Sunday, November 19, 2006

It All Went To The Dogs

It All Went To The Dogs

Lot: Capehart(1) - The McClellands - Tosca, Johnson, Kelsey, Jodi-Ann, and Marty

Last Visit: Week 13

Editor's note: I noticed after labeled and saved the pictures, I had incorrectly labeled a bunch of them. The name "Tomas" should be ignored and "Kelsey" inserted. lol Gad.

Kelsey here. Yep, I am the oldest of the McClelland family. I guess I will be takin' over the story telling. The legacy of the McClellands here in Prosperity Falls. My mother Tosca is a snow leopard, and I take after her. She met my dad Johnson at Sim State University, where I just graduated from. Yeah, they were happy I decided to attend the same college they did. I met up with Jodi-Ann Strickland at school, I guess we were meant to be together after all. We went steady as kids. They say you don't know about love when you are young, but we did.

The first thing we did was lay a great big schmacker on each other when we got out of the cab when we came home from school. I didn't even run in the house to say hi to mom and dad. Gawd, I was so glad to be home. With Jodi-Ann.

We eventually did go in the house. I showed Jodi-Ann around, as things had changed since she had last seen it. We talked to mom and dad a while, then we all decided to go to town. Me and Jodi needed to get some wedding duds. Yep, we planned to tie the knot that day out in the side yard. Mom had been helping plan it for ages.

As I shopped along with Jodi, I found it hard to believe she was actually gonna be my wife. We had a hard time a while back..yeah..I told you we were in love. But I did some stupid stuff and is a wonder Jodi-Ann ever agreed to be with me again. I am extremely lucky to have her.

We got married in the side yard, with grandpap and mam watching us from the other side of the pond. I think they enjoyed the wedding as much as we did. It was the first one ever held at the house.

We invited lots of family to the wedding, and some buds from school. They were happy to see us married. Some of them are getting married too, in the future. Jodi-Ann and I will be there for them when their wedding invites come in the mail.

Me and Jodi-Ann took our time looking for jobs. We wanted just the right one. I was looking for a position in a hospital, and Jodi was hoping to get on at a major establishment as a cook. But after a while we had to start looking, because mom lost her job as a General.

Mom took to spending time outside with stray dogs that came around. She would spend hours teachin' 'em to bring a stick back to her that she threw down the street. I started gettin' kinda concerned. She really didn't say a whole lot about it. I guess it is hard one day you are the leader of the military for the free world, and the next day you are nobody. Well, after a while I stopped worrying.

Jodi announced she was pregnant. Mom really brightened up then, and talked about getting the nursery ready for the baby. Jodi looked for a job while she was pregnant, just the right one had not come up. None of the employment agencies had anything for her. I got lucky and did get on as a resident at Prosperity Falls Memorial. In a way, I was glad Jodi-Ann wasn't working while we waited for the baby to come, and I was glad mom and dad was with her during the day while I put in long hours at the hospital.

There were some nights I would get home late and everyone would be sleeping. The strays would come around that mom used to play with, and I would play with'em for a while. To unwind. Working in a hospital was hard business.

I also spent loads of time stargazing. I guess I was sorta hoping I would get sucked up into the space ship as my mom and dad had. Heh. That is how we got my brother Regis. But the Aliens did not come back. There hasn't been a sighting of them for a while in Prosperity Falls. I personally believe in them, as I have seen it with my own eyes. But there are those naysayers out there that think we are crazy. How can they explain Regis?

Finally my little boy Marty was born. Jodi was alone in the bathroom when she went into labor, but eventually dad showed up to help her. I was at the hospital. The baby came so fast there was no point really in trying to load her into the truck and bring her down to Memorial.

Marty looks like dad, alot. But he has Jodi's peculiar yellow eyes. I wonder how that ever came about. Yellow eyes, I mean. He is my boy and everything, but I think his eyes are wierd.

After Marty was born, Jodi-Ann finally got a job in the Culinary industry and worked her way right up to Celebrity Chef. I got promoted by the board of directors at Memorial as Chief of Staff. We both got what we wanted. A beautiful baby boy, and our dream jobs. I stayed as Chif of Staff for a while, then decided to do something a little daring. Yep...heard thru the grapevine that Zaed Robbins was looking for some help. I joined his underground crime syndicate. It seems so sinful. And fun at the same time.

Well, workin' and takin' care of Marty took it's tole on Jodi-Ann she would drift off to sleep right at the supper table. Even though she was a Celebrity Chef, She didn't do such a great job of cooking at home sometimes because of the lack of energy. Even wtih mom and dad's help, Jodi still insisted on being the one to get up with Marty at night, then she would go to work the next morning.

Finally it was time for Marty's first birthday. All my brother and sisters came to the party, as well as Jodi's. Well, she only has Barry-James for a brother, but he was there. So all Marty's aunts and uncles came to celebrate!

It was more evident than ever that he looks like dad and Jodi-Ann. Brown hair, and the yellow eyes. But he is a fine boy none the less. Despite the eyes. Heh.

In the mean time, I am getting promoted in the Robbins crime syndicate. I still come home and play with the dogs and stargaze. Maybe something will break loose, and soon.

Accomplishments this round: LTW and TOC - Jodi-Ann, Celebrity Chef. Kelsey, Chief of Staff. One new Sim - Marty


Bubbs said...

Marty is a cutie. How long until one of those strays bites someone??? Yellow eyes, hmm, interesting...

ruby said...

Congrats on the LTW & TOC! Awesome job
I can't get over how adorable this family is. I forgot how good looking they all are.
Oooh now this will be interesting, a snowleopard werewolf! Come on Kelsey get bitten!

Katie said...

That update was fast in coming! I love all the citizens of Prosperity Falls, they are so endearing! (Not to mention really really really really ridiculously good looking-(zoolander quote)) You are really racking up the points. I'm really proud of you for sticking with it!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I keep thinking of all the points you have Wen. *shakes head* it makes me feel rather insignificant. Great job as always!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah that last comment was from me! Yeah, Queenofsimtopia

(darn beta blogger, I keep forgetting to sign my name)

Rachel said...

Love the update! How I've missed Prosperity Falls. Hey was that a Rachel style wedding party? Marty's a cutie! Recessive traits are so fun!

Katie said...

I finally finished another round of my legacy, a new update over at my site!