Sunday, January 28, 2007

Preparing For Kyanne

TITLE: Preparing For Kyanne

Lot: The Gentlemen's Club - Markey Capehart

Last Visit: Markey was last seen at University.

Hey, Markey Capehart here. My dad is Tomas. Hey lemme tell ya about this house. Well first of all, I just graduated from University. I moved here because dad left it for me. I was born and raised in the place that people call The Gentleman's Club. Dad moved the family out of it after I left for University.

Why did he move the family? Because this place was so haunted, nobody ever got any rest at night. Why did I move here? Again, because it was empty and dad still owned it. Nobody wanted to buy this property. Who is buried here? Kamika Robbins, Morgan-Rose Bostic, and Lucas Turner. Heck. Lucas Turner is my grandpa on my mom's side, but I am not related to the rest of those people.

At any rate, my plan is to marry Kyanne Strickland when she graduates from University and start a family with here here. Dad came over to visit my first day, and brought over a truck load of furniture. I really needed that. Thanks dad.

I invited Kyanne too, and introduced her to dad. Kyanne really liked the house, despite the graveyard in the back yard. In fact, she liked the bedroom the most...

Yeah, we started breaking in the bed. heh.

After my housewarming, I got on the stick and started looking for a job. I finally found one, in the criminal field. I really didn't like it so much, but I had the credentials for it.

I used this handy dandy machine to train. Man oh man that thing would shock me every now and then.

Life was lonely without Kyanne. I got up every morning and made my own breakfast, and got myself off to work.

I brought coworkers home with me. On this day, I brought home Malcom Landgrabbe from Bluewater. He works in the criminal field too. I have to think about that. Hm. Let's see. He owns the Electronics Superstore and a nightclub. I think I smell mafia connections.

I had a minor set back and got fired from my job...but that didn't keep me down.

I made it to the top of my career, and am ready for Kyanne to come home. Hopefully we will have a kitten first thing. After all, I am more than prepared to give Kyanne and my family a good life. Until next time!

Odd Pic Out:

The first thing Markey did when I opened this lot was clean this up. It made me wonder what went on the last time I played here. heh

Accomplishments: Markey - TOC and LTW - Criminal Mastermind


Bubbs said...

Aww, poor man seems lonely waiting on his fiance. How long until she graduates? He needs his own kittens. :)

Rachel said...

Poor Markey, all by his lonesome. At least he made good use of the week getting TOW and LTW.

QueenofSimtopia said...

Wow, Markey has some jaw line eh? It is very fortunate that he is a leopard, he definately pulls the jaw off. Wow, top of career! Already, and after being fired! Congrats.

About your last post... Aazia is so gorgeous! Here's to hoping that some of her kids don't inherit Malcom's eyebrows.

Great job Wen!

Galena said...

I think there was a waterballoon involved in that puddle, but I'm not quite sure.

It's sad in a way for sims to be alone, but it makes it a lot easier (for me anyway) to get them to TOC.