Sunday, January 07, 2007

Not To Mention...

Title: Not To Mention....

Lot: Strickland - Bulldog, Daphne, Felicia, Lia, Melissa, Elijah, Erin, Rebecca and Randy

Last Visit: The Dream

Bulldog: As I have always said, any Sim in this community is a valuable member, no matter if they are rich or poor, vampire or werewolf, or just an ordinary Sim. Call me niave if you want. Here it is. There is this rich lady in town. Her name is Vyn Hutchins. I had always just counted her like any other member of the community. Even though her nose was just a little bit in the air and she dressed nicer than regular folk. Well, really, she isn't different than anybody else. I will tell you why in a minute, but first, lemme get you up to speed on my wonderful family.

Last time I talked to ya my oldest girl Jeannie had grown up and flew the coop...yup..she is in University now. The same place where I went, Sim State. Three more of my brood have gone. Three? Wow. Sure is hittin' the pocketbook, but what can ya do. My momma and daddy Chevy and Kirstee Strickland put each and every one of us through college on their small salaries. And dad even quit working after while to stay home with us.

Well, anyhow. Let's get on with it. No point in rememberin' all that. It is the here and now that is important.

Me and Madelyn's twins Elijah and Erin grew up. Yep. Elijah is my first boy. Nothin' but girls up until then. That Elijah sure likes to talk on the phone, probably got the knack for that from his older sisters. Heh.

Lia Strickland
Aspiration - Knowledge
LTW - To Become a Mad Scientist

Melissa Strickland
Aspiration - Popularity
LTW - To Become A Captain Hero
Melissa is available for download at: Prosperity Falls Stories

My girls are set for life, and I can't say that I am disappointed in the way they have thought to run their lives. My Lia constantly wants to study to get the best grades possible for University, and Melissa wants a lot of friends around her. Says that will help her chances in the law enforcement field.

Ya know, it is really hard as a parent when your kids start asking to take the car. Melissa didn't waste any time getting her driver's and the first thing she asked was fer her and Lia to take a trip to the Mall, by themselves. Said she needed a new pair of shoes, to take to University. Ok, I said. I was nervous all over the inside, but I figured there has to be a first time for everything. I reckon I wasn't so scared when Jeannie went out her first time. I guess because Maddy and I were busy dealing with Lia and Melissa as youngsters, and Maddy bein' pregnant again and all.

Anyway I gave her the keys. Be careful, I said. The two girls came back in one peice, but had a wild story to tell. This is where Vyn Hutchins comes into the picture.

Right away Melissa starts gettin' friendly with Jonathan Pons. I hear alot about that boy, mainly that he is quite the womanizer. I can't say much for that. I don't want him breakin' my little girl's heart. But his is available downtown, and meets lots of girls there. Melissa sort of liked him. Lia met up with my sister, her Aunt Roz, who is a Knowledge Sim as well. It doesn't surprise me none they hit it off.

That is when Lia said there was a big commotion in the back of the was Ms. Hutchins and the same Count that bit my older sister, Lillith.

The girls told me how Diva Vyn Hutchins is now Vampiress Vyn Hutchins. Well needless to say the Lia and Melissa quickly made their purchases and left the mall and came straight home. That Count has no thoughts about who he bites, what class they are in or what. Don't matter. That makes Vyn like anyone else.

Well at any rate, when I spoke to you last, Madelyn was pregnant. And what do you know, she had twins. I am not surprised. I think it must be the cheesecake. She loves the stuff. Couldn't get enough of it. Randy and Rebecca. Another boy, that makes 2 out of 8 children. Maddy keeps saying 10 is a nice round number. I say, we already have 8, what is two more?

So we have been trying, but Maddy says she isn't pregnant yet. We will keep trying. Then I think we will be through with the baby factory. Bulldog and Madelyn took two shots of elixir to expand their adult life by 6 days. That will give them the time they need to have another set of twins and the 10 number they need for thier Impossible Want. Both are Family Sims.

In the meanwhile, my kids are developin' their personalities. Elijah seems to like to show off an awful lot. I think it freaks his sisters out, but Melissa sees through all that, I think.

Lia was there for the youngest when they grew up. My first redhead! My boy Randy is a redhead. I was glad to see it. 'Course, Rebecca is cuter than a new speckled puppy. I think this is the first red headed male Strickland.

Well, time is marching on, and the oldest began to leave one by one for University. First, Felicia went. Yup. Got that last little bit of studying in, and left to join her sister Jeannie at University. Well, at least Felicia should have an easy time of gettin' into the Greek House. Bein' Jeannie lives there and all.

Lia and Melissa left too. All three of my girls managed to rent their own little place right on campus. Yup, livin' together there, keepin' an eye out for each other. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family.

Well, I reckon that is all for now. See you next time.


All three of Bulldogs girls as YA's checking into their rental at University

Accomplishments this round: 2 new Sims, Randy and Rebecca


ruby said...

Yeah, a red headed boy! Bulldog & Madalyn sure have some adorable kids.
Too funny, Diva is now Vampiress! She looks better as a vampire!

Anonymous said...

So many kids! Love the vampire. Lucky Bulldog with all those girl kids. Imagine having a dad named Bulldog! Anyhoo great job of course!


Bubbs said...

Another great update! Nice to see all these kids growing up and moving along.

A vampire diva? That must be a first! Now you have to get her into a house, love them vampires. :)

Heather/Simaholic said...

LOL! Elijah likes to talk on the phone. I'm sure a house full of sisters will do that to a boy. A couple of teenage girls in the house. Bulldog will have his hands full with them I'm sure. Oooo a vampire Diva. That is interesting! Well, Bulldog has certainly had a full house and now three of his girls are off to school. What fun!