance.
When I do a blog entry, I start out with that neighborhood picture. I already have all my photos sorted and labeled. I tend to think about a blog entry for a couple of days, and look over the pictures in My Documents folder each day, gives me ideas before I actually write.

Rachel said...

Great update as always. Oh no, dissappearing graves!!! Not good! (OK, I knew about this from the TS2) The graves on the lots are sort of creepy.

Mel said...

Hmmm, isn't it time Barry Nosey retire?! J/K! I like how you incorporate in-game glitches in the story.