Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Vampire Looks For Love and Mike The Lady Killer

TITLE: The Vampire Looks For Love

Lot: Capehart - Vamiress Lillith Strickland-Capehart, Werewolf Tanu, Valentine, Violet, Narcissus, Vermillion, and Vampire/Servo Capable

Last Visit - Growing A Flower Garden - Valentine Capehart filled us in on the goings on around her home. Violet grew to child, and Valentine and Tanu's second child was born, a boy named Narcissus with snowy white hair. Valentine joined the teaching force and earned the education bookcase for skilling. At the end of the entry, Valentine found out she was pregnant again.

Hello. Vampiress Lillith Strickland here. I am a Capehart, no? Well, since my mortal husband Manuel died, I have reverted back to the name of my father, Chevy Strickland. I live in this house with my daughter Valentine, and her husband Tanu, along with their children. Also here is a servo here I built who I named Capable. He is also a Vampire. The same vampire who gave me the life of the Undead, Count Orlando Moniff, somehow turned my Servo into a vampire. How he did that, I do not know. I will relate to you about the life here, as I will be leaving soon. You see, I found I am with mortal child. I cannot have this infant here in the home of my eldest daughter. I will vacate the premesis before it is born.

The week started with my Servo in a dilemma. He could not recharge in the sun because of his vampiric state. He ran here and there. Finally, he found he could lay in the bed my husband used and go into human slumber to recharge. As long as he did not go outside, he could stay charged day and night. He found his former favorite activity of fishing had to be done at night now. He is an expert at night fishing.

My eldest child Valentine gave birth to my third granchild, a girl named Vermillion. She has the beautiful Capehart blue eyes. Valentine is pregnant with her fourth as we speak. Yes, we are pregnant at the same time. That just will not do. That is why I will leave a seek out my own home; so as not to steal her joy in her child.

My husband Manuel was disgruntled, and full of thought. He knew his time was getting close for him to die; and he wondered what he could do for his family. I had a passing thought of giving him the Gift I have, that being Undead, but then he is an old man already. I did not want him to live forever in that state. He could not be like I am, young forever. He would be old forever. So I decided to let him go.

Manuel and grandson Narcissus

He decided to give us gifts all around. To say goodbye. He knew, but he was ready. Narcissus didn't know what was really going on; he only knew his grandfather was giving him presents.

Violet Capehart
Aspiration: Fortune
LTW: To Become The Law

Manuel was still alive for a round of birthdays. Me eldest granddaughter, Voilet, grew to teen. She is the first of the 5th generation born in Prosperity Falls. Hello Violet! What a lovely girl you are. She will be leading the way here for a bright future for our town. She has left for Sim State University, where all Capeharts go for higher learning.

Vermillion grew up to be the cutest toddler. But then, they are all cute? No? I had the pleasure of assisting her with her birthday candles. I am not always present for the birthdays, sometimes they are rushed and I am not through with my daytime slumber.

My grandchildren were all welcomed into the local Private School for Sims in Prosperity Falls. Getting in was a snap for my grandchildren. After all, their grandmother is a great Vampiress.

It was shortly after our grandchildren entered Private School, that my dear mortal husband passed away. I shall miss him!

Besides the presents he passed to us, he also left a tidy sum in cash. That will come in to be very beneficial to me when I move to my own home. Ah, despite my love for Manuel, I did become extremely lonely, even though I had my wonderful grandchildren around me. I did call the Prosperity Falls Matchmaker. Did she have a love for a Vampire?

She brought me this man who called himself Steve, and wore bowling shoes. I found him to be extremely interesting.

He has a thirst for knowledge just like me. And I know he found me to be especially becoming, even though I have an unearthly pallor to my skin and other unusual physical attributes. We quickly became friends.

Alien Chatter...

King: How did this happen? First I was in Wilbur's lab, then I was down here ogling over Ms. Fangs!

Xuan: HAHAHA! What happened, did one of your experiments go bad? *smirk*

King: I found myself telling this beautiful she is....

Xuan: Well, really, she ain't bad lookin' for a vamp. She has a womb. A good one, too.

King: That matchmaker must have some kind of magic...or....access to the flux capacitor. Alien X?

Zaed: It could be sir. We will keep a watch out.

King: At any rate, Wilbur was able to pull me back and get me out of that situation quickly.

End alien chatter.....

My grandaughter Vermillion is as child now. She looks very much like her mother. You see there in the background? Sitting in the kitchen? Narcissus has grown to teen himself.

Narcissus Capehart
Aspiration: Romance
LTW: To Become A Hall of Famer

I am so proud of my family. Ah, but I shall outlive them. I saw my husband die, and I will see my children and my grandchildren age and die. The life of the Undead is not for everyone.
After my date with Steve, I did go downtown to see if I could find love. It had been decades since I tried to find companionship. Manuel and I met in college, even before I became a vampire.

Whilst I was there, Countess Vyn Nanale was at the clothing shop. Count Moniff was nowhere to be seen. Perhaps he is on vacation at Twikki Islands. I should like to go there myself sometime. The Countess was active. It appears the vampires are creating a culture in Prosperity Falls.

She bit Dovie Bostic....years ago she had bitten Dovie's brother, Andre. Dovie's mortal life was near the end. Will she stay old forever? It remains to be seen.

The Countess also bit this hapless townie. She did not seem to think this was a bad thing. Perhaps this townie will be like me, and like the Un-Life.

My son-in-law Tanu had a scuffle with Kelsey McClelland, the first werewolf of Prosperity Falls. What a feat! A snowleopard turning into a canine! Tanu always wanted to become a werewolf...Kelsey obliged.

Werewolves Kelsey and Jodi-Ann McClelland eating dessert with Tanu. Kelsey and Jodi-Ann do not exhibit werewolf features (with the exception of Kelsey's hair) because of custom skintones and Jodi-Ann's cc hair)

My poor daughter Valentine constantly wants Tanu to take a cure of this werewolf-ism, but he refuses. I am proud to call Tanu my son-in-law.

Violet reached the top of her teen career. Being a fortune Sim, she wanted to earn the entrepreneurial scholarship for college. She did. Such a hardworking girl!

It was time for her to leave for college. She earned $8,000 in scholarships. That was enough to cover her years of education. That love of dancing paid off...she also earned a dance scholarship. I am so proud! Goodbye Violet, see you when you graduate!

Right around this time I received a dead aunt Mercedes suddenly made an appearance...and this was left for me. I am still trying to realize what it means. She is buried right here on this property.

Ah such supernatural things are happening within my family. Ah, but there are normal things happening around here as well.

I did meet a couple of men that I am thinking of bringing into my life. One of them has already given me a baby. Who was it? We will know when the infant is born. Until then, the very pregnant Vampiress Lillith Strickland signing off, and checkin' the real estate ads.

Accomplishments this round: 1 new Sim - Vermillion

TITLE: Mike The Lady Killer

Lot - Strickland .1a - Barry-James, Mackenzie, Michael-Douglas, Benny, (and last but not least) Sheri Trimble, and Jim-Bob

Last Visit: And Then There Was One - Jim-Bob reported from University. He told us about the mystery of the missing graves for his grandparents Marc-Henry and Former Mayor Kerris Strickland. The Strickland family is beginning to wonder if they are being harrassed by grave robbers. His brother Michael-Douglas grew from toddler to child, and his brother Shawn-Michael grew to teen and left for University.

Jim-Bob here again, man. Like Sheri and I have graduated from University, and come home. But I got nothing to tell you there. There will be Prosperity Falls University Story in the near future where you will see me and Sheri gradute. But anyways, me and Sheri just got here. I am gonna tell you about my little brother's escapades before he left for University. That's right. Michael-Douglas, lady killer. heh

Well, first of all, mom and dad had a birthday. Yup, my parents were moving on in age.

They both seemed to think they look alright. After all, they have been together for years.

Soon after, it was Michael-Douglas's birthday. Well, we can call him Mike for short. Such a putzy little kid with those heart feeler things on his head. Hey, mom put 'em there, and he just kept wearing them. He didn't care.

Michael-Douglas Strickland
Aspiration: Romance
LTW: To Become A Rock God

When he was old enough to realize what he was wearin' on his head, he whipped those feelers off, and put this hat on. I guess he is used to wearin' somethin' on his head. Anyway, Mike says he wants to become a Rock God, like mom. Well, mom quit her job in rock and roll when she had her birthday. Said she felt out of place up there trying to rock in front of thousands of fans. With her wrinkles and stuff. So she got into something else. Can't say I really agree with what she is doing now...she works in crime.

Her life time dream is to make $100,000 before she dies. Well, she is over half way there. She figures this job will put her over the top. She has heard this is quite lucrative. Not real becoming for the house that a former mayor of Prosperity Falls lived in. (Kerris Robbins-Strickland). But anyway, she says she is in it for the money and will quit as soon as she realizes her dream.

Mike grew up looking for love. He called up his old friend, Molly Capehart.

They shared their first kiss together. AWWWWw! Heh. More power to ya, bro. They had a few dates. They were good enough that Molly brought over this kewl system for Mike as a present.

Can't go wrong with a strong music system for a guy who wants to be in rock-and-roll for his lifetime goal. That is one heckuva date gift! Looks like you found the right kind of woman, Mike!

Mom and figured if Mike was gonna be successful in life, he should have the best education possible, just like me and Shawn-Michael had. Yeah, we were all in private school. Mike was no exception, they paid for him to go too.

Mike spent alot of time working out, got himself in shape. Says a rock god can't have fat around his middle. No beer gut for him, he says. Our distant relative, Bubbs Strickland, heard about this dance orb that Mike got in shape in, and came over to try it.

He stayed on that thing for hours and hours.

He walked away trim and fit. (Editor - Yes, I have a 'fitness for all' hack. It makes any unplayable characters fat or slim depending on what they are doing.)

Mike figured since he was fit, since he had a good education, it was time to move to college. He did all he was gonna do at home, he said.

And off he went. Buh-bye brother, see ya around!

Mike found love in University, but that is a story for the University article!

That is about all that happened 'round here this time. Everybody had birthdays, and Mike left for college. Next time it will be all about............

Jim-Bob and Sheri

Me and Sheri. Thanks everybody! See you next time!

Accomplishments this round: Mackenzie reaches TOC - Criminal

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Never Ending Pregnancy, From Felines To Canines, Robot Love


Editor: I so enjoyed writing more than one lot an entry during the 'catch up phase' I have decided to write entries including multiple lots when nothing really noteworthy happened on a lot to dedicate a whole blog entry to it. This week, I bring you three lots: The Tomas Capehart house, the Tosca McClelland house, and the Justice Strickland house.

Lot: Capehart1.4 - Tomas, Roxanna, Scally, Karen, Omy, Janiah, and dogs

Last Visit: Its A Hot One Baby! Scally brought home his fiancee Karen Strickland from University, and held a nice wedding in the old Canbius house. Cleo's puppies Skippy and Anatasia grow up, and Tomas sells Skippy to Martin Strickland. Karen catches fire in the hottub, but her sister in law Claire had a clear head about it all and used the fire extinguisher to put out the flames. Roxanna finally gave in to the lure of living a normal life again, and called the Matchmaker to purchase some Vamprocillin, which she drank and was cured of her blood thirsty affliction Vampirism.

OMG! OMG! I hope I make it in time!

ASimWen: I thought only people with a weak constitution had this problem....?

Karen: It isn't that. I have the PP's.

ASimWen: Ahh....excuse me? *embarrassed*

The "Pregger Pukes." You left me with a hidden pregnancy for a whole round!

ASimWen: Ah, well I am sorry Karen. I forgot.

Karen: *Checking Calendar* Well, let's see. The last time you visited was back in March. Yeah.

ASimWen: Well, that makes you pregnant for 9 months. Just a couple of weeks overdue. Not unusual.

Karen: Come on now! I am a Sim...we stay pregnant for three days. Three days. I was pregnant for 9 months! OH my aching back!

ASimWen: Well, I will try to be more diligent about making my rounds in the future. My apologies.

ASimWen: Hi Scally. What' s shakin'?

Scally: First of all I wanna tell you, ASimWen. Thanks alot for leaving my wife pregnant so long. She has been one tuff lady to live with these past nine months. Sims are not made to be left pregnant for so long.

ASimWen: Errr...sorry?

Scally: Well, I guess I accept your apology. Anyway, I have decided to try to become a Captain Hero.

ASimWen: We have tons of those already in Prosperity Falls, Scally? Why don't you pick something else, like the military career?

Scally: Because I wanted to fly to work. And the costume is really kewl.

ASimWen: Hey, there's Tomas and Roxanna. I see you are getting caught up on yard work. Nice weather for it.

Tomas: OH yes, absolutely. We are hoping to get into the Garden Club, right hon?

Roxanna: I am so hoping to get that Wishing Well. I hear they are very handy to have in one's yard. See, I have been working hard for it for a while.

ASimWen: Oh? How's that?

Roxanna: I started on my garden while the snow was still on the ground. The weeds came around even then! I was out there every day working on it. You have to have a nice vegetable garden for the Garden Club's inspection, as well as a couple of nice fruit trees and some flowers and shrubs.

ASimWen: Good luck!

ASimWen: Karen! You ran outside to have your babies! Oh boy! Twinsies! Err....did you eat any cheesecake?

Karen: I honestly don't know. I have been pregnant so long, how can I remember the whole pregnancy??? I can't ever remember NOT being pregnant! Why do you ask?

ASimWen:'t matter. *ASimWen makes notes.... Karen and Scally MIGHT have had natural twins...* So Karen, are your kids boys? Girls?

Karen: A boy named Janiah, and a girl named Omy. *beaming*

ASimWen: Those names are...errrr....unusual???

Karen: I just closed my eyes and pointed to names in a baby name book.

ASimWen nods. Very scientific. Great name choices.

So Tomas, how is the inspection going with the Garden Club?

Tomas: Not so good. I don't think we are gonna make it.

ASimWen: Why not?

Tomas: Well, the vegetable garden isn't really huge. We really dont' have much room for a large vegetable garden, what with the dog pen, the hottub, and the driveway.

ASimWen: Woah! Time for the twins to grow up, and Scally, I see you made Captain Hero, and brought home a co-worker with you as well.

Scally: Yep. My boy Janiah looks just like me. A strong snowleopard!

ASimWen: He is a good looking boy indeed! Is he..ahhh...Nice? I hear there has been a streak of mean kids born in the Falls lately.

Scally: He isn't nice. He has one nice point, and is a completely serious individual. His sister Omy is completely nice, and is completely serious. Ha. These two are like night and day in personality, as well as looks. Erm.

ASimWen: Awww...Omy is really a cutie! She is really luvin' up on Moody!

Karen: Yes, are kids really are cute, aren't they? Scally and I have good genes.

ASimWen: Yes Karen, you guys do make beautiful kids. Well, I think it is time for me to move along now. Time to visit with the McClellands. See you guys later!

*Karen and Scally in unison* See you next time!

Accomplishments this round: Scally - TOC - Captain Hero. 2 new Sims: Omy and Janiah


Lot: Capehart.(1) - Family Name McClelland - Kelsey, Jodi-Ann, Marty, Jason and Andy the dog

Last visit: Why Do I Need A Playmate? - 10 year old Marty asked the question. Why did he need a playmate? He finally surmised his mother Jodi-Ann just really wanted another child. Before he knew it, Jason had made his way into the world. Marty also talked about how his grandfather Johnson had been ingested by a cowplant, and how sad his grandmother Tosca was; and that is how Andy the stray dog came onto their lives. So, on with Marty's observations.

Dudes. It seems the strangest things keep happening to the same family over and over. Like mine. Firstly, my grandpa Johnson was abducted by aliens, and that is how Regis was born. Then, gramps was eaten by a cowplant. My grandma Tosca was bitten by a vampire..... Uhhh...*sniff* well..there is more unusual news.

My granny Tosca just went crazy after she was bitten by Count Orlando Moniff. She said she wasn't gonna change her lifestyle for nothin'. You know how old people get set in their ways! She got that crazy look in her eye...said it was the middle of the day, why should she lay down? And in a coffin no less? Man, dad tried to tell her. He really did.

Well her stubborn ways ended her life. Grim came for her. So it is like my grandpa was eaten by a plant, and my grandma burned up in the sun. I guess that is only fitting. But that isn't totally what happened here at my house this week. As soon as grandma died, her dog Andy ran away. He was really sad about the whole thing too.

Marty McClelland
Aspiration: Popularity
LTW: ToBecome The Law

Despite all the sad stuff, I had a happy birthday, man. It is like you get up in the morning and you decide whether you are gonna be in a good mood, or a bad one. Happy or sad. I get up and decide I am gonna be happy.

Dad's brother, Terrance, (my uncle) came by for my birthday, and got the heebie jeebies scared out of him by grandpa Johnson. He never did much scaring until granny Tosca joined him in the graveyard.

Andy finally came back, and Jason decided that he was gonna make Andy his best friend. That is alright by me, I am not a dog person. That is what makes what I am gonna tell you about next even harder. Ugh. Man. I still can't believe it.

The night Jason had his birthday, the whole family was there. It was a festive occasion; all was well. Dad was doing his usualy nighttime prowling....well, ya know we are snowleopards. Hm, well he shows that outwardly more than me and Jason do. Dad would tend to be active at night. This night it got him in trouble.

This wolf came calls him Rambo. Dad and Rambo had this thing goin', Rambo would come by, and dad would give him treats and throw a stick with him. Kind of a buddy buddy thing. Andy would get jealous cuz dad would pay more attention to a stray than to him. I guess this particular night, Rambo decided to thank dad for all his time and attention.

He gave dad a playful nip on the finger. Dad didn't think anything of it....until...

He felt real strange about it all....

Dad started howling, like Rambo. His looks didn't change that much, but he sure smelled like a dog. ICK!

Dad was real happy about his...errr...transition....made him real hungry...he went right in the house get something to eat.

Grandpa Johnson was haunting that night, and got an eyeball full of dad as a werewolf. He didn't scare him anymore. Dad ate and ate.

Well, mom is a knoweldge Sim and wanted to be a werewolf dad helped her along with that. So I had a grandpa that gave birth to an alien and later on was eaten by a cowplant, a grandma that became a vampire and died in the sun, and now my parents are werewolves.

It is enough to make a guy go nuts. So I left.

Yup, I made the call and I was outta there. I am in Uni now. I will see ya there.

Odd Pics Out:

I can't get enough pictures of Sims turning into werewolves..I think it is really kewl...

And when I sent Jodi-Ann downtown as a werewolf to bite some people (just for the fun of it) the Countess was active and bit a hapless townie....

In the picture above you can see in the background one of the people that Jodi-Ann bit. It is a YA. In my game his name is Nery Taylor....Indian looking guy that wears a white letterman jacket. She also turned Kennedy Cox into a werewolf. LOL Good riddance!

Accomplishments this round: None. LOL Except getting two werewolves, and I don't think that counts for anything. hehehe

TITLE: Robot Love

Lot: Capehart.3 - Family Name - Strickland - Doris, Justice, Karin, Lincoln, Lori, Betsy Ross, Clara Barton, and Samantha the Servo

Last Visit: The Obits - The first of Chevy and Kirstee Strickland's children passed away, that being Niles. It was an out of sinc death...his life bar kept moving up and down on it's own. Odd. I was not expecting it. The whole entry centered around Nile's obiturary in the newspaper.

Justice here. I thought I had seen it all. I mean, dad liked to build robots out in the shed. There aren't very many of them in Prosperity Falls. He built Sam and Samantha. Sam eventually went to live with Florence DeLarosa to work in her flower shop in Bluewater, so dad built another one named Samantha that stayed with us. I didn't know robots could take on a life of their own.

Well, lemme tell you about the kids first. Both sets of twins had birthdays.

Clara Barton

Betsy Ross

Betsy and Clara both take after my side of the family, the Stricklands. Since dad passed away, mom seemed to like to do things she would not think of otherwise;

She spent time building snowmen. Her term is about over as Mayor of Prosperity Falls, so we really don't have to worry about what the people will think. What ever makes her happy, I say.

Lori Strickland
Aspiration: Pleasure
LTW: To Become A Celebrity Chef

Lincoln Strickland
Aspiration: Pleasure
LTW: To Have 50 First Dates
(ASimWen copys Rachel of Prosperity Point, *Bangs Head On Desk*)

Justice: Ah, as I was saying the Servos of Prosperity Falls have taken on a life of thier own, and it started with Sam and Samantha. I gotta say, Samantha was starting to creep me out, I am glad she has taken an interest in someone else. See, she has a three bolt attraction to me. But I am in love with my wife Karin, of course. Every time I would try to show Karin affection, Samantha was always hovering close by in a stalking sort of way. Well, one day I called Sam to come over to the house, hoping he and Samantha would hit it off.

It didn't take very many dates between the two before Sam and Samantha were in love. (two bolts) That got some of the pressure off me. I felt really odd about this peice of machinery making a googly eye at me constantly.

They would stand out in the front yard and and make out like a couple of teen-agers. Which I can say, my two teens were not immune to that.....having front lawn dates.

Being that both Lincoln and Lori want a lot of pleasure in their lives, they tended to date alot. More power to them I say, that is quite all right.

Lincoln dated more than Lori, being the said he wanted to have at least 50 first dates in his lifetime. I said, "Son, that's alot of women, and a lot of money to be spent on them." He just laughed and said a date can be fun without spending money. I managed to snap a couple of pictures of some of the girls he dated before he went to Uni:

Of course, none of them caught his eye. They were just for fun, he said. Lori spent alot of time skilling, any way she could get the points. She had to catch up to Lincoln, after all. She wanted to leave for Uni the same time he did:

Some sources were better than others to get skills from. heh

I drew the line with Sam and Samantha. I came home from work and found them using my bed to carry on. I insisted...they could not do that under my roof. So, Samantha moved out of my home, and moved in with Sam. Last I heard....

Sam and Samantha had gotten engaged. Florence DeLarose didn't seem to mind at all; she really loved the $58,000 dowry I sent with Samantha.

Now, it is just me, Karin, Betsy and Clara here. Lincoln and Lori have left for university. First it was a full house, and then there were none. Until next time.

Odd Pic Out:

Niles decided to come out and haunt in daylight hours during a rainstorm

Accomplishments: Uhhh...I don't remember...don't think there was anything scoreable. Well, I am not keeping score anymore anyway. Look forward to seeing Sam and Samantha at the Florence Delarosa house in Bluewater.