Sunday, January 21, 2007

To Vampire, Or Not

To Vampire, Or Not

Lot: Robbins Way - Lynn, Kevin, Pinkie, and dogs

Last Visit: Lynn and Kevin last seen in Univeristy, Week 14.

(Editor - I picture Kevin as having a soft voice...velvety...)Hey, it's Kevin. Kevin Baer. Yeah, you are used to seeing me as a Frat Boy at Sim State. Well, my lovely Lynn conviced me to move in with her back at State. My oh my, Lynn is the light of my life, as well as our daughter Pinkie. (Kevin is a Family Sim) I am going to tell you all about our life since we graduated from college. Lynn and I had quite a bit of cash, and we bought a peice of land in Prosperity Falls. We wanted to build our own house. But there was a problem.

Errr...Lynn was turned into a vampiress while we were still at University. At first, Lynn didn't want to take the cure for it, easily available from our local gypsy woman. So that left me to oversee the building of the house during the daylight hours when the contractors were here.

Finally, it was done. It is just a small rancher, with a master bedroom, and two smaller bedrooms. One bathroom, a living area, and an eat in kitchen. It is nice for just starting out, like me and Lynn. We had a little cash left over, enough to live off of until we got jobs.

I got a job almost right away, and I would leave every morning while Lynn slept in her coffin. We put it in a room that I hoped would someday be the nursery for the baby I wanted to have with Lynn. But she slept on.

Eventually the Welcome Wagon showed up, in fact they came to welcome Lynn and I into the neighborhood on our wedding day. (Editor - This picture is very unusual for Prosperity Falls. All the Sims in it are Maxis Townies, or born from Maxis Townie Parents. There is NO original Prosperity Family bloodlines in this picture).

Once the house was habitable, Lynn and I had our wedding in the living room. Of course, it was at night to accomodate Lynn's lifestyle as a Vampiress.


Mother of the Bride

Father of the Bride

Brother of the Bride

Brother of the Bride

Welcome Wagon Visitor

Welcome Wagon Visitor

Welcome Wagon Visitor


Zaed: Jati! Do you hear me!

Jati: Yes father, I do. DAD! You are using telepathy!

Zaed: Yes, boy! It comes and goes at it's own whim. I do not have it constantly like you and Xuan. What has happened to your sister's DNA? It is no longer Anotothian!

Jati: She was bitten by the Prosperity Falls Count, dad. It changed her whole DNA structure and blood.

Xuan: *mumble mumble* Lucky girl.

*Zaed glares at Xuan* Xuan! Do not be so disrectful of your sister. This means she cannot be a part of the mission now.

Lynn: Yoo Hoo!

Xuan: Heeey! Lynn are you there? OVER!

Lynn: Yer comin' in loud and clear, Xuan!

*Silence from Zaed*

Jati: Apparently Dad has zoned out. He can't hear us. Congratulations, Lynn. You have telepathy! This means you must create many children for the mission. You MUST give up this vampiric life so you will be available to your children 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Lynn: My womb is ready, Jati! My husband Kevin is extremely virile. Yes, I will take the potion, Vamprocillin, to cure this terrible disease.

Jati: Xaun, do yo sense what I do?

Xuan: Pfft. Yeah, yeah, yeah. She already has a fetus.

Jati: Very good Xuan!

Xuan: *sigh*

Zaed: That is my daughter! Getting to work on multiplying our numbers even before the joining ceremony!

*Alien chatter fades out....*

Kevin:The wedding was beautiful, even though Lynn was still behaving like a vampire. I guess she couldn't help it. It made me so sad to see her like this. But I was a patient man. I knew I would get her to see my way of things sooner or later.

We said our vows.

I kissed the bride.

And we cut the cake. It was a wonderful wedding party.

Then we left for our honeymoon. It was so nice. We went to the town of Nightlife for the weekend.

During the long days whilst Lynn slept in her coffin, I found I had time on my hands on my days off from work. So I got a couple of dogs, Max and Suzie. They are fun to have around. I am sure Pinkie will like the puppies. Yes, Max and Suzie are expecting.

Anyway, back to the issues Lynn was having.

It was all so odd. Lynn didn't have a reflection in the mirror. She said that didn't bother her though, she just wanted me to tell her when she had food in her teeth.

Eventually we found out we were expecting Pinkie. It was weighing heavier on my mind than ever, the fact that Lynn was a vampire, and was now carrying our daughter.

I decided to take things into my own hands. I was not going to wait on her anymore to call the gypsy to get the cure.

She took it without a complaint.

Well, after she swallowed the antidote, she still looked like a vampire. I wasn't sure she was really cured.

But she returned to daytime activities. She started working, going out in the daytime. She wants to be a mad scientist.

She was able to take daytime visitors. Her mother lives just across the street from us and would come over occasionally to see how her pregnant daughter was doing. I am glad she is over there to keep an eye on things during the day while I am at work. I guess I can take the fangs and the odd pallor to her skin. Everything else about her is human. I think.

In the meantime, I worked hard at getting enough skills for my job. I want to be a captian hero. I have been working on whipping my body into shape.

Finally Pinkie was born. Isn't it funny, she was born by the light of the moon, at night. Lynn's favorite time of the day.

I adore Pinkie. I think she is the most beautiful girl in the world.

She learns so fast...she was easy to potty train, teach to walk and is already saying a few words. My little girl.

Well, I suppose life is as normal as it can be, with Lynn looking vampiric, but not acting like it. We are talking about a second child. It won't be long. I can't wait.

Until next time.


Bubbs said...

Oh it's my namesake!!! YEAH!!!

Poor Kevin constructed the house without Lynn? Hmm, hope she likes it. He doesn't look happy she is sleeping, does he?

Xuan doesn't look happy at all. Hmm, the king's message must be bothering him.

Lynn can hear them? OMG!!! What could this mean? Who else can hear them?

Hmmph, Lynn does look like she wants to drink that stuff. Kevin is pushing her to! Hmm, did it work?

Rachel said...

Loved it. The No Reflection pictures gave me the hebee-geebees, I heard that the vamps didn't have a reflection but I've never looked at it myself. Maybe Xuan would be happier as a vampire.

Hey did you know the next post will be the 150th post for Prosperity Falls? How exciting!!! I'll try not to distract you with more challenges to try, at least until the next podcast. :)

QueenofSimtopia said...

Poor Lynn, and Kevin too. Ah well, being a vampire seems to suit her, she is very pretty. That is odd though. At least Kevin got his wish... kind of?

Josh said...

Wen, why do you think that she still looked vampiric? Was it a glitch? That's odd. LOL, I like the name Pinkie.

ruby said...

Xuan: *mumble mumble* Lucky girl.
Too funny! I just love your Anotothians!
I like Lynn's new look. I can't believe she gave in and let go of her vampiress status.
*pout* I want a vampire!

ASimWen said...

To Josh: I really don't know why Lynn didn't turn all the way back. I paused the game during her transition to take pictures. I don't know if that had anything to do with it.