Sunday, September 10, 2006

Capehart, Week 14 / The Kittens Continue

Title: The Kittens Continue

Lot: The Capehart Homestead - Michelle, Jessie, Gertrude, and Jon-Luc

Jessie and Gertrude last seen: University, Week 13

Last Visit: Tryce The Sell Out

Jessie Narrating: Hey. Me and Gertrude left Sim State and came back to the Capehart Homestead in Propserity Falls. Yeah, I thought alot about it, did I wanna come back to my mom and dad's house and take over dad's business? He had all kinds of stuff there on the homestead; he had a bowling alley, a poker table, a hottub, a dj booth, and my gawd.....the house was full of the neighbors all the time. I figured I would, dad was getting close to his time. I would change the stuff I didn't like. Dad was real excited me and Gertrude came there instead of moving into our own house. Financially, it made good sense. Me and Gertrude (Trudy) didn't have any cash outlay to get set up and start our own household. (Jessie is a Fortune Sim).

So dad started teaching me about how to run things.

Time is of the essence he says. (Passing Perks.) He managed to teach me a lot in the short time he was still around when we moved home. Yeah, dad is gone, and I buried him on the mountain with the rest of the Capehart ancestors. Now he looks down on us everyday. I am sure he is makin' sure I run the business right. And I will.

I did change things around for the home business. The first thing I did was get rid of the poker table the bowling alley, and the DJ booth. I mean really. I moved the expensive hottub to the back of the property behind our living quarters. I added two more hottubs, and 4 treadmills. I moved the ticket booth to the corner of the properity, instead of it being right in the middle of our yard. Now folks just pay, and walk the edge of the property to the back. I never even see 'em come in. They soak in the hottub or use the gym equipment, and leave. The layout is better. Dad did teach me something after all.

Dad went in style. Of course, folks were sad about it. Dad even changed into his military uniform for the burial. I was at work when he passed, I guess you can't plan those things. But you know how they say a snowleopard knows when they are going to die? Dad knew. 'Course mom was torn up about it. After all, she met dad when she was a teen ager. It is one of those cases where they had been together for so long, now I worry about mom. How long is she going to live without dad?

Tryce died top influence, platinum.

Mom inherited the family business, but she lets me run it. She really wants nothing to do with the business end of it. She soaks in the hottub a lot these days. She also helps with the new kitten Gertrude and I had. Well, I guess I gotta say the very first thing Gertrude and I did was get hitched. Nothing fancy. We just exchanged vows there at the house.

Me and Gertrude got new duds for the nuptials. She also went to the beauty parlor and got a new hairstyle. To start her new life with me, she said. That made me feel good.

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Dad got to see JonLuc before he died. That was great. The night he was born was wonderful, under the stars and all. Just like a snowleopard oughtta be born. We snowleopards might be turning to a lot of human ways here in Prosperity Falls, but there are just some things you don't change.

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He looks very snowleopard. But...instead of our true blue eyes, he has the Strickland purple eyes from Gertrude's side of the family, and he has mom's blonde hair. Gertrude's mother Kirstee Strickland was here that night, and was very pleased about getting another grandchild. Our business also got a customer star because of JonLuc's birth.

Mom is sleeping a lot these days, soaking in the hottub and helping with JonLuc. Her favorite chair to snooze in is upstairs in her room. Yeah, she moved up there after dad died, me and Gertrude now have the main bedroom downstairs with a nursery off to the side of the kittens. That room up there is very human, yeah, as we snowleopards are tending to marry lots of them. They do leave their mark here.

My boy has had a birthday already. He is the start of the fourth generation of snowleopards here at the homestead. Ah. The start of a new generation. Here at the Capehart Homestead. Has a good ring to it!

Odd Pic Out:

Tryce gets socked in the eye by the Zombie Hula Dancer.

Accomplishments this round: TOC and LTW - Gertrude - Mad Scientist, perm plat. New LTW - Criminal Mastermind. TOC Jessie - Chief of Staff and Cult Leader. Tryce died plat, top influcence. 1 new Sim, Jonluc.


Anonymous said...

From Lynn OFO: Capehart - Tryce died? :( Awww, that's awful!!! Jon-Luc is

Rachel said...

Oh my goodness Jon-Luc is such a cutie pie.

Katie said...

I love your blog, really it's brilliant! And it's come so far! So many new babies and new couples and parents passing away...

Anonymous said...

Liked the pic at the end! That's an intersting way to go! There are a lot more snow-leopards being born now. I am glad I was starting to miss them!


Mandie said...

Lol, poor Tryce...getting socked in the eye as he's dying. That's too mean sad! Very sad. Hahaha!

Alexis said...

Yay for another kitten born with the snow leopard skin! Tryce will be missed, but he didn't look too upset. Poor Michelle, it must be rough on her.

Heather/Simaholic said...

Aww, Jon-Luc is so cute. Its fun seeing how your skintone genetics is playing out! I'm glad the Capehearts have more kittens :o)