Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Alla Them Kids

TITLE: Alla Them Kids

Lot: Strickland.3 - Roz, Shane, Robin, Jenny, Kelley, Rocca and Alexis

Last Visit - Growing Up Alien

Well, howdy hunnies. This chere's Roz, and Ah have to tell ye, Ah'm jest besahd myse'f. All me 'an Shane's kids is growin' up an' moving raght outtna house. Yep, gone with th' wind...to Uni.
Well, Ah reckon Ah kin take comfort in th' fact thet alla our babies are hedin' t' me and Shane's all ma matter.......Sim State University. Thar's only two of 'em left, outta 6. Yep. Alla mah babies. Well, Ah actually only birthed two of 'em. Shane had the other four. Green skinned babies. But well, we loved 'em all jest the same. Looky here. Here is Kelly 'n Jenny's birthday pictures.

See how we done it? Th' twins jest lined up on either end of th' dahning room table. Lordy, there wasn't much room in thar fer all of us to wish the girls happy birthday. We really had tuh crowd in thar.

Them girls would hit the books raght after school with Robin. Mah oh mah. How lucky me an' Shane are tuh have kids that was so serious about their studies! Them girls would hunker raght down after school an' git to it. Why, Ah wanted tuh reward th' girls for bein' so good about ever'thing, Ah sent 'em off tuh town tuh git makovers. They went shoppin' at Cold Issue Clothin' for some new clothes, and went and had thar hairs done too. But mah goodness, they come back with a wild story from Cold Issue.

Thar's a boy thet works down thar, his name is George McCarthy. Well, th' girls 'roun' Prosperity Falls think this boy is it, now hunny lemme tell ya. Blonde hair, blue eyes, the whole shebang. A real looker, if you know what Ah mean. Sorta like, he is wild lookin' . Well, seems the Count Orlando Moniff had his evil eye on the poor boy.

Well, Ah didn' fahnd it hard ter believe this wuz goin' on. The Count loves tuh bite people here. He also bit our local Diva....Vyn Hutchins in thet vary same store. But, Ah have to express mah thoughts. Thet boy George didn' seem too upset about it a-'tall. In fact thet boy smiled throught the whole thing! Lahk it was all enjoyable, lahk.

See whut Ah mean? Ah really don' know how attractive he is gonna be tuh the girls now. GAWD, think of it! Sallow looking skin, red ahs...an' them fangs. Oh well. Tahm will tell, won't it? Lordy, Ah really got sidetracked, didn't Ah? Here are th' twins pictures, after thier makeovers downtown. Mah goodness, but Shane makes purdy babies.

Jenny Trimble
Aspiration - Fortune
LTW - To Own 5 Top Level Businesses

Kelly Trimble
Aspiration - Fortune
LTW - To Become A Business Tycoon

Them two girls are money hunters jest lahk their daddy, mah Shane, and they have already taken off for University, along with mah Robin. Th' last one Ah actually brought inta this worl'.

Buh-bye hunny. Your mamma loves you with alla her heart hunny. *Roz blows a kiss into the photograph* Well really. Ah luv alla th' younguns thet called this house home. Ah really do. Ah em jest feelin' a maght empty raght at this moment. *sniff*.

Well, lemme move on tuh news about th' other two babies of Shane's, Rocco and Alexis. Heh, Rocco is th' only boy thet has graced the halls of this home, not countin' Shane. Shane is a man's man. Mah goodness. *Roz fans herself delicately with her hand* Ah cain't get enuff of Shane.

*Whew!* We really have tuh watch ourse'ves...lessen we embarrass one of th' kids er sumthin' with th' attentions we tend to bestow upon each other at a moment's notice. Oh mah goodness! Ah done it agin! Excuse mah rudness. Roz delicately clears her throat.

On ter Rocco an' Alexis. Agin, Ah am so sorry!

Alexis Trimble
Aspiration - Fortune
LTW - To Become A Business Tycoon

Our beautiful Alexis is the dictionary description of the word femininity. Th' girl has the delicate bone structure of a greek goddess, she does. Mah goodness an' th' girl kin sure pick the clothes that becomes her unusal complexion, an' a hair cut thet jest pulls it all together. An' jest like her two older sisters, she wants ter be a fortune hunter lahk her daddy. Ah cain't say th' same fer Rocco, th' only boy.

Rocco Trimble
Aspiration - Knowledge
LTW - To Become A Space Pirate

Our boy Rocco reeks of testosterone, thet one does. No sittin' behahn desks an' such figgerin' whar the next million is gonna come frum. Thet one wants ter git out an' experience lahf, full force raght in th' kisser. Ah really do need tuh be concerned tho. Them two went off an' found them loves...yes they did. Ah sincerely hope thet don' ruin any future plans they have already made. (Editor - Read bout their loves in a future blog entry, coming soon). Him an' Alexis haven't left fer Uni yet. But Ah kin see it comin' . Ye kin bet thet.

Well hun Ah guess thet is about it. Now Ah kin look forward tuh grandchildren, yes Ah kin. It is almost tahm fer our first born, Sheri to come home from Uni. Ah am sooo lookin' forward tuh bein' a granny. Why, mah goodness, Ah will have tuh start a new photo album. Ah. No Ah kin start plannin' it. Scrapbookin' an' all. Ah have plenty tuh do. Hun, Ah will see yuh later, okay? Luv ya, see you soon!

Odd Pics Out:

This is the first time I have ever had fire jump out of the fireplace. I can't tell if the rug caught on fire, or if the book did. Fireman Mitch came in plenty of time to save the day.

Here, Kelley looks none too thrilled to leave for Uni as Rocco enthusiastically waves goodbye.

Accomplishments: Hmmmm....No scorable ones that I can think of. Heh.


Bubbs said...

Oh no! George has been vamped!! He does seem to be happy about it. Jenny & Kelly look great! Alexis looks good too. Rocco the space pirate? What does he want to find relatives??

HAHA - fire jumps! Looks like the book was burning. Rocco seems really happy that Kelly is moving out.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, George was vamped! All of the aliens look great, but Alexis is the best looker. How do you get so lucky with good-looking aliens?

Great update!


Katie said...

I can't believe you are still going on this prosperity challenge, that takes a lot of concentration. Especially when your families are all so big! I agree, your aliens are the best looking I have seen. If Sheri is coming back from college and has a kid, will that be the fifth generation and will that mean the challenge is over?
Anyway, great job and can't wait to see where this goes next!

ASimWen said...

To Katie: Actually, the fifth generation has been born. It was Violet Capehart in the Capehart house...
Actually, the challenge isn't over until the first of the fifth generation DIES.....

QueenofSimtopia said...

Wow, the aliens in this household are gorgeous! (Well, Rocco is rather odd, but the girls are all gorgeous!) Specially, Alexis and Kelly! Wow, all your simmies grow up so fast, I remember when all those aliens were born... thanx for a quick update Wen (and in the middle of the week too! I think you are starting to enjoy posting when we least expect it).

ruby said...

George seems to like his new look! I'm sure some girl some where will want a vampy blond boyfriend. *nods*

Hey I like Rocco especially as he's so excited to see his sister leave *giggle* too funny!

Poor Roz, she will be fine once she gets some grandbabies to fuss over.

Kerry said...

Aww, poor Roz! She's really having empty nest pangs, isn't she? It's a good thing she's still so, um, interested in Shane--hopefully that will keep her going while she waits for grandchildren. I agree that your aliens are lovely--I like Rocco, though, I think he looks cool.

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Wow, somebody's gotta de-fang that Grand Vamp. He's biting everybody! Oh well. You do have great looking aliens, and I love Roz's new hair.

Rachel said...

Great update Wen! I love how roz talks. that George really does seem to be enjoying the byte. The alien kids really are quite attractive for aliens! Great update!

Mel said...

Great update! One question, and I'm sure you've answered this somewhere before, but for the uni groups, how long do you play them in a round? I'm thinking of doing freshman/sophmore, then junior/senior. Any suggestions? I know uni can be so long!

ASimWen said...

For Mel: I spread four Uni plays out in one round. In the beginning of the challenge, I used to only play one semester per play, that is two years of Uni in a round. The last couple of rounds I have been accelerating some of the more interesting Sims through quickly so I could get them back to the hood.