Sunday, November 19, 2006

Adopting Craziness

Adopting Craziness

Lot: Bostic 14 - Tomas, Roxanna, Florentilla and Claire Capehart. Canines Moody, Cleo and pups

Last Visit: The Useless Move (or) The Canbius Curse

Alfred Hitchcock narrating: Good evening. Or should I say, goodbye. This will be my last narration of the Family Capehart. I regret to say not much has happened on this lot in the way of paranomal activity, as the Capehart Family has suffered in the past. Despite all that has happened, the family has overcome surmountable troubles and is living what can be considered a life of normalcy. As normal as it can be.

There is a Vampire and an Alien living within the House of Canbius. There is a snow leopard in residence as well. The only normal ones, I suppose are the dogs and the young girl. I can only imagine the reason the girl came to live with the Capehart family. Let us proceed. I shall dictate to you the week's events, and you can decide for yourself.

The week begain with the master of the house contemplating life.

Tomas is lonely during daylight hours. His wife was bitten by the Grand Vampire some time ago, and now spends her days sleeping a coffin. Tomas had to restructure a basement into the house to accomodate Roxanna's new sleeping quarters. Oh yes the coffin is lovely, with a beautiful cream colored velvet lining. Fit for a lady as fine as Roxanna. Fit for a blood thirsty Being of the Night, like Roxanna.

Tomas began to consider. His mind began to turn this way and that, whilst his hands worked by themselves to juggling coffee cups. Hm. What could he do to liven things up a little? After all, Roxanna cannot join him during the day. It would kill her. His Alien bundle of joy, Florentilla, is in school all day and his job does not take him out of the house on a daily basis. As a Visionary in the Art Field, he really doesn't work much. What is a snow leopard to do?

A snow leopard like Tomas Capehart calls for Man's Best Friend. Although Mr. Capehart is mostly Snow Leopard, his mother was 100% human. Therefore, this canine Cleo could certainly be his friend by all definetions.

Cleo was a good dog, as good as dogs could be, Tomas supposed. However, it worried him his female dog did not seem to get along with strays that wondered into to yard. Tomas was afraid his new dog would become maimed for life in a fight of some sorts. Again, he was set to thinking. What to do.

The thought came to him. The house was plenty big enough. And there were plenty of children out there who needed a home. Tomas was no fool. He knew his family was out of the ordinary. Perhaps if he brought some child into his home to live under his roof, it would give him a calming sense that his family was, well, normal.

He thinks back. His father Giovanni Capehart helped to settle Prosperity Falls. Giovanni married a young landscaper named Calista. She was a good mother to Tomas's older siblings, Jayrus, Trevaus and Mercedes. She also birthed additional children to Giovanni, Jannelle, Tryce, and Tomas. Yes, it was a good family life. Tomas began to think. They were all dead. His father and mother, all his sisters and brothers had passed on. He was really alone. He was all that was left of the second generation of Snow Leopards in Prosperity Falls.

And so comes Claire Capehart. She looks normal. And Cleo the dog seemed to like her. After all, childen and dogs get along, don't they? Tomas was starting to feel better. However, time was ticking.

Without any choices at all about the matter, Tomas aged, and swiftly. The event occured without much warning or fanfare, and surprised Tomas when he looked in the mirror and witnessed the fact he once beautiful coal black hair was now snowy white. He remembered when Giovanni's hair turned white. It wasn't long after that, Tomas lost Giovanni to the family burial site on Capehart Mountain. He knew then it wouldn't be long for him and his family.

Tomas immediately retired from his job as a Visionary and vowed to spend every moment possible with his family and his dog. He would stay home from work every day and train Cleo, and make sure the house was in condition by evening for a pleasant time to be spent with his daughters Florentilla and Claire, and hopefully some private time with Roxanna. Even though Roxanna was a Vampire, Tomas loved her with all his heart. He did not see the peculiar teeth she had nor did he notice the pallor of her skin. She was his Roxanna. Always.

Roxanna and Cleo got along famously. Tomas was pleased. He spent volumes of time with the dog bathing her and teaching her comnmands. But then it occured to him, his Cleo could multiply. Why, he could have more just like her. And he thought maybe Cleo might be a little lonely for some canine company. After all, what is watching TV with humans?

That is when he got the idea. Tomas built a second dog house in Cleo's pen outside. He was going to get her some male companionship. Being very excited about the idea that he could have pups from Cleo, Tomas immediately got on the phone and ordered another dog from the local shelter in Prosperity Falls.

Moody came to live with the Capehart family. Tomas worked with Moody as well, training him and teaching him to live with this rather ecletic family. Tomas Capehart was achieving the impossible, but really it was probable for him. He was in the midst of bringing together beings of all sorts of backgrounds and making them into one family. His family. What a tapestry to be woven! And he was doing it, with great success.

In the meantime, Tomas's two girls seemed drawn to each other. The two had much to tell each other. Claire related her life in the orphanage before Tomas adopted her, and Florentilla passed along great stories about outer space to share with Claire. The girls soon became more than mere sisters. They were best friends. Tomas was nearly ready to explode with happiness.

Moody and Cleo were getting to know each other. Tomas was certain it would not be long before the Capehart family would be blessed with pups. Down deep in his snow leopard's heart, he knew things were coming together. Maybe they could proudly hold up their heads when they went to town now, they were normal citizens of Prosperity Falls. Maybe they could.

Roxanna spent time writing her her journal sometimes at night, when Tomas had to lay down and rest. His days kept him busy grooming Cleo to become a mother, and training Moody he would fall exhausted into the bed at night. Alas, he would stay up as long as he could to spend time with his precious Roxanna, and yes, time was well spent. Even though Roxanna posessed Vampiric ways, she still had it all to satisfy Tomas's thirst for contact with her.

Florentilla Capehart
Aspiration: Fortune
LTW - To Become a Business Tycoon

Soon Florentilla aged, just as quickly as Tomas had. Again, Tomas realized that time was marching along, and he began pouring over college brochures with Florentilla in the evenings to help her choose where she would like to attend. It looked like she was going to apply to several, but had her heart set on Sim State University, where Tomas himself had attended all those years ago. Again, Tomas could not believe his good fortune, all his children had decided upon his alma mater. Apparently , he truely was doing something right.

Cleo finally birthed two fine puppies, a male and a female. Tomas was diligent in seeing the new mother had plenty of food and water, and her shelter was kept clean for the new babies. He could hardly wait for them to grow up, then he would have more training to do. Moody seemed to like his offspring, and spent time taking care of them as well.

And my friends, this is where I leave you for the last time. Tomas Capehart has a loving wife, wonderful children and dogs. That is all normal, isn't it? I bid you, good night.

Odd Pic Out:

Roxanna usually flies from place to place in the huge Canbius house.

Accomplishments: One new sim, Claire.


Anonymous said...

Great update! That is a pretty unusual family. Why do you keep saying for the last time?? Great job with the puppies. What are their names? Geez Wen, why are you acting so secretive?


Katie said...

That was really sweet. I guess it will be the last narration because generation five will soon be born. Gee, it'll be so weird when it's all over. I can't believe how diligent you've been!

ASimWen said...

To Qeen: I don't remember what I named the puppies, I forgot to write it down. LOL

To Katie: Well, you know the challenge isn't over until the first born of the fifth gen dies, right? So the Falls will go on for a while.

Bubbs said...

Wow- good update. Kind of sad knowing he will be the next to pass on. At least he made sure his family is taken care of. :)

ruby said...

Its rather heartbreaking the urgency in Tomas to get his affairs straight before its his time. I mean gosh, he should be enjoying his golden years and here he is worried about having all his ducks in a row instead
the pups are adorable btw!

Rachel said...

Great update as always. It's sort of sad how Tomas feels like he needs to fit in, but hey it got him a bigger family and some dogs too. How did you get them to like each other enough to have pups so quickly?

Heather/Simaholic said...

Ah, you've got a new look for Prosperity Falls. Its good that Tomas got some daylight companions. It can be lonely when one of you has to sleep all day. I can't wait to see how those puppies turn out!