Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Bostics, Week 15/Skillin' All The Way To Uni

Title: Skillin' All The Way To Uni

Lot: Bostic - Yasika, Dovie, André, Raliegh, KeyKel, and Keywon

Last Visit: The Scaring Night

This entry begins Round 15 in Prosperity Falls.

Hey, Zeon here. I figured I would just keep on giving the reports, even though I am in University right now. It seems Mom has lost all her bonkers. Well, here it is with the Anotothians. *sigh* When we age to elder sometimes we can hang on and continue in the Mission, and it was feared that we could also go completely nuts. Well, mom went nuts, so there is no need for her to try to say anything.

I have found out about my cousin Xuan and them bein' able to talk to each other through brain waves. Well, that ability hasn't come around to me. At least I don't think it has. I have'nt been invited to any of the meetings Uncle Zaed has been having or anything, so I don't know if I can talk like that or not. I gotta wonder how involved I should be in the Mission. Anyway, I am making our entry anyhow. WhatEVER.

I guess the biggest news at the Bostic Homestead this entry is alla the birthdays we had.

Part of the news is I am pleased to announce KeyKel has come out of the funk he was in last report. My gawd, the kid was a ghost magnet when Aunt Pachionetta and them decided to tour the house. He finally brought home an A report card. Dad was all over that giving him lots of praise. KeyKel is still sorta behind, but he is a fighter. He had it hard during skilling time, KeyWon seemed to come on that easily. Not Kel. It was hard.

Mom and dad both had birthdays. Yeah. Now they are old folk. But bein' a senior citizen didn't slow down dad none in his flirtin' ways. Hahaha you should see him, he still advances on mom like he is hot stuff.

Yep, there he is doin' that little swagger he has when he is gettin' ready to lay a big schmacker on her.

All this was enough for mom to decide to get a makeover. hair and makeup. That seemed to be the most selfish thing she has ever done for herself. Mom was always around giving us kids covert lessons on the Mission...but I think maybe she didn't tell us as much as she could have. Now she doesn't tell us anything at all. She talks to the hamster.

Yep, believe it. She will hold Red Eye real close to her face...whisper something real secret like to him, then hold him up to her ear so he can answer her. Maybe she can talk to animals? I don't know. Maybe some kind of Ability we don't know about yet. But mom won't tell. She doesn't know either.

Raliegh kept busy gettin' ready for University. Yeah, buildin' the muscles gettin' ready for the chicks. Well, he is slated to marry Heather Strickland. But it doesn't hurt to get good lookin' for all the girls. heh.

It was skilling, skilling, skilling, a day and night, when the guys weren't at school. Mom, Dad, and Aunt Dovie all helped. Well, mom did perfect skilling to a science. She can skill us on several items at one time. Yeah. The skilling was so successful, the twins KeyKel and KeyWon were able to leave with Raliegh for University, after their birthday.

KeyKel Bostic (AKA Danny Bonaduce Look-Alike)
Aspiration: Popularity
LTW - To Become Mayor

KeyWon Bostic
Aspiration: Fortune
LTW - To See 6 Pets Reach The Top Of Their Career

KeyWon's future bride was at the birthday party, Sheri Trimble. It was an instant good match! They have strong chemistry, there won't be any problem with reproduction there. They have two bolts. Heh. Oh man. I'm gonna just chuck the whole Mission thang until I am contacted. Hm. Ok, so this means, Sheri and KeyWon will likely have lots of kids. Won didn't waste any time getting his first kiss.

They have known each other since they were kids in elementary school.

In the meantime, mom and dad are takin' things easy. Yeah. Take it easy now, because it won't be long before I graduate University and bring my bride home. I think I am going to move us to a different house. I really have never liked the house I grew up in.

On Sunday night, all three of my brothers left for University.

Well, I guess that is it for this report. See ya next a new house. I will be gettin' married!

Accomplishments this round: TOC - André, Ecological Guru, and Yasika, Visionary


QueenofSimtopia said...

Great round Wen! Love the Anothians. Yeah to KeyKel getting through after all. Poor Yasika. It's gotta suck going crazy, even as a sim! Can't wait for more!

Charity said...

I love how the Anotothians sometimes go crazy when they age to elder... talking to the hamster, lol!
You called it right when you set Sheri and KeyWon up. Good match!

ruby said...

Ah my favorite bunch, the Anatothians. Aging is tough for us all, but talking to the hamster is a new one *giggle*
I love Yasika's new look, she may have gone a bit nutty, but her looks are still good and dontcha just love Andre, he's still got it!
Thank goodness Kel got it together at last! Bonaduce look alike? TDF!

Kerry said...

Poor Zeon--he seems kind of miffed that he doesn't have a role in the Mission. I agree that Yasika looks terrific, even if she's a little, um, unstable right now. Maybe she will get better over time as her body adjusts to aging?

Mandie said...

Lotsa birthdays for sure! I love those rounds when everyone has a birthday! Makes ya feel like you're really gettin' somewhere! Lol, great update as always!

Rachel said...

Love the hamster stuff! Reminds me of a certain simself!