Friday, March 23, 2007

It's A Hot One Baby!

Title: It's A Hot One Baby!

Lot: Bostic 14 - Tomas, Roxanna, Scally, Karen, Florentilla, Claire, and dogs

Last Visit: Adopting Craziness

Scally and Karen last seen: University, Week 14

HiYa, it is me, Roxanna the Ex-Vampiress. Yup. I decided to turn away from the 'Dark Side' to which I was bought into against my own free will....and become normal. Why? Well, I had fun for a while being a Vampiress and all, but actually, having to sleep half my life away took alot from my quality of life. New things are happening and I want to be around for as much of it as possible. Like spending time with Karen. Yes, my son Scally's new wife. (Editor - see picture above.)

Scally and Karen came to live with Tomas and I. That is ok. This big house has lots of room. Scally took Karen shopping for a new wedding gown, and we had a rushed wedding right in the living room just a couple of days after they moved in.


Father of the Groom

Mother of the Groom

Mother and Father of the Bride

Sisters of the Groom

Aunt To The Groom and cousin to the Bride

Cousin to the Bride

Cousin to the Bride

Uncle to the Bride, Second Cousin to the Groom

Oh well, like I was saying, alot of things had changed. Well, Tomas had retired from his job because he adopted the dogs Cleo and Moody, and of course Claire. He wanted to spend more time at home, to be with his family. So I just couldn't hardly spend his retirement years sleeping.

Then Scally came home from college with his new bride, Karen. I didn't wanna miss spending any time with my new daughter in law, and the grandchildren I see coming! Well, as far as births go, there were two at our house not to long ago. Cleo and Moody had two pups, a male and a female, Skippy and Anastasia. Tomas threw himself into training them, just like he did Cleo and Moody.

The pups were little adorable things...white fur. When they grew up, they both looked like a mixture of the best traits from Moody and Cleo. This is a picture of Anastasia. She is a bit of a Doofus and is hard to train. Always peeing in the house and such.

Here is Tomas working with Skippy. This dog is very excitable and is also very smart, almost a genius! I do find Anastasia endearing though. She is big and fat, with a beard and bushy eyebrows, and not a clue in life. I love her. Cleo did very well, she got to the top of her pet career in Service. She is very smart. Moody is struggling with his job in service though, he keeps getting demoted.

Ah well. Enough about Tomas and the dogs. He loves 'em and that is all that matters to me. I see how good he is with the dogs, makes me know how good he would be with the grand children. Well, the grandkids aren't here yet.

In fact, Karen and Scally seem to be havin' trouble conceivin'. Tain't from not trying though. Well, there was a little bit of trauma around here, almost lost Karen.

It was one of the first days of fall, and Tomas was out in the dog pen workin' with the dogs. Bein' that Karen had not yet been able to find a job, she decided to take it easy and taks a soak in the hot tub. When it happened.

Yep, the thing caught on fire. Our other son, Markey, was here visitin' at the time and was able to help put out the blaze. Claire actually whipped out the fire extinguisher. My goodness, but she is a quick one. She had a birthday right before Scally and Karen got married. I have her birthday picture here somewhere.

Tomas called the fire department, and Mitch came over and helped Claire finish the job. Thank goodness. We still have our Karen with us.

Oh, here it is. Claire's Birthday picture.

Claire Capehart
Aspiration - Fortune
LTW - To Earn $100,000

So there ya go. Both Claire and Florentilla have aspirations to be make lots of simoleons. Good riddance, I say!

Oh? Ok. I will tell you. Yeah. It happened the night that Scally and Karen got married. Havin' the wedding at night and all. Seems many in the Falls had been scheduling weddings around the Vampires lately. Scally and Karen had their wedding at night to accommodate me. Made me start thinkin'. What was all this business about being a vampire anyway? It was lots of trouble for my family. Them having to explain my strange pallor and hours to folks. Scheduling family events around my convenience.

I decided to end it, once and for all. And after all, how good would life be with out Tomas in it? Yes, I had stopped aging as well in my Vampiric form. I called her.

Her name was Rose Marie Phillips. I knew she could help me.

She sold me the goods. The price did not matter.

I did hesitate, but only for a moment.

I felt like I was turning wrong side out....but I was turning...turning...back to a life of normalcy. Tomas was on hand to witness the happy event. He was glad for me, for us. He immediately turned my crypt in the basement into a luxury bedroom for me and him.

I was glad to be mortal again. I loved having rosy cheeks. But, the next day I aged. Now I can enjoy the golden years with Tomas.

Well, those were the biggest things that happened at our house lately. Our numbers did lessen somewhat; the girls, Florentilla and Claire left for University.

Goodbye, Claire!

Goodbye, Florentilla!

And Martin Strickland came by and badgered Scally into selling Skippy to him. Seems Martin has a growing family as well, and wanted to get his kids a dog. I am glad Scally did not sell Anastasia.

In the meantime, I am waiting to become Grandma. Hm. Only time will tell.


Florentilla enjoys a conversation with Birdie whilst building her charisma skills for University.



Bubbs said...

Why is Claire wearing the same dress as the mother of the groom??? Bad, bad, bad!!!

I like Anastasia! Cool muzzle there. Oh, Skippy is neat looking also!

OH NO!!! KAREN!!! OMG! It's strange to see a normal Rozanna, lol.

HAHA! You sold the smarter dog?? HAHA!

Charity said...

Pretty wedding! I've been lazy lately and just had quickie weddings wherever - I've got to start having some good ones!
Love the dogs! It's so fun to see what they look like when they grow up from puppies!
Poor Karen! I hope she recovers quickly from her burns.
Have fun at Uni, girls!
Great update, as usual.

ASimWen said...

To Bubbs...ehhh..yeah...sold the smart dog. I guess Martin knew which one he wanted. He walked over to the pen, and beelined for Skippy. The dog rolled right over for him and Martin began rubbin' his belly. So I figured they had chemistry. WAS gonna sell the doofus. LOL Ah well.
To Charity: Yeah, I like to see what the dogs look like too once they grow up. They can get some pretty interesting combinations!

Anonymous said...

Where do you find Scally and Karen? You said you lost them after they graduated from university. I hope Roxanne can enjoy her life with Tomas and their soon-to-be grandchildren.


ASimWen said...

To Steven: I found them in this house. heh I did not think I had put them here because the house was so full with the dogs and everything. So I didn't think to check it. *Thank you* for asking, and remembering. :)

ruby said...

I love the doofus, nice looking pups you have.
Great save with Karen and I had to laugh at the nekkie on the side *giggle*
Welcome to elderhood Roxanna

Rachel said...

THank goodness you were able to get the fire put out. Darn tempature problems!

Wow Roxanna was that close to elderhood! Nice that her and Thomas can grow old together.

Nice update.

Chrissy Brown said...

Poor Karen almost getting killed off thank goodness for Claire.