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The Robbins, Week 15 / Headquarters Moves

Headquarters Moves

Lot: Mission Control - Zaed, Synclare, Jati, Samarah, Brax, and Skyliana

Last Visit: The Next Generation Begins

*AHEM* I clear my throat. "Hi there".

Zaed looks down his nose at me, full of disdain. "YES?" Silence.

Me: Ummm...I am ASimWen.

Zaed: And that matters to me because....?

Me: I suppose it doesn't matter to you.

Zaed: I am glad we have an understanding. Now that you are in front of me, speak your peace.

Me: Well...I heard you lost your house.

Zaed: *THUNDERS* Not just my house! I lost the Headquarters for the Mission! The building the entire operation has been run from since my father Timo landed on this earth! Every brilliant decision was made in that building. It is gone....gone. But I am Zaed! I can build it again, from the ground up!

Me: Errr...Zaed. I am sorry to hear about your loss. Do you care to tell me about it?

Zaed: Why should that matter to you? And what do you know of the Mission?

Me: I know a little. Really. How the Anotothians want to spread their DNA all over earth and populate..yadda, yadda, yadda...

Zaed leans in closely, drops voice to a whisper If I tell you, you will not tell anyone? Especially the media?

Me: Youv'e got my word. Cross my heart, stick a pin in my eye.

Zaed looks at me like he doesn't have a clue. Alright. Even though you are a mere mortal, and a female at that, I will tell you.

It was like any other day. I was showing the females of the headquarters that I was in control. The Master of the Mission. I had just put new wallcoverings in the home to please my mortal wife, Synclare. She said she was bored with her surroundings.

Me: So you did something to please her.

Zaed: It was a small thing, and of no consquence.

My Synclare and I still make lots of woo-hoo. It seemed like it was on my mind all the time. And she was like minded. So, as a small gift of my affection for Syn, I wallpapered the Mission Headquarters for her.

Me: You are so sweet.

Zaed: *SILENCE* I have a human mother, you know.

Me: I know. The lovely Meadow Thayer, the heart throb of every Sim Boy's dream.

Zaed: I have her blood in my viens. Sometimes human traits come out of me. Like affection. *shakes head* On with the story.

It was my grandson's birthday. Brax. As you can see, Synclare and I just woo-hoo'd. We are in our underware. That is a common sight in any Anotothian's home.

Me: Birthdays, or walking around in underware?

Zaed: Both.

The boy grew up to toddler. He was a quick learner. Alas, he did not have pointed ears like mine, but the ears do stick out from the sides of his head somewhat. Perhaps our ears are evolving.


Yes, I believe we may be evolving. He has the Anotothian skintone. That is a plus. However, he has the eyes of the Bostics of Prosperity Falls. That was passed from my lovely wife Synclare.

Me: Enough genetics. How do you lose you home?

Zaed: *SIGHS* Well, I met this pretty kitty named Kobe.

Me: *blinking rapidly* Errr...I'm sorry? You met a pretty kitty?

Zaed: Who met a pretty kitty? I did not. *clears throat* Here is what happened. The leaves started falling from the trees. Then my house blew away.

Me: Really?

Zaed: Yes. We were homeless for a while. Fortunately the Robbinses have built up a massive fortune and I was able to find a fine building immediately and set up the office once again to make my reports to the king of Anatoth. Here is a photo of the new Mission Control building.

Me: I am dually impressed. My, the sky looks gray. Like it is about to begin raining.

Zaed: It did. Water fell from the sky. Every day! pfft. I built a building on the property to house all the skilling tools for future generations of Anotothains to use.

At any rate, this building has much room for us all. More room for more Anotothians to be born.

Me: You plan on more babies here? Yes, it looks like it might accomodate.

Zaed: Of course it will accomodate! My son Jati has already fathered two, and has a third on one the way! He is a multiplier!

Me: What about Xuan?

Zaed: DON'T GET ME STARTED. Xuan is naught but a boy in a man's body. He must have been a the end of the line when Anotothian thinking was passed out. I can only hope to see him procreate before I die so he can pass on his telepathic powers. I can only be mystified why he has this. He has it stronger than anyone in the family. The rest of us, it comes and goes. His is always turned on.

Hrumph! Well. After we moved into this new building, the leaves continued to fall. My son Jati made the decision to keep them off the earth in the hopes this new building wouldn't blow away as well.

Me: I think that will work. *snicker*

Zaed: With all this business of getting the Mission back under Control, we had to cancel our meeting.

Me: Meeting? Please elaborate.

Zaed: The meeting with Xuan. To see how many new fetuses he had started. Jati also wanted additional time to study the this phenomenon with the leaves and the rain.

Me: It is called weather. Seasons.

Zaed: *Appraises my statement carefully* What say you about Seasons?

Me: Seasons. There are four of them the earth endures due to rotation of it axis, the atmosphere....the sun....

Zaed: Aha! I have heard of this on The Weather Channel on that contraption my daughter in law Samarah bought. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. GAD....the water falling from the sky....the leaves detaching from the branches of the must be Autumn! AAahhhh! There is no such thing on Anatoth! This is new to me! That is all it is? WEATHER?

Me: That is all it is. Trust me.

Zaed: In this I will have to, for I have no better answer. So what of my home blowing away? What say you about that?

Me: Oh is called a game crash.

Zaed: *Narrows eyes suspicously* A game crash? What is this crash?

Me: Well, after Seasons came to Prosperity Falls, your home was no longer available to visit. Crash.

Zaed: Again, woman, I will have to trust your word. Crash. But I can still see remnants of the old Mission Control building next door.

Me: That is because the graves of Timo and Meadow are still there. The ruins of the building will stay until I can figure out a way to move them here to your new headquarters since no one can currently move into the building to get them.

Zaed: Woman! Have you no sense? The Grim Reaper phone can be used to get them here! The very same phone my mother Meadow earned in the Paranormal field of work!

Me: Yes, I know. I am afraid to use it. I might get used to seeing Timo and Meadow again. They need to stay dead.

Zaed: That would only be one thing my father Timo could add to the notes in the computer. Coming back to life!

Me: *rolling eyes* Yeah....I suppose. So tell me. What has happened in the new Mission Control building since you moved in?

Zaed: My grandson Brax grew to child. A very smart child at that.

Me: He is very good looking. Like all you Robbins men.

Zaed: *Again, looks at me like he doesn't have a clue* He is Anotothian! That is all that matters. He will father many! I am grateful the first child of my son is a male to carry on!

Me: Are you telling me there is a girl around the Mission?

Zaed: Yes, her name is Skyliana.

Samarah gave birth to her shortly after we moved to the new building. Also, my son Jati also acheived the ultimate platinum response in his job field.

Now he can woo-hoo with Samarah tirelessly and make lots of Anotothian babies. Here is Skyliana's birthday picture to toddler.

Me: Always the proud grandpa, Zaed.

Zaed: Yes, well, quite. If you will excuse me now, it is time for me to rest. I really like this deck chair that came with this house. I sleep here alot.

Me: You go right ahead, Commander. Sleep tight. I will keep your secrets. And don't worry, I will work on the Timo/Meadow grave issue.



Zaed giggles in a very un-Anotothian like manner at the birthday party for Brax

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Jati - TOC and LTW - Criminal. 1 new Sim - Skyliana


Katie said...

I LOVED that update. You have such creative and original ways of presenting your information. I liked that you put yourself in it, so hilarious! And you looked at the SEASONS ep from the point of your Sims, so great! This was great, I loved it. Hope to see another one like this!

Bubbs said...

I wondered how you were going to approach the crash on here. Blew away??? LMAO! Zaed doesn't seem too happy about Seasons so far. Hopefully he will come around.

Love the giggle picture!!

Rubywyld said...

That was great Wen. Loved the Sim take on weather... and 'found a pretty kitty' ... LOL!

Kerry said...

I have to agree, Wen--this was the best update ever. I always get a kick out of the Anatothians, but this one was exceptionally funny. Thanks for a great read!

Rachel said...

This was great! But then again, what Anotothian update isn't? I loved you explaining the weather to Zaed.

"Pretty Kitty" was the best part!

ruby said...

That was hilarious! I have so many favorite lines for this one.. too many to count, pretty kitty naturally is one but "I have a human mother, you know." I was crying from the laughter!
Oh and, "The rest of us, it comes and goes. His is always turned on." TDF, yes that romancer is always turned on *giggle fits*
Awesome job on the house, its simply gorgeous!

Charity said...

Zaed is so funny. I like how he lets little bits of humanity slip into his story.
Teehee... You KNOW that in the odd pic out, he's laughing at Synclare's granny-panties!

Mel said...

GREAT! I could actually "see" you talking with Zaed! "Zaed leans in closely, drops voice to a whisper...If I tell you, you will not tell anyone?"....I can see him squinting his eyes and thinking to himself...."Do I trust her or no?" I loved it!