Saturday, November 25, 2006

Karin's Take On Things

Karin's Take On Things

LOT: Capehart.3 - A branch of the Stricklands - Niles, Doris (Capehart,) Heather, Justice, Karin, Lori, Lincoln and Samantha

Last Visit: Week 13

Hi. I'm Karin. My daddy is Tomas Capehart, and my momma is...well...I'm not really clear on that. The only thing daddy ever told me was I was loved no matter what. Dad is a snow leopard, and he always told me I had snow leopard blood running through my veins. Even though I looked real different. My skin is green, instead of the beautiful white with black spots like dad has. My brother Markey has the spots too. But not me. I guess that made me grow up real shy.

But that didn't keep me from attending Sim State University, where I met my lovely husband Justice Strickland. He is everything I am not. He is outgoing, and loves to be around people. I would rather melt into the background and not be noticed. I guess I am self conscious of my green skin. Incidentally, Justice's mother Doris Capehart is a snow leopard as well, so I may give birth to a snow leopard baby. Some day. I hope so!

At any rate, Justice and I graduated Sim State together, and moved back to Propserity Falls, to the home of his parents, Niles and Doris. Justice's little sister Heather was glad to see me, she said she felt like she had a sister back in the house. Her sister Sarah had left for State a few months before. I was embarrassed to get the recognition from her.

Here is my story since graduation. Justice and I decided to have a garden ceremony at his folk's house. The wedding was so beautiful, I did not think anyone would ever go to this much trouble for me. I pinched myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming.


The Groom's Father (The groom's mother, Mayor Doris Capehart, stayed away from the cameras)

The Groom's grandmother and grandfather, Chevy and Kirstee Strickland.

The groom's sister, Sarah Strickland

The second Strickland Servo

The first Strickland Servo(Sam is now living at and working in the DeLarosa flower shop in Bluewater).

The Bride's Second Cousin, Valentine Capehart

College friend of both Bride and Groom, Jenn Robbins

College friend of both Bride and Groom, Xuan Robbins

The Groom's uncle, Martin Strickland

I had a great time with Justice's family. My family was never that close. Even though dad told me he loved me, there was always something going on. For all of my life, we lived in a haunted house, and that kept a damper on everything. In fact, dad did not show up for the wedding, and neither did Roxanna, his wife. I knew she wasn't my mother. But nobody ever talked about it. It just was. That is ok. I feel like I am fitting in with the Stricklands better than I ever did with the Capeharts.

In fact, the love could even be felt even right down to the Servos. Sam and Samantha found themselves flirting with each other at the wedding. It warmed my heart to witness this.

I don't know what happened to Xuan at the wedding. Apparently he had some kind of disagreement with Doris, the Mayor of Prosperity Falls. He came back to the house late that night and started trashing the yard. It was a good thing though that my father in law, Niles, had built a Sentry bot and had it on duty!

Niles...errr...I think I will call him dad from now on. *smile* Dad's Sentry bot came after Xuan and shocked the livin' heebie jeebies out of him. Dad said you can never have too much security at the Mayor's residence.

Justice and I settled into a good life. He got a job right away in law enforcement and worked his way up to Captian Hero in just a few short weeks. We carpool to work when our work hours coincide. I want to be Chief of Staff at the hospital. I hear there is an opening since Kelsey Capehart vacated that position. Kelsey is one of my distant snow leopard relatives. I have only met him a couple of times.

I loved my work in the medical field. I am a researcer now. My career was interupted when I found out Justice and I were expecting a baby. I was so hoping to give birth to a snow leopard, but it didn't happen. Instead, I had (cheesecake twins) a daughter with green skin like mine who I named Lori, and a son that looks like Justice. Justice named him Lincoln after our President who did so many great things.

Heather Strickland
Aspiration: Knowledge
LTW: To Max All Skills

Justice spent alot of time with his little sister Heather helping her study for her entrance to Sim State. Isn't it strange, we all choose the same college.

Dad spent time with her as well, imparting his wisdom. Heather left for university after....

Maxing out everything. She is a pretty happy kid these days. I am sure Heather will do great things in University.

It was time for our babys' birthdays. I found that hard to believe, it seemed like I had just given birth to them. It was immediate family only. The Stricklands are experts at giving parties. That is something we never did in the house I grew up in.

Lori has the same turned down ears I do. I never understood that deformity, but it didn't hinder my hearing. Otherwise her features are normal.

Lincoln looks just like Justice's baby pictures. He is a spitting image of his daddy. There is one thing about them though. They both have my blue eyes....the Capehart blue. I was thrilled to see it. (editor's note: this trait could have been passed by Justice. His mother Doris carried this gene as well).

Things have settled down some. The wedding went off without a hitch, Heather left for University, and Justice and I are parents now of twins. Doris goes to the office every day to keep the city employees in line, Dad spends alot of time relaxing in front of the TV while Servo Samantha works his shop making snapdragons. I hear she got a job with Valentine Capehart working in her green house. (next chapter). I hope to get promoted to Chief of Staff soon. But I found out something....

Justice and I are expecting again. Maybe I will make it to Chief before the baby comes. I guess that is everything. Until next time. See ya.

Accomplishments: LTW and TOC: Justice- Captian Hero, perm plat. LTW: Heather - Max All Skills - perm plat.


Anonymous said...

Great job. Karin is pretty normal looking for an alien! Love the wedding pics and the sentrybot. Sims can watch TV from their beds??? Wow, I fell kind of slow now, I never realized that.


karint said...

Wow, so nice to see this Karin continue her life. She's a married woman already, curious to read what's going to happen next.

Bubbs said...

What a great update. The Stricklands took over this neighborhood, huh? It was nice to see everyone at the wedding, poor dad didn't come, but that's ok.

Don't tell me that sentry bot sterilized Xuan now...he deserves a kid!!

ruby said...

oh how funny! I have never made a sentrybot before, I will have to work on that one! Poor Xuan, but thats what he gets for kickin' the can!
Aw servo love, how sweet!
Great looking family! Congrats on the twins, TOC & the LTWs

Alexis said...

I wonder if the next baby will be a snow leopard? I hope so!

Rachel said...

Great update as always. So glad Karin is so happy in the Strickland household. ALright, here's my graphic designer geekiness showing itself, but what font did you use the label the wedding guests pictures?

Heather/Simaholic said...

Hey! Go Sim-named-after-me! It is fitting that she was a knowledge sim because that is what I am :o) The twins are just adorable!!! I look forward to seeing if their next baby happens to be snow leopard!