Sunday, January 07, 2007

A Meeting Of The Minds

Title: A Meeting Of The Minds

Lot: Robbins.1 - Quavi, Daphne, Zaine, Joan, Jessica, Nacarlos and Narcarlius

Last Visit: The Plan Executes

Bah! It is I, Quavi. There have been many developments within the Mission since I last reported. Major developments to be sure. I had always known that the earth atmosphere is not kind to Anotothians. Once we age to what is defined as elderhood, our mental faculties are sometimes at the mercy of the environment. So far, that has not happened to me. My brother Zaed had a near miss at the wedding of his son Xuan a few months ago. But all is well, and I do not think our secret was found out.

I did age, and I am told by my wife Daphne I aged gracefully. She took my picture.

Daphne became excited and threw a party. I found this to be alright. It was her birthday too, and that of the twin females, Joan and Jessica. Daphne was busy with the camera, taking pictures for posterity's sake, she said.

Daphne grew up gracefully as well, I suppose. She is as pretty as an elder human can be. Although she is no longer useful to me as a womb to carry my children, I still find her company to be endearing. Did I say that? I mean, she is useful to have around to assist in training my army of Anotothians. Errr... yeah.

Daphne actually baked birthday cakes for the girls. She and I did not get one, she commented fun things like cakes are for the young ones. I have to agree. I am strong! I am Quavi! And I don't need the luxurious amenities that mere humans need Joan and Jessica seemed to enjoy the cakes. They grew up to fine young women...err...Anotothians...and will help to birth many for the Mission.

Jessica Robbins
Aspiration - Fortune
LTW - To Become A Business Tycoon

Jessica will birth many, and will assist her husband, Rocco Trimble with the financial aspects of furthering the Mission. Rocco Trimble is the Alien son of Shane Trimble. It is wonderful we are managing to snatch up in marriage many of our kind that have been born as a result of a visit from Our People. It is my brother Zaed who has managed that whole aspect of the Mission. I have been a multiplier! Yes! I am on the cusp of ten contributions to the Mission. My wife Daphne has born 7 children with my DNA, and the Alien Joy Capehart has born 1. That is eight altogether.

Joan Robbins
Aspiration - Knowldege
LTW - To Be Chief of Staff

Joan grew up to have a mind like her Grandfather Timo. She is a thinker. She will grow to think of all the great contributions she will make to the mission. She will steer her children into a direction of greatness for all Anotothians!

My son Zaine has become what the humas say, an overachiever. I would expect nothing less from my seed! Zaine not only carries straight A's in the halls of learning, but also has maximized his after schhool job in Athletics. Bah! It is so easy for us! At any rate, Zaine will be leaving for University soon, where he will join his younger brother Mich and his older sister Aazia. Good riddance, I say. The sooner Zaine and all my children graduate from University, the quicker they can resume thier lives here in Prosperity Falls and begin to multiply!

I did manage to get Zaine started on his life with his future wife, Florentilla Capehart. She is the Alien daughter of Tomas Capehart. Aahhh..we have snagged another Alien. I must say, Zaed is doing a superb job in the matchmaking department.

And I, I not only aged to elder but I am now a General of the Human Army. Yes, I am now the head of the Prosperity Falls Army! Oh what power and control I have! Except, I shall do nothing with it that will draw attention to the Mission. I am in an excellent position to keep an eye on the sky for Our People when they are sent by the King of Anatoth to visit us.

It wasn't long before the last set of twins Daphne gave birth to grew to child. Nacarlos and Nacarlius. What names! I let Daphne name them. After all, to me, the are more members of the Army. Yeah....that's right.

The boy Nacarlius shows great promise. You have only to look at him to realize why.

Now then onto the Mission business, now that I have covered the family developments. Apparently my nephews Xuan and Jati have discovered a major ability for Anotothians on Earth. So important in fact, it required for us to come together in one place to have a meeting about it. It would not do for us to try to discuss this over the primitave computer lines we use here. I have transcripts of the meeting. This occured in my compound at the dining table. And yes, I did manage to pick up brain waves at this meeting. I will now begin. *presses button*

Quavi: Welcome fellow Anotothians. Welcome to my home. I am recording this meeting in both mind and voice so there will be a record of all who attended. This recording will be transmitted to the Kin.

First, let us each announce our names. I am Quavi Robbins, second son of our founder Timo Robbins. I am a Family Sim, and my main part of the mission has been to multiply our race by using mulitple wombs on earth.

It is I, Zaed! I am a Knowledge Sim. My job in the Mission is to find mates for all Anotothian offspring on earth, and to run the command center on this soil to communicate directly to the King of Anatoth. I make regular reports to the home planet. I am the eldest son of Timo Robbins.

Go ahead. Jati!

I am Jati! I am the eldest son of Zaed, and eldest grandson of Timo. My part in the Mission will be to work in Zaed's place as Commander Head when Zaed has expired.

Xuan: Give it a rest, Jati!

*muffle, muffle* mmm..slurp.....gobble....gobble......errr...Huh?

Zaed: Out loud! Jati! Please! Save the telepathy for later!

Jati: Oh sorry. My bad. *ahem* I am Jati. I will take over as Command Head when my father Zaed dies. I will inherit all the duties he now has and will carry them out accordingly in good fashion. I am a Fortune Sim and I plan to add many Simoleons to the Mission to further our greatness on earth.

Xuan: I am Xuan. I am here. Dunno why. I know why! **)&!!@@@** !!! Why can't things just stay the way me and Uncle Quavi planned it?

Jati: Xuan, Watch yourself! Remember Zaed has no knowledge of the Plan!

Zaine: What plan?

Xuan: Who's zat?

Jati: Xuan, apparently Zaine has the same ability you and I do. Apparently it is indigenous to the younger generations of Anotothians!

Zaine: I do? Hey cool!

Xuan: That is all I need. *rolling eyes*

Zaed: Xuan, you are here because you have developed a unique ability to communicate to Jati through your thoughts. It has come to me through channels that you have tried to deceive me and the mission. No, I cannot read your thoughts. But I do have the uncanny ability to know what you are thinking. I do not hear your words, but I feel what you are thinking.

I feel that you have deceived the Mission somehow, but I do not have details. I am here to get to the bottom of it, and to determine how to recognize and deal with the new ability.

What say you, Quavi?

Quavi: Zaed, The boy did not want to partake in the Mission. He felt like a black sheep of the family since he had none of the DNA necessary to reproduce on this planet, so he sought forms of entertainment.

He wanted to do nothing but chase the skirts of the human women. He approached me and offered me the womb of his fiancée Joy Capehart in exchange for protection and the resources of the Robbins family. I thought it a fair trade.

Zaed: Xuan has no Anotothian DNA? THE CHILD MALVINA IS NOT XUAN'S?

Quavi: No she is not. I am her father.

Xuan: Thank the King for that! The last thing I need is a kid to be responsible for!

Jati: Xuan! Watch it!

Zaine: Man this is just too much! Ouch! My brain is hurting!

Hey, I am Zaine. Can I jump in here? *raising hand*

Zaed: Go ahead, nephew.

I am Zaine, and I am the oldest son of Quavi, grandson of Timo. I will take over here at the compound when Quavi dies. I am a Fortune Sim, and will endeavor to make lots of Simoleons to further the mission. I wanna say that I just figured out I have telephathy too!

Zaed: That is good Zaine. I know you will use the ability for the good of the Missioan, and multiply accordingly. You are marrying the Alien Florentilla. That is an excellent match!

Xuan I ask you. Your wife Joy is currently carrying another child. Tell me.

*Xuan hangs his head* She is currently carrying twins of Uncle Quavi's.

Zaed: Twins eh? That is good. However, Quavi does not have telepathy, so his children may not either. We can only wait until the children grow a little to find out. How do you know she is carrying twins?

Jati: I know, father. Xuan and I not only have the ability to communicate telepathically, we can also count fetuses in a womb.

Zaed: Count fetuses...??? EXCELLENT! That is excellent news! That will give us more control than ever over the Mission! Quavi, what are your findings on this extraordinary ability?

Quavi: Well first of all I had no knowledge of it. This is the first I have learned of it. But I can tell you Zaed, it is this cheesecake. When a pregnant individual eats it, one fetus multiplies into two!~

Zaine: I am gonna make sure Florentilla eats it every time she has a fetus!

Jati: Zaine!

Xuan: Man you don't know what you are in for!

*Temorary uproar at the table*

Zaed: ENOUGH! We are eating this cheesecake right now! Has anyone here recently visited with our people? No? Alright. Here are my directions! I will die soon, and my son Jati will become Head Commander of the mission. These are my last instructions! See that they are carried out!

Number 1, all with the Ability will continue to use it at every opportunity. With exercise, I have full confidence all new Anotothians born on Earth will have it. Number 2, Xuan, YOU WILL BEGIN TO MULTIPLY! Starting immediately! It does not matter if the womb belongs to your Alien wife! Just do it!

Xuan: Awww man! #%$@+@#!!!!

Jati: Psst! Xuan! You get to go back to woo-hooing all sorts of women.....

Xuan: Ha! I can leave the little raincoats at home! Back to the women! Alright!

Zaine: Raincoats?


boolproped abduction


Zaed: Quavi! Apparently the King has business with your human wife, Daphne!

Quavi: I can't imagine what it would be, Zaed!

Xuan: Gee, this is loud! Ouch!

Jati: To put it bluntly, stop being such a wuss, Xuan!

Zaed: Since she is a female, and an elder at that, she will not become pregnant with one of our fetuses.

Quavi: You are right Zaed! I wonder what the King wants with an old white human woman???

Quavi: *worriedly wringing hands* I wonder what he could want with my Daphne? Will she be the same when she comes back? Oh why oh why did he take my wife? *shakes head* Oh...errr...I am sure she will be fine when she gets back. She can tell us, of course, what business the King had with her!

Psst! Nacarlos! Isn't it funny that Dad has peeked through the telescope every night since we moved here and the King never came to see him? Mom looks through it once and BAM! She's gone!

Jati: I am sorry Quavi! I will get to the bottom of this.

Quavi: It is alright, Jati. I am sure Daphne's abduction is for the good of the Mission. In the mean time, we need to conclude our meeting. Back to the meeting table!

Zaine: I wish it was me that got taken.

Zaed: Do not worry, Zaine. You will have plenty of opportunity to visit with our people. So far, I am the only one of us that has had the opportunity to go. The King is the wisest in his decisions.

Xuan: I am gonna stay away from that telescope. Hey. How am I gonna go around woo-hooing with all the ladies if my belly is big with Alien child? I don't think so.

Jati: Xuan. You know as Anotothians in the Mission one of the requirements for us is to stargaze every night. You must look through the telescope.

Zaed: I know you are speaking between yourselves with your minds! Xuan, I sense you are concerned about the telescope. What is it?

Xuan: Errr.. well...nothing.

Zaed: Jati! Spit it out! What concern does Xuan have with the telescope?

Jati: Well, father, Xuan doesn't want to stargaze. He thinks it will cramp his style with the ladies to woo-hoo with a big pregnant belly.

Xuan: Jati, you tattle tale!


Zaed: Xuan. This is a command. You will stargaze every night, and you will woo-hoo and try for baby every chance you get. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? You are now an integral part of this mission, even more so than anyone else at this table!

Xuan: Oh man oh man! I wish I didn't have to do this! All the woo-hooing is okay, but I don't wanna stargaze every night! Jati! help me!

Jati: Bro, you are on your own. I have no problem with stargazing every night. You know that Zaed will pick up on whether or not you are going along with the Mission. Ya better do it.

Xuan: I wonder what would happen if I didn't?

Jati: Xuan, I have never found out what happens when something doesn't go the way the King wants it. But I wouldn't want to find out. I would hate to lose you.

Zaine: Yah, you better do it Xuan.

Xuan: Shaddup.

Zaine: My brain smarts!

Zaed: This concludes our meeting. We will meet again 6 months from now in the home of Xuan to get an update on his Abilities, and to see how many females he has impregnated. Meeting adjourned!

Jati: Better luck next time, Xuan. And don't forget, I will be keeping an eye on you.

Xuan: &^%$###!!! *lots of Alien cussing*

Zaine: Cool! I have never heard that before!

Xuan: Again, shaddup, creep.

*Quavi turns of recorder*

Well that is it. Quite productive, don't you think?

Eventually Daphne was returned by Our People. She has no recollection of the encounter. I have found nothing different about her except it appears she has had a small device implanted in her ear. I want so badly to study it but I have no way to do it, being that I don't know what it does. It could be a listening device, for all I know.

Not long after the meeting, Zaine left for University full of this new ability he has. I do not know if there will be anyone there that shares in it. He may not be able to use it there. Only time will tell.

I seem to have all sorts of warm fuzzy human feelings for Daphne. That is different. Even though I can no longer use her womb to plant fetuses, I still like to woo-hoo with her. I don't understand that.

And that is all. See you next time. I will again record the meeting that will take place in a few months at Xuan's place. Heh.

Accomplishments this round: Quavi: LTW - Reach Golden Anniversary, perm plat.


Bubbs said...

Aww, Quavi really loves Daphne in his own way. I think he really wanted a cake for his birthday.

A multiplier he is, lmao. He spread his seed around....

Quavi doesn't like college, they spend too much time there when they should MUTLIPLY!!

Quavi can read minds??? OH NO!! Stops thinkng...poor Xuan doesn't look happy after listening to Zaed. He is in denial, he wants a kid!!

A device in her ear? What?? Hmm, makes one wonder huh?


Twoyys4me said...

wow there are some real 'mind' games going on there! Poor Xuan... looks like he's going to be in for some tough times... not the fun he was expecting I think.

PRMami said...

What an entertaining and funny chapter I loved it and it so sweet that Quavi still has a need for his human wife awwwww

Anonymous said...

Yea for the Anothians! Great update as usual. Love how Quavi has true feelings for Daphne. I find it really cute actually.


ruby said...

If this posts more than once, sorry! darn blogger hmfph!

Whew that was one heckofan update! Loved it, loved it, loved it!
I love Quavi and how the environment is changing him.
I adore Xuan and his adverse reaction to the telescope *giggle*
Zaed is my favorite and I am so not looking forward to his passing...
Oooo, a device? Intriguing!!!

Rachel said...

Quavi seems to be softening. I totally forgot he was a family sim. Just doesn't seem like he should be. Congrats on the LTW for him.

Xuan is gonna have babies! They are so gonna be pretty/handsome!!!

Heather/Simaholic said...

Hmmm, so is Quavi really going to keep his mind or does he just think he is? Ah yes, Quavi is slipping. :o) Wow, Quavi looks quite distinguished dressed as a general there! You clean up well Quavi! Oh yes, Nacarlius looks very Anotothian! The telepathy thing really is quite entertaining. It will be fun to see how that one progresses!