Sunday, October 01, 2006

University Week 14 - Entry 1

University Week 14 - Entry 1

Lot: Home of Lynn Robbins, Kevin Baer, and Kolton Strickland

This will be a long University update. I have been keeping the size of those small, however, a lot happned in this 1.5 years I played here. Yes, 1.5 years. I played some of these kids through quicker than normal because, well, it is time to get the Falls movin'. No more languishing around. Let's get started.

This round 9 kids graudated while there was only 5 new arrivals. YAY! That means I brought down the number of kids in Uni by 4. We'll do the graudates first:

The first lot is the home of Zaed Robbins' daughter, Lynn, and Fraiser Strickland's son Kolton. Ya see Kevin Baer in the picture with them? Turns out Lynn fell in love with him when Kolton got him as a date. (Kolton is a Pleasure Sim with the 50 First Dates want). So Kevin moved out of the Frat house and in with Lynn and Kolton. I worked his semesters 2:1 with Lynn until he was caught up with her so they could graduate together. There was much drama at this lot this round, despite the fact I was playing on middle speed. Events forced me to slow down at times. *smile*

The round started like any other Uni round. As soon as I opend the lot, Kevin inherited simoleons. Not an unusual thing since most of my Sims come in contact with him in Uni.

I was curious. Who left him money? Tryce Capehart. What a benevolent man. Lynn and Kevin had their first woo-hoo. Then I realized it was getting close to graduation for them, and they were not yet betrothed.

So here you go. Here is their engagement picture. Yeah, I was in a hurry and didn't have them change into their formals. Kevin is a Family Sim. I forget what his LTW is. I think it is to graduate kids from college.

Kolton continued his quest for 50 First Dates. He had started dipping into the realm of same sex dates. On this particular date, he spent more than usual going over his limit of about $125. He spent over $300 on this one. Yeah...the Count. Well, not unusual. He is a Pleasure Sim too. Kolton was always a decent date and at least would talk to everyone he got a blind date with, no matter if he got a nanny. Which he did on more than one occasion. *giggle* However, the chat interaction did not work. Count Moniff was focused on something else.

He made a beeline for the house guessed it... bit somebody. That somebody was Knowledge Sim Lynn Robbins. This is the same Count that bit Lillith Capehart and Roxanna Capehart. Seems like to me there is a lot of autonomous biting going on in the Falls.

So now I have another Vampire to play in the Falls. I really like playing them. Lynn's fiancée Kevin...poor thing... kept rolling wants for her to get cured and she kept a want to bite somebody. hehehe I think I will keep her like this for a while. This happened right at the beginning of Senior year. I managed to keep her in the house and away from sunlight the entire time. It worked out great.

Despite the fact that Kolton was a dating fool, (he still has about 10 1st dates to go to reach his LTW) he always came back to his love and his fiancée, Carla. She is where his passion lies. She will be moving in with him back home in Prosperity Falls and they will get married.

Woah! What is Joe Carr doing here? Erm, no. That is Kolton's moving out picture. lol

Lynn's movin' out picture.

And Kevin's. A nice looking bunch if I so say so myself. I will add that this house is the one where the ghost of Shauntasia Strickland used to haunt. Sadly I will report her grave disappeared this round. So sad. It did stay a long time though. This lot has some minor bugs.

LOT: Valentine Capehart and Tanu Capehart

The next graduating couple is Valentine Capehart and Tanu Capehart. Yes, they have the same last name but are not in close enough relation to not be able to get married. I will add....Valentine is generation 4. So that means, their child will be the first born of the 5th generation, thus, the one to keep an eye on. As soon as he or she dies, Prosperity Falls will be done.

This round Tanu reached his power want of maxing all skills. His LTW is to become a Mad Scientist.

He inherited Simoleons from the death of his father Tryce Capehart.

Valentine's grow up picture.

Tanu's grow up picture.

Lot: Jodi-Ann Strickland and Kelsey McClelland

I did not get a Secret Society uniform graduation picture from these two. Agian, I was hurrying. I am using their engagement picture instead. I realized again, it was almost graduation time and they were not yet commmited to each other.

As soon as they became engaged, they ran outside and got on their cell phones and "Called Home." lol Here is Jodi-Ann's moving out picture. She looks great in the formal from Glamour Life.

And Kelsey's tux. I don't know if this one is from Glamour. It is hard to tell with the guy's clothes.

LOT: Justice Strickland and Karin Capehart

Again, no graduation pic. And this is even the Greek house. :( Justice Strickland is the son of Niles and Doris Strickland, and Karin is the Alien daughter of Tomas Capehart.

Before Karin could grow up and move out, she had to invite someone to move in to keep the Greek House going. She invited fellow Alien Regis McClellend to move in. Karin's grow up picture is pretty uneventful.

That is all the graduates. Now for the rest. There are 15.

Lot: Aazia Robbins, Scally Capehart and Karen Strickland

I learned my lesson with not getting in the engagements early. Scally is the son of Tomas Capehart, brother to new graduate Karin Capehart. Karen (pictured above) is the daughter of Fraiser Strickland, and sister to new graduate Kolton Strickland. I tried to take care to make sure they were dressed in their formals. lol

Aazia is daughter of Quavi Robbins who is immersed in the Mission for Anotothians. She is in love with Malcome Landgrabbe II and will move in with him after graduation where she will spread the Mission in the Mansion. LOL Quavi is all over himself thinking Aazia will be married a pilliar of the community and thus able to have an edge on the Mission. lol See how she lovingly gazes at him with those yellow eyes? Looks like she has a secret to me, if you know what I mean.

Aazia, Scally, and Karen have completed 2.5 years of University.

LOT: Bubbs Strickland, Markey Capehart and Kyanne Strickland

Actually, Kyanne is a newcomer to the lot. Her daddy is Fraiser Strickland. She is betrothed to Romance Sim Markey, son of Tomas and Roxanna Capehart, but the whole thing just never felt right to me. Upon passing final after Sophomore year, Markey changed his aspiration to Knowledge. YAY! Same as Kyanne. They are now a three bolt couple. Markey gave Kyanne her first kiss. cute. Still have not found a mate for Bubbs. He is a knowledge Sim and only seems focused on studies. Maybe he will find someone in Prospertiy Falls.


LOT: Carla Strickland, Mich Robbins, Vonfirmath Capehart and Java Jan Bostic

Who is that fine looking young man with the strong jaw line? Why, that is none other than Vonfirmath Capehart, brother to new graduate Valentine Capehart, and son of the Vampiress Lillith Strickland-Capehart and Manuel Capehart. Von is going to marry Java Jan Bostic. Erm, here is her picture. She is in the same dorm with him.

Her grandpa is Ricky Cromier, and boy does she have his schnoze. Well, you can't tell from this picture, but the profile says it all. *Giggle* If you know me, you know I am fanatical about the SimDNA skintones. Java and Von carry the same freckled skintone as dominate. Hm. Wonder what their kids will look like??? lol

Next is Mich Robbins, son of Quavi Robbins, his sister is Aazia Robbins, who is in love with Malcome Langrabbe II. I originally had Mich pegged to marry Carla Strickland (pictured next) but alas, they are cousins. pfft. So I am half heartedly trying to find someone else for him. He is a painfully shy Pleasure Sim who wants to do nothing but paint all the time. Yes, his apsiration will get changed. Hopefully to something like knowledge or family.

Carla Strickland is the first child Chevy and Kirstee Strickland adopted. Since she is a family Sim, it was imparative I find her someone. There is nothing more misrable than a family Sim without a mate. So she looked around the dorm.

Here she is trying to make friends with the Evil Cow. (ok... *hangs head ashamedly* I did make this guy selectible for a moment to check him out)I don't remember his name, but he was a family Sim so Carla started courting him. Darn, but he was always so mean and playing pranks so much in the dorm Carla decided to forget about him and went to town looking for a man. (Love those jammies from Glamour Life she has on).

Here she finds Christopher Scott giving Marylena Hamilton the cold shoulder. I know Mr. Scott is a family Sim with a want to graduate 6 kids from college, if his wants are the same from another hood I am playing. He is for Carla in this hood. *smile* She will begin courting Mr. Scott. Everyone in the dorm here has finished their freshman year.

LOT: Trudy Strickland and Zeon Bostic

Yup, another Strickland. Trudy is the last of Fraiser and Camryn Strickland's kids. They are all in Uni. Luckily I didn't pull a boo-boo on this one and try to hook up cousins. lol As you can see, Trudy freaks out right away 'cuz she grew to YA by a pile of garbage. Heh.

It was no problem at all getting Trudy and Zeon to fall in love. They shared first kiss. :) Zeon is son of André and Yasika Robbins-Bostic. Zeon is aware of the Mission is mother and family is involved in, but takes a very matter-of-fact humanistic approach to it. What ever will be, he says. He is OK with everything. They have completed their freshman year.

LOT: The Greek House Crumplebottom, home of Jeannie Strickland, Jenn Robbins and Regis McClelland

Next is Jeannie Strickland, the oldest child of Bulldog and Madalyn Capehart-Strickland. She at first was living in a dorm, but then moved into the Greek House with Regis McClelland in the interests in saving time for me. Jeannie is a romance Sim, and has no current beau. She has a career want, so she may not even find a mate.

Her roomates in the Greek House are Regis McClelland and his fiancée Jenn Robbins. Those two have now completed 2.5 years of University. Jenn is the Alien daughter of Zaed Robbins who has a Mission to take over earth for the Anotothians. Recently Jenn's oldest brother Jati graduated University and moved home to their father's house,which is also the command center of the mission. Jenn is of the same thinking of their father Zaed that Jati may be to human for the job. Let's get her take on the situation.

Jenn: Bah! Who is this Jati? Nothing but a soft puny human who has but a sliver of the Anatothian DNA. He has these emotions that seep from every pore in his skin! The King of Anatoth needs someone strong such as myself to run the mission on Earth. I am100% Anatothian! My father Zaed is half Anotothian! That makes me 100%! More than the slug Jati! I will firstly take over the command center for the Mission, then I will continue my great-grandfather Timo's work on earth of spreading our DNA!

I started my quest by telling Jati of my plans.

Jati would not listen. He tells me he has already birthed a son with his human wife, (Samarah McClelland) named Brax. The only thing Anatothian about Brax is his skintone! It is of no consequence to me. Jati spends too much time in human pursuits with the earth woman Samarah and the boy Brax. If my father Zaed hadn't imparted his knowledge to the boy whilst he was still in the womb, Brax may be as human as ever.

I made it clear to Jati that under no uncertain terms would I accept any other outcome for the good of the mission. I will move into the Command Center upon my graduation from the Human Halls of Learning, and bring Anotothian Regis McClelland with me, who will give me his seed. I will carry these children to term and give birth to the purest Anotothians on earth. You can be sure of that.

In the meantime, Regis and I will continue to study quietly in the Greek House. The earth girl Jeannie Strickland has moved in with us to keep us looking as normal as possible in this society. Regis and I do not throw loud parties or partake in alot of extra curricular activites that might draw attention to us. We cannot be found out!

Editor: Sounds like to me Jenn has a plan. Jenn and Regis have completed 2.5 years of University.

SUMMARY: All Grads took all University points accept Kevin Baer. He did not get the Greek House points since he was already a member of the Frat. :) Tanu Capehart won the Impossible Want point for maxing skills.