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Week 13 - The Families of Johnson McClelland, Niles Strickland, Manual and Lillithe Capehart and Barry-James Strickland

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Week 13 - The Families of Johnson McClelland, Niles Strickland, Manual and Lillith Capehart, and Barry-James Strickland

Lot: Capehart.1 - Tosca, Johnson, Regis, and Andrew McClelland

Last Visit:
Tossed Tosca

Dear Readers: Here is where I will break my usual format of writing a mini story for every lot. Prosperity Falls is getting so huge, I will start melding lots into one entry for this blog. If nothing exciting and out of the ordinary happens on the lot, then it will be a factual entry only. This is being done for time saving interests...and afer all, how many stories can you center around skill building and getting jobs? There are only a couple of storylines that are coming out strong in this blog and only those will be continued. Enjoy.

First I will start with the Johnson McClelland Family. Tosca Johnson is the daughter of Jayrus and Tosha Capehart. The Parents made an appearance the first day I entered the lot. They stood together haunting, side by side. A nice picture, to be sure.

You might recall the Alien son of Johnson McClelland Regis fell in love with Jenn Robbins, the Alien daughter of Zaed Robbins earlier this round. During the time on this lot, Regis and Jenn shared their first kiss at the Spa place, right in front of everyone in the java line.

I did not think Aliens could fall in love because of having the same father, Pollination Tech. But apparently they can. I am very excited about this development. These two are future mates.

The McClelland's youngest son, Andrew, grew up to teen, and drew Fortune, with an LTW of becoming a Criminal Mastermind. Regis left for University, leaving just Andrew home to get some skilling done. I have pefected the mulit-career reward skilling with this lot. Got rid of that little spinny-hat thing Andrews has on there. It was cute when he was a kid....

No notable accomplishments this round for the McClellands.

Lot: Capehart.3 - Niles, Doris, Bubbs, Sarah, Heather, and Samantha

Last Visit:
Buildin' Robots

Since the last visit to this lot, Sam the Servo moved out to help Frances DeLarosa in her flower shop in Bluewater. No blog there...I played that lot when I first installed Open For Business to see how a home business ran. Incidentally, Valentine Capehart (who was also working in Frances' shop alongside Sam) had gotten her gold in sales and restocking in France's shop to get her ready to open her own greenhouse when she graduates from Uni. At any rate, Niles activated Samantha the Servo, as this family needs the help. Having Samantha around caused Doris to become very jealous and she was constantly coming between Niles and Samantha when they tried to have a conversation.

It was very funny, took me a while to catch on to it. Eventually Sam came over for a visit, (and to do chores). Niles introduced the two, now Samatha has romantic thoughts about Sam the Servo. You will notice Niles and Doris have aged to Elder. Yep, another Generation 2 passes to the senior generation. The hood is aging.

Niles realized his LTW of reaching his Golden Anniversary, and is now perm plat.

Sarah Strickland
Aspiration - Romance
LTW - To Woo-Hoo 20 Different Sims

Ah, another Romance Sim. Glancing over my Marriage List, Sarah Strickland is slated to marry Andrew McClelland, the Fortune Sim. I think they will get along fine, as long as Andrew doesn't mind the fact that Sarah will have many boyfriends before him. Heh. Sarah grew up to be very pretty. She will hang around the house until next round, when she will leave for University.

Sarah's older brother Bubbs has left for Uni, after some heavy-duty skilling from Doris and Niles. He was behind. Strangely I do not have a citizen from Prosperity Falls lined up to marry Bubbs. According to my marriage list, he is supposed to marry Aazia, daughter of Quavi and Daphne Robbins, but it will not happen. They are first cousins. lol So that means that both Aazia and Bubbs will either not get married, or they will marry a townie. However, I cannot imagine a Robbins NOT getting married. Hmmm....oohhh...a great peice of Robbins storyline just popped into my head....involving Regis McClelland...hehehe Stay tuned.

Lot: Capehart.2 - Manuel, Lillith, Marsha, Vonfirmath, and Veronica

Last Visit: Badges

I ended the last round with Manuel's mothers Janelle and Marsha teetering on the cusp of Grim's visit. They should have partied down with Grim the first night on the lot during this visit. To my dismay, their life bars looked like they rolled back about a week. However, that night, Janelle did pass away. She passed in plat.

I was extremely happy, I expected to see Grim float over to Marsha and take her out too, but he didn't. Marsha kept on going, like the Enerziger bunny. But that was good for Manuel and Lillith's son, Vonfirmath. See, Manuel aged to elder the same Monday night his mom passed away. Manuel is a Generation 3.

Vonfirmath Capehart
Aspiration: Popularity
LTW: To Become A Celebrity Chef

Vonfirmath liked to party. And that was the bottom line. So that meant that Von really didn't have a mind to do any studying or skilling! So just as Valentine turned to Janelle to get her skills, Von turned to Marsha to get his.

Yeah, harsh, I know. Hey, don't like to see all those skills going down. So this means Vonfirmath will get to spend a whole round at his parent's house partying and making friends, whilst he waits for his future bride, JavaJan Bostic to age a little so they can attend University together.

After spendng an entire week on maternity leave getting a gold badge in robot making, (and not going to work) Lillith managed a gold in flower arranging in only three nights. I am foreseeing a great family business for the Capeharts when Valentine graduates from University. Both Valentine and her mom Lillith (who is undead...therefore not aging) have a gold in flower arranging. Lillith has a gold in robotics..therefore able to make Servos. Valentine has a gold as well in sales and restocking...hmmm...after all Valentine wants to own her own greenhouse. I think that will happen for her. Looks like Lillith will be training Servos to make flowers whilst Valentine is in college. ;)

And this round, the youngest of Lillth and Manuel's kids grows up....Vernoica. She looks like a typical Bostic girl.

The family was moved out of the huge mansion they were in, since Manuel had aged to elder I could move him. The house was slow and choppy graphics card had a hard time with it. They moved to the Visionary Villa that came with Family Fun Stuff.

Accomplishments this round: Janelle dies - Plat, Manuel TOC - Visionary in the Art World.

Lot: Strickland.1a - Barry-James, Mackenzie, Kerris, Jim-Bob and Shawn-Michael

Last Visit: Marc-Henry Buys The Farm

The last visit here, Barry-James Strickland and Mackenzie Capehart got married, and Barry's mother Kerris lamented the fact she had not told Barry anything about the Anotothian Mission. And, the first citizen born in Prosperity Falls, Marc-Henry Strickland, met Grim. The round ended with Kerrris ready to meet Grim, like Janelle and Marsha in the Manuel Capehart house. However, her life meter had rolled back approx. a week too. I don't know what caused this; except I had installed Family Fun Stuff since I last played these lots. So I had her to deal with all Sim week.

Jim-Bob ended the last round sitting in the floor playing with the xylophone toy. When I opened the lot this round, he was sitting several squares away, but the zylophone was 'in use'. Heh. This lot is starting to have other problems as well. They may end up being moved next round.

Jim-Bob grew up to be a real cutie. And with a neat score of 10, he is constantly cleaning. In the mean while, his mom Mackenzie had gotten pregnant last round, I don't remember doing that. But she gave birth to Shawn-Michael, who has inherited his dad's and grandmother's Anotothian Skin. Yippee!

Granny Kerris did a wonderful job taking care of the boys her last week in Prosperity Falls. Yes, she finally did go, on Sim Sunday night.

Kerris died whilst cooking salmon. I was hoping the fire would start while Grim was still there so I could see him burn...but it did not. He was standing in exactly the right spot. Kerris was sad about meeting Grim...about leaving the world of politics and nasty reporters...until Grimmie offered her this lil' drink with an umbrella in it. Hm. Maybe Kerris was a closet lush we knew nothing about.

Barry-James had Jim-Bob out back doing some skilling, and of course they came running in for the death. As soon as Grim and Hula Girls puffed away, the fire ensued. Jim-Bob took a double aspirational hit for the death of his granny, and again for the fire. Good thing children do not go into aspirational failure. Jim-Bob would have been there!

In the meanwhile, Shawn-Michael grows up to toddler. Boy is he gonna be a heatbreaker! Momma Mackenzie gave him a makeover in the mirror right after her own. She got rid of the Maxis hair that had one lock going over her eye, to this Maxis 'do. Shawn-Michael got some pretty tow-head I downloaded from somewhere, don't know what it will look like when he grows up some. He has inherited not only the Anotothian skintone, but also the slanted eyes of his granny Kerris...who inherited them from Pao Mellon the mailman. And he has the full lips from his great-granny....Brandi (LeTourneau) Strickland. Ah. So, those great Maxis genes come in handy sometimes after all.

And this is where we leave the family of Barry-James Strickland, and round 13 for now. I will be going back to Prosperity Fellowship for a week

Accomplishments - Barry-James, TOC - Cult Leader, Kerris, died in plat.

Useless Move (or) The Canbius Curse

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Title: Useless Move (or) The Canbius Curse

Lot: Bostic 14 - Tomas, Roxanna, Markey, Scalley, and Florentilla

Last Visit:
Strange Disappearences

Alfred Hitchock narrating: Good evening. I had thought my last report to you would be my last for this rather, er, strange family. If you will recall, this family has been plagued with angry ghosts, disappearing graves, alien invasions, and generally disturbing occurences. In fact, the nocturnal spiritual activity had become so bad for the Tomas Capehart family, they were driven from their home, the Gentleman's Club, leaving behind the three graves of Kamika Robbins, Lucas Turner, and Morgan-Rose Bostic, forever. However, it seems once a famiy is cursed, always cursed!

Take a look at this house the Capeharts moved into.

This house was once occupied by the Canbius family, from PAS. (Pass A Sim, TS2 Challenges Group). The Canbius Family was cursed with Zombieism, poor Cotter Canbius. (Editor's note - Links to some Canbius Stories: Canbius Gen 3, The Canbius (Cotter The Zombie) , The Continuing Saga of the Canbius Family, The Treachery Within, Canbius Craziness, and Canbius PAS). While the house looks mostly innocent, inside lurks someting dark and sinister....let us porceed.

If you referred to the above Canbius Stories, you will note that the Maude the Cowplant has been uprooted and grave markers from past family members are on the lot. Nay, they have all been moved to the community graveyard. That was the most attractive thing about the house for Tomas Capehart. It seemed when the family first moved into the house, they might have struck upon some good luck...a life of normalcy that the rest of us take for granted. I digress. Here are some pictures of their life in the Canbius House.

Tomas Capehart and his wife dance with joy after moving into this wonderful 3 story house. It has all the entities of the luxury life; expensive antique furniture, electronic toys, plenty of study materials for the children, and a beautiful patio on the third story where Tomas Capehart was able to set up his Alien Orb and his telescope.

The eldest son Markey was always willing to help with his younger siblings, and was on his way to a life full of romance for himself. In fact, Markey was doing so well, he got an after school job and earned the Young Entrepaneur's Scholarship from Sim State. He eventally left for college, wearing his work uniform, at that. What a hard worker young Markey is! His plans for the future is to move right back into the Getnleman's Club upon graduation. His father Tomas Capehart has bequeathed to him much of the furniture in the structure.

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After all, the Gentleman's Club is for Gentlemen...of the Romance Persuasion...that is Mr. Markey Capehart to the core. In this house, Markey's younger brother Scally grew to teen-ager hood....

Scally Capehart
Aspiration - Family
LTW - Graduate 3 Kids From College
6 neat, 10 outgoing, 10 active, 0 playful, 9 nice
Zodiac - Gemini

Yes, Scally is a rather serious teen. There is no doubt in my mind he will successfully raise three children and put them through Sim State. And he will do it right here from this house.

Now then...the first sign of trouble for the Tomas Capehart family, may have been the appearance of one Quavi Robbins. He just came right into the house without so much as announcing himself. It seems he showed up on the day of young Florentilla's birthday. Now, the Robbins family in Prosperity Falls have developed a stigma attched to them. There are rumors floating around town the Robbins are not of this earth....that they have some sort of agenda. That they IN FACT may be responsible for the recent rash of Alien abductions that have been plaguing the male citizens of Prosperity Falls. Isn't it a coincidence Quavi Robbins placed himself in the Capehart home...the day of this little Alien's birthday? I think not.

Now then, there is one more thing that happened in this house that put the family over the paranormal edge. Tomas Capehart did spend some evenings stargazing, as it was his hobby. But the Aliens left him alone. It is what his wife Roxanna did!

Roxanna Capehart was stricken with Vampirism! The same Count who bit Roxanna's distant relative, Lillith (Strickland) Capehart, took delight upon introducing Roxanna to the Way Of Life.

And so, another Vampire is born in Prosperity Falls. It seems the Tomas and Roxanna Capehart Family cannot get away from the Paranormal Society Pages. (Editor's note - I did not plan this....I was on the downtown lot playing a Sim from a different lot, and I saw the Count come gliding onto the lot. I always follow any Maxis Vampires when I see them to see what they do...this was the first thing he did. Incidentally, this is the same place Lillith Capehart was bitten, at the Corner Shoppes.)

And so life goes on for the Capeharts. Tomas cares for the family during the day, whilst his wife serenly sleeps in a coffin. Will Tomas Capehart be able to cure his wife of this disease for the UnDead? Only time will tell.

Accomplishments this round: TOC Tomas - Visionary in the Art World

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University Week13 - First Entry

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University: Week 13 - First Entry

In Playing Order:

Lot: Joy Capehart

It is I! Quavi! The Anotothian who will spread more seed than any other of my race on this earth! I have wooed the Alien Joy Capehart in her residence whilst she attends the human halls of great learning, University! I have conceived of an melded a plan with my nephew Xuan, who is betrothed by my older brother Zaed to marry Joy Capehart and multiply our race on this land. My nephew Xuan, while being a great lover and no doubt can make many children, has no desire to do so. That is all good; he carries no Anotothain DNA, and therefore his children would be useless on this earth in furthering our Mission. I am willing to deposite my seed in Joy's womb to make the Anotothain children, thus, keeping the mission going, and Zaed would be none the wiser.

It turns out that Joy Capehart is an extremely hot blooded female; she always wants me! I am looking forward to the day Joy leaves that place and returns to Prosperity Falls where I can impregnate her with my children. Of course, Xuan will be there, but no matter. He will have his own interests to attend to. He will be Joy's husband in name and for monetary value only. She has not agreed to this set up yet. Or perhaps, Xuan and I can manage this fiaso without her knowledge. That remains to be seen.

Editor: Joy did extremely well this round, her Junior year at University. She met her LifeTime Want and had 20 woo-hoos with 20 different Sims, now she is perm plat and ready for anything the Anotothians have to dish out to her. She turned out to be a lot of fun for me to play, she was the first Romance Sim I had ever worked up to that particular LTW. Next University round will be her last, she will graduate and be ready to start spittin' out babies for Quavi and Xuan.

Lot: Martin Strickland and Joslyn Capehart

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Nothing great happened with Martin and Joslyn personally. Joslyn has gained alot of weight.They finished up their Junior year, and will graduate next Uni update. They will reside in the Strickland Homestead and carry on the Strickland name. They got robbed by the female robber, but the cops came and hauled her away. Martin no longer spun up the wants to spend time with Joy Capehart, so I did not pursue that, I didn't want Joslyn to catch them together.

Lot: 80 Crumplebottom Road - Greek House - Gertrude Strickland, Jessie Capehart, and Xuan Robbins

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It is I! Xuan! Oh yes! I am the greatest lover ever! Here you see two women at one time leaving me 'love gifts' after I let them spend time in my bed. Ha! Both of them left me the wonderful dancing machine! I shall leave one of the machines as a token of my presence at the Greek House...they shall remember me long after I leave. And, I shall take one of them back to Propserity Falls with me. Yes, I moved to the Greek House. For someone as great as I , I could not stay in the dormatory any longer. I had to live in the same building my father Zaed lived in!

There is only one thing about living here. I have come across something for the first time in my life! I found someone who doesn't like me! Yes, this Sim did not fall in love with me upon first sight like most usually do! I didn't know how to deal with it. That Sim was Jessie Capehart. I kept catching glimpses of his steely eyes.... when I had my women over so I could woo them. One day he began to poke and slap me. I was ready! I never really thought the warrior fight moves my father Zaed taught me would come in handy but they did! I beat the Sim Jessie Capehart handily and swiftly. I learned of and felt a new high beating a Sim like I had never felt making love to a female!

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I almost felt as though I had soiled my lover's hands....but then what a rush! My hands are still fit to stroke a lady in all the right ways; but also they are ready to turn into weapons of steel at a moment's notice. I must get more of this!

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Editor: Xuan's excapades at University are almost over, as well as much of his bragging. *smile* Again, I have had a blast with this Romance Sim. He thinks everyone should automatically love him, male or female. But now he has gotten a taste of the darker side...fighting! Who knows what he will do back in the Falls? Here in is Junior year at University, Xuan reached his LTW to have 20 Woo-Hoos with 20 different Sims. He is now perm plat. Xuan is turning out to be one of my very favorite characters in the Falls.

Gertrude Strickland and Jessie Capehart, along with Xuan, only have one more year of University to go. Jessie and Gertrude will reside in the Capehart Homestead. That will be great, as Jessie is a Fortune Sim, and he will inherit his father's home business.

LOT: Samarah McClelland and Jati Robbins

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I'm Jati! I am only just now speaking up as I am what the earth women call 'the strong and silent' type. My fater is Zaed, the Anotothain. I shall follow in his footsteps and run the Anotothain Mission on earth. I shall run the home center; and find mates for our people when need be. I will keep notes of our findings here on earth to pass down in lessons. My earth woman is Samarah McClelland. Her father is Johnson McClelland and her mother is Tosca (Capehart) McClelland. We have both graduated from Sim State University Suma Cum Laude; and have moved to my father's house. I am ready!

Lot: Kelsey McClelland and Jodi-Ann Strickland

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Kelsey decided to reroll his aspiration at the end of his Sophomore year, and rolled Knowledge. His new LTW is to become Cheif of Staff. Easy and doable. Jodi-Ann and Kelsey are now ready to begin their Junior year, and will reside in the McClelland house with Tosca and Johnson after graduation.

Lot: Justice Strickland and Karin Capehart

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I love this couple. They have two bolts and have constant autonomous hugging and kissing, they are truely in love. They have finished their Sophomore year, did not reroll thier aspirations. Why mess with perfection? They will eventually move to the Greek house so Karin can get some skilling done on the career rewards there. They have achieved all Universtiy has to offer as far as Propserity Points go. Now just waiting for graduation.


Lot: Valentine Capehart and Tanu Capehart

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Meet the parents of Generation 5 of Prosperity Falls! Valentine is a G4, and Tanu is a G3. Now you are saying WOAH! They have the same last name. Yes, they do. But Valentine's father, Manuel Capehart was adopted into the Capehart family, so the game doesn't recognize the two as related....Valentine's grandmother is Janelle Capehart, sister to Tryce Capehart, Tanu's father. Confusing, huh.

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These two had no problem falling in love...they are another two bolt couple! It was cute...getting their first kiss as YA's. Yeah, they were 'saving' themselves for each other.

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Awww! Valentine thinks Tanu is "HOT"! :) This was so romantic right after their first kiss! She's doing that 'sizzle' gesture!

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Lots of autonomous hugging and kissing here too. These two are in love! They will reside in a new lot.

LOT: Kolton Strickland and Lynn Robbins

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Kolton is the eldest son of Fraiser and Camryn Strickland, and is a Pleasure Sim with a want of 50 first dates. Lynn is the daughter of Zaed and Synclare Robbins. They will eventually get married, but will not fall in love until Kolton has gotten his 50 first dates from the Matchmaker. They are currently residing in a dorm.

Accomplishments this round: Xuan Robbins and Joy Capehart LTW met - 20 WooHoos with 20 different Sims - Perm Plat.