Monday, January 08, 2007

Who's Da Man?

TITLE: Who's Da Man?

Lot: Capehart.1 - Terrance, Maris, Nicholaus, Samuel and Sandy

Last Visit - A Struggling Young Family

Hey, it is me, Terrance. Life is just moving along here in the McClelland household. Me and Maris are doing great in our jobs, and I have been working on building robots and arranging flowers. Well, I accomplished all I could in the robot business. (gold badge) now I am into flower arranging. I used to bring the twins outside to the back yard with me while I worked with the flowers. They were more than happy to sit in the sand and play with their toys.

Well, it isn't like there was enough room for them to really play in the house. I know I keep complaining about the size of it. But hey. So far Maris and I have managed to find room to raise three children, where my grandparents raised one here. I am fortunate that Prosperity Falls has mild weather. But you know what I heard. I heard on The Weather Channel that times are changing around here. Looks like we have snow and rain in the forcast.

Maris is a good woman, but gee is she a penny pincher. I was on the computer the other day...just surfin' around...and BLAM! Smoke started pouring out of the back of it. She lectured me about breakin' it. How she was gonna have to pay a computer tech now to fix it. I guess I could have fixed it myself, seeing how I am maxed on mechanical skills. But I let Maris hire somebody. Heh.

Nicholaus was upset when he got home from school that day because the computer was out of service. All was well though, I played games with him until he felt better about it. It seemed like a that time Sandy and Samuel were just born. I remember thier birth day vividly. It was time for another birthday for them.

Sandy grew up with the looks of a Strickland. Ah, how can I complain about that? That is my Maris.

Samuel is another thing. He doesn't look like anyone at all. Not in recent memory, that is. He has my mother Tosca's blonde hair, and my skintone but that is about it. Maris says he is just the cutest thing and will be a real heartbreaker. I don't know about that. I just recently dealt with Nicholaus and his venture into dating before he left for Uni. I'll save that and let Nicholaus tell you from his perspective. I am sure it would be very different comin' from me.

Sandy and Samuel got along famously. Everyday when they came home from school it was off to play for a while before going to study. Maris has been great...there for them every day to make sure they get things done. Maris has applied with the Prosperity Falls Gazette to be an advice columnist. She is still waiting to hear back from that. As soon as she does, and hope she gets the job, she will quit her work in the Arts field.

Ah. This picture is where I spent time with the kids out front. They enjoyed playing outside before the bus comes. They always wave at the papergirl Amy Jones when she stops by.

My girl Sandy is quite the helper. Well, one of my robots wasn't operating quite right...the one that automatically waters the flowers. It was flinging water everywhere! Sandy ran outside and shut it off. 'Course, that meant I now could put my mechanical abilities to work and fix it. Which I did.

Both Samuel and Sandy spend time learning skills that will help them in life. Boy Sandy sure does like the scanner gun Maris earned at her job in law enforcement.

Well, soon it was time for Nicholaus's birthday.

Nicholaus McClelland
Aspiration - Family
LTW - To Have 6 Grandchildren

Hey. Nicky here. I am in Uni. Yep, caught a ride on the taxi system to get to University. I guess dad wanted me to tell about things from my view, before I left the house, I mean. Here it is. I met this girl named down town name Teresa Ruascher. I met her at the Maple Spa.

Well, we seemed to get along pretty good, I mean just talkin' and stuff. She seemed real nice, so later on I decided I would kinda like to date her, have her over to the house. Yeah.

She was just as much fun at the house. Dad kept an eye on us, but he seemed to like her too. Kept havin' this goofy smile on his face. I didn't think anything about that. Really.

Well we got friendly enough. I started flirting with her a little bit. You know. To sorta test things out. How far could I get with her? Ooops..did I say that? Dad always told me to keep lots of respect for the girls. But you know a guy gets thoughts anyway.

I made a bad move and gave her a noogie... (Nicholaus only has 3 nice points)

I guess I hurt her feelings a little. I really didn't mean to..I mean guys noogie each other. I guess you don't do that with the chicks.

Well, right after that, dad's friend André Bostic thought he would try to be funny. Since I was gettin' ready to leave for University and all, he thought I should start learning the school cheer. Dern! I am not ready for that!

So he went right to dad and did the cheer. My dad joined right in! How crazy is that! I can see it now, I will be going around cheering after I graduate from University. Pinch me if I do that, ok?

I guess she ended up liking me alright. We shared a kiss, finally. She is a good kisser.

Then she lugged this big ol' fountain thing over and left it in the front yard. Dad just smiled like he knew what that was all about, and sold it for over a bunch of Simoleons, and put it in my college fund. I have a few extra dollars to spend now at Univeristy. Yeah!

Yeah! Who's da man? I'm da man. Yeah, that's right. Me.

Me, leaving for University. See you all there!

Accomplishments this round: nothing new. :)


Anonymous said...

Simple and quick round here Wen! Congrats on the badges, you going for all 7 gold ones? Nic seems like a "fun" teen boy to play!


Bubbs said...

Wow - this house is growing up fast. WTG on the badges! Nice he can do this while the kids play in the sand nearby. :)

Nicholaus seems to be happy with Teresa. Will she join him in Uni???

Hmm, not too sure about that blonde hair there....

ruby said...

Nicky & Teresa will make adorable kids someday, that is if she joined him at uni!
I love this kid! He's such a crack up, who da man? *giggling*
I love the mini Maris and Samuel is adorable with his blond hair!