Sunday, November 26, 2006

My Three Sons

Title: My Three Sons

Lot: Stickland.1a - Barry-James, Mackenzie, Jim-Bob, Shawn-Michael, Michael-Douglas and Benny

Last Visit - Week 13

Hey. It's all cool. Jim-Bob here. I'm at University but that's all good. I can still catch you up on the happenin's around the house. Yeah, my granny Kerris died a while back, and it really tore me up. I was depressed for a while and was havin' a hard time of it all. There was nothin' I could do but try to go to school and study. Mom and dad couldn't do much help me. But there was someone who could.

My brother Shawn-Michael had a birthday, and all of a sudden I found him to be my best bud. Yeah, we played after school and it wasn't hard to live at all. I got over granny's death. She died right around the time Shawn was born, so he really didn't remember much about her. But I did.

It was tons easier to go to school now, and I really started feeling happy again. Shawn and I did everything together, playing, studying, and all. Things were looking up for me~

Just as dad had done for me, mom helped Shawn study. Oh, Benny is in this picture. Yeah, mom and dad got him for us boys as a reward. Here is what happened....

Jim-Bob Strickland
Aspiration: Knowledge
LTW ??? didn't get it

I had a birthday teen-ager. I remember that day..I primped in the mirror forever and got my look down. Well, I decided I wanted to get to University right away, and to get there I knew I needed a better grade of schooling than I was getting in the Prosperity Falls public schools. So I asked mom and dad for Private School.

Dad was all for that, and we had the headmaster BJ Ryan over for supper. I showed him all around the house, and he liked the place. Mom made pork chops for supper and he liked the grub as well. Mr. Ryan agreed to let me and Shawn-Michael in his school. Mom bought Benny for us.

He sure is a cute pup. But I won't see him get very big. I left for University before he did. And before mom had her third kid. Yeah. Dad got mom pregnant again..hahaha...I got another brother.

Mom named him Michael-Douglas. Heh. I told mom maybe he would be a movie star some day, and dad said no, it is because he now he can say "My Three Sons". I don't know what that means. He said I needed to watch more TVLand. ??? He looks like dad and Shawn-Michael.

By now I was just biding my time until it was time to leave for Uni. I helped around the house as much as I could since mom was tied up with Michael-Douglas and all. Shawn was doin' his own thang studying up. He told me he wanted to be like me and go to college. Heh. Little brothers.

Michael-Douglas grew up a little bit and mom put some ridiculous feeler hat on him. She said it made him look cute. Dad just tolerated it. He said it was a small thang to keep mom happy. I am glad mom didn't do that to me. Well maybe she did. But I don't remember it.

I left for University on a Sunday night. I am there now getting settled down and waiting for classes to start. Who knows what it will bring?

Odd Pictures Out:

As soon as I opened the lot, Barry-James inherited money from Tryce Capehart. I love the expression on Shawn-Michael's face as he gets tickled by his dad.

Shawn-Michael's grow up pic. This family is probably one of the prettiest fams in the Falls. And all boys too!

Accomplishments this round: One new Sim = Michael-Douglas


Bubbs said...

Benny is a cute little puppy. I wonder how big he will grow?

Michael-Douglas is a cutie. He will be will a heart breaker, huh? His brothers are bad either.

Katie said...

Michael-Douglas looks like a male model! Or at least, a future male model. It's hard to keep up with all the families in the Falls, but you'll have generation 5 soon!

ruby said...

Of the 3 sons, Jim-Bob is the ug one out. The other two are way handsome.. I know I'm so mean *g*

Anonymous said...

Definately some cute kids! Their dad has some interesting facial features but they worked well. Great job as always!


Rachel said...

I love Michael-Douglas' little heart antena, they're cute.

Heather/Simaholic said...

Oh, Michael-Douglas is such a cutie! I love that skintone with the blonde hair. It looks great!

sagana said...

Michael-Douglas is cute, but I think I've got a thing for Shawn-Michael. He's got very pretty hair and skin.

Katie said...

There's a new gen. 4 baby over at my site, as well as a rather brilliant cat. Check it out!

Chrissy Brown said...

All of the boys are handsome :)