Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Obits

Title: The Obits

Lot: Capehart.3 - Niles, Doris, Justice, Karin, Samantha the Servo, Lincoln, Lori, Betsy Ross and Clara Barton Strickland.

Last Visit: Karin's Take On Things

The Prosperity Falls Gazette, March 24, 2007

Niles Strickland, age 72.

Niles Strickland died peacefully in his home after a rousing game of chess with his grandson, Lincoln, who is named after a United States president.

He leaves behind his grieving wife, Mayor of Prosperity Falls, Doris Strickland.

"Naturally, I will miss Niles," says the mayor. "But I will not let that deter my duties to the good people of Prosperity Falls. It will be business as usual at City Hall."

Niles Strickland attended Prosperity Falls Non-Denominational Church, and was an inventor and an artist. In his lifetime, he contributed big simoleons to his wife's political campaigns that he earned through smoozing with Important People in Prosperity Falls, he built and activited 2 Servos, and fathered 4 children. He was grandfather to four children. Niles always supported the Mayor in all her endeavors and kept everything repaired around the house using his superior mechanical abilities.

It wasn't long ago that Niles lost his father, Chevy Strickland, and his mother Kirstee Strickland. Niles was a Family Sim like his parents, but never felt the need to have 13 children like they did. "Four is plenty for me," he was heard to delcare one time. He is survived by two sons Justice (who lives at home with is wife Karin), and Bubbs, (AKA Mr. Knowledge), then daughters Heather and Sarah who are currently attending Sim State University.

Niles was very exited when it was realized his daughter in law Karin was expecting a new baby. "It is much more fun being a grandparent than a parent," Niles quipped one day. "You can love the little tykes and spoil them all day long, then hand them back over to momma and daddy when they are getting fussy and the day is done."

Niles was always around when it came to celebrating brithdays. He was always more than happy to assist his grandchildren in blowing out the candles. Of course, he was always more than happy to assist in the cake eating too! Niles had to go on an exercise program because of all the birthday cakes.

Buff Elderly Niles Strickland

Niles was extremely proud of his grandchildren. "Children are like diamonds. They sparkle and are so shiny...but some of 'em never get out of the rough stages."

It was found that Niles's grandson Lincoln is NOT like the man he his named after. Lincoln has been known to 'kick a person' when they are down, and is a cheater at chess.

Playing chess with Regis McClelland

Distracing Regis whilst he takes another move

Lincoln snickers about his cleaverness

Lori The Good Little Helper

Niles was alway very proud of his family. "Everyone is an individual, and we all have to learn to get along. Whether somebody likes to play music all the time, paint pictures, or fiddle in the workshop. We are all different have something to contribute to life." he said.

When Niles' daughter in law gave birth to the new baby, it turned out to be (cheesecake) twins. (Editor - Karin ate cheesecake at the home of Kolton Strickland in round 14.) Twin girls named Clara Barton after the famous founder of the Red Cross, and Betsy Ross, the historical figure who stitched the first American flag. "I think my son Justice is going to name his children after famous historical figures," said Niles. "I guess it runs in the family. My father named all us kids after characters in the TV Show Fraiser."

Niles did live to see the first birthday of the new twin girls. "This isn't the first generation in this house that has seen twins," he said. "My mother in law Nichole had (natural) twin girls, Madalyn and Mackenzie right here. Now there have been three sets born."

Clara Barton Strickland

Clara Barton Strickland looks much like the Capehart side, without the skintones, and Betsy Ross Strickland looks much like her grandpa, Niles.

Betsy Ross Strickland

Niles was a strong famly man, a wonderful and entertaining husband, and a darn good Strickland. He will be missed.

In other Mayoral news, there was an attempted robbery at the home of the Mayor. Alexis Trimble walked onto the lot looking very sneaky, and was zapped by on of Niles Strickland's inventions, the Sentry Bot.

I don't know what the heck the little girl was doing at the home of the Mayor;" says the Mayor's son and Captain Hero Justice Strickland. "But what ever it was, the Sentry Bot did it's job and protected the Mayor. This is the first time in Prospeirty Falls history one of those machines has attacked a young child. Sadly, there will be an investigation."

No one at the Mayoral mansion was injured.

Alien Chatter:

Xuan: I don't see nothing here!

Jati: Come now Xuan. There is a womb here you could use. She is even an Anotothian!

Xuan: Jati! Her home is so crowded already, her womb is not open for business!

Jati: Alright. You are off the hook this time. I'll be keeping an eye on you, and keep up the reports to the King.

Xaun: Yeah, yeah yeah.

Jati: Keep looking!


ACCOMPLISHMENTS THIS ROUND: TOC and LTW: Karin: Chief of Staff, perm plat. 2 New Sims: Clara Barton and Betsy Ross


Bubbs said...

Niles, so sad. At least he was able to enjoy his grandchild Lori.

Lincoln sounds like a fun child, lol. The twins are cute.I think that bot needs looking into. Zapping little sweet innocent children!!

ruby said...

Aw, bye Niles, you were a wonderful husband, father, grandfather.. you'll be missed.
The kids are adorable and the little one asked for it... she was going to steal the newspaper... I just know it! *g*
TDF! Xuan & Jati, I love that... sorry Xuan, you'll have to keep searching.

Katie said...

I had to catch up with all of your posts after being gone a few days. This blog is so entertaining! The twins are cute. I love the dialogue at the end. Oh, I hope the girl wasn't killed, right? What happened to her?

Anonymous said...

Ahh! Niles is the first of the original Strickland Ten to die. I thoiught it would be Synclare, no offense. Interesting names. I hope Doris can live without him. Xuan is looking for a Anotothian? Why not just use Joy?


ASimWen said...

To Steven: Yes, I was surprised to see Niles go. It looked like he had about two days left on his life meter...Grim showed up on Saturday night at 9 PM...usually my elders go on Monday night.
Xuan is a nut. He is just makin' a show of looking for a woman...remember, he is trying to buck the whole system. :)

QueenofSimtopia said...

Can't believe I missed an update! I am all caught up now though. Lots of elders, dogs and children in Prosperity Falls eh, Wen! You are very busy. It takes me HOURS to play through lots as full as this one. Could job. Good thing Xuan didn't go for Karin. The last thing she needs right now are more children!!

charity said...

Aw.. bye Niles!
LOL - Wonder what Alexis Trimble was up to? I always laugh when they get zapped!
Great update - I love how much work you put into your blog - I'm still at the part where I have to remind myself to take pictures.

Mandie said...

Awww, farewell Niles. You led a long and fulfilling life! Hope ol' Grimmy takes care of you in the after life! Great update as always Wen!

Melissa said...

Great updates, as usual. So sad to see them go! I will miss this when it is over, but you've got so many things going on and you blog them all . So looks like I'll be entertained for quite some time!

gingerrr said...

Great update to a great story as usual! Thanks for this. I just love your style!

Rachel said...

Bye Niles, you will be missed. A least he got to see his latest grand daughters (who are adorable). Kids getting zapped are funny.

Chrissy Brown said...

Betsy Ross and Clara Barton are cute.