Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Purest

TITLE: The Purest

Lot: 123 Alien Way - Regis, Jenn and Yazibel

Regis and Jenn last seen - University, Week 14

A = Available for Download at Prosperity Falls Stories.

It is I Jenn, daughter of Zaed Robbins. I have graduated from Sim State University and moved to Prosperity Falls, across the street from the Command Center of the Anotothian Mission on Earth. Across the street from the home of my father.

I have married Regis McClelland, alien son of Johnson McClelland, who was gobbled up by my brother's cowplant. Regis commissioned a house to our liking to be built on the peice of property we purchased from funds we received upon our graduation from Sim State.

Yes, this is it. However, after a while we had a different roof built. For the sake of this report, I will show the new roof at the end. Every photo I have of the house shows the original roof.

The first thing we commenced to do was to participate in the earth tradition of a wedding ceremony, more to look the same as everyone else, then for the purposes of being able to procreate. We did have a wedding photographer on hand.


(Step) Mother of the Bride

Father of the Bride A

(Step) Mother of the Groom

Brother of the Bride A

Cousin of the Bride A

Brother of the Groom

Sister In Law to the Groom

Brother to the Groom

Welcome Wagon (Roz Trimble)

Welcome Wagon
(Aka Mr. Knowledge)

Welcome Wagon

A Walk By, Decided To Attend

That is all who came to see our nuptials. There are other photos that were taken. There was much drama between my brother Xuan and the Tosca Johnson, the widow of Johnson McClelland.

Alien Chatter Commences

Xuan: Yeah, yeah, I hear ya. She acts like I done somethin' wrong or somethin'.

Zaed: She has a right to, my son!

Jenn: Your little (sarcastically) "Oh I guess I wasn't paying attention to the cowplant!" thing has brought attention to our compound and to the mission!

Regis: Huh?

Zaed: Regis! My son in law! I hear you!

Regis: What is this about! I demand to know!

Jenn: Regis, darling.....

Zaed: Jenn, I take it you have not spoken with Regis about the mission!

Jenn: Well father...*twiching nervously* The time just never seemed right.

Zaed: Not right? You are marrying a fellow Anotothian, and the time was never right?

Regis: Anotothian? Who?

Xuan: *cough cough* snicker

Jenn: I am sorry father! I will tell him! I really will! *thinking how fortunate she is that her brother Jati is not at the wedding to witness her faux pas in the mission!*

Regis: Tell me what?

Jenn: I will discuss it later with you darling. In the mean while, hmmm...would you like some woo-hoo?

Regis: Oh you betcha! Would I! But I have to ask..... how are we talking without moving our lips?

That is all of the photos of the actual marriage ceremony. While we had a party inside of my new home that Regis and I had built, my brother Xuan was being stalked by Tosca Capehart.

They became enemies!

Xuan: The old hag started poking me, calling me 'Killer' and stuff like that. I got tired of it so I shoved her back.

Zaed: Do not do anything that draws attention to us. You should have walked away from her attentions, Xuan.

Xuan: I couldn't help it. Jenn is right, we became enemies. She followed me around the yard all during the party. How is a guy supposed to have fun?

Xuan: There I was in an intense game of Rock Paper, Scissors with Bubbs Strickland and she comes around the corner. Real sneaky like, like she is looking for me.

Luckily, the party ended before she had a chance to belt me. Hahaha at least I got in a coupla words before she did. What a creampuff.

Zaed: Xuan, you do not talk so disrespectfully about the earth people. By the way, how many children have you fathered since we last met?

Xuan: *hanging head* mumble mumble

Zaed: I thought so.

Jenn: Back to my report!

Zaed: Go ahead, my daughter.

The first thing I did on or wedding night was put on my wedding trousseau. I also did my hair differently to make myself more becomeing to Regis. I wanted his seed to make it's home in my womb immediately! That night! I could not wait.

Immediately after our woo-hoo, I found myself to be ravenous. I could not get enough food. I could only surmise that I was now pregnant.

Whilst I was wrestling with the pregnancy, my husband Regis reached a milestone in his learning. He maxed out every skill he needed to achieve greatness.

It wasn't long before he reached the top of his career. Now he could work with my father Zaed in the crime syndicate.

I was correct. I became pregnant on the night of the wedding. My happiness was almost too much to bear! I had finally begun to contribute to the mission.

The time finally came for the birth. Even though I had read about it many times, I was not prepared for the pain. But I lived through it for the sake of the mission. And I would gladly do it again!

We had a daughter Regis married Yazibel. I was unconcerned with the naming of the child. I was only satisfied that she was pure Anotothian. Editor: Yazibel carries the Alien skintone as both dominate and recessive.

Our daughter is a quick learner. I can, again, only surmise it is because of the superior thinking Anotothians possess.

It is no wonder I became immediately pregnant again.

If only he or she will be as Pure as Yazibel.

Our House

This entry ends Round 14 in Prosperity Falls.

Accomplishments this round: Regis - TOC - Criminal - LTW - Max 7 Skills. One New Sim - Yazibel


Bubbs said...

Did Joy grow up in the chicken suit? HAHA!

Interesting that Jenn never mentioned the talking to Regis...Hmm, already starting on a fun foot. Then again, like a typical man, woo-hoo talk clears his head...

Cool! Yazibel is a pure alien child. Cool house!

Twoyys4me said...

Another action packed update! Fancy Xuan and Tosca becoming enemies at the wedding party- hope that didn't ruin the score. :D
*why are we talking without moving our lips?*... too funny!
Love the house- very spacy.

PRMami said...

Wow I love how Regis do not understand why they can talk to each other without oving their lips - I must've been a quiet wedding :)

Kay said...

Love the "alien chatter"! Yazibel is a real cutie, for an alien :) Neat house! Enjoyed the update!

Anonymous said...

Hi. taryemsmom from the Prosperity Challenge YGroup here. Just wanted to say what a great job your doing blogging this! I've been following these guys for awhile now, in fact, they were part of the inspiration for my Colour Challenge. Can't wait for more!

ruby said...

Oh how I love Anotothian updates! Wow Regis had no idea? Some knowledge sim he is *giggle* Great udpate and a pure alien! Sweet!!

Josh said...

LOL, Regis and Jenn are much too funny. I love Jenn's thinking (thinking how fortunate she is that her brother Jati is not at the wedding to witness her faux pas in the mission!) Wasn't she fighting him for control of the Command Center? Oh well, Great update!! (I like the name Yazibel, it's really cool!)

Katie said...

Cool house! Your narratives are always amusing. Great job!

Rachel said...

Love the chicken suit. Why does Maxis hate new adult sims? That Xuan is always making trouble. Such a rebel from the mission.

Melissa said...

Loved the update as usual. Yazibel is a cutie. I love the name. Where do you come up with these names for your Anotothions?

ASimWen said...

Hi Joan, I have a baby name book, yes I just look thru it until I see an unusual name. That isn't too goofy. lol

Mandie said...

Love the house! It seems to really fit this alien family! Yazibel is a cutie, I wonder what the new baby will look like?! Great update and way to go on the TOC and LTW achievements!

Katie said...

A Thatcher update at my site! They're back, finally. I just couldn't leave them. Pop over and read if you want.