Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Capeharts, Week 15 / Remodling The Outside

Remodeling The Outside

Lot: The Capehart Homestead - Michelle, Jessie, Gertrude, JonLuc, Molly and Lovelle

Last Visit: The Kittens Continue

Hello. I am Gertrude, one of Chevy and Kirstee Strickland's girls. My parents passed away recently and I am feelin' a little down. Care to sit a few? I could really use an ear.

Hey, made some hot chocolate. Git yourself some, the cups are on the counter. Well I guess I don't have any excuse to feel low, even though mom and dad are gone. Life didn't owe them anything. They had a rich and full existence, gave to everyone who stepped across the threshold of thier door. Ah. Sometimes I wish I had that same feeling with Jessie, but it just isn't there. Jessie and I are a zero bolt couple.

Jessie tries hard enough for us. I guess the main difference between my marriage and mom and dad's is that...well...Jessie is a snow leopard, where I am not. When I first came here, we lived mostly outside and I thought that was really different. I liked it. To Jessie it was like coming home again. We graduated from Sim State, and he came home to normalcy for him. For me it was a whole new life, very different.

Jessie shut down Tryce Capehart's home business. Tryce is Jessie's dad, he is gone too. Buried on the mountain here on the property. See the building in the picture? It is the back side of the kitchen. Yeah. Something happened there. (Editor - The custom content the snowleopard liar was built from was not compatible with TheSims2 Expansion Pack Seasons.) Jessie and I decided to build a new home, and the home business just would not fit in with that.

Snowleopard lair right after installing Seasons

The new snowleopard liar using the new Seasons green house walls and roof.

The new house is nice, it makes both of us happy. I have a roof over my head, and that of my children, and Jessie has plantlife inside of the house that he so loves. We managed to build it around a huge tree, and of course, we have lots of plants inside. We built the deck right off the pond at the bottom of the mountian so Jessie can still admire it and fish in it, and I can relax in one of the deck chairs and enjoy the view.

Oh how Jessie loves to fish, and eat the fish! He has a silver badge in fishing. More power to him, I say. I am so glad he has found something to relax him. He is such a hard worker. He is now working as a celebrity lawyer.

My oh my. I never thought a snowleopard would ever get so corporate. Well, he became a lawyer after he reached his lifetime want of making 100,000 simoleons.

After that happened, Jessie got the job as a lawyer, then realized how human his existance was coming. That is when he started the fishing, and yes, gardening in the back yard. He has some tomato plants back there and an citrus tree. They are doing pretty well. He has also determined that he is going to start a string of business dealing with recreation and outdoor activities. He opened the first and only ice skating rink in Prosperity Falls. (Jessie's new LTW after reaching 100,000 simoleons is to own 5 top rated businesses).

The Ice Rink
Available for download.
All EP's required.

Isn't it a fine facility? Jessie has hired one employee. A retiree that makes good coffee working for Jessie as a barista. I can just imagine now Jessie having a big payroll in the future.

What about me and the kids? Ah. Funny you should ask. Our first one, Jon-Luc had a birthday, he is now in elementary school and rides the bus every day. He finally got an A on his report card. We were proud.

Yes, he is a good looking boy. Inherited his grandma's blonde hair. Michelle. Eh, she loves the deck chairs outside as much as I do, but she takes it a step further and sits out there no matter the weather. Even in the snow.

I don't see how she does it. There were two additions to the family, (cheesecake) twin girls, Molly and Lovelle.

They are fine girls. I am not sure, but I think I am pregnant again. (Editor - Risky woo-hoo chimes and no option of try for baby. Adds spark and interest to the challenge for me - ASimWen)

Did I tell you? We saw our first snow here in Prosperity Falls in decades, the weatherman says. We built a snowman in the back yard, and had a nice little visitor come to see him.

It was wonderful, almost as if the little penguin was actually talking to the snowman.

Well, I guess that is all the news. Perhaps I will feel better next week. I don't know if I feel so down because of things that are happening, or if it is hormonal. Only time well tell. Thanks for coming over. I really appreciate it.

ODD PICS OUT: (Lots of good ones this week)

Jessie's Aunt Pajeria scares the penguin whilst he is talking to the snowman.

Tryce Capehart makes his firs appearance after his Grim party.

Snowleopard Mountain in ice.

The Lair at night.

ACCOMPISHMENTS this round: Jessie - LTW - Earn $100,000, perm plat. 2 New Sims, Lovelle and Molly.


Katie said...

That house is sooo cool! I love that it's a greenhosue and built around a tree because they are snow leopards. Great job! And the kids are adorable. I think it's so cute that one of the twins is a leopard and the other isn't. Hope your having fun with Seasons! A Thatcher update has arrived, the first with the new SEASONS ep! (YAAAYYY!!!) Claire makes a desperate decision and fall sets the stage for a blooming relationship. Looking forward to your next update, this one came quickly!

Anonymous said...

Great 2 seasons updates Wen!! Love the snow. I haven't got to experience any seasons except for spring and summer yet so that was pretty awesome. Can't wait for more (as always)!!


My Boaz's Ruth said...

Poor Jessie. It's always hard to lose your parents.

I loved the Snow Mountain ice picture!

The plant sim house has that tree in the middle. It blocks views :( WARNING -- don't try to pick it up. You won't be able to put it back after.

ASimWen said...

Yeah...the Plant People. That is where I got the idea for this house. I thought it was pretty nifty.

I don't have problems with the tree in the middle of the room. It disappears like stair cases when you get close to it. I rather enjoy it. :)

Rachel said...

I love the new house. I've always loved this lot though. Now I have to have it, please, please! Wow you went hard core with Risky WooHoo, you are braver than I. Loved the update as always!

ruby said...

Great job on the house, Yes the plant family, I knew it was familiar. The snow shots with the mountain back there, simply gorgeous!
Aw, she misses her parents. *big hugs for her* I hope next week is better for her. She's probaby preggers again heh!

Katie said...

I have a Thatcher update up. Devon deals with jealousy over her sister, the pressure to recieve scholarships in time for college, and a new relationship suddenly thrust at her.

Charity said...

I like the new Snow Leopard Lair - especially the use of the greenhouse windows & the tree. Very open.
I like the skating rink too - I want to go home and build lots now!
This kids are cute! I like the fact that the twins have different skin tones.
I've got to get me the Risky Woo-hoo! All I have is the love bed.
LOL - the penguin getting scared by the ghost is the best! I wish that dumb skunk could get scared and spray itself!
Great update!

Mel said...

The mountain looks awesome with the snow on it! Very beautiful! I have a question about the "risky WooHoo", where did you get it, and has it caused any kind of problems with your game or pc? I'd like to have that in my game too, instead of always choosing "Try for Baby" and almost always having it happen. I think the surprise element would be nice. Great job again!

ASimWen said...

To Mel: Risky WooHoo is available at Mod The Sims 2. Just do a search for it there. :) I really love it...and am still using it! Except I put the 'try for baby' back because I find that handy to have when I am working with a family sim that has 'x number of babies' want.