Sunday, January 21, 2007

University Week 14 - Entry 2

University Week 14 - Entry

Ah. Here we are again, at Sim State University where all teens from Prosperity attend the halls of higher learning. heh. This time 7 sims graduated out, and 6 new ones came in with a gain of -1. That is how I look at Uni these days.

Lot: Jenn Robbins, Regis McClelland, and Jeannie Strickland

Above you see the Alien Jenn Robbins, daughter of the Anotothian Zaed Robbins. Pictured with her is her intended, Regis McClelland. His dad just got eaten by the Cowplant on the lot of Xuan Robbins. These two graduated out of the Greek House and will go to their own lot on Prosperity Falls. Jenn has some problems with that; she thinks she should head up the Mission.
Instead, her fiancée Regis is presenting her with a large empty lot in the Falls where they will build a rather space age looking house.

Errr...Jenn, the chicken suit is not the best attire to grow up into. You might want to consider going shopping for clothes the minute it is time for me to play your lot.

Regis grew up in brown as well, he looks terrific.

Left behind in the Greek House is Jeannie Strickland, daughter of Bulldog and Madelyn. She got quite a makeover. Not only did she get a haircut, she also switched from Romance to Knowledge. Hmm.. I should have left her Romance as she doesn't have an intended. Nope, no one has stepped forward and claimed her.

Jeannie did everyone a favor in the Greek House by going shopping at Valentine Capehart's flower shop and purchasing a bunch of snapdragons. This man was being inspected for husband material. No go. Jeannie has three semesters left to graduation.

Lot: Scally Capehart, Karen Strickland and Aazia Robbins

Next to graduate were Scally Capehart, Karen Strickland, and Aazia Robbins.

Aazia finally got Mr. SimoleonBucks Malcom Landgrabbe to propose engagement. This immediately made the Landgrabbe house playable to rotation in the challenge. I purposely left their engagement to the end of Aazia's senior year so I wouldn't have to play his house until Aazia moved in.

Unfortunately this lot was bugged. The move out went terribly wrong, and it had to be played over. Aazia made it back to Prosperity Falls okay to carry on life with Malcom, but I cannot find Scally and Karen. It is as if they disappeared. I have scoured all over the Falls and Bluewater, checked all Sim Bins and I can't find them anywhere. I have not written them in on the playlist. *sad* If they ever do surface, I will play them.

Lot: Markey Capehart, Bubbs Strickland and Kyanne Strickland

Scally's brother Markey Capehart graduated next, along with Bubbs Strickland.

Before moving back to Prosperity Falls, Markey proposed marriage to Kyanne Strickland, Bubb's cousin. Markey then moved back to the Falls to the haunted Gentleman's Club to wait for Kyanne. Kyanne has 2 semesters left to graduation. After the boys left, she joined her cousin Jeannie Strickland in the Greek House.

Bubbs the Knowledge Sims does not have a significant other. He has searched downtown...

He has thrown parties...

But could not find anything beyond a 1 bolt. So the new self imposed rule is this. If I could not match the Sim up with someone within the four starting families, and they are not a Family Sim, I will not go out of my way to find the Sim someone, as long as it is ok with the Sim.

But then know how Sims are. Sometimes they find their Signifacant Other on their own. *smile*

Lot: Zeon Bostic and Trudy Strickland

Next up is Zeon Bostic and Trudy Strickland. They live in the little dorm with five rooms. They have Junior and Senior year left to go. As you can see, Zeon has popped the question to Trudy, and she accepted. :)

Lot: Vonfirmath Capehart, Java Jan Bostic, Mich Robbins, and Carla Strickland

Next is the dorm where Vonfirmath Capehart, Java Jan Bostic, Mich Robbins and Carla Strickland are living. As you can see, Vonfirmath is getting a big hug from Jan. She just accepted his proposal for marriage. These two make a fine couple. Von spends much of his time writing novels beside a snapdragon plant, (to fulfill his wants) and Jan spends her time making friends.

Carla shared her first kiss with Christopher Scott. Carla had her eye on Scott as husband material (she is a Family Sim) but then found someone else that turned her eye!

She met Tyler What's-His-Name in the Secret Society. They have great chemistry! They have woo-hooed many times, and I foresee this as a great match. (He must stay young forever. He also Woo-Hooed Morgan-Rose Bostic).

Mich Robbins is the son of Quavi Robbins, Multiplier Extraordinare. It would not do for a Robbins to not have a mate. Mich was originally a very shy Pleasure Sim and in low green/red most of the time. He was very difficult to play, and I could not match him. So he rerolled at the end of sophomore year, and BEHOLD, he rolled Family. He immediatly threw two bolts for this young lady in his dorm, Wendy Kimbrell.

She finds his shyness endearing. I foresee an engagement/marriage in the future for these two.

Everyone in this dorm has 3 semesters to go.


Lot: Sarah Strickland and Andrew McClelland

This is Romance Sim Sarah Strickland, daughter of Niles and Doris.

And here is her roomate and future husband, Andrew McClelland.

They spend much of their time getting to know each other, and playing chess, obviously. They seem to get along all right, and have occasional dates to keep in gold/plat. Nothing real exciting going on here. They have 5 semesters left to graduation.

LOT: Heather Stickland, Veronica Capehart, Sheri Trimble, and Jim-Bob Strickland

Jim-Bob is the son of Barry-James Strickland and Mackenzie Strickland. Sheri is the daughter of Roz and Shane Trimble. Jim-Bob and Sheri are a great match, and were already best friends when they went to University. The first thing they did on their own is lay a great big smacker on each other and instantly fell in love.

While here, Jim-Bob realized his LTW and maxed out his skills. He is now permplat.

Heather Strickland is the daughter of Niles and Doris Strickland, and Veronica is the daughter of Manuel Capehart and Vampiress Lillith Capehart. Heather is slated to marry Raliegh Bostic, who hasn't left for Uni yet. Veronica is not betrothed yet. We'll see how it goes.

Everyone here has 6 semesters left to graduation.

Lot: Zaine Robbins, Theresa Rauscher, and Nicholaus McClelland

Ah. Nicholaus is the Family Sim son of Terrance and Maris McClelland. If you do or do not recall, he just left for Uni, after a dating spree with teen clerk Theresa Rauscher. There was no one for him to hook up with... soooo...

His girlfriend, Theresa, joined him in Uni. They are a great two bolt couple. She is Knowledge, I think, and he is Family. Great match. (When Maxis teen clerk Nichole married Trevaus Capehart, the game replaced her with Theresa. I really liked Theresa because of the custom hair. It will be interesting to see what I get this time as a replacement).

If you have been keeping up with Prosperity Falls lately, you know who this is. It is another one of Quavi Robbins' spawn....Zaine Robbins. He is actually older than his brother Mich, but put off going to Uni as long as possible so he wouldn't be so far ahead of his intended, Florentilla Capehart, who will leave for Uni in round 15. Uni seems to agree with Zaine.

LOT: Sisters Felecia, Lia, and Melissa Strickland

These three girls all belong to Bulldog and Madelyn Capehart. Actually, twins Melissa and Lia left earlier than I would have liked, but Bulldog and Madelyn needed room in the house for their last set of twins. That will give them 10 kids, meeting their impossible wants. They are both Family Sims.

Here are the girls making friends, and getting into the Greek House.

Their lot finished up University for Round 14. All three girls joined their older sister Jeannie Strickland in the Greek House, along with their cousin Kyanne Strickland. lol

That finished Uni for this round. Not everyone met all the Uni points. *GASP!* I didn't get all the BSOC. I am slipping. lol


Bubbs said...

Poor Jenn just wants to lead the mission in a chicken suit! HAHA! Hopefully someone will claim Jeannie soon, she looks nice with that hair.

Where are Scally and Karen?? How could you lose them? Hmm, me thinks you did something.....

Poor Bubbs...he just can't find love. :(

Wait you aren't going to move Tyler in?? Why not? Drama Wen Drama! Move him in!! Hmm, another t-shirt idea!!!

Jim-Bob and Sheri? Hmm, they wanted you to know they are together? Got to like that.

What you didn't get all the points???

ASimWen said...

Ummm where are Scally and Karen? Good question. I don't know! *sob* I have searched high and low.... :( This is the first time I have ever lost my Sims!

Don't you worry about Bubbs. Remember.... "But then know how Sims are. Sometimes they find their Signifacant Other on their own. *smile*"

Heh I should move Tyler in, but that would make Carla so far ahead of him. Carla has already made Christopher see her kiss Tyler, so they are not in love anymore. I should have gotten pics. hehehe

Yeah, well Jim-Bob and Sheri's names were already written down in my Book of Love as mates. They had the good fortune of getting to know each other early on. I really didn't know that they liked each other so well tho. Two bolt couple! come I didn't get all the points....two words... 'College Clock'. lol

Katie said...

Ach! It's all so crazy! How the heck do you manage? I would be going nuts. You have more persistence than most people, I'm telling you. Honestly, wow. Tours so far up of Westfield (my custom 'hood): Town Square (newspaper office, court house, town hall), Church, the Park, and soon the Cemetery. It's coming along! BTW, how old is your oldest generation four?

ASimWen said...

Adult, one week into it.

ASimWen said...

Oh by the way...I found Scally and Karen. They were hiding out in the Tomas Capehart house. lol I must have moved them in there when I graduated them out of Uni.

ruby said...

Yeah you found them. Oh too funny, I can't believe how you must have gone nuts looking for them too. Glad they're safe!
Great updates, love the matching making as always. Some great looking sims as always. And the representatives of my favorite family are the best looking naturally. Um, with the exception of the chicken outfit! TDF!

Rachel said...

Nice job Wen! I know how taxing those Uni rounds can be. *Gasp* A single sim! (OK, so you already told me about him but I'm recreating it) You're stronger than I am that you can leave him single. For your missing grads, have you tried the teleporter shrub? There is a summon option with it. If they are in the hood they should come.

QueenofSimtopia said...

You, Wen, slipping?!?! I think that to be rather impossible. Congrats on all the uniness that you went through. You know you love your sims when...

Josh said...

I know, Uni can be so boring, especially with a lot of Sims to play. In my hood there are only four in Uni now, but eventually the hood will be great! I konw about the Big Sim, I hardly got it myself.

Heather/Simaholic said...

Ack! The chicken suit is a little scary! She definitely needs a fast shopping trip. Yikes. I like Jeannie's new look too. Very hot! Woah! Bubbs has got a nose on him! Wow! Nice to see my namesake off to college! OH yes Nicholaus is definitelly a cutie!