Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Bostics,Week 14/The Scaring Night

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Title: The Bostics / The Scaring Night

Lot: The Bostic Homestead - Dovie, André, Yasika, Zeon, Java Jan, Raliegh, KeyKel and Keywon

Last Visit:
Yasika, Mother Earth

This entry starts round 14 in Prosperity Falls.
This entry is also graphics intense. Several clickable thumbnails were used.

Hey. Me and Zeon are gonna tell ya.

Zeon: Introduce yourself, man. Gawd.

Raleigh: Pfft. Take a chill pill Zeon. My name's Raliegh. R-A-L-I-E-G-H. Pronounced Raw-lee. Okay?

Zeon: Dude, have some manners. Your'e talkin' to them. They are what keep us alive and goin'. Man, I wanna make it through college.

Raleigh: Eh, okay. I will behave. *rolling eyes* You start then.

Zeon: *ahem* I am Zeon, eldest child and son of André and Yasika (Robbins) Bostic. Dad's sister, Dovie, had a birthday. You can call me Z.

Raliegh: *smirk* Yeah, she is old and wrinkled. But she still takes care of business.

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Raleigh: Hey Z, remember what she did? 'Member about Chantell? She had quite a cash transaction there too.

Zeon: Hey, we don't talk about that Raleigh. That is somethin' we'd rather forget about. Dad says Aunt Dovie wasn't in her right mind. Mom says that is a skeleton in the closet.

Raleigh: Z, speakin' of stuff like skeleons in the closet. We better tell about the ghosts. Man, this place is haunted.

Zeon: Before we do that Ral, we should finsih telling about the birthdays. Then we can get around to the good stuff.

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Java Jan Bostic
Aspiration: Fortune
LTW - To Become A Business Tycoon
5 neat, 9 outgoing, 6 active, 5 playful, 8 nice
Zodiac: Libra

Zeon: Jan was the next one to have a birthday. She is sorta like Aunt Dovie. She wants to earn the cash. Editor: My feelings always were Dovie was a Knoweldge Sim stuck in a Fortune Sim's body.

Raleigh: She'll be alright. Maybe Jan won't do the same stupid stuff Aunt Dovie did though. Hey, the next birthday was the rugrats.

Raleigh: Heh. Ok. Next the rugrats grew up. Keykel and Keywon. Mom sure finished the baby makin' with a bang. Two at once. I guess one at a time wasn't enough.

Zeon: The Mission sucks.

Raliegh: Geesh. You got that right Z. Hard to believe somebody as cool as me is mixed up in it. I forsee a life a laid out for myself already...oh hey. That means lots of little Raleighs runnin' around. Maybe this won't be so bad!

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Zeon: The day the twins grew up is when all the scaring started, and things started looking generally bad for us. Dad even lost his job as a Hall of Famer.

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Raliegh: Yeah. *wince* Mom and dad had a private tête à tête over breakfast when that happened. Mom did her thang and reassured dad that he still had lots of friends and could probably get another job. Man, dad is so used to the adoration of the fans. Now he doesn't get anymore fan mail or anything. He sure got down in the dumps.

Zeon: I was really surprised at the next field he went into. He got a new job right away. Like, I never thought of dad as a scientist. Now he's got that crazy cow lookin' plant thing in the back yard.

Raliegh: I stay away from that. I can afford for my devastatingly handsome looks to be marred.

Zeon: Again, I will say it. Ral, your'e fulla crap

Raliegh: Hey. What can I say. I am a hunk. Punk.

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Raleigh Bostic
Aspiration: Popularity
LTW: To Become A Hall Of Famer
7 neat, 3 outgoing, 2 active, 7 playful, 8 nice
Zodiac: Capricorn

Raleigh: I am hot hot hot. *preening hair*

Zeon: Cut the crap, Ral. You ain't nothin'. Get on with the ghosts.

Raliegh sulks.

Zeon: Um, yeah. Now then. Me, Raleigh, and Jan tried to study hard all week. But great-grandpa Marquez and great-aunt Pachionetta had other ideas. They haunted several times during the week making life generally difficult for everybody. Especially one of the twins, Keykel.

Raliegh: Yeah, poor kid. Everytime he turned around, great-grandpa Marquez was after him.

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Zeon: First of all, lemme say that KeyKel had a bad birthday. Poor growing up. Grew up in the red. Then he got scared a coupla times that night. The first time he made a run to get out of the bed in the basement to get a bed upstairs, Gramps ran him down and scared him again. He passed out from fright. Editor: Good things kids can't be scared to death. KeyKel would be dead.

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Raliegh: Poor kid. But the other twin Keywon had a good growing up. Man, him and KeyKel are two completely different people. Keywon picks up his toys and stuff, cleans the kitchen, but KeyKel hangs out on the computer and plays.

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Zeon: Back to the ghosts. Jan got hit by Gramps, dad got hit by Great Aunt Pacionetta while he was training for his new job.

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Zeon: It seems like somebody was always passin' out for some reason. Most of it was due to scares. I passed out one day when I got off the school bus because I was so tired. I had skilled all night long and didn't sleep enough. I was headed for the energizer 'cause the carpool for my after school job was due to arrive. Out I went.

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Raliegh: Naw, you didn't pass out. You were just getting your beauty sleep on the hard cold cement. Heh. Me, I need a nice soft matress.

Zeon: Shut up Ral. Let's get this done. Anyway. At least Gramps and them stayed in their grave the night the Headmaster came. I was still at work when he arrived, and KeyWon started out things by giving him the house tour.

Raliegh: Yep. Aunt Dovie made porkchops. It was good. Hey, you know being in Private School will make me look good. The uniform is a babe magnet.

Zeon glares at Raliegh. ANYWAY! I got home from my job, I talked with BJ Ryan about why I wanted in Private School. He let us all in. Err, wait a minute. No. He didn't let KeyKel in.

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Raliegh: Yeah, that was before my birthday.

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Raleigh: KeyKel can't catch a break. Doesn't have my looks, can't hold his pee 'cuz he get's scared so much, and he can't get into Private School. Whatta loser.

Zeon: Ral, it isn't his fault. He is the youngest. He has to work extra hard at everything. Maybe you should help him.

Raliegh: Aw, come on Z. You really think the kid would benefit from anything I could show him? He is a lost cause.

Zeon: Well, I can't do it. I am in University now. You are the only one. Mom and dad are too wrapped up in their new careers to do anything with him, and Aunt Dovie yaks all night on the phone.

Raleigh: I can't wait until I graduate High School and move onto University. Even more friends to make there, and lots of babes.

Zeon: Forget about the babes Raliegh. You are set to marry
Heather Strickland. You might as well seek her out when you get to Uni and stick with her. I will be looking for Trudy Strickland. It is all set for us. In the Mission.

Raleigh: Stupid mission. Maybe we should get Uncle Quavi or Grandpa Zaed to come and work with him. Mom can't teach him guy stuff. Dad is too devastated about his work life to pay him any attention.

Zeon: Cut dad some slack. He is the only one that came out of the house to see me off to Uni. You stayed in the house playin' XBox.

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Raleigh: Alright, alright. I'm done. Let's go eat.

Zeon: I'm with you brother.

Summary: André got a new job in Natural Science. Yasika quit her job as Captian Hero and is now and Artist. Zeon left for Uni. Raliegh and Java Jan will spend a week skilling next round, then will leave for Uni.


Alexis said...

Great update! I loved the exchange between the brothers--seemed very realistic. Do either of the boys have the pointy ears or have those bred out? I feel bad for KeyKel. Someone needs to pay more attention to the poor kid.

Bubbs said...

This family sure is growing up quickly. :) I loved the update and how they interacted. Poor Keykel is going to have nightmares of ghosts (if he doesn't already).

Heather/Simaholic said...

Poor KeyKel, he really can't catch a break can he? This family had a rough time! Andre losing his job, all the scaring. Geez. You know Raleigh is a cutie! I can't believe Dovie is an elder already! Time sure does fly!

QueenofSimtopia said...

Raleigh and Zeon are hot! In a simmish way. I feel bad for KeyKel. Poor kid, your simmies seem to have a rough time of it here. It is really neat to watch your Anothians grow so much. The mission is big now!

Katie said...

I love the character voices! They really help me to keep track of who's who. Another great update!

KeyKel69 said...

I think Quavi or someone needs to help out Keykel.. My poor poor namesake, being scared all the time. He needs a strong Anothonian to help him out. One he'll show them all.. BWAHAHA! Keywon seems to be doing ok in spite of his parents lost in their own world and siblings unwilling to help out.

Mandie said...

Wow, Zeon got a ton of scholarships lol! My teens are lucky if they max out one skill, much less all 7! Great update as always!

Anonymous said...

Poor Keykel, the runt of the litter...