Sunday, January 28, 2007

Preparing For Kyanne

TITLE: Preparing For Kyanne

Lot: The Gentlemen's Club - Markey Capehart

Last Visit: Markey was last seen at University.

Hey, Markey Capehart here. My dad is Tomas. Hey lemme tell ya about this house. Well first of all, I just graduated from University. I moved here because dad left it for me. I was born and raised in the place that people call The Gentleman's Club. Dad moved the family out of it after I left for University.

Why did he move the family? Because this place was so haunted, nobody ever got any rest at night. Why did I move here? Again, because it was empty and dad still owned it. Nobody wanted to buy this property. Who is buried here? Kamika Robbins, Morgan-Rose Bostic, and Lucas Turner. Heck. Lucas Turner is my grandpa on my mom's side, but I am not related to the rest of those people.

At any rate, my plan is to marry Kyanne Strickland when she graduates from University and start a family with here here. Dad came over to visit my first day, and brought over a truck load of furniture. I really needed that. Thanks dad.

I invited Kyanne too, and introduced her to dad. Kyanne really liked the house, despite the graveyard in the back yard. In fact, she liked the bedroom the most...

Yeah, we started breaking in the bed. heh.

After my housewarming, I got on the stick and started looking for a job. I finally found one, in the criminal field. I really didn't like it so much, but I had the credentials for it.

I used this handy dandy machine to train. Man oh man that thing would shock me every now and then.

Life was lonely without Kyanne. I got up every morning and made my own breakfast, and got myself off to work.

I brought coworkers home with me. On this day, I brought home Malcom Landgrabbe from Bluewater. He works in the criminal field too. I have to think about that. Hm. Let's see. He owns the Electronics Superstore and a nightclub. I think I smell mafia connections.

I had a minor set back and got fired from my job...but that didn't keep me down.

I made it to the top of my career, and am ready for Kyanne to come home. Hopefully we will have a kitten first thing. After all, I am more than prepared to give Kyanne and my family a good life. Until next time!

Odd Pic Out:

The first thing Markey did when I opened this lot was clean this up. It made me wonder what went on the last time I played here. heh

Accomplishments: Markey - TOC and LTW - Criminal Mastermind

Mission Additions

TITLE: Mission Additions

Lot: Landgrabbe IV - Aazia, Malcom, and Thurston

Last Seen: Aazia last seen in University.

This entry marks the 150th post to Prosperity Falls. Thank you for spotting that, Rachel!

I am Aazia. I am the eldest daughter of Quavi, and the first female of the mission to make a diary entry for the King of Anatoth concerning my part in it all. In the Mission, I mean. I do carry the Anotothian yellow eyes and skintone. I have yet to develop the telepathy powers my relatives have. Perhaps it is because I am female.

My part in the mission is to multiply with the very rich Malcom Landgrabbe IV. He is a pillar of Bluewater society, a business owner, and has many simoleons I will use to further our agenda. Being on Earth instead of Anatoth, my womb can be used to grow and give birth to our babies. Whereas on Anatoth, it is the burden of the males to give birth. I am excited to be doing this for my people.

I did not even stop at the house of my father when I graduated from University. I had the taxi take me right to Malcom's house. He was very glad to see me.

We immediately began to plan our wedding. Malcom and I took a taxi to Amelia's Closet in Bluewater to shop for our wedding trousseau. I bought a very expensive gown, and Malcom added to his wardrobe buying a tux to match my gown.

Our wedding was held right in the foyer of Malcom's huge house. The building would be able to house many children.


Mother of the Bride

Brother of the Bride

Welcome Wagon Visitor

Welcome Wagon Visitor

Uncle, Cousin and Father of the Bride

Cousins of the Bride Lynn and Kevin

My husband Malcom unknowingly showed his virility to my Uncle Zaed. I had no doubt that I would swiftly become pregnant and present him with a child to carry on in this house, and to the mission!

Our wedding party was a big success, and we immediately left for a couple of days to go on a honeymoon. Malcom took me to the Poconos where we lay in a heart shaped bed and did nothing but woo-hoo for two solid days straight!

When we returned, I knew I was pregnant! I had bouts of morning sickness that engulfed my days. I was very happy, I immediately let my family know another Being was on the way.

I found I was very hungry all the time! All I could think about was food. My husband Malcom would cook for me at times.

When Malcom wasn't home, he was at his electronics store minding business. This his his employee, who quit on him right after we got married.
This shirt has a picture of Xuan Robbins on it. It is available for download along with many other Prosperity Falls T-Shirts here. They are made by Lynn, visit her Sims at: Messy Town.

Malcom came home from work one day and told me he had made $100,000! That is alot of Simoleons!

My father Quavi was a frequent visitor to Malcom's store. I do not know what he was buying, I know the house I was brought up in was lacking for nothing!

In the meantime, I slept more than usual, I would become so tired during the pregnancy.

And I ate...alot.

I did try to exercise to keep my weight down and to keep the baby healthy. The ungainliness of my middle expanding caused me to fall out of the dance orb. Luckily I did not hurt myself or the child. I also needed some increased athletic abilities as I needed promotions in the Law Enforcement field. Why was I working? Well, with Uncle Zaed as a Criminal Mastermind, one of my parts of the mission was to join law enforcement so as not to seem improper to the Society.

The day came I felt the pains of childbirth. OH MY! It was never like anything I had ever felt before. Malcom was there supporting me all the way and behaved as though it was not unusual for a female to give birth. I was proud to do it for my people!

Our son Thurston was born. He has the skin of My People, and the eyes of the Landgrabbs. He will make a fine addition to the Mission.

Malcom did his part in caring for Thurston. Although, he did seem to not enjoy changing diapers. I did find that to be not exciting as well, but it was necessary to the mission.

After Thurston's birth, I continued working toward my goal in law enforcement. I was very happy! Now because of the position I held in Society, it would be easier than ever for me to produce more children.

Thurston is extremely easy to teach, and catches on to everything well. I was glad to get him potty trained. So was Malcom!

He is a very handsome boy and I cannot wait to see who my cousin Jati chooses to marry him off to.

Like father like son. Malcom is extremely proud to have a son. As a matter of fact, so proud, I have found myself to be pregnant again. I could not wait to produce another for the mission, and Malcom just wanted another child in the house to carry on the Landgrabbe name. It was easy to get him to impregnate me again! Until next time!

Odd Pics Out:

Beautiful Aazia Robbins is available for download as a YA if you would like to have her in your game.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS THIS ROUND: Aazia TOC and LTW: Captain Hero One New Sim - Thurston

Sunday, January 21, 2007

One Is The Loneliest Number

One Is The Loneliest Number

Lot: Strickland.1 - Bubbs and dog

Last Visit: Bubbs Strickland last seen in University

For those of you familiar with the old Disney 'How To' cartoons starring Goofy, imagine the narrator of this story the Voice on those cartoons. We will proceed.

Meet Mr. Knowledge. Mr. Knowledge is your normal every day swinging bachelor fresh out of college. He is into gardening, painting, and meeting the neighbors. Someday he hopes to become a mad scientist.

Today Mr. Knowledge is tending his flower garden. See the brand new home he just bought? He hopes it's gothic appearance will really be a chick magnet. Oh, what is this? Mr. Knowledge gets a visitor.

What a good looking dog! Mr. Knowledge, do you like this puppy? *Bubbs looks into the camera, smiles widely, and nods*. Good. I think Pepper likes you too.

Oh my. Pepper appears to be rather aggressive. Do you find her scarey, Mr. Knowledge? *Bubbs nods into the camera, clearly frightened* Here you go. Try on these Nike running shoes, Mr. Knowledge. They will help you out run that vicious dog. *Pepper proceeds to chase Bubbs around the lot*.

What a good idea, Mr. Knowledge. is a great place to find a job. Maybe that is best to get your mind off that terrible incident with that ferocious canine earlier today. Oh, there is the doorbell. Better go answer it!

Who is it? Your cousin? This is Cara Strickland. She married your cousin Kolton Strickland? You say you knew her in college? *Bubbs grins*

That's right, Mr. Knowledge. Nothing like frolicking in the sun all day. Make a day out of it! Heck, go on a picnic!

Oh No Mr. Knowledge! You don't let your cousin's wife flirt with you! Ah, but you are a babe magnet! She can't help herself, now can she. It isn't your fault, now is it? *Bubbs shakes his head no, with a glint in his eye*

Well, I suppose just one kiss couldn't hurt. What is that Mr. Knowledge? Mrs. Robinson...errr...your cousins' wife just gave you your first kiss? It had to happen some time, nothing like the present, right?

I see Pepper is back, and you two have decided upon a truce. That is best. No sense in having enemies in the neighborhood. Be kind to your four footed friends, I always say!

I see Pepper has made herself at home. What? She moved in? I see all it took was a few belly rubs and some snacks. Mr. Knowledge, if only it were that easy to persuade a woman.

I see Pepper is taking up a lot of your time. But not all of it, right Mr. Knowledge?

Another visitor from your college days? Joy the mean...Joy Capehart-Robbins has come to visit? Very good! Nothing like catching up on old times.

Yes, yes, reminescing about days past is good for the soul, right Mr. Knowledge? Mr. Knowldege? Oh sorry.

Selling your works of art, Mr. Knowledge? That is an extremely good way to bring some funds into the bank account. The chicks love a gent to have lots of Simoleons on hand. I'll bet you can't wait for the dough to really start rolling in from your job. *Bubbs nods*

Hey hey! It looks like your cousins's wife wrote you a letter Mr. Knowledge! Thanking you for the nice after noon dancing in the sun. You are on your way to the good life!

Ah, what a nice way to spend Saturday afternoon, and a way to take Pepper out to meet the neighborhood. Nothing like going to the park. I see you have met a bimbo...errr.. I mean a very nice lady in the park. Yes, yes, cook hamburgers for everyone. That will surely draw the babes.

Surely you didn't receive complaints because Pepper was a little odiferous. Good thing the city park provides a place to wash your pooch.

Bubbs! Errr I mean Mr. Knowledge! Quick turn around! There is a babe getting the hots for you!

I see you are really hitting it off with Joy Hiatt! What, she is a two bolt for you Bubbs/Mr. Knowledge? Really? My oh my, what is your Cousins's Wife Cara gonna think? HuH? Cara! You remember Cara? And Joy Slut errrr Capehart-Robbins? ??? You never heard of them! ??? Riiiiggght. I get the picture.

Well off to work. The day off is over, and it is time to put the nose back to the grind stone. Looks like Pepper is faithfully holding down the fort.

Pepper! Why didn't you stop this? OH riiiiggght....

Couldn't get enough of the park. I see.

Mr. Knowledge, I see you have bought some swingin' duds there. You are right, courdoroy bell bottoms will get 'em every time. I see you are on the phone. Who are you calling? Joy Hiatt? She has agreed to go on a date with you? Great!

I see you went to Four Winds Shopping for some dancing and coffee. Where are your fancy clothes? Eh? Pictures out of sequence, and just made a great storyline this way? Okay! I'll buy that!

Well, well, well Mr. Knowledge. It has been a fruitful week for you, your first week out of college. You met a great dog, who moved in with you, you got a great job and you met a hot chick. What could be better?

Petting a Riiiiiggght. See ya next time, Mr. Knowledge!