Friday, March 30, 2007

Growing A Flower Garden

TITLE: Growing A Flower Garden

Lot: Capehart.2 Visionary Villa - Lillith, Manuel, Tanu, Valentine, Violet, Capable the Servo, and Narcissus

Last Visit: Hello Generation Five!

Weelll...howdy ya'llses. Ah'm Valentine Capehart, an' this chere's mah wonderful family in Prosperity Falls. Much has happened since Ah last spoke with you. Oh honey, here's some mint julep. Please have some, won't you? Delicately takes a sip herself. Now. So much has happened! Yes indeedy! Let me git you caught up on it all.

*Dramatically swiping back of her hand across her forehead, she whispers:* You jest won't belive it. Ah didn't. Why, it has been snowing here, in the South! But first, the leaves fell from the trees, in a real dramatic way, Ah maght add. Our gardener, that nice man named Leo would sweat his brow ever day cleanin' the lawn of the things.

Then it snowed! Well, Ah never. But that didn't really stop anything from happen'in 'round here. The first tre-mendous thing that happened was mah Tanu became a solid platinum Sim. Yes he did.

Thet is the most wonderful thing that can happen to a Sim. Well, it won't happen for me until my third born graduates from college. Oh speakin' of babes. I found Tanu and I were blessed with a little bun in the oven. Oh mah!

Ah love bein' in the family way, but Ah don't love the mornin' sickness that comes with it. It is so hard on a body, but once that little human bein' begins to grow and you can feel him or her movin' around in there, why honey, it is worth every trip to the ladie's room.

Me and Tanu's first born, Violet had a birthday as well, and mah goodness does that child love to dance. She says it is jest all the fun in the worl' to wiggle and jump to the music ever day after school.

Sometimes me and Tanu cain't hep ourselves, we join raght in with her. OH see that? Do you notice Ah am in a business suit? Ah rolled a big ol' want tuh teach school. So Ah did thet whilst Ah waited for my second little 'un to be born. Ah still have the flower shop. but Ah don't fahnd the pleasure in it Ah used to. Ah am thinkin' Ah might bequeath it to mah sister Veronica since she wants to own 5 top rated businesses.

Tanu has taken to playing with th' big black wolves that come 'round to the house. Ah don' see what he sees in them. But then again, Ah trust Tanu. He says every critter deserves to be paid some attention to, especially if they are homeless, lahk the wolves. Ah reckon thet is why he brought us two fish tanks fer the house too. The more the merrier, Ah say, even iffen they are tropical fish.

Capable has taken to fishin' the big lake behind the house, an' makin' some yummy meals fer us. He says Ah should eat lots of fish 'cause it is good brain food fer the baby.

Momma and daddy are as lovin' as ever. Momma still clings to her nocturnal ways, but it don't seem to bother daddy none. He is up all tahms of the night anyway dealin' with his age, and other family matters.

Those family matters bein' our little boy, Narcissus. Mah heavens, Ah was so glad to give Tanu a son. Looky there, he has the beautiful Capehart blue eyes he got from Tanu's sahd of the family. Ah have decided that Ah am namin' mah kids after flowers, an' Tanu doesn't seem to mahnd.

He started bondin' with his boy early on. It jest warms mah heart to see those two together! But honey, lemme tell you. He grew up awfully fast. Before Ah knew it, it was tahm fer his birthday, and Tanu was raght there with it fer him.

Boy was we all surprised when we saw the color of his hair! Snowy white, jest like a Narcissus! Ah hadn't named him at all, until he grew up. (Editor: He grew up in this white hair from Genesims. I decided to keep it. :) His Sim DNA states he is a blonde.)

Veronica and Vonfirmath came home from Uni to help us celebrate Narcissus's birthday. Daddy sure was glad to see 'em again, it had been a while since they had been home. They took a few minutes to sit in the hot tub, but mah goodness, they got awfully hot.

In fact, Veronica's skin burned a little bit, and she and Vonfirmath left the party early.

Well, Marsha came out to visit us. Manuel paid her no mahnd. She would just wonder around the house and spook the bed she used to sleep in. She didn't bother any of us, thank goodness.

Ah really do have to say something strange was going on, at any rate. The neighbor on the other sahd of Prosperity Falls from us, Xuan Robbins coninually walked bah our home at add tahms of the day and naght. Ah surely don't know what he is up to, but it did make me a maght nervous.

Well darlin', Ah did reach the top of my teachin' career, an' thet was thet. Me and Tanu found out we are expectin' again. More morning sickness for me. But thet is all raght. Our boy Narcissus is all growed up to child now, it will be nahce to have a baby in the house again.

Alien Chatter:

Xuan: Heeeey! There's something different going on here!

Jati: Xuan! You cannot!

Xuan: There is an empty womb here! The Vampire!

Jati: Xaun, she is our relation! The Vampiress Lillith Strickland-Capehart is our mother's sister!

Xuan: Jati, I do not know how I will be able to sire children if I cannot find available women! They have already filled their houses up with children, or they are related to me! What am I gonna do?

Jati: I am sure you will think of something Xuan. You HAVE TO.


How Did This Happen?

Manuel gazes longingly at his daughter's wedding pictures.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS this round: Tanu - LTW and TOC - Mad Scientist TOC - Valentine - Education 1 new Sim - Narcissus


Bubbs said...

What Xuan is checking out houses of his relatives? HAHAHA! What will the poor man do? I love the hairstyle on Narcissus. :)

QueenofSimtopia said...

Poor Xuan! Still no luck, eh? Ah, well. It is best that he doesn't go messing up anyone's families.

ruby said...

Xuan will find a womb to fill, I have faith in him... even if Jati doesn't *giggle*
Narcissus is a handsome little guy and I love his hair!

Katie said...

Aw, I love this blog. How much longer do you have to go?

ASimWen said...

To Katie: Well, the Prosperity Challenge ends when the first of the 5th generation dies. So, It could be when Violet or Narcissus dies. But by that time, gens 6 and 7 would have made their appearence. lol I have a ways to go yet.

Anonymous said...

Awesome job so far Wen! xuan just cracks me up! Will you ever let Lillith join Manuel in the golden years? I'm sure you have had a fun time with all of these characters in the Falls.
I have one question for you, do you think I should do a Prosperity challenge, or a Legacy challenge? I can't decide. From reading your blog and reading Somnium, I can't decide. Thanks for writing all of these wonderful stories!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for double posting!


Melissa said...

Haha! Too funny.

I was thinking about asking you for Morgan-Rose, but I bet you don't have her since she's long gone. =(

Thanks for a great update, as usual.

Rachel said...

Silly Xuan, he'll look anywhere won't he? I loved the pictures of Violet dancing, she's so cute! Loved the I Love TS2 Shirt too, why where ever did that come from? Narcissus looks great witht the white hair, glad you kept it.

ASimWen said...

For Steven: Well, I tried Legacy four or five times, but that was back in the day before University, and the game was full of game stopping bugs. Those pesky things always ruined my quest to finish legacy. In the mean time, I found the Prosperity Challenge. I did find doing legacy a bit monotonous, but then I didn't know about blogging. If I had that, I might have done better with it. I am doing a blog on a legacy now, if you wanna check it out. But it is really a different aspect of the whole thing. Prosperity is a much longer commitment than Legacy.

To Melissa - email me off list about Morgan-Rose.

Charity said...

How neat is it that Narcissus grew up into white hair! I love that!
Poor Xuan! Constantly looking for someone to impregnate. He's so funny.

Katie said...

Excuse the slight spam, but I have a semi-announcement: Simply Sims is turning in a whole new direction while the Thatchers are put on the backburner. A new family. A new story. A new struggle. I have focused my attention on a more story-oriented idea, with higher-quality pictures and more conflict. So hurry over to to check out Chapter 1: The Safe House!

Jpeg said...

It only took me about a month and a half, but I finally read all the way through!

I love the stories that you've developed/have developed. You really get sucked in. And I nearly cried with your Chevy and Kirstee farewell post. It was so sad!

Xuan is so funny. I think he's actually looking for wombs that he can't use. Sneaky one, that one.


Katie said...

Chapter Two: Border Relations is posted at my site. Update soon, I love your stories!

Mandie said...

Great update! I just love the way she talks! So down-home countrified! Narcissus is adorable, even with that white hair! Hehehe, it was fun reading this one!

Katie said...

Chapter 3: In the Trench, is up at my site. Nikki tries to quiet Catherine's questions while her mother's nerves are on edge.

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Hi. It's Teresa from TS2 Challenges. Since I finally finished, I figured that now would be a good place to leave a comment. Thank you for Manuel and Carla. It's really too bad about Kerris and Marc-Henry, I really liked them. I'll probably move on to the fellowship from here. Until the next update!

Mel said...

I was surprised to see Leo as a gardner still! I would have thought he'd found a way into the neighborhood by now! Great story, as always! And I love Narcissus' hair!

Chrissy Brown said...

The family photo was