Sunday, November 26, 2006

My Three Sons

Title: My Three Sons

Lot: Stickland.1a - Barry-James, Mackenzie, Jim-Bob, Shawn-Michael, Michael-Douglas and Benny

Last Visit - Week 13

Hey. It's all cool. Jim-Bob here. I'm at University but that's all good. I can still catch you up on the happenin's around the house. Yeah, my granny Kerris died a while back, and it really tore me up. I was depressed for a while and was havin' a hard time of it all. There was nothin' I could do but try to go to school and study. Mom and dad couldn't do much help me. But there was someone who could.

My brother Shawn-Michael had a birthday, and all of a sudden I found him to be my best bud. Yeah, we played after school and it wasn't hard to live at all. I got over granny's death. She died right around the time Shawn was born, so he really didn't remember much about her. But I did.

It was tons easier to go to school now, and I really started feeling happy again. Shawn and I did everything together, playing, studying, and all. Things were looking up for me~

Just as dad had done for me, mom helped Shawn study. Oh, Benny is in this picture. Yeah, mom and dad got him for us boys as a reward. Here is what happened....

Jim-Bob Strickland
Aspiration: Knowledge
LTW ??? didn't get it

I had a birthday teen-ager. I remember that day..I primped in the mirror forever and got my look down. Well, I decided I wanted to get to University right away, and to get there I knew I needed a better grade of schooling than I was getting in the Prosperity Falls public schools. So I asked mom and dad for Private School.

Dad was all for that, and we had the headmaster BJ Ryan over for supper. I showed him all around the house, and he liked the place. Mom made pork chops for supper and he liked the grub as well. Mr. Ryan agreed to let me and Shawn-Michael in his school. Mom bought Benny for us.

He sure is a cute pup. But I won't see him get very big. I left for University before he did. And before mom had her third kid. Yeah. Dad got mom pregnant again..hahaha...I got another brother.

Mom named him Michael-Douglas. Heh. I told mom maybe he would be a movie star some day, and dad said no, it is because he now he can say "My Three Sons". I don't know what that means. He said I needed to watch more TVLand. ??? He looks like dad and Shawn-Michael.

By now I was just biding my time until it was time to leave for Uni. I helped around the house as much as I could since mom was tied up with Michael-Douglas and all. Shawn was doin' his own thang studying up. He told me he wanted to be like me and go to college. Heh. Little brothers.

Michael-Douglas grew up a little bit and mom put some ridiculous feeler hat on him. She said it made him look cute. Dad just tolerated it. He said it was a small thang to keep mom happy. I am glad mom didn't do that to me. Well maybe she did. But I don't remember it.

I left for University on a Sunday night. I am there now getting settled down and waiting for classes to start. Who knows what it will bring?

Odd Pictures Out:

As soon as I opened the lot, Barry-James inherited money from Tryce Capehart. I love the expression on Shawn-Michael's face as he gets tickled by his dad.

Shawn-Michael's grow up pic. This family is probably one of the prettiest fams in the Falls. And all boys too!

Accomplishments this round: One new Sim = Michael-Douglas

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Hello Generation Five!

Hello Generation Five!

Lot: Capehart.2 Visionary Villa - Lillith, Manuel, Marsha (Bruenig), Veronica, Tanu, Valentine, Violet, and Capable

Last Visit: Week 13

Editor's note: For some reason, the game will not manufacture the neighborhood moniker correctly for this lot. The picture is off center and does not include everyone. So I improvised. :) )

(Soft southern accent) Why hello everyone. Ah'm Valentine, and ah fahnd it to be mah great pleasure to tell the story of the fifth generation of Propserity Falls. After all *giggle* Ah am the momma of it. The fifth generation, Ah mean. Ah want to start this great story with the news of a passing. Yes, it is sad. It is someone we all love to hate, errr...Ah mean love.... *ahem* This is to announce to you all the passing of Marsha Bruenig-Capehart. Why, it got quite a write up in the Prosperity Falls Gazette. Ah'll read it to ya.

*quickly flips out the paper, gives it a shake*.

"Marsha Bruenig-Capehart passed quietly Tuesday afternoon, whilst mourning the grave of her wife and partner in life, Janelle Capehart." Why, yes...that is right. Mah daddy Manuel was adopted by mah grandmas Janelle and Marsha. So in a way, Marsha was daddy's momma. So was Janelle. *whew* Confusin', isn't it? *shakes head* Lemme continue readin' the article.

"Marsha joins Janelle in the sweet-after simlife. She outlived Janelle by 10 Sim days, even though she and Janelle had celebrated all their birthdays at the same time." Now honey, Ah don't understand thet. "Marsha was a dedicated mother to Manuel Capehart whom she adopted. She was also a wonderful grandmother to Valentine, (that's me, hehe), Vonfirmath and Veronica Capehart.

"Marsha spent her last days doing yard work in the new home her son had just purchased and moved his family into. She had had a wonderful time at the wedding of her granddaughter Valentine to Tanu Capehart, a very distant relative." Now honey, Ah know what you are thinking. Kissin' cousins and all thet. Why Tanu and I do not share any of the same blood at all! No siree! This newspaper lies! What a rag! But.... *shrugs shoulders* it is all we have for news.

"Marsha partied into Sim Oblivion with Grim and the Zombie Hula Girls. Her death benefited 10 people including her son Manuel, her daughter in law Vampiress Lillith Strickland-Capehart, and her granddaughter Valentine Capehart. There were no graveside services as there was no room in the yard for a bunch of Sims to stand around an mourn." Oh Mah! *presses hand to chest* Ah woulda hated it if mah flower beds had gotten trampled. Yes, Ah would. Ah am so glad we kept this quiet.

At any rate, Marsha is dead. Good bye Marsha, and good riddance...errr....Ah mean...Godspeed. You will (not) be missed!

Honey, Ah saved this here article. It is about me and Tanu's weddin'. An' of all people! Looky, it was written by Joan Rivers....the last Ah heard of her, she was covern' weddins at the Gentlemen's Club. Ah am soooo honored! Here, Ah'll read this 'un to you too!

Joan Rivers: Oy Vey! Dear readers, it is the wedding of the century in Prosperity Falls. I mean darlings, this family is the one to watch! Alright. We will start with the Bride and the Groom. The Bride is Valentine Capehart and the Groom Tanu Capehart, pictured below. Yes, yes darlings, they are so in love. Taking a slow dance at Four Winds Shopping whilst shopping for a wedding trouseau.

No, no, dears; we won't go there! Yes, yes I know they have the same last name and do share some of the same distant relatives. I checked into this; yes I did. Due to the fact that the Bride's father Manuel was adopted into the Capehart family...yadda, yadda, yadda...and really has NO Capehart blood in his veins...yadda, yadda.....his daughter Valentine could marry Tanu Capehart who is a true-blue Capehart, complete with snow leopard blood. Alrighty then. With those legalities out of the way, let's proceed with all the good stuff.

The wedding was held at the prestigious Visionay Villa, recently purchased by Manuel Capehart for his family. The villa is a product of the Maxis Manufacturing Company FFS, and overlooks a gorgeous lake with with a huge overhanging deck to the water. There you see? In the picture, darlings, those windows overlook the lake. Yes indeedy.

The wedding was held at night time to accomodate the Bride's mother, who is a vampire. I mean really.....why doesn't she do something about that? There is such a thing called Vamprocillin you know. At any rate. Here is the guest list:


The Bride's father

The Bride's mother

The Groom's mother

The Groom's brother

The Bride's sister

The Groom's uncle

The Groom's Aunt

The Bride's Great Aunt

The Bride's Grandmother

The Bride's Grandfather

Friend of Bride and Groom

Quavi's Wife, and Bride's Aunt

Darlings the wedding party was a huge success, need I say more. The Capehart/Strickland clans have seen enough weddings to really know how to get it on! There was laughing, music, dancing and lots of merrymaking.

Dear readers, as soon as Tanu slipped that ring on Valentine's finger, aspiration points were NOT in short supply as all the family sims on both sides of the families realized a want for a relative to get married. My goodness! There were floating green numbers everywhere! Darlings, I just love weddings. I dab my eyes thinking about it.

Needless to say, Tanu and Valentine are the perfect couple to be the parents of Generation Five in Prosperity Falls. Yes, this little town is growing folks, and is the community to WATCH. This is Joan Rivers...saying Goodbye...Goodluck....see you next time!"

Valentine: Oh what a beautiful article. Yes, the wedding was that, and more. Ah have cut that article out and put it right here in my scrapbook. Yes, Ah am scrappin' so there will be a history, if you will, for mah daughter Violet to turn to when she wishes to read all about her relatives from time past. Well. Let me tell you about the events that lead up to Violet's birth.

Now, it has always been mah dream to own mah own greenhouse. Goodness, Ah kin just dig my fingertips down into the rich soil and grow plants. Ah also love to arrange flowers. For a wedding present, daddy bought Tanu and Ah our very own flower shop, and momma gave us a huge starting inventory of flowers to start off with.

'Course, Ah had just as about as many flowers as thet Ah had arranged to add, so we had plenty to start with. As Tanu and Ah worked to get the shop ready to open, we found out we was expectin'. Thet is, Ah was in the family way. 'Course, mah second dream in lahf is to graduate three children out of Sim State University, so Ah was as pleased as a pickle in brine thet we had a little one on the way.

Even though Ah had a belly out to there, Ah still went to the store everyday to make sure things was raght on schedule. Ah got tired really easy, and it was tahms lahk thet, thet Tanu would come and take over.

Eventually, he said, "Honey, Valentine, you need to hire somebody to help you in the store." Well, Ah remembered my friend Samantha Strickland Ah met at the weddin' of Justice and Karin Strickland. Why, mah feet would just be so swollen after a day of standin' makin' flower arrangements and waitin' on customers. So Ah called her up and she came raght over and started workin' as if she had done it all her robotical life. Mah goodness, she is ever so good at arrangin' flowers!

Welcome Generation Five!

It wasn't long before our sweet little baby girl was born, Violet Capehart. Oh what a pretty baby she was, and it was only fittin' thet she was born in the flower beds in the rich soil. Well, Ah really didn't plan it out thet way, but Ah reckon fate has a way with things.

Why, daddy came running outside in his underware to see his first grandbaby, but Ah reckon that is no different then me a-givin' birth right then and there in the front yard. Thet there is one of the beautiful things about living in Prosperity Falls. Nobody thinks badly of ya no matter what you do! Tanu was all beside himself with happiness and started talkin' about gettin' started on number two baby! Ah was all fer thet, but there were some things we had to git straightened out first.

Veronica Capehart
Aspiration: Popularity
LTW: To Own 5 Top Rated Businesses

Well, mah baby sister Veronica grew up to be a teen-ager and started talkin' about all the things she was gonna do with her lahf. She professed she was gonna make alot of friends in lahf, then she wants to be a business owner lahk me. More power to her, Ah say. She got busy studying for State. Before I knew it she was movin' out to University, but not before our little Violet had her first birthday.

Isn't she precious? And she so looks lahk Daddy! There is a strong family resemblence. She is a Capehart alright, all the way around!

It was shortly after thet Veronica left for University. Ah am shore gonna miss thet girl. She did get alot of studying done! (editor's note: Veronica actually maxed all skills, but being a Pop Sim, no points were awarded. I am wondering why this Pop Sim rolled 5 Top Level Businesses for an LTW.)

Momma built and activated a new Servo for the flower shop, she named him Capable. 'Cuz he is capable of heppin' us in the shop. He already can make snapdragon arrangements, which is mah biggest seller. So reallly, Ah will have two Servos workin' in the shop. And maybe Veronica too, if she kin work it in between classes. This will be the most successful flower shop in Prosperity Falls!

Tanu and Ah are so happy. We have it made! A wonderful home and family, a thriving business, and another little one on the way. Yes, Tanu and Ah are gonna be parents again. Until next tahm!

Odd Pic Out:

I had only heard of a Sim doing this, but had never seen it. Lillith began to automously wash the window.

Accompishments: One new Sim = Violet

Karin's Take On Things

Karin's Take On Things

LOT: Capehart.3 - A branch of the Stricklands - Niles, Doris (Capehart,) Heather, Justice, Karin, Lori, Lincoln and Samantha

Last Visit: Week 13

Hi. I'm Karin. My daddy is Tomas Capehart, and my momma is...well...I'm not really clear on that. The only thing daddy ever told me was I was loved no matter what. Dad is a snow leopard, and he always told me I had snow leopard blood running through my veins. Even though I looked real different. My skin is green, instead of the beautiful white with black spots like dad has. My brother Markey has the spots too. But not me. I guess that made me grow up real shy.

But that didn't keep me from attending Sim State University, where I met my lovely husband Justice Strickland. He is everything I am not. He is outgoing, and loves to be around people. I would rather melt into the background and not be noticed. I guess I am self conscious of my green skin. Incidentally, Justice's mother Doris Capehart is a snow leopard as well, so I may give birth to a snow leopard baby. Some day. I hope so!

At any rate, Justice and I graduated Sim State together, and moved back to Propserity Falls, to the home of his parents, Niles and Doris. Justice's little sister Heather was glad to see me, she said she felt like she had a sister back in the house. Her sister Sarah had left for State a few months before. I was embarrassed to get the recognition from her.

Here is my story since graduation. Justice and I decided to have a garden ceremony at his folk's house. The wedding was so beautiful, I did not think anyone would ever go to this much trouble for me. I pinched myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming.


The Groom's Father (The groom's mother, Mayor Doris Capehart, stayed away from the cameras)

The Groom's grandmother and grandfather, Chevy and Kirstee Strickland.

The groom's sister, Sarah Strickland

The second Strickland Servo

The first Strickland Servo(Sam is now living at and working in the DeLarosa flower shop in Bluewater).

The Bride's Second Cousin, Valentine Capehart

College friend of both Bride and Groom, Jenn Robbins

College friend of both Bride and Groom, Xuan Robbins

The Groom's uncle, Martin Strickland

I had a great time with Justice's family. My family was never that close. Even though dad told me he loved me, there was always something going on. For all of my life, we lived in a haunted house, and that kept a damper on everything. In fact, dad did not show up for the wedding, and neither did Roxanna, his wife. I knew she wasn't my mother. But nobody ever talked about it. It just was. That is ok. I feel like I am fitting in with the Stricklands better than I ever did with the Capeharts.

In fact, the love could even be felt even right down to the Servos. Sam and Samantha found themselves flirting with each other at the wedding. It warmed my heart to witness this.

I don't know what happened to Xuan at the wedding. Apparently he had some kind of disagreement with Doris, the Mayor of Prosperity Falls. He came back to the house late that night and started trashing the yard. It was a good thing though that my father in law, Niles, had built a Sentry bot and had it on duty!

Niles...errr...I think I will call him dad from now on. *smile* Dad's Sentry bot came after Xuan and shocked the livin' heebie jeebies out of him. Dad said you can never have too much security at the Mayor's residence.

Justice and I settled into a good life. He got a job right away in law enforcement and worked his way up to Captian Hero in just a few short weeks. We carpool to work when our work hours coincide. I want to be Chief of Staff at the hospital. I hear there is an opening since Kelsey Capehart vacated that position. Kelsey is one of my distant snow leopard relatives. I have only met him a couple of times.

I loved my work in the medical field. I am a researcer now. My career was interupted when I found out Justice and I were expecting a baby. I was so hoping to give birth to a snow leopard, but it didn't happen. Instead, I had (cheesecake twins) a daughter with green skin like mine who I named Lori, and a son that looks like Justice. Justice named him Lincoln after our President who did so many great things.

Heather Strickland
Aspiration: Knowledge
LTW: To Max All Skills

Justice spent alot of time with his little sister Heather helping her study for her entrance to Sim State. Isn't it strange, we all choose the same college.

Dad spent time with her as well, imparting his wisdom. Heather left for university after....

Maxing out everything. She is a pretty happy kid these days. I am sure Heather will do great things in University.

It was time for our babys' birthdays. I found that hard to believe, it seemed like I had just given birth to them. It was immediate family only. The Stricklands are experts at giving parties. That is something we never did in the house I grew up in.

Lori has the same turned down ears I do. I never understood that deformity, but it didn't hinder my hearing. Otherwise her features are normal.

Lincoln looks just like Justice's baby pictures. He is a spitting image of his daddy. There is one thing about them though. They both have my blue eyes....the Capehart blue. I was thrilled to see it. (editor's note: this trait could have been passed by Justice. His mother Doris carried this gene as well).

Things have settled down some. The wedding went off without a hitch, Heather left for University, and Justice and I are parents now of twins. Doris goes to the office every day to keep the city employees in line, Dad spends alot of time relaxing in front of the TV while Servo Samantha works his shop making snapdragons. I hear she got a job with Valentine Capehart working in her green house. (next chapter). I hope to get promoted to Chief of Staff soon. But I found out something....

Justice and I are expecting again. Maybe I will make it to Chief before the baby comes. I guess that is everything. Until next time. See ya.

Accomplishments: LTW and TOC: Justice- Captian Hero, perm plat. LTW: Heather - Max All Skills - perm plat.