Sunday, March 25, 2007

Why Do I Need A Playmate?

Title: Why Do I Need a Playmate?

Lot: Capehart.1 - Tosca, Kelsey, Jodi-Ann, Marty, Jason, and Dog

Last Visit: It All Went To The Dogs

Hey, I am just a kid, but I can tell ya about my grandma, her name is Tosca. See, she is havin' trouble. *Jodi-Ann whispers something in Marty's ear* Huh? Ok. *sigh* My name is MARTY. I am 10 years old. Mom says it is my job to tell ya today about my grandma, Tosca McClelland. She is sad. See, my grandpa Johnson was eaten by a cowplant...somewhere....
and so grandma is sad. But she did some things to try and make herself happy. Like, getting a dog. Andy.

Yeah, that is Andy, an old stray dog that kept comin' around. Grandma would give him food and stuff and pet him alot. Finally dad built a dog house and put it in the corner of the yard, and grandma put out a dog bowl full of food. Andy just decided to move in. That is alright. He is an okay dog.

Grandma would go to the cemetary and visit grandpa. That is when she felt the saddest. One day she came back from the cemetary and told us that she had made arrangements to move grandpa's grave to our house and put him in the family graveyard out back.

The first day grandpa was home with us he came out to visit. So it is sorta like he never left. Grandma says he is much happier here at home with us rather than in the cemetary in the city where he didn't know anyone.

Oh lemme tell ya about dad. He is happier nowadays too. He said he got promoted to the top of his job. Man, do I have the coolest dad! He looks like a super-villian!!!

He stayed with that job for a while, then he got a job in adventure. Man! I can't wait to grow up so I can do cool stuff like dad.

Jodi-Ann gives Marty 'the look'. Uhhh. Okay. Mom and dad were gettin' along real good these days, I mean real good. Dad would pinch mom on the butt and stuff and she thought that was the greatest thing.

That was when mom started talkin' about 'Giving Marty someone to play with'. I guess that is when Mom got Jason.

Well, I had a birthday too, I really don't remember much about when I was a little kid and stuff. I guess after I grew up some mom started talkin' about a brother or sister for me. I guess dad was all for it.

I didn't feel lonely or anything, like I needed someone to play with. Andy was around to play with, and grandma too. So I really think Jason is here because mom wanted him.

Dad was real good about helping me learn stuff, said I would need to know all kinds of things about life. I did see my great grandpa Jayrus one night, the same way I saw grandpa Johnson. Dad says they come around to keep an eye on us and keep us safe. I feel better about that.

Another thing I don't understand, why we needed Jason. I have Birdie too that I play with. He is a really kewl bird. Talks to me and stuff. Why did I need a little brother?

Finally the day came when Jason was born. Grandma got jealous because she wanted to hold him right way, but mom said she was busy 'bonding' with him. Mom told grandma she would have to wait her turn to hold the new baby.

Me, I just went to school like usual. So what. There is a new baby in the house. He did nothing but cry and pee his pants. So where is this great "Playmate for Marty" mom keeps talkin' about? Huh? Jodi-Ann giggles.

Well, he is growing up some. He had a birthday. Dad helped him blow out the candles.

Mom said he was real cute, that he takes after the Strickland side of the family as far as looks go. She said he looks like grandpa Barry-James. Accept she doesn't know where he got his curly hair. I say he is a FREAK. Yeah. A freak of nature.

Well, maybe he will be alright to go out in the yard and play catch with and stuff. He has to grow up some before I will do that with him.

Maybe we can get Andy to stand up the the neighborhood cats. He just stands around and lets them eat his food. And stuff. Dumb dog.

Well, I guess that is all. I'm done. Jodi-Ann smiles and kisses Marty on the cheek. "Good job, Marty."

ACCOMPLISHMENTS THIS ROUND: TOC and LTW for Kelsey: Criminal Mastermind. New job: Hostage Negotiator in the Adventure field. TOC for Jodi-Ann - Mad Scientist. New want: Education. 1 New Sim: Jason


Bubbs said...

Johnson seems much happier with his grave at home. Marty isn't too happy about having a brother...haha! Not a brother, a FREAK of NATURE...too funny!

ruby said...

I love this kid! Too funny, one of your best updates Wen. Awesome job thinking like a 10 yr old
Well as freak of natures go, Jason is awfully cute.
Welcome home Johnson! *waving*

Charity said...

Teehee - you have a llama ghost! That cracks me up!
How cute! I loved hearing this from Marty's point of view.

Rachel said...

Yay Johnson came home!

"I say he is a FREAK. Yeah. A freak of nature." That was SO funny! Marty is so cute. Hopefully his little brother will grow on him.

Mel said...

Ahh!! Marty's adorable! Jodi-Ann's a good mom! Love it!